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[00:47] <daja77> re
[00:47] <daja77> th: still here?
[00:54] <daja77> damn 
[01:30] <daja77> th: if you read this, just tell me if i should start that 2.0 build or if there are some change to make
[01:30] <daja77> n8
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[02:01] <madtux> hi.
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[03:11] <demian> hi
[03:12] <DieTerkE> yo!
[03:12] Action: demian is trying to keep him stand up
[03:12] <demian> http://www.wagenschenke.ch/
[03:12] <demian> watch that!
[03:14] <DieTerkE> 29m :-)
[03:14] <DieTerkE> ow ow 55m
[03:14] <DieTerkE> this is fun ;-)
[03:15] <demian> haha. yeah
[03:15] <demian> got to go. bye
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[04:56] <loco64> hi
[04:56] <loco64> anyone?
[04:56] <loco64> erhhmm.. well
[04:57] <loco64> just grabbed rxr's sparciso and its not working..
[04:57] <loco64> i know you guys are on a kind of midlife crisis..
[04:58] <loco64> anyway, whos gonna pick the sparcv9 port?
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[08:30] <blindy> moin
[08:30] <dsoul> hi blindy :)
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[09:01] <netrunner> moin
[09:02] Action: netrunner feeling better.#
[09:05] <blindy> moin netrunner 
[09:05] <blindy> netrunner: been ill?
[09:09] <ringo> moin netrunner blindy 
[09:10] <dsoul> hi netrunner :)
[09:10] <dsoul> hi ringo :)
[09:11] <blindy> hi ringo 
[09:22] <ringo> moin dsoul 
[09:22] <ringo> afk 
[10:12] <netrunner> blindy: yes, since tue
[10:15] <blindy> netrunner: sucks
[10:16] <netrunner> blindy: that's the disadvantage of living together: everyone get's it :)
[10:16] <netrunner> this is cool: http://www.iupload.net/082004/IMG_0041_resize.JPG
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[10:20] <[anders]> naaaarrrf...
[10:29] <blindy> netrunner: nice pic. Leaves room for interpretation(?) :)
[10:29] <blindy> moin [anders] 
[10:33] <netrunner> would make a nice airbrush paint :)
[10:33] <blindy> yeah :)
[10:35] <[anders]> lo blindy 
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[13:00] <nzg> moin
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[13:40] <mX5> hey developers of rock linux..ive got few questions to you
[13:40] <mX5> first of all why is the curl conf file not at the place like its written in the man...o.O
[13:40] <mX5> ..and why during the downloading with the Download script didnt find few packages..
[13:40] <mX5> and why are you mirrors so slow..?
[13:41] <blindy> 1) no idea
[13:41] <blindy> 2) I don't understand you
[13:42] <blindy> 3) because you didn't sponsor a faster one
[13:43] <netrunner> mX5: 1) the curl manpage only states the location of the personal config, and this is correct. if there is none, you simply have none.
[13:43] <netrunner> mX5: 2) be more specific
[13:44] <mX5> ..o.O.that states the palce of the default config..
[13:44] <mX5> and usually there should be one..
[13:45] <netrunner> mX5: you need to run the vital command `touch .curlrc`
[13:45] <mX5> at some packages he writes :  error (6) couldnt resolve host..
[13:45] <netrunner> then you have one.
[13:46] <daja77> couldn't resolve host is not a rock bug ...
[13:47] <mX5> yeah..but : it means there is no package at the mirror..
[13:47] <mX5> ..@ netrunner : what schould i write to make the timeout higher?
[13:48] <daja77> -longtimeout
[13:49] <mX5> mom...brb
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[14:22] <daja77> clifford: you here?
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[16:22] <mnemoc> odd question, do you know any tool to do stochastic simulations?
