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[00:44] <fake> hmmm
[00:44] <_Ragnar_> hmh hmmm
[00:44] <mnemoc_> th: what will you do about 'mine-0.18'?
[00:44] <th> mnemoc_: what do you mean exactly?
[00:45] <mnemoc_> will you do the update+cliffords_patch?
[00:45] <th> mnemoc_: talking of which sm id?
[00:46] <th> mnemoc_: i'm a bit confused.
[00:46] <mnemoc_> th: /me talking about the thread of '[rock-devel] mine version in -stable'
[00:46] <mnemoc_> from 08/27/2004
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[00:47] <th> mnemoc_: well, that's already in.
[00:48] <th> mnemoc_: r3974
[00:48] <fake> kasc: here?
[00:48] <th> uhh committing in trunk starts
[00:48] <kasc> partially
[00:48] <fake> no, just package removal already acked in submaster
[00:49] <th> ah ok
[00:49] <fake> kasc: mahjong only installes documentation :(
[00:49] <mnemoc_> th: hehe.... sm sync was screaming because it was _already_ deleted here.... i missread it
[00:49] <th> mnemoc_: ok ;)
[00:49] <mnemoc_> it=.patch files of 'mine'
[00:50] <kasc> fake: thx, i'll have a look at it
[00:50] <fake> kasc: thanks
[00:53] <fake> kasc: now that i read it, your patch may alread fix it
[00:53] <fake> kasc: <- testing
[00:53] <kasc> ;)
[00:55] <fake> kasc: no, still only doc :(
[01:00] <kasc> maybe i got it now... testing a bit
[01:02] <fake> take your time. the package doesn't fail ;))
[01:07] <th> :)
[01:11] <kasc> oh, once i'm at it... the build scripts seem to always set my /dev/null to permissions 644 every time i run them...
[01:15] <fake> kasc: ack
[01:15] <fake> kasc: one time i'll debug that...
[01:24] <kasc> this patch should fix it
[01:29] <th> 2004090801102903109 lol
[01:32] <mnemoc_> uhm... is that 2> /dev/null really desired?
[01:34] <th> we'll see soon :-]
[01:37] <fake> yes
[01:37] <fake> mnemoc_: it only fails if there are no err files ;)
[01:37] <fake> which should not produce an error, that'd be frustrating
[01:37] <th> fake: i thought it would fail due to exit code
[01:37] <th> fake: not do stderr
[01:37] <th> s,do,to,
[01:37] <fake> there's no trap at that place
[01:38] <fake> and no set -e or whatever that option is called
[01:38] <th> so it's only against frustration
[01:38] <fake> jep.
[01:38] <th> ok
[01:40] <mnemoc_> [ "$( echo foo/*.err )" != "foo/*.err" ] && cp foo/*.err bar/ =)
[01:41] <mnemoc_> it's ugly, i know :(
[01:41] <fake> it's funny, because i know you can do better ;P
[01:43] <th> mnemoc_: you should set nullglob and use test -z
[01:44] <mnemoc_> oh... i have never thought that
[01:46] <fake> for i in "foo/*.err" ; do cp $i bar/ ; done
[01:46] <th> fake: you would need to set nullglob for this too
[01:47] <mnemoc_> [ -f $i ] && cp $i bar/    .-)
[01:47] <th> and i think it performs better outside for loop
[01:47] <fake> the hell, it's run ONCE after building 1308 packages
[01:48] <mnemoc_> =D
[01:48] <fake> i ph34r j0r 3v1l p3f0rm4nc3 g41n ;))
[01:48] <th> fake: don't become careless
[01:54] <th> ok - it's time
[01:55] <th> i'm off for today
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[05:11] <De_Elsasser> guten morgen
[05:55] <_Ragnar_> moin moin
[06:06] <De_Elsasser> moin _Ragnar_, what time have you?
[06:10] <_Ragnar_> 9:10pm
[06:12] <De_Elsasser> 3 hours east, grece?
[06:12] <_Ragnar_> ?
