[00:09] <mnemoc> rehi
[00:14] <fake> jo, re
[00:16] <mnemoc> hi fake 
[00:26] Action: fake bored
[00:26] <fake> i'm watching 'the body-eaters are coming' ... what a movie.
[00:26] <fake> iirc, it's the one with leonard nimoy and jeff goldblum
[00:28] <fake> and the protagonist from M*A*S*H
[00:28] <fake> (the movie)
[00:29] <mnemoc> year?
[00:29] <fake> 78
[00:30] <fake> Donald Sutherland is the mash guy
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[00:55] <fake> hi demian_ 
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[00:56] <demian> hi
[01:09] <mnemoc> th: here?
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[01:30] <kraftwerk> hm, i'm searching for a good ftp server that hosts some pre-compiled rock-packages.
[01:32] <mnemoc> i guess there are none ftp servers sharing .gem files
[01:33] <fake> vsftpd
[01:33] <fake> uh
[01:33] Action: fake should read to the end ;)
[01:33] <mnemoc> fake: twoftpd =)
[01:34] <fake> kraftwerk: there will be such servers on the next release
[01:34] <demian> vsftpd will be better that proftpd? never tried it.. would be a good idea to migrate?
[01:34] <fake> 2.1 or whatever it will be named
[01:34] <fake> vs stands for 'very secure'
[01:34] <mnemoc> twoftpd is more secure than they
[01:34] <fake> kernel.org uses vsftpd since may - comment: May 26, 2004: vsftpd is now serving ftp... We should have done this sooner...
[01:48] Action: demian is tired of the uni :(
[01:49] Action: Ragnar0k hugs demian 
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[01:53] <daja77> re from gaming
[01:57] <mnemoc> daja77: win or loss?
[01:58] <daja77> lost more or less ^^
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[04:00] <Ragnar0k> *grr* I thought it was default to have 'create extra :doc/:dev' off. thanks a lot :PPPP
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[08:08] <dsoul> hi
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[10:56] <daja77> Ragnar0k: no it was not, as stated in the announcement
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[12:43] <valentin> .oO : http://udel.de/bank.html
[13:00] <tcr> valentin, rofl.
[13:04] <Togg> hi all
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[13:10] <nzg> moin
[13:13] <Togg> daja77: I am doing progress on building arm cross-environment :)
[13:13] <Togg> daja77: 0-glibc23 built
[13:13] <Togg> question: why is dietlibc building in stage 1 even if I want glibc?
[13:31] <Togg> hmm 1-binutils fails now... I downgraded binutils to 2.15, because the 2.15.91-02 had a bug which caused 1-glibc to fail
[13:38] Action: jay_of_today is back (gone 05:49:25)
[13:38] <jay_of_today> sup everyone
[13:38] <jay_of_today> hey, rxr sparcboot iso aint working
[13:39] <jay_of_today> o.O
[13:42] <netrunne1> jay_of_today: rxr left the project.
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[15:05] <Togg> can anyone help me with binutils problem?
[15:06] <Togg> I am cross-building for arm, 1-binutils
[15:06] <Togg> libiberty for arm builds ok, but libiberty for host fails
[15:07] <Togg> it says LONG_MIN undeclared in fibheap.c
[15:08] <Togg> ahh i meant libiberty for host builds ok but for arm it fails
[15:08] <Togg> it has something todo with config.cache because limits_h is unset for arm
[15:13] <Togg> hmm... during configure for arm libiberty the test programs seem to fail 
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[16:26] <madtux> good day.
[16:27] <daja77> hi madtux 
[16:27] <madtux> Hello Daniel! how are you today?
[16:28] <daja77> quite ok
[17:07] <netrunner> " eBay has chosen Sun's Solaris Operating System and its suite of low-cost Solaris servers and Java software to help power the The World\u2019s Online Marketplace."
[17:07] <netrunner> muahahaha brueell
[17:07] <netrunner> low-cost hahaha
[17:07] <daja77> iirc they were running windows before that ...
[17:08] <netrunner> the cgis are still .dll, so they probably still are.
[17:08] <Togg> yippi, 1-glibc baut durch
[17:08] <daja77> :D
[17:09] <Togg> ;)
[17:09] <Togg> hab binutils-cvs genommen
[17:09] <Togg> von heute
[17:10] <daja77> :D
[17:13] <Togg> wenn dann alles durchgebaut hat brenn ich mir das gleich auf ne dvd und schließ es in nen panzerschrank
[17:14] <Togg> :D 1-binutils built fine!!!!
