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[09:54] <TxD> moin
[09:55] <dsoul> hi TxD :)
[10:00] <TxD> i have a revue digicam, are there linux-driver on the web ?
[10:01] <TxD> in the controlcenter is a section "digicam"
[10:01] <TxD> and my camera is not supported
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[10:07] <[anders2]> narf
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[10:28] <blindcoder> moin
[10:28] <dsoul> hi [anders2] 
[10:28] <dsoul> hi blindcoder 
[10:28] <[anders2]> lo dsoul 
[10:29] <[anders2]> lo blindy
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[11:01] <praenti> moin
[11:02] <blindcoder> moin praenti 
[11:02] <dsoul> hi praenti 
[11:04] <praenti> blindcoder: are you still in berlin? and working there? clifford has said s.th. at dev-meeting that you are not clear about the future situation
[11:04] <blindcoder> praenti: yes I am
[11:04] <blindcoder> praenti: moved into my new flat last weekend
[11:04] <blindcoder> and I will stay here for about 2 years+
[11:04] <praenti> blindcoder: hoped that you are coming back to ingoldorf
[11:04] <praenti> ahh. then i know what he have menat
[11:04] <blindcoder> as soon as I have my inet connection I will write to rock-devel about the new situation
[11:06] <blindcoder> :)
[11:07] <blindcoder> which basically means that I can house a few people fol C3 :)
[11:07] <praenti> btw. can anybody help me with writing a stone module?
[11:08] <blindcoder> don't ask me for help with witing modules for rock-tools
[11:09] <blindcoder> I just killed 200GB of data doung so
[11:09] <praenti> blindcoder: i don't know if i can come, because of my study progress
[11:10] <praenti> blindcoder: ohh. that sounds not good :-(
[11:12] <blindcoder> praenti: you'll see. I'll be there this year for sure :)
[11:13] <praenti> i think so *g*
[11:19] <blindcoder> okay, chistmas vacation is granted :D
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[11:35] <netrunner> grmbl, uni firewall blocks sip traffic
[11:38] <praenti> netrunner: let me guess. no VoIP...
[11:45] <netrunner> praenti: now that my asterisk @home is up and running, I wanted to call home for free. but apparently not possible.
[11:45] <netrunner> they are quite restrictive here on this chair. but I have to admit the port ranges you have to open for rtp is ridiculous
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[12:00] <nzg> moin
[12:00] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[12:00] <dsoul> hi nzg 
[12:01] <nzg> moin dsoul
[12:02] <netrunner> http://sfrank.dns4biz.org/fun/kiddi.htm (german)
[12:02] <netrunner> *rofl*
[12:03] Action: nzg 2
[12:04] <praenti> *rofl*
[12:21] <netrunner> argl, failed in robotics :(
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[12:46] <jsaw> hi all
[12:50] <netrunner> hi jsaw
[12:50] <jsaw> hi netrunner 
[12:59] <th> anyone on the svn commit list here?
[13:00] <jsaw> why?
[13:00] <th> because i'm flooding the list...
[13:00] <th> just wanted to say sorry ;>
[13:02] <jsaw> power committing?
[13:02] <jsaw> :)
[13:03] <th> .cache files of a complete refbuild
[13:03] <jsaw> committing them one by one? 
[13:03] <th> in 5 file chunks
[13:03] <th> cause of https timeouts
[13:04] <jsaw> okay, now I understand your "sorry".
[13:05] Action: dsoul use digest ;)
[13:06] <jsaw> no, use http-timeout in .svn/config
[13:06] <th> jsaw: ahh. client side?
[13:07] <jsaw> (just had a glance at the docs, but it looks like, yes)
[13:08] <jsaw> if not, do what dsoul said.
[13:13] <th> jsaw: can you give me the syntax?
[13:13] <th> jsaw: for increasing timeout?
[13:14] <jsaw> :( I closed the page already. Don't know. Check the svn documentation (the subversion book from o'reilly, google will find it)
[13:14] <daja77> http://svnbook.red-bean.com
[13:14] <jsaw> :)
[13:14] <jsaw> hi daja77 
[13:15] <daja77> hi jsaw 
[13:15] <th> okok
[13:22] <jsaw> gotta go, bbl
[13:22] <daja77> cu jsaw 
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[13:52] <De_Elsasser> taratarataraa
[13:52] <daja77> hey De_Elsasser 
[14:14] <De_Elsasser> fake ping?
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[17:23] <th> https://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/ does that url show up something for anyone at the moment?
[17:28] <mnemoc> timeout here
[17:30] <th> here too
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[18:47] <tcr> Cool! The Star Trek movies serie begins today!