[06:12] <_Ragnar_> PM
[06:12] <De_Elsasser> israel?
[06:12] <De_Elsasser> oups
[06:13] <De_Elsasser> usa?
[06:17] <_Ragnar_> schon eher;)
[06:18] <De_Elsasser> warum sprichst du deutsch?
[06:22] <_Ragnar_> warum nicht?:) du hast uns mit 'guten morgen' begruesst ... ;)
[06:24] <De_Elsasser> ja, weil ich weiss dass viele deutsche und oetereicher ihr sind (psst, man reden nur english hier, ich bin ja auch nur ein franzose...)
[06:25] <_Ragnar_> oh okay :)
[06:25] <_Ragnar_> too bad ;)
[06:25] <De_Elsasser> bist ein deitscher auf weltreize?
[06:25] <_Ragnar_> so aehnlich ;)
[06:29] <De_Elsasser> kriegst nicht viel heimpost wen du in den usa bist...
[06:29] <_Ragnar_> hmmm nee nich wirklich
[08:18] <blindcod1r> moin
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[08:19] <_Ragnar_> moin moin
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[08:27] <blindcoder> services dead?
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[09:01] <netrunner> moin
[09:02] <BoS> moin
[09:03] <BoS> q: devfs and /dev/isdn/isndinfo - device not available? what can i do whit this message?
[09:06] <netrunner> BoS: it means you have devfs, the prog you are using is ready for that and expects isdninfo in /dev/isdn, but that special file is not there.
[09:08] <BoS> yes
[09:08] <BoS> isdnctrl addif  create this error
[09:10] <blindcoder> anyone who can help me with a bash problem?
[09:12] <netrunner> BoS: load your drivers (hisax)
[09:13] <netrunner> blindcoder: maybe?
[09:13] <blindcoder> netrunner: I have this situation:
[09:13] <blindcoder> tail +2 file 
[09:14] <BoS> netrunner: yes - whitout any function :(
[09:14] <blindcoder> | while read a b c ; do somestuff ; ... ; done
[09:14] <blindcoder> and in ... I have another read 
[09:14] <blindcoder> and this read somehow must get to the terminal, not the tail
[09:17] <netrunner> where is a tail?
[09:17] <netrunner> ah, up there
[09:17] <netrunner> BoS: maybe you need to load it with the correct parameters
[09:18] <blindcoder> HAH, got it!
[09:18] <netrunner> blindcoder: maybe you read from some other stream?
[09:18] <blindcoder> term="`ls -l /dev/fd/0 | sed 's,.*-> ,,g'`"
[09:18] <blindcoder> and then read ... <$term
[09:18] <netrunner> yeah ;)
[09:19] <BoS> i think so
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[10:04] <nzg> moin
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[12:11] <nzg> re
[12:26] <blindcoder> remout
[12:26] <blindcoder> remoin
[12:28] <th> moin
[12:34] <th> Use of $flistdel is evil!
[12:34] <th> UHARG!
[12:35] <th> why does it barf at me?
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[14:10] <nzg> re
[14:10] <th> fake: wakup!
[14:27] <fake> ack!
[14:28] <fake> you don't use flistdel in .conf files...
[14:38] <th> argl
[14:38] <th> fake: do you have cliff's xchat handy?
[14:38] <th> fake: read that damn log
[14:38] <fake> huh?
[14:39] <fake> i reinstalled my machine yesterday
[14:39] <th> ;)
[14:39] <fake> with the reference build
[14:39] <fake> which works fine, btw
[14:39] <fake> except alsa modules got created with .ko suffix for 2.4.26 kernel ;)
[14:40] <fake> ls
[14:42] <th> fake: tell me that you are just kidding and not really auto-ignoring me...
[14:42] <th> ok
[14:42] <fake> it's not me, it's this cool bitchx thing i happen to use ;)
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[15:09] <rolla> re
[15:10] <nzg> wb rolla 
[15:26] <rolla> thanks
[16:28] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:29] <madtux> hi
[16:29] <madtux> SMP: awake?