[17:14] <Togg> can anyone explain what to do after stage 1?
[17:15] <Togg> i want to switch to native arm building then
[17:15] <Togg> anyone knows if anything neccessary to build rocklinux natively is included in stage 0+1
[17:15] <daja77> after stage 1 cross build is finished ...
[17:15] <Togg> autotools and so on
[17:15] <Togg> gcc that runs on arm, vi, mc :D
[17:16] <mnemoc_> native arm building??
[17:16] <daja77> pseudo native build perhaps?
[17:16] <Togg> yep
[17:17] <Togg> mnemoc_: i got 1-gcc just compiling
[17:17] <Togg> was a mess
[17:17] <Togg> dont know if pseudo
[17:17] <Togg> i generate a environment that runs natively on arm
[17:17] <Togg> where i build rocklinux natively
[17:17] <daja77> ugh
[17:17] <Togg> i have nbd swap then and rock-linux mounted over nfs
[17:17] <Togg> i hope this works
[17:18] <Togg> its an xscale with 500 bogomisp
[17:19] <Togg> mnemoc_: dont u think this will work?
[17:19] <Togg> I thought it would be a good idea to build stage 2+ on target platform
[17:20] <Togg> no messing around with cross-compiling anymore
[17:21] <mnemoc_> Togg: i hope so :p
[17:21] <Togg> phhh
[17:22] <Togg> can u import binutils-cvs pls to package tree?
[17:22] <Togg> because the 2.15.91 is crap
[17:22] <Togg> at least for cross-compiling
[17:22] <Togg> youll need a small patch for it, but i can provide u
[17:23] <mnemoc_> i guess grabing just the needed patch is better than choosing a random checkout on binutils-cvs
[17:23] <Togg> 0)> xargs -r rmdir
[17:23] <Togg> ==[build_this_package:725 (last $?=0)> find /daten/rock-linux-svn/build/lw_bbr-2.1.0-DEV-arm-EB-xscale-cross-generic-expert/usr/doc/gcc34/ABOUT-NLS /daten/
[17:23] <Togg> ==[build_this_package:729 (last $?=0)> hook_eval postdoc
[17:23] <Togg> ===[hook_eval:2 (last $?=0)> IFS=
[17:23] <Togg> 1-gcc fails on installing :(
[17:24] <Togg> not the above
[17:24] <madtux> ping daja77 
[17:24] <Togg> this
[17:24] <Togg> Making post-install adaptions.
[17:24] <Togg> Found shared files with other packages:
[17:24] <Togg> usr/lib/libiberty.a: binutils gcc34
[17:24] <Togg> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[17:24] <Togg> what the hell is this?
[17:24] <Togg> all built fine and then this ugly thing
[17:24] <mnemoc_> uhm... that should be fixed long time ago
[17:25] <Togg> tell me howto fix :)
[17:25] <Togg> maybe my binutils cvs does it different
[17:25] <mnemoc_> i guess we choose liberty from bintuils over gcc
[17:25] <mnemoc_> then the 'fix' is to patch the Makefile to not install it :p
[17:25] <Togg> I then should tell 1-gcc not to use libiberty
[17:26] <mnemoc_> to no install it
[17:26] <Togg> ah ok
[17:26] <Togg> ahh its the no-install-libiberty patch
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[17:27] <mnemoc_> maybe it needs to be improved
[17:27] <Togg> oops i deleted the patch somehow ;)
[17:27] <Togg> I had to play with gcc34 to get it compile on arm
[17:27] <Togg> for arm
[17:28] <Togg> shit happens
[17:28] <Togg> mnemoc_: what do u think, after 1-gcc can there goe anything wrong ?
[17:28] Action: mnemoc_ kicks Togg 
[17:28] <mnemoc_> i guess not
[17:28] <Togg> I mean binutils,glibc and gcc compiled, so it seems to work fine
[17:29] <mnemoc_> building stages 0-1 only obviusly
[17:29] <Togg> macht mir mut :)
[17:29] <mnemoc_> .oO( what did he said )o
[17:29] <Togg> oh youre not german or aussi
[17:29] <Togg> :)
[17:29] <Togg> i said this thing makes me ehm
[17:30] <mnemoc_> =)
[17:30] <Togg> honour is the wrong translation for "mut"
[17:30] <mnemoc_> .oO( i thought aussies where australians )o
[17:30] <netrunner> mnemoc_: it encourages him.
