[00:44] <daja77> ok /me shutting down all computers here
[00:44] <daja77> cu next week
[00:55] <th> cya daja77 
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[04:28] <Katfyve> hello all
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[08:35] <blindcod1r> moin
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[09:51] <valentin> moin
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[10:06] <blindcoder> moin valentin 
[10:06] <[anders2]> marnin
[10:07] <blindcoder> moin [anders2] 
[10:08] Action: blindcoder currently fighting with leos cocktail bar
[10:11] <blindcoder> trying to write a converter to convert all 2500+ cocktails into my Cocktail Bar Palm-Program :D
[10:20] <blindcoder> writing parsers for bad html in bash and perl >_<
[10:21] <blindcoder> at least I'm now able to download them into easy parsable files
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[10:33] <nzg> moin
[10:34] <blindcoder> moin
[10:43] <th> moin
[10:44] <th> blindcoder: that sounds like an oreilly title to me "Writing parsers for bad HTML in Bash and Perl"
[10:44] <blindcoder> hehe
[10:45] <blindcoder> yeah, if I've finished this task I might actually write it
[10:45] <blindcoder> leo.org's HTML code is one of the worse ones I've seen including my own
[10:47] <nzg> moin blindy, th
[10:47] <nzg> blindcoder, are you working on a leo.org frontend?
[10:48] <blindcoder> nzg: no, just a converter from bar.leo.org to http://www.crash-override.net/Cocktail_Bar/index.php
[10:48] <nzg> hey cool... i didn't know of bar.leo.org
[10:49] <blindcoder> yeah, but the Mixer there sucks
[10:49] <blindcoder> also, it isn't portable as in Palm :)
[10:49] <nzg> hm
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[13:17] <De_Elsasser> halli hallo
[13:18] <blindcoder> hi
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[13:18] <De_Elsasser> hi blindcoder
[13:19] <De_Elsasser> fake ping?
[13:38] <De_Elsasser> chown: failed to get attributes of `/home/rock/trunk/src.glibc23.1094556849.11680.390621620/glibc-2.3.4-2004-05-01': No such file or directory
[13:38] <De_Elsasser> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[13:38] <De_Elsasser> what's this?
[13:39] <De_Elsasser> there is no file...
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[17:01] <rolla> re
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[17:33] <rolla> anyone there?
[17:37] <nzg> yes
[17:37] <th> ack
[17:39] <[anders2]> rst
[17:42] <rolla> how is everyone doing?
[17:42] <[anders2]> rolla: fantastic! absolutely fabulous! (and I am lying like a little swine..)
[17:43] <rolla> :)
[17:43] <rolla> [anders2]: are you sweedish?
[17:43] <rolla> wow I mispelled that one
[17:44] <[anders2]> rolla: how did you guess?
[17:44] <rolla> everyone I meet named anders is
[17:44] <[anders2]> (considering we have spoken a fair bit in the past, I am surprised you don't remember... )
[17:44] <rolla> I guess it is a very common name
[17:44] <[anders2]> fairly
[17:49] <[anders2]> *yawn*
[17:49] Action: tcr is watching TNG... :) 
[17:50] <tcr> [anders2], Do you like classical music?
[17:50] <[anders2]> tcr: depends... :)
[17:50] <[anders2]> I like a little of everything.
[17:51] <[anders2]> Wagner, Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart and even good ol' Beethowen..
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[17:51] <[anders2]> s/w/v/
[17:52] <tcr> Well, there's a pretty good radio sender for what they call "Modern Music". It's pretty much everything from real classic to contemporary music (including soundtracks).
[17:52] <tcr> mms://
[17:52] <[anders2]> aaah.. :-) I might have a listen to that. :)
[17:53] <rolla> :)
[17:53] <tcr> Unfortunately it's very often full... Tell me if you can't connect because it's occupied, I'll abort my listener then
[17:53] <rolla> tcr you are too nice
[17:54] <tcr> rolla: :P I'm watching Star trek for the next 4/3 hour ;)
[17:54] <tcr> 3/4, duh
[17:54] <esden> hi ho everyone
[17:54] <[anders2]> lo esden 
[17:55] <tcr> rolla: You should listen too, maybe you'll grok some German ;)
[17:55] <[anders2]> tcr: I tried to add the url to xmms and it decided it did not know what to do with it. :)
[17:55] <rolla> yyeah  that is on my list of things to do
[17:55] <rolla> I am working on chinesse and japanesse right now
[17:56] <esden> rolla: very usefull languages I really mus say ;)
[17:57] <rolla> yes given that I work with a bunch of chinesse guys
[17:57] <rolla> and will hopefully be going to Bejing to open the China office
[17:58] <tcr> [anders2], Yeah, you need some player with MSS support. Mplayer should have it (it doesn't work for me, though). I'm using VLC
[17:58] <tcr> esden: Are you ironic now?