[16:34] <rolla> yawn
[16:35] <madtux> good day rolla boy
[16:35] <madtux> ping mnemoc 
[16:40] <[anders2]> lo madtux 
[16:41] <fake> hi madtux, rolla
[16:41] <[anders2]> lo fake
[16:41] <fake> hi anders!
[16:41] <madtux> greetings [anders2] and fake 
[16:41] <madtux> [anders2]: did you eat my friend [anders] ?
[16:42] <madtux> or is this just an evolutioned version?
[16:42] <madtux> :)
[16:42] <[anders2]> madtux: nah.. that's just my login from home. :)
[16:42] <madtux> ah good.
[16:42] <nzg> hi madtux
[16:42] <madtux> nazgul!
[16:49] <SMP> madtux: yeah - I just saw it
[16:50] <madtux> SMP: okis.
[16:50] <madtux> SMP: thx in advance for all the help
[16:51] <SMP> no problem, really
[16:55] <fake> SMP: did you ever see the linphone config screen ?
[16:55] <fake> config = preferences
[16:55] <SMP> yes, of course
[16:57] <fake> it always segfaults for me
[16:57] <fake> though all other gconf stuff works
[16:58] <SMP> I remember seeing crashes there, too. but they went away after an upgrade many months ago
[16:59] <fake> hm
[16:59] Action: fake will debug it
[16:59] <fake> some time...
[17:14] <th> re
[17:21] <th> fake: what evolution is in your ref-test-install?
[17:25] Action: SMP notes that trunk will probably go to evolution 2 with the upcoming Gnome 2.8
[17:26] <th> i'm just asking because the evolution in stable is just crap
[17:26] <th> it's 1.4.5
[17:26] <th> it has still this easy reproducable crash
[17:27] <th> shortcut and folder bars are at zero size per default
[17:27] <th> the shortcut bar is not functional
[17:29] <mnemoc> rehi
[17:29] <th> hi mnemoc 
[17:31] <madtux> mnemoc: !
[17:31] <mnemoc> madtux!
[17:31] <madtux> mnemoc: my iso ready?
[17:31] <madtux> :)
[17:31] <mnemoc> i'll check
[17:32] <mnemoc> do you want it tested or just the iso? .... it's from my -devel branch and it may have _some_ problems
[17:32] <mnemoc> -> $root/var/adm/logs/5-mono.out -> 5-mono.err ... wtf is mono doing in my base???
[17:34] <madtux> mnemoc: in the middle of the monkey invation?
[17:35] <madtux> :P
[17:35] <madtux> mnemoc: guess i'd like to know it will at least install and let me build my own iso
[17:35] <mnemoc> madtux: it will install and run, but you may need to fix some init scripts
[17:36] <mnemoc> but.. i'm on stage-5
[17:36] <mnemoc> i'll fix some obvious stuff because the build is finished
[17:36] <madtux> mnemoc: ok
[17:46] <fake> th: evolution was fine in the test ref
[17:46] <fake> SMP: gnucash worked after update, afaict
[17:46] <fake> it looks ugly and complicated, so it works *g*
[17:47] <madtux> :P
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[18:06] <th> fake: what version is it?
[18:09] <fake> the latest stabke
[18:09] <fake> *stabl
[18:09] <fake> argh
[18:09] <fake> damn g3 keyboard
[18:12] <th> fake: so you get a reasonable sized shortcut and folder bar?
[18:12] <fake> well
[18:13] <fake> 'reasonable sized' ?
[18:13] <fake> it's big enough to read what's in it
[18:13] <th> ok
[18:13] <fake> i guess
[18:13] <fake> maybe i resized it? no idea
[18:13] <th> i start evolution and get:
[18:13] <th>   Width: 252
[18:13] <th>   Height: 182
[18:13] <th> for the main window
[18:13] <fake> oh
[18:13] <fake> no, i think it was ok here
[18:14] <th> then i enable the two bars through the "View" menu
[18:14] <th> the folder bar is about 50 pixels in width
[18:14] <th> the shortcut bar about 3 pixels
[18:14] <fake> i'll re-check when clifford releases my other workstation
[18:14] <th> well i get a IO warning:
[18:15] <th> I/O warning : failed to load external entity "/home/th/evolution/shortcuts.xml"
[18:15] <th> perhaps it's related
[18:15] <th> nothing happens when i click on the buttons in the shortcuts bar
[18:15] <th> and it crashes when i (try to) add a group to short cut bar
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[18:34] <De_Elsasser> halli hallo
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[19:05] <De_Elsasser> Bon, quelqu'un réponds!