[17:30] <Togg> netrunner: your correct :D
[17:30] <mnemoc_> =)
[17:30] <netrunner> leo is your friend.
[17:30] <Togg> and I meant not australians but people from austria :D
[17:31] <Togg> my internet connection is toooo slow today :/
[17:32] <mnemoc_> leo doesn't translate full sentencies, and if you don't know the grammar word-by-word translation is not usefull
[17:32] <Togg> netrunner meant me :)
[17:33] <netrunner> hm, shoud sd-readers always also read mmc? at least sd has one more pin, so the slot is almost identical
[17:33] <mnemoc_> i understood 
[17:35] <Togg> question: i had to make some changes in .conf files, e.g. glibc, gcc, binutils
[17:35] <mnemoc_> why?
[17:36] <Togg> changes regarding my target platform, i mean lets say "if arch=arm && cpu = xscale" ...
[17:36] <Togg> to get it compile correctly , with soft-float, big-endian
[17:36] <mnemoc_> you can do all the stuff from architecures/arm/parse-config
[17:36] <Togg> and to add special confopt to glibc (--without-fp)
[17:37] <Togg> can i add confopt for glibc from parse-config?
[17:37] <mnemoc_> yes but let me see if you can use pkg_glibc.conf
[17:39] <mnemoc_> Togg: $base/architecture/$arch/pkg-header
[17:39] <mnemoc_> that file is sourced on every build
[17:40] <mnemoc_> then: if [ "$pkg" == "glibc" ]; then var_append confopt ' ' --without-fp; fi inside that file
[17:40] <Togg> ahh coole
[17:40] <Togg> cool
[17:41] <Togg> so i dont need to hack multiple files
[17:42] <Togg> i readded the no-libiberty patch
[17:42] <Togg> but it still fails with the same error
[17:42] <mnemoc_> that is the rock's mantra :p
[17:42] <mnemoc_> and that the rock's karma :\
[17:43] <Togg> what does the "Found shared files with other packages" exactly mean? where is this checked?
[17:44] <Togg> i have a libiberty in usr/lib and in tools.cross/lib
[17:44] <daja77> this means that anothe rpackage already installed those files in the buildir
[17:45] <Togg> hmm then the gcc no-libiberty-patch is useless
[17:46] <daja77> conflicts with what packages?
[17:46] <Togg> aaaaaaaaaah heeeeeelp
[17:46] <mnemoc_> bintuils and gcc34
[17:47] <mnemoc_> libierty.a
[17:47] <Togg> binutils gcc34
[17:47] <Togg> i checked the makefile
[17:47] <Togg> it is commented out
[17:47] <Togg> and i did not upgraded gcc34
[17:47] <mnemoc_> the patch was created for 3.3 and added to 3.4, but it is very odd that after all this time noone else had that share
[17:48] <Togg> yes
[17:50] <Togg> files.lst of gcc contains usr/lib/libiberty
[17:50] <Togg> i think i have to read makefiles :(
[17:51] <Togg> hmm there is a install_to_tooldir where it does installdata with libiberty
[17:52] <Togg> maybe libdir = tooldir ???
[17:53] <Togg> hmm
[17:53] <Togg> tooldir=${exec_prefix}/armeb-unknown-linux-gnu
[17:54] <Togg> libdir=/daten/rocklinux/build/bla/usr/lib
[17:56] <mnemoc_> that looks like a =/= to me
[17:56] <Togg> ahh i think gcc32 does it better!
[17:56] <Togg> with flistdel
[18:01] <mnemoc_> flistdel is evil because you will see the wrong file owned by the wrong package because the overwrite
[18:02] <Togg> in german ?