[16:24] <daja77> no idea what you plan to do
[16:24] <madtux> hello dany boy
[16:25] <daja77> hi madtux 
[16:29] <madtux> daja77: so glad to see u here. :)
[16:29] <daja77> oh really? ;)
[16:29] <daja77> nice to see you too
[16:29] <daja77> hey not everybody can leave the project atm :D
[16:32] <mnemoc> :)
[16:33] <mnemoc> daja77: i need to simulate some poisson s.th storages and points of sale
[16:33] <daja77> gnumeric or sth like that?
[16:34] <mnemoc> i didn't know gnumeric could handle that
[16:34] <daja77> i don't know either
[16:35] <mnemoc> oh
[16:35] <daja77> i was just asking
[16:37] <mnemoc> i thought you answered with a question because it was a well known fact
[16:41] <[anders]> lo madtux 
[16:41] <madtux> master [anders] 
[16:41] <[anders]> madtux: can you either post your gpg pub-key on a keyserver, or mail it to me :)
[16:41] <madtux> what an honor to see u here
[16:41] <[anders]> same to you. :)
[16:41] <madtux> [anders]: i have posted it..
[16:41] <mnemoc> hi [anders] 
[16:42] <daja77> hi [anders] 
[16:43] <[anders]> lo mnemoc daja77 
[16:43] <[anders]> madtux: ok.. which keyserver? :)
[16:46] <[anders]> madtux: ping
[16:47] <madtux> just a sec.
[16:48] <madtux> [anders]: wwwkeys.gpg.net ..
[16:48] <[anders]> okidoki :)
[16:49] <madtux> [anders]: ;)
[16:49] <madtux> anyother server i should post it at? :)
[16:49] <madtux> keys.trudheim.com ?
[16:50] <[anders]> Heh.. nah.. I looked at running a key-server once..
[16:50] <[anders]> the database is *rather* large
[16:50] <madtux> hehe
[16:51] <[anders]> for some reason I can't get to the keyserver at the moment.
[16:51] <[anders]> I'll try from home box.
[16:51] <madtux> mm.
[16:52] <madtux> its a slow day... daja77 entertain us
[16:52] <daja77> O_o
[16:52] <daja77> this day sucks to be precise
[16:53] <madtux> daja77: why so?
[16:53] <daja77> i tortured my stomach i think
[16:53] <daja77> feeling bad
[16:56] <[anders]> argh... key-server seems bust.
[16:56] <[anders]> can't get anything out of it. :-/
[16:57] <madtux> mm..
[17:10] mX5 (~root@pD9E3EA86.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:14] <mX5> ..one question : ERROR: CURL returned succes but we have no data .. that happens all the time when i run the download script..(sry for silly questions..)
[17:14] <mX5> after each download
[17:14] <[anders]> is there a firewall or proxy in the way?
[17:15] <fake> hi
[17:16] <mX5> yes..but i think it doesnt matter..
[17:17] <mX5> first it seems if it would download and after it reachs 100% this error appears
[17:22] <fake> mx5: does downloading files work 'by hand' with curl?
[17:22] <mX5> mom
[17:24] Action: fake making coffee
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[17:34] <fake> hum
[17:38] mX5 (~root@pD9E3EA86.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:38] <fake> re
[17:38] <fake> mX5: using irc as root might get you into trouble
[17:39] <mX5> o.O..got a firewall..
[17:41] <fake> mX5 [~root@pD9E3EA86.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
[17:41] <fake> not only because of security risks, but most people won't even listen to you
[17:42] <mX5> its a friends pc..mom..
[17:42] <mX5> why..o.O?
[17:42] <fake> because you 'never log in as root (tm)'
[17:43] <mX5> great explanation
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[17:43] <tcr> mX5, You won't tell me that you don't know what root is? 
[17:44] <fake> tcr: ... *sigh*.
[17:44] <[anders]> mX5: ok, put it this way. as root you can blow away the filesystem and the whole box with a typo. you run irc as root and someone hacks your connection. bye bye box
[17:44] <tcr> fake: He left before he could read what I wrote..