[17:58] <[anders2]> tcr: I will experiment. :)
[17:59] <tcr> If you grok chinese really well, you can easily get translating jobs. 
[17:59] <tcr> For translating some research paper about medicine, you get between 1500 and 2000 euros.
[18:00] <tcr> (He's studying medicine by accident and he wished he were able to earn money by that)
[18:00] <tcr> s,He,My brother,
[18:01] <rolla> :)
[18:01] <rolla> yeah I just need to be able to work with them :)
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[18:11] Action: fake and clifford also watching TNG
[18:12] <tcr> fake: I got Dead Kennedy's... Wanna have some examplary song?
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[18:28] <mnemoc_> ehi
[18:28] <mnemoc_> what was decided about the next stable branch and the version of the trunk?
[18:29] <th> there was some decision?
[18:30] <mnemoc_> i asked first :p
[18:31] <th> i just love their activity these days :) they are fixing like hell
[18:37] <mnemoc_> :p
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[18:56] <th> fake: TS session might start
[19:00] <rolla> has anyone seen the new sony vaio s-series notebook?
[19:00] <_Ragnar_> heya
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[19:07] <esden> tcr: you guess it ;)
[19:12] <fake> whoever wants to join: teamspeak session running
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[20:55] <nzg> moin
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[20:59] <rolla> re nzg
[21:00] <nzg> hi rolla
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[21:04] <madtux> SMP / fake : kindly remove my name from any .desc file, as well from the rock linux devs gallery. thank you.
[21:05] <nzg> madtux: why that?
[21:06] <esden> humm ... madtux are you leaving rock once more? o_O
[21:07] <madtux> esden: guess i was never back.
[21:08] <madtux> and seriopusly i don't have the will for this anymore.
[21:09] <SMP> er
[21:11] <fake> madtux: what's up?
[21:12] <fake> madtux: are you angry because your first submaster patches ever weren't accepted?
[21:12] <madtux> nah fuck those patches.. i'm not even good at using svn or submaster yet
[21:12] <fake> _yet_ !
[21:13] <fake> nobody _expects_ you to do things right from the start.
[21:13] <fake> it's ok to try and fail, that' why we have submaster and people that check what gets submitted.
[21:13] <madtux> anyways i also removed (i guess) those stupid patches
[21:13] <fake> don't be frustrated.
[21:13] <madtux> ok.
[21:14] <fake> the patches were ok, despite the missing description, and despite the fact that we haven't decided about what happens to the rene repository yet
[21:14] <madtux> oh don't worry.
[21:14] <fake> we appreciate your work, please, continue sending patches...
[21:16] <madtux> ok. i'll see what i can do
[21:16] <madtux> will try to make "inteligent" patches when i have time
[21:16] <fake> thank you ;)
[21:17] Action: fake getting something to eat now
[21:18] <th> madtux: btw. my first submaster patch was missing description too. that was because of a missing newline
[21:18] <madtux> fake: enjoy
[21:18] <madtux> th: very well.
[21:18] <SMP> madtux: if you're unsure about procedures before you post a patch, send a question or draft patch to the ml (or to me - you will get a polite answer ;-)
[21:19] <madtux> SMP: ok danke.
[21:31] <th> clifford: whats up with 2004063018240325605? is there any problem with it? (well it's not a build error in first place - but it's a download error.)
[21:32] <SMP> th: I'll update koffice ASAP. already have it built on my system anyway
[21:36] <th> SMP: you could add a note then ;>
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[21:43] <esden> humm ... I have to go shopping tomorrow ... my whiskey is empty >_<\
[21:47] <rolla> ha ha 
[21:53] <madtux> rolla: 
[21:53] <th> jsaw: ping
[21:59] <th> SMP: should sysfsutils go into stable?
[22:00] <jsaw> pong, th
[22:00] <jsaw> hi all
[22:00] <SMP> th: hmm
[22:01] <th> jsaw: i sent you a mail regarding gnomesword in stable
[22:01] <th> jsaw: it's the 2.0.0 failing there
[22:01] <jsaw> oh, right, wait...
[22:01] <th> SMP: it build ok in full refbuild. interested in flist?
[22:01] <SMP> er, not really.
[22:02] <jsaw> sword: usr/lib/pkgconfig/sword.pc 
[22:02] <jsaw> (from flists, v1.5.7)
[22:03] <SMP> note: better don't talk to me right now, I'm wy too hungry ;-)
[22:04] <th> jsaw: indeed.
[22:05] <th> jsaw: hmmm
[22:06] <jsaw> th: which gnomesword version is in stable?
[22:06] <th> jsaw: http://thzn.de/rock/errs/ as you can see. it's missing that .pc. AND it's not failing in stage=9
[22:06] <th> 22:01:32 < th> jsaw: it's the 2.0.0 failing there
[22:06] <jsaw> oh ...