[18:02] tfing_ (~tfing@APoitiers-103-1-2-139.w80-13.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[18:03] <daja77> ins spanish i guess ^^
[18:03] <mnemoc_> share files means one package overwrited a file originally created by another package
[18:03] <daja77> yep
[18:04] <daja77> so delteing that is no good idea
[18:04] <Togg> so whats the solution
[18:05] <mnemoc_> if pkg A creates a file f, and pkg B overwrite it and flistdel, f will be owned by A but it will not be the file created by A, it will be the file created B
[18:05] <mnemoc_> Togg: fix the Makefile to _not_ overwrite it
[18:05] <mnemoc_> option 1) remove the install/cp line
[18:05] <mnemoc_> option 2) use a different name
[18:06] <daja77> hm anyone tried bash3 builds?
[18:07] <Togg> ahh u forgot one line (maybe)
[18:07] <Togg> the @(MULTIDO) line
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[18:10] Nick change: tfing_ -> tfing
[18:16] <blindy> hello from TXL on my way to MUC
[18:17] <daja77> TXL?
[18:18] <blindy> Berlin Tegel
[18:18] <daja77> ah hf :)
[18:19] <blindy> thanks
[18:19] <blindy> I already checkked in
[18:19] <daja77> for holidays, or moving back?
[18:19] <blindy> no, for finally moving everything to Berlin
[18:19] <daja77> cool
[18:20] <valentin> blindy: you have network at TXL ?
[18:20] <blindy> valentin: sure
[18:20] <blindy> for-pay, sadly
[18:27] <blindy> okay, /me boarding
[18:27] <blindy> bye
[18:35] <Togg> mnemoc_: may it be that the libiberty.a is somewhere cached? the flist?
[18:44] <mnemoc_> you have to remove the package before rebuild
[18:44] <mnemoc_> ./scripts/Create-ErrList -cfg foo -remove gcc34
[18:46] <Togg> ok... Cleanup -full is even more effective ;)
[18:46] <mnemoc_> that too
[18:50] Action: netrunner thinks -full was coded @hell.
[18:52] <daja77> netrunner: nope sm recreate was written there ^^
[18:53] <mnemoc_> hehe
[18:53] <Togg> sm recreate ???
[18:58] <netrunner> Togg: to recreate from all the stress you experience during developement ;)
[18:58] <netrunner> (shuts down your pc) ;)
[19:00] <Togg> lol
[19:13] Nick change: mnemoc_ -> mnemoc
[19:24] <daja77> <- off for a game of freeciv, playing chile :)
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[19:27] <mnemoc> daja77: oh
[19:29] [BNAFH]nzg (~tschmidt@p508EB84E.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:30] <daja77> yeah this time i want to win ^^
[19:36] <mnemoc> please, destroy peru and bolivia in my name :)
[19:36] <daja77> hehe why
[19:37] <mnemoc> we looove our neighbors
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[20:23] <netrunne1> re
[20:23] <netrunne1> freenode with their stupid ident enforcement on some servers
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[20:53] <mnemoc> damn... i forgot to umount the download dir before rm -rf a tree :|
[20:53] <SMP> why does this never happen to me? ;-p
[20:53] <netrunner> mnemoc: welcome in the club :)
[20:54] Action: netrunner mirrors download on a 2nd server :)
[20:54] Action: mnemoc needs mount --bind -o ro
[20:54] <SMP> but there's relief: there is a patch (I suppose it will get into 2.6) that enables read-only mount --bind
[20:55] <Ragnar0k> enable as in: not silently ignore the ro?
[20:55] <netrunner> blindy had some weird trick with creating a .abcd directory and some cross mounting so you cannot delete it...
[20:57] <mnemoc> SMP: does it apply to 2.4? :
[20:57] <mnemoc> :p
[20:57] <SMP> don't know
[20:58] <daja77> SMP: because you are perfect ;)
[20:59] <mnemoc> perfect-SMP doesn't have those problems?
[20:59] <daja77> you know what happened to th?
[20:59] <mnemoc> uhm?
[20:59] <mnemoc> that question makes my imagination work
[21:01] <daja77> mnemoc: i just know that he is off for some days, that's all
[21:04] <mnemoc> :|
[21:04] <mnemoc> daja77: do you know if openldap still failing to him?
[21:07] <daja77> no i don't know
[21:14] <netrunner> arg. this stupid cluster build enqueued 5-kdegraphics while one node still building on 2-gcc=gcc34
[21:15] <mnemoc> oh
[21:15] <Ragnar0k> *lol*
[21:16] <Togg> mnemoc: can u repeat the line for pkg-header pls? i am at home now and forgot how it was going
[21:16] <Togg> the if  pkg = "bla" }
[21:16] <Togg> because findutils complains about not knowing armeb-unknown-linux-gnu as target, during configure
[21:17] <Togg> so i have to specify just arm-unknown
[21:17] <mnemoc> if [ "$pkg" == "glibc" ]; then var_append confopt ' ' --the-thing-you-want-to-add; fi
[21:17] <Togg> ahh great :=
[21:17] <Togg> do you think its bad to change the target for one program?
