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[02:32] <rolla> re
[02:32] <rolla> anyone around?
[02:48] <SMP> .
[02:49] <SMP> SVG icons rock so incredibly hard ...
[02:57] <rolla> :)
[02:57] Action: rolla hates spammilter
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[05:46] <demian> hi
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[08:19] <madtux> moin
[08:19] <De_Elsasser> moin madtux
[08:19] <madtux> hello De_Elsasser
[08:19] <dsoul> hi madtux 
[08:19] <madtux> hey mike
[08:20] <De_Elsasser> hi dsoul
[08:20] <dsoul> hi De_Elsasser :)
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[08:34] <madtux> sascha!!
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[08:41] <madtux> RINGO!
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[08:46] <ringo> hi madtux !
[08:46] <ringo> still hiding for the cia ?
[08:46] <madtux> hehe
[08:46] <madtux> shh!
[08:46] <madtux> :P
[08:46] <madtux> how are u my friend?
[08:47] <ringo> fine thx now trying to master php... 
[08:47] <ringo> making some forum on some website 
[08:47] <madtux> php5?
[08:47] <ringo> how are you my friend ? 
[08:47] <ringo> php4 
[08:47] <madtux> i'm good thanks
[08:47] <netrunner> ringo: I can recommend mwforum.
[08:47] <ringo> nice to hear 
[08:48] <netrunner> moin.
[08:48] Action: netrunner <- throat hurts :(
[08:49] <ringo> moin netrunner 
[08:50] <ringo> netrunner:  try strepsils 
[08:50] <madtux> netrunner, can u scream?
[08:52] <ringo> madtux: writing my own it just has to be very basic and same theme as the rest of the  website. But thanx for tyhe hint.
[08:53] <madtux> mm... ringo well it was netty whoi gave u the hint
[08:53] <ringo> oops sorry not reading ... 
[08:54] <ringo> thx netty ! sorry only reading superficiall 
[08:54] <madtux> hehe
[08:54] <madtux> well i'm off
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[09:24] <blindy> moin
[09:28] <dsoul> hi blindy 
[09:28] <ringo> moin blindy 
[09:28] <blindy> moin dsoul, ringo 
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[15:00] <kraftwerk> how long did you built for your rocklinux-system (compiling-time), on which machine (processor, speed)?
[15:01] <daja77> about 2 and a half days on athlonxp 3000+ 1gb ram
[15:01] <kraftwerk> woah...
[15:01] <fake> for a full build with rebuild stage
[15:02] <daja77> fake: without rebuild stage
[15:04] <fake> okay ;)
[15:05] <kraftwerk> ok, i will test it ;-)
[15:07] <kraftwerk> is the package management good? do you have any good links?
[15:07] <daja77> what is good or bad in your eyes?
[15:08] <kraftwerk> well, i.e. connecting rpmseek.com and search a package, download id, try to install an faile is bad.
[15:08] <kraftwerk> for e.g. typing "apt-get install xserver-xfree86" and it runs - thats good!
[15:08] <daja77> hm
[15:09] <kraftwerk> daja77: sprichst du deutsch?
[15:10] <daja77> yep
[15:10] <kraftwerk> ok das fällt mir leichter wie man merkt ;-)
[15:11] <DeElsasser> warum ist denn hier kein deutschspraechender kanal?
[15:12] <daja77> because we have people here who can't speak german
[15:12] <kraftwerk> ok let's talk english..
[15:12] <DeElsasser> poum...
[15:13] <daja77> hm?
[15:13] <DeElsasser> ;)
[15:13] <kraftwerk> daja77: what can you tell me about the package-managing system?
[15:14] <daja77> nothing atm because i have to leave cu
[15:14] <kraftwerk> cya
[15:14] <kraftwerk> someone else?
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[15:38] <netrunner> kraftwerk: scripts/EmergePkg should do what apt-get install probably does
[15:39] <kraftwerk> netrunner: oh? thats very cool...
[15:39] <fake> ... without dependencies
[15:39] <kraftwerk> is scripts/EmergePkg like emerge from gentoo?
[15:39] <kraftwerk> fake: and WITH dependencies?
[15:40] <fake> that script uses a weird approach to detect updates of packages, will be re-worked
[15:40] <netrunner> fake: does a summary of devmeeting exist?
[15:41] <fake> netrunner: see svn.clifford.at/wiki/
[15:41] <fake> the devmeeting-TODO kindof is a wrapup
[15:45] <kraftwerk> ok, i'd like to install rock and test it. i read the documentation: "If you have a CDROM drive this is by far the easiest option. Burn an ISO image on CD".