[18:47] <tcr> On Kabel1, FAWAI..
[18:48] <th> fake? clifford?
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[19:02] <esden> hi ho everyone
[19:02] Action: esden finally got his powerbook ;)
[19:02] Action: esden is very happy ;)
[19:10] <th> esden: take pictures
[19:12] <esden> will do tomorrow at work
[19:12] <esden> and put them on my homepage ;)
[19:14] <fake> De_Elsasser: pong
[19:16] <esden> hi fake 
[19:16] <esden> it gets pretty hot ... uff
[19:21] <esden> wee the backlight of the keyboard is amazing cool ;)
[19:24] <th> fake: do you know what's up with https:svn?
[19:24] <th> ohh
[19:24] <th> it's back again
[19:25] <th> not really authorization is not working
[19:31] <De_Elsasser> more then 4.5hours...
[19:31] <De_Elsasser> hi fake
[19:32] <De_Elsasser> fake: do you know how saa7146 (dvb) work?
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[20:19] <rolla> re
[20:20] <nzg> wb
[20:20] <rolla> thanks
[20:20] <rolla> w/in
[20:21] <_Ragnar_> good morning
[20:23] <rolla> morning?
[20:23] <_Ragnar_> yes
[20:23] <rolla> where are you at?
[20:23] <_Ragnar_> calif.
[20:23] <rolla> ach so
[20:23] <_Ragnar_> yepp :)
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[20:58] <nzg> hm... alsa doesn't seem to recognize my soundcard...
[21:00] <nzg> thats miraculous because my sound works (although alsa fails i'm able to start arts or play audio directly...)
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[21:23] <th> svn is up again ;>
[21:45] <daja77> ^^
[21:46] <_Ragnar_> nzg: got oss already loaded?
[21:46] <fake> da
[21:46] <fake> hallowach
[21:46] <nzg> no
[21:46] <nzg> i need to load oss for alsa?
[21:47] <fake> no ;)
[21:47] <_Ragnar_> no ... but that would explain why alsa doesn't find it
[21:47] <_Ragnar_> you can have either oss or alsa, but not both
[21:47] <nzg> hm
[21:48] <fake> alsa can emulate oss
[21:48] <fake> but not the other way round
[21:48] <nzg> no, it's not an oss-module... i810_audio
[21:48] <fake> thats oss
[21:48] <fake> snd-i810 or something is alsa
[21:49] <nzg> so i rmmod i810_audio and let alsa try again?
[21:49] <fake> yes
[21:49] <nzg> k
[21:50] <daja77> is the apache2 security fix already in submaster?
[21:50] <fake> no idea
[21:51] <nzg> i810_audio             23416   1 
[21:51] <nzg> ac97_codec             12136   0  [i810_audio]
[21:51] <nzg> no ider what uses the module...
[21:51] <daja77> should not be that hard, the patch needs to be extracted from the cvs
[21:51] <fake> rmmod ac97_codec ?
[21:51] <daja77> thing is I am about to leave ...
[21:51] <fake> rmmod i810_audio
[21:52] <fake> daja77: fix it tomorrow ;)
[21:52] <th> fake!
[21:52] <nzg> neither works
[21:52] <fake> th!
[21:52] <fake> nzg: hum.
[21:52] <daja77> fake: I'll fly to ireland tomorrow
[21:52] <fake> fuser /dev/sound/dsp ?
[21:52] <fake> daja77: wwoo! pubs! beer!
[21:52] <nzg> no output
[21:52] <daja77> yeah
[21:53] <th> fake: check your other irssi windows ;-!
[21:53] Action: fake does NOT uses irssi!
[21:54] <th> perhaps you should ;)
[21:54] <nzg> i found the guilty... a panel plugin kept /dev/sound/mixer opened...
[21:56] <nzg> hm, both rmmoded..
[21:56] <nzg> and i still have /dev/sound/{audio,dsp}
[21:58] <nzg> hm...
[21:58] <nzg> i will look into this, when "hörzeit" is over...
[22:00] <nzg> http://www.dasding.de/sendungen/hoerzeit/zwoelf/index.html
[22:00] <nzg> mms://$livestream.wma
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[22:27] <jsaw> re
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[22:50] assassin (~assassin@assassin.user) joined #rocklinux.
[23:39] <assassin> Where's vi on 2.0.1?
[23:40] <assassin> or whatever clone is on there?
[23:41] <tfing> nvi
[23:41] <assassin> ah
[23:41] <assassin> thnx
[23:46] <th> there is vim in 2.0.1 too
[00:00] --- Tue Sep  7 2004