[21:18] <mnemoc> make sure binutils support it
[21:18] <mnemoc> and every config.sub =)
[21:19] <Togg> how does var-remove work?
[21:19] <Togg> can it remove every option i want?
[21:19] <mnemoc> var_remove
[21:19] <Togg> yes
[21:20] <mnemoc> var_append, var_insert, var_remove, var_remove_regex, var_insert_before_regex
[21:20] <mnemoc> take a look insto scripts/functions
[21:21] <Togg> i want to remove the old --host=$arch_target
[21:21] <Togg> this should work with var_remove i think
[21:22] <Togg> ahh cool it worked :)
[21:22] <Togg> I am nearly _DONE_ with my arm cross !!!!
[21:22] <mnemoc> ROCK's magic let you do such stuff very easily
[21:22] <Togg> great
[21:22] <Togg> thats why i want to move from snapgear
[21:23] <Togg> i know, it isnt comparable... but rock-linux is also great for embedded :D
[21:23] Nick change: [BNAFH]nzg -> nzg
[21:25] <netrunner> hrmpf, why do we still have .cache with [ERROR] tags? I do not get the sense of these.
[21:25] <mnemoc> var/adm/cache/$pkg or $pkg.cache?
[21:27] <netrunner>  grep -L "\[.-ERROR\]" package/*/*/*cache | wc -l
[21:27] <netrunner> 1181
[21:27] <netrunner> am I counting wrong?
[21:27] <mnemoc> .cache file is created by reference builds
[21:28] <netrunner> yes, and they got updated less than a week ago by clifford iirc
[21:29] <mnemoc> grep -l not -L
[21:30] <netrunner> oh ;)
[21:30] <netrunner> ok, but 74 packages maked as broken is much anyway
[21:31] <mnemoc> 74/1292
[21:38] <Togg> hmm :-/
[21:38] <Togg> Building tools in build/.../ROCK/tools.native:
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/wrapper/cmd_wrapper.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/wrapper/strip_wrapper.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/wrapper/install_wrapper.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/bin/getdu.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/bin/getfiles.
[21:38] <netrunner> yes. but iirc the dep_db is created from .cache files. and therefore all packages that have broken .caches don't depend on anything. and so get built as early as possible. not good.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/bin/fl_wrparse.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/bin/fl_stparse.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/bin/descparser.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Building tools.native/lib/fl_wrapper.so.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Testing tools.native/lib/fl_wrapper.so.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Creating tools.native/lib/parse-config.
[21:38] <Togg> -> Creating tools.native/lib/pkg_*_{pre,post}.conf
[21:38] <Togg> chroot: bin/bash: Exec format error
[21:38] <Togg> whats this
[21:38] <Togg> this happens after finishing sysfiles
[21:39] <netrunner> Togg: this means your build machine can not execute the bash as you compiled it for another arch.
[21:39] <Togg> sysfiles is the last package
[21:39] <Togg> ohh
[21:39] <Togg> netrunner: so you mean i should be happy? :D
[21:40] <netrunner> Togg: well, I don't know how to proceed here, I solved the problem by giving my machine of foreign architecture to daja77 ;)
[21:40] <Togg> now it all depends... can i execute the generated binaries on the target...
[21:40] <Togg> an objdump and file and ldd helps first to check 
[21:41] <daja77> lol
[21:42] <Togg> *whoooooot* looks great!
[21:42] <Togg> ... after i tested i will make a svn diff 
[21:42] <Togg> who should i send to ?
[21:43] <fake> chroot: bin/bash: Exec format error
[21:43] <fake> you should never, never, never ever see this
[21:43] <Togg> thats not a problem
[21:43] <Togg> i wanted to come to this point only
[21:43] <Togg> the final stuff is done natively on the target platform
[21:43] <fake> did you select [*] This is a cross build between architectures ?
[21:43] <Togg> in deed
[21:43] <Togg> thats what i was aiming at
[21:44] <fake> then this is a bug.