[15:45] <kraftwerk> ok. which ISO-image should i take?
[15:46] <fake> the latest ;)
[15:46] <kraftwerk> fake: ;-)
[15:46] <fake> x86?
[15:46] <kraftwerk> i am confused, beacause:
[15:46] <kraftwerk> "You can download pre-compiled ROCK Linux binaries or build it yourself."
[15:46] <kraftwerk> i would like to build it for myself
[15:47] <kraftwerk> and there is no iso for it
[15:47] <kraftwerk> is there no small iso?
[15:47] <fake> kraftwerk: for buildibng you don't need an iso
[15:47] <kraftwerk> ah? i have to make a partition, hm?
[15:47] <fake> noo
[15:47] <fake> no no no ;)
[15:48] <kraftwerk> ok?
[15:48] <kraftwerk> ;-=
[15:48] <kraftwerk> very good.
[15:48] <fake> you have linux installed already, i guess. which distribution?
[15:48] <kraftwerk> hm, there isn't yet an operating system on my computer
[15:48] <kraftwerk> ;-)
[15:48] <fake> oh. well, then building will be hard ;)
[15:49] <fake> kraftwerk: wait a second
[15:49] <kraftwerk> fake: ok. thx.
[15:49] <fake> http://drocklinux.dyndns.org/ftp/drock/stable/2.0.0/minimal/
[15:50] <fake> it's pretty old, but it should contain everything you need to get started with your build
[15:50] Action: fake no has to go cleaning up ... 
[15:51] <kraftwerk> hm, and there is no other way for me to build my own system on an actual image?
[15:52] <kraftwerk> (can't i build my system on the large iso (binary) 2.0.2?)
[15:54] <valentin> kraftwerk: yes you should be able to build rock from almost every actual linux distribution in case you have the correct tools installed
[15:54] <valentin> of course you can install the full desktop build and then start your own build with that one
[15:57] <kraftwerk> valentin: ok that would be great... 'cause i don't want to install first an other distribution.
[15:57] <kraftwerk> i'd like to start with rock an begin to build ;-)
[16:01] <valentin> kraftwerk: i would take this one as a start:
[16:01] <valentin> http://nexus.tfh-berlin.de/~drock/stable/2.0.1/desktop/
[16:06] <kraftwerk> where is the difference between 2.0.1 and 2.0.2?
[16:06] Action: kraftwerk is searching a changelog...
[16:08] <kraftwerk> ah, 2.0.2 isn't yet stable?
[16:08] <kraftwerk> ok, i will take 2.0.1 ;-)
[16:10] <kraftwerk> ouch... three disks? =S =D
[16:10] <kraftwerk> do i need all of them?
[16:17] <fake> that's why i pointed you to the minimal 2.0.0 iso
[16:17] <fake> but hey - don't listen to me, i'm just a stranger.
[16:17] <fake> ;)
[16:23] <kraftwerk> fake: ok ok ;-)
[16:23] <kraftwerk> i have downloadet it before
[16:23] <kraftwerk> it's ready to burn now.
[16:24] <kraftwerk> are there much differences between 2.0.0 and 2.0.1? many updates?
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[18:50] <netrunner> wonderful. now jimmy leavs :(
[18:52] <Ragnar0k> good morning
[18:56] <mnemoc> hi Ragnar0k 
[18:56] <mnemoc> netrunner: :'(
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[22:12] <mnemoc> anyone knows a program to change ps to 'multi-page'?
[22:13] <tcr> mnemoc, ps $OPTIONS | less ?
[22:13] <mnemoc> postscript :)
[22:13] <madtux> *g*
[22:14] <daja77> mnemoc: psnup iirc
[22:15] <mnemoc> is it part of psutils?
[22:16] <tcr> mnemoc, What do you mean with multipage then?
[22:16] <mnemoc> to print one page with 4 pages tiled
[22:22] <tcr> mnemoc, Ah. mpage is for that kind of thing.
[22:24] <mnemoc> i want to send a 16 sheets pdf to print as a 4-sheets pdf =)
[22:34] <mnemoc> aarg... when converting pdf to ps i loose all the images :(
[22:34] Action: mnemoc has lot to learn about ps/pdf
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[23:50] <SMP> mnemoc: "make a screenshot of each page, scale the image, images into a table in Word" ;->
[23:51] <tcr> Yeah, as .BMPs
[23:52] <SMP> no, use BMPs only if you want to email the document. for printing use JPEGs ;->
[23:53] <daja77> you are evil
[00:00] --- Wed Aug 25 2004