[22:07] <th> argl
[22:08] <jsaw> priority?
[22:08] <th> no
[22:08] <th> have a look at 5-sword.log
[22:09] <th> (search for "pkg-con"
[22:09] <th> )
[22:09] <jsaw> ohoh
[22:10] <th> and YES it is a priority problem
[22:10] <th> but it's between pkgconfig itself and sword
[22:10] <th> pkgconfig: 281 ; sword: 221.400
[22:10] <jsaw> ? (how did this happen)
[22:11] <th> i would say we need to increment swords prio
[22:12] <jsaw> hmmm, me thinks, pkgconfig should be build way sooner.
[22:12] <jsaw> sure that there not other packages, that miss pkg-config?
[22:13] <th> bibletime:959; gnomesword:961; sword:221.4
[22:13] <th> no i'm not sure
[22:13] <jsaw> what other stuff is around 221?
[22:14] <th> wait i'll get a sorted list of packages by prio
[22:15] <jsaw> no, it's ok.
[22:15] <jsaw> if glib is at 281, move sword up!
[22:15] <th> there is no other dep on sword.
[22:15] <th> i could put it quite high
[22:16] <th> i want to have that prio-sorted package list now ;)
[22:16] <jsaw> I know, only gnomesword and bibletime.
[22:18] <th> grep '\[P\]' package/*/*/*desc | sed 's,^package/\([^:]*\):\[P\] . .......... \(.*\)$,\2 \1,' | sort
[22:19] <jsaw> fgrep [P] package/jsaw/*/*.desc  | awk '{print $4 " " $1;}' | sed 's,pack.*/,,; s,[.]desc.*,,'  | sort -n
[22:19] <jsaw> but yours is way nicer...
[22:20] <jsaw> (me usually tries to run away from to many backslashes)
[22:21] <th> only needed for the braces..
[22:21] <th> bdb packages are quite different in their prio
[22:21] <th> 206.000 base/cvs/cvs.desc
[22:21] <th> 207.000 base/rcs/rcs.desc
[22:21] <th> strange
[22:22] <th> oh they don't depend
[22:22] <th> very well
[22:28] <th> jsaw: other packages with prio lower than pkgconfig's prio (e.g. 281) install *.pc files but don't seem to need pkgconfig
[22:28] <th> openssl even creates the usr/lib/pkgconfig directory
[22:29] <th> and it's in it's flist
[22:29] <jsaw> that's not much of a problem but still Not Good (TM)
[22:31] <th> sword seems to be the only package of all packages < 281 that checks for pkgconfig
[22:31] <th> i think i should change pkg-config's prio to something below 137
[22:32] <th> openssl is the first package "using" pkgconfig
[22:46] <esden> good night everyone
[22:46] <th> bye esden 
[22:46] <jsaw> cu esden 
[23:05] <netrunner> hah, dual asterisk setup working. 
[23:06] <netrunner> now if the person on the other side only would walk to his pc :)
[23:06] <netrunner> hm. now I can make phone calls using his isdn line hrhrhr
[23:10] <th> hrr got it! kdebindings is breaking 9-python
[23:11] <th> and it's not kdebinding's fault. it's package/kde/kdebindings/kdepy.patch 's fault.
[23:12] <th> no.
[23:13] <th> sorry. kdepy.patch is fixing exactly the problem
[23:13] <th> this has to go to stable...
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[23:25] <mnemoc_> vn: Unknown hostname 'www.rocklinux.net'
[23:25] <fake> o_O
[23:27] <th> mnemoc_: fix your local cache.
[23:27] <mnemoc_> my local cache of what?
[23:27] <th> of dns
[23:28] clifford_ (~clifford@pD9E4D3B7.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[23:28] <th> mnemoc_: ns.nextra.at has authority to answer that query. and it answers with "www.rocklinux.net 43200 CNAME www.clifford.at"
[23:30] <mnemoc_> th: silly question: how?
[23:31] <th> mnemoc_: i can't answer that cause i don't know your cache
[23:32] <mnemoc_> me neither 
[23:33] <th> mnemoc_: what does your /etc/resolv.conf contain?
[23:33] <mnemoc_> i changed the server on resolve.conf :p
[23:34] <mnemoc_> <--- that's the one provided by the ISP .... can _i_ force them to update?
[23:34] <th> mnemoc_: don't think so
[23:34] <th> mnemoc_: but you can be your own cache
[23:35] <mnemoc_> th, yes... i may install dnscache some of these days
[23:36] <th> mnemoc_: cr.yp.to
[23:36] <mnemoc_> i even have it as package on my rock branch :p
[23:39] <fake> damn rox-filer
[00:00] --- Wed Sep  8 2004