[21:44] <Togg> why
[21:44] <Togg> what does it mean to u
[21:44] <fake> because if you selected to crossbuild, the build should stop after stage 1 and should never try to execute the generated bash
[21:44] <Togg> it just means i built on athlon64 and cant execute arm binaries
[21:44] <Togg> should be normal
[21:44] <Togg> ok that is a * bug
[21:45] <fake> did your build continue after finishing stage 1?
[21:45] <Togg> if i execute Build-Target now it just wants to chroot 
[21:45] <Togg> and exec bin/bash
[21:45] <fake> if it wants to chroot it hits stage 2.
[21:46] <fake> this is not good [TM]
[21:46] <fake> can you report this to the mailinglist, please?
[21:46] <fake> including links to your config?
[21:47] <Togg> sure
[21:47] <Togg> on monday
[21:47] <Togg> i am a bit under stress atm
[21:47] <fake> relax, don't hurry.
[21:47] <Togg> i have 5 open putties and work remote
[21:47] <Togg> on 3 machines 
[21:47] <Togg> installing a server and cross-building and so on
[21:48] <fake> 5 putties on 3 machines ? use screen ;)
[21:48] <Togg> i use alt-tab ;)
[21:48] <fake> *shivers*
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[21:49] <Togg> ohh i found the bug
[21:50] <Togg> i activated "rebuild in stage 9"
[21:50] <Togg> so it wants to rebuilt kernel-headers
[21:50] <Togg> lol
[21:53] <Togg> can ncurses be built on stage 1?
[21:53] <Togg> i dont exactly know how to proceed now
[21:54] <Togg> i have a system running on my arm platform. on this i want to nfsmount the build/arm-xscale from rocklinux. then i chroot to it and mount a fresh rock-linux tree
[21:55] <Togg> i then create a normal config (maybe minimal package selection first)... question is, do i have all tools needed after stage1 to build rocklinux stage0 & 1 ?
[21:58] <mnemoc> daja?
[21:58] <daja77> hm?
[21:58] <Togg> daja77: would be the right person to ask :)
[21:58] <mnemoc> does qemu build for you on 2.0?
[21:59] <mnemoc> Togg: i have not read what you are talking about, i was just looking for daja =)
[21:59] <Togg> hmpf
[21:59] <Togg>  :)
[21:59] <daja77> there is no qemu package in 2.0 iirc
[21:59] <Togg> daja77: can u read above question? :)
[21:59] <mnemoc> i know, have you tested it?
[21:59] <daja77> don't think so
[22:00] <daja77> but i don't know why it shouldn't work
[22:00] <mnemoc> it fails to build softmmu
[22:00] <Togg> mnemoc: are you building for ipod?
[22:00] <mnemoc> me?
[22:01] <mnemoc> daja77: softmmu_template.h:179: error: unable to find a register to spill in class `GENERAL_REGS'
[22:02] <daja77> ah that one, hm how i solved that *thinking*
[22:04] Action: mnemoc *waiting* :p
[22:05] <Togg> mnemoc: can u check your uclibc conf? 
[22:06] <Togg> i couldnt get uclibc to work for me
[22:06] <Togg> first thing was $(SED) not found
[22:06] <mnemoc> Togg: uclibc was work-in-progress
[22:06] <Togg> then the binutils patch did not applied
[22:06] <Togg> was?
[22:06] <Togg> is not anymore?
[22:06] <Togg> newlibc would be even finer?
[22:07] <Togg> i think
[22:07] <mnemoc> it failed to enter stage-2 because some conflicts of libraries and i stop trying
[22:07] <daja77> mnemoc: ah that's an optimization error
[22:07] <mnemoc> Togg: Build-Pkg should have defined SED for you
[22:08] <daja77> http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/qemu-devel/2004-07/msg00703.html
[22:08] <Togg> mnemoc: ok, but uclibc is not an issue for me atm
[22:09] <mnemoc> i wanted to be able to use uclibc instead of dietlibc but i haven't got the time to continue working on that package
[22:13] <SMP> daja77: btw. there are some issues with your kde 3 patch as it is on SM. I'll send you an email as soon as I finished fighting with my source tree
[22:16] <daja77> ok thx
[22:16] <daja77> i'd like todo a build too, but bash3 does not build ...