[19:05] <_Ragnar_> heya ;)
[19:06] <De_Elsasser> je suis le fils de Elsasser
[19:07] <De_Elsasser> Bon, quelqu'un réponds!
[19:07] <_Ragnar_> =)
[19:09] <De_Elsasser> wie soll es jetzt weiter gehn (fragt sich De_Elsasser)
[19:17] <madtux> no tengo la mas puta idea de lo que estas diciendo :)
[19:30] <De_Elsasser> hi madtux, must excuses my sun :)
[19:31] <madtux> :P
[19:32] <De_Elsasser> =-(
[19:34] <De_Elsasser> :o
[19:34] <De_Elsasser> :-p
[19:35] <De_Elsasser> :D
[19:35] <De_Elsasser> :s
[19:36] <De_Elsasser> :I
[19:36] <De_Elsasser> Harry potter?
[19:38] <De_Elsasser> Espagno
[19:38] <De_Elsasser> Espagno Madtux
[19:39] <De_Elsasser> halli hallo
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[19:55] Nick change: linuxpreview -> mnemoc
[19:55] Nick change: mnemoc -> linuxpreview
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[20:21] treo (~xfman@D9497.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[20:21] <treo> hi
[20:32] <netrunner> why does fake always submit stuff in cliffords name?
[20:32] <De_Elsasser> Salut treo
[20:33] <treo> will there be an x.org package for rock linux?
[20:34] <netrunner> treo: there was experimental. the new version will be submitted these days.
[20:37] <treo> ok that rocks :) I'm going to try rock linux out on my notebook in the next weeks
[20:40] <netrunner> treo: I am already running Xorg on ROCK using the previous (experimental) patch. 
[20:40] <netrunner> the new patch is announced for friday.
[20:41] <treo> nice :)
[20:41] <De_Elsasser> Savey vous parlez français,?
[20:43] <treo> At the moment I'm running a debian system, but a friend told me about rock and he was very satisfied with it, so I will try it too :)
[20:43] <De_Elsasser> Savey vous parlez français,?
[20:44] <De_Elsasser> :-p
[20:44] <mnemoc> se supone que en este canal se habla solamente inglés
[20:45] <De_Elsasser> Savey vous parlez français,?
[20:46] Last message repeated 2 time(s).
[20:46] <treo> wow, something is goning on, somehow I understand french and even swiss german, I think I have to go to a doctor 
[20:46] <mnemoc> me too :p
[20:48] <madtux> De_Elsasser: is there any believeble reason that can explain why you are talking french senceless stuff here?
[20:49] <De_Elsasser> oups, this is me, not my sun :]
[20:49] <madtux> what sun?
[20:49] <De_Elsasser> father, sun...
[20:49] <madtux> De_Elsasser: s/sun/son 
[20:49] <madtux> :)
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[20:53] <De_Elsasser> netrunner: Xorg is compatible with G550 from matrox to use the 2 monitors?
[20:53] netrunne1 (~andreas@pD9E8D9C8.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[20:53] <De_Elsasser> 4.3 not
[20:54] Action: netrunne1 was so shocked by the french lang here that he left and rejoined #rocklinux
[20:55] <De_Elsasser> :P
[20:59] <th> netrunne1: because they are both at fakes
[20:59] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[21:00] <th> jsaw: ping
[21:00] <De_Elsasser> hi _Ragnar_
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[21:07] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
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[21:11] <nzg> remoin
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[22:08] <netrunner> http://metrix.net/metrix/products/radios/pcmcia/NL-2511CDPlusEXT