[17:45] <tcr> It's your fault(tm)!
[17:45] <fake> and what [anders] wrote...
[17:45] <fake> gomen nasai -_-
[17:45] <[anders]> bah.. let him get hacked.. that'll teach him
[17:45] <fake> [anders]: you haven't by chance signed up for the university in america that rolla is on, too?
[17:45] <[anders]> err.. why?
[17:46] Action: [anders] lives in UK, not US. :)
[17:46] <fake> because he asked me wether i know if you did, because someone called anders signed up
[17:46] <[anders]> Anders is a fairly common swedish name. :)
[17:46] <madtux> which uni?
[17:46] <fake> but you have been to the US lately, haven't you?
[17:46] <madtux> hello fake
[17:46] <fake> hi mike 
[17:46] <[anders]> fake: never been to the US and hope I never have to go..
[17:46] <fake> [anders]: then i mixed something up.... good boy ;)
[17:47] <[anders]> unless they change their international policies that is, and government.
[17:47] <[anders]> fake: *grin*
[17:47] <fake> madtux: no idea...
[17:47] <tcr> fake: No excuses! Go in the corner taking penance, I want to hear you groaning "mea culpa"!
[17:48] <madtux> tcr: "mi culpa"
[17:49] <tcr> madtux, It's latin..
[17:49] <madtux> tcr: whatever :)
[17:49] Action: fake starts crying
[17:50] <mnemoc> madtux!=fake
[17:50] <madtux> mnemoc: ?
[17:50] <mnemoc> forget it
[17:50] <fake> hi mnemoc ;)
[17:50] <madtux> fake: wtf are u doing? only mortals can cry.. u can't cry!
[17:50] <mnemoc> hi fake :)
[17:50] <mnemoc> he is faking to cry
[17:51] <fake> damn, you noticed
[17:51] <madtux> fake are u faking ?
[17:51] <madtux> :)
[17:52] <mnemoc> comments about openldap 2.2.15 on 2.1?
[17:53] <fake> go ahead ;)
[17:54] Action: madtux sits back and gets ready to listen to mnemoc's comments
[17:54] <mnemoc> not today but yes :p
[17:54] <mnemoc> madtux: what comments?
[17:54] <fake> i think if any regressions occur, which i doubt, we'll 'just fix it' ?
[17:54] <madtux> your comments about openldap
[17:55] <mnemoc> i guess :)
[17:57] mx5 (~biatch@pD9E3EA86.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:58] <fake> re hi mx5
[17:58] <mx5> hi..;)
[17:59] <nzg> wb mx5 
[17:59] <mx5> ..:D
[18:00] <mx5> this download script works just through port 80 , right?
[18:00] <[anders]> depends.. it can cope with ftp as well
[18:00] <[anders]> and probably https
[18:00] <mx5> ..yo..kK
[18:00] <nzg> you also need 53UDP for name-resolution
[18:00] <fake> it uses curl
[18:00] <fake> and curl can even use Active Directory
[18:00] <fake> (e.g. LDAP ;)
[18:01] <mx5> ..53 UDP?
[18:01] <fake> or do CVS checkouts...
[18:01] <madtux> mnemoc: http://www.linuxpreview.org/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=234
[18:01] <[anders]> mx5: DNS
[18:01] <mx5> K
[18:01] <[anders]> DNS queries happen on port 53 over UDP, but for zone xfers you need 53/tcp as well
[18:02] <mx5> thanks..
[18:02] <fake> yep, zone transfers should be reliable *g*
[18:03] Action: [anders] got fed up with the notwork here and set my own DNS up to slave the zones I was most likely to use.