[22:17] <mnemoc> daja77: + gcc-33 -Os -pipe -march=pentium4 -Wall -fno-strict-aliasing -fomit-frame-pointer -I. -I/usr/src/rock-2.0-mnemoc/src.qemu.1093721779.21085.4235540974/qemu-0.6.0/target-i386 -I/usr/src/rock-2.0-mnemoc/src.qemu.1093721779.21085.4235540974/qemu-0.6.0 -D_GNU_SOURCE -I/usr/src/rock-2.0-mnemoc/src.qemu.1093721779.21085.4235540974/qemu-0.6.0/slirp -c -o helper.o /usr/src/rock-2.0-mnemoc/src.qemu.1093721779.21085.4235540974/qemu-0.6.0/target-i386/helper.c -
[22:17] <daja77> try p-mmx
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[22:41] <demian> hi
[23:00] <Togg> daja77: didnt u build only stage 0,1 on i386 and the missing stages natively on hppa?
[23:00] <daja77> the first part yes, the second part no
[23:01] <Togg> so, you never built stage 5 on hppa?
[23:01] <daja77> no
[23:01] <Togg> ok then i have to find out if all tools neccessary are included from stage 0+1
[23:02] <Togg> i just added busybox to stage 1 , so i have some more tools
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[23:07] <mnemoc> daja77: query :)
[23:07] <daja77> sigh :)
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[23:17] <Togg> what is the variable for the build directory?
[23:17] <Togg> in stage 1
[23:17] <mnemoc> $builddir?
[23:18] <mnemoc> builddir=src.$pkg.$foo
[23:18] <mnemoc> xsrctar is the dir of the source
[23:18] <mnemoc> then $builddir/$xsrctar
[23:18] <Togg> i want the dir of the crosscompiler in fact
[23:18] <Togg> busybox needs to know where the crosscompiler is
[23:19] <Togg> and this is in rocklinux/build/bla/ROCK/tools.cross/crosscc/...
[23:19] <Togg> is there an variable for this?
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[23:19] <mnemoc> $toolsdir?
[23:20] <Togg> thats not in the docu :)
[23:20] <mnemoc> Togg: try it :)
[23:20] <Togg> where does toolsdir point at
[23:21] <mnemoc> # echo $toolsdir
[23:21] <mnemoc> tools.native
[23:21] <Togg> ok
[23:23] <Togg> toolsdir is not set for me :(
[23:23] <Togg> I am in stage1 , that may be why
[23:24] <mnemoc> go inside ./src.foo and run ./debug   that will give you a shell with the env preset
[23:25] <demian> oh
[23:25] <Togg> cmd_wrapper_mypath is better
[23:25] <Togg> and then ../../../
[23:27] <mnemoc> demian: is that new to you?
[23:27] <demian> yes. i dunt use rock since a lot, what debug is intented to do ?
[23:28] <Togg> it sets the environment exactly as it is during build
[23:28] <Togg> but you can debug things per hand
[23:28] <mnemoc> demian: give you the shell Build-Pkg use to build the packages
[23:28] <mnemoc> demian: then you can do good debuging
[23:29] <demian> didnt know that, nice trick
[23:29] <demian> it just load the same environment and functions than the Build-Pkg then ?
[23:29] <demian> but starting a shell
[23:29] <Togg> yep
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[23:38] <mnemoc> anyone knows how to have nested strtok?
[23:43] <tcr_> mnemoc, I think you want strtok_r()..
[23:44] <mnemoc> yes ,)
[23:44] <mnemoc> thanks
[23:44] <mnemoc> i went to the guru's channel to ask :)
[23:47] <tcr_> mnemoc, Didn't see that..
[23:48] <mnemoc> i'm trying to fix cmd_wrapper to not insert if the s.th is on remove list
[23:50] <tcr_> s.th?
[23:50] <mnemoc> sith
[23:51] <mnemoc> shit
[23:51] <mnemoc> the argument someone wants to insert
[23:51] <mnemoc> remove must have more priority than insert
[23:55] <demian> where can i get an html tags reference right now?
[23:56] <demian> just need to apply a font' face and size to a whole table, or is there a CSS style for this?
[23:57] <mnemoc> <table style="font-size: 10px; font-family: foo">
[23:57] <demian> thanks ;-)
[00:00] --- Sun Aug 29 2004