[18:03] <[anders]> hence I can resolve most things at most times even when others can not
[18:03] tfing_ (~tfing@APoitiers-103-1-5-53.w80-13.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[18:05] <mx5> aba das tool arbeitet gar net so einfach wo s überall steht un so ne..:D
[18:05] <fake> -ELANG
[18:05] <mx5> weil ich hatte heute da die end probs mitm laden von den packeges
[18:05] <fake> -ELANG
[18:06] <fake> curl <url> > file
[18:07] <fake> if you use a proxy, you can set that on the command line of scripts/Downliad
[18:07] <fake> see scripts/Download -help
[18:07] <mx5> why i always get this error : curl was succel but we haver no data?...*_*
[18:07] <madtux> diablos.. de pronto solo vei garabatos y no entendia nada..
[18:07] <mnemoc> madtux: wrong channel?
[18:07] <madtux> mnemoc: no, solo me estoy vengando por ponerse ha hablar en aleman :)
[18:08] <[anders]> export LANG=en_GB
[18:08] <fake> he wants to keep mx5 from talking german, right?
[18:08] <[anders]> or rather, export LANG=en_GB.UTF8
[18:08] <madtux> it sucks when u someone talks on lang that u can't understand doesn it?
[18:08] <madtux> :)
[18:09] <mnemoc> hace tiempo que no hablaban en aleman por estos lares
[18:09] <fake> madtux: he said that he had problems with scripts/Download / curl
[18:09] <madtux> fake: thank you :)
[18:09] <[anders]> ??!!!
[18:09] <[anders]> just to throw in a little cyrillic. ;-)
[18:09] <madtux> [anders]: just making people talking in english by using sarcastic methods :)
[18:09] <[anders]> madtux: hehe
[18:10] <[anders]> I could always try some swedish.. I think most of you should be able to clue out what I type in that case.
[18:11] <madtux> hehe
[18:12] <fake> smoerebroed
[18:14] <[anders]> fake: that's more danish/norwegian. :)
[18:14] <[anders]> sm?rg?s is the swedish word. :)
[18:15] <fake> oh my
[18:16] <tcr> [anders], didn't you say LANG is *.UTF8?
[18:17] <[anders]> tcr: yeh.. UTF8 will allow you to see most languages..
[18:17] <tcr> Yeah, but you aren't using it.
[18:17] <[anders]> I am positive I do. :)
[18:18] <tcr> So am I. But I got two ?s for the oe's
[18:18] <[anders]> one moment.
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[18:19] [anders] (~snafu@blueice1n1.uk.ibm.com) joined #rocklinux.
[18:19] <[anders]> smörgås is the swedish word. :)
[18:19] <[anders]> better?
[18:19] <fake> oh boy
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[18:19] Nick change: tfing_ -> tfing
[18:19] <tcr> [anders], Yop.
[18:19] <fake> this is getting weirder and weirder ;)
[18:19] <fake> mybe i should go for some kanji ?
[18:19] <[anders]> for some reason I had not tweaked the charset for freenode.. :-/
[18:20] <tcr> Heh..
[18:21] <[anders]> I am tired.. I should probably go home, have something to eat and then crash into bed.
[18:22] <[anders]> after doing some tai chi..
[18:22] <madtux> tai chi..
[18:22] <[anders]> anyways.. I am off guys.. have a nice weekend. :)
[18:22] <madtux> just when i though you couldn't suprise me
[18:22] <madtux> u too [anders] 
[18:22] <madtux> cya
[18:22] <[anders]> tajiquan, chen style :)
[18:22] <[anders]> ~~~
[18:22] <[anders]> taijiquan even
[18:22] [anders] (~snafu@blueice1n1.uk.ibm.com) left irc: Client Quit
[18:23] <fake> those island people are strange.
[18:23] <fake> *g*
[18:33] <madtux> :)
[18:35] jay_of_today (~jay@ joined #rocklinux.
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[18:53] <madtux> jay_of_today:  hello
[18:57] <Ragnar0k> hi
[19:36] <daja77> re
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[22:50] <nzg> re
[23:10] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[00:00] --- Sat Aug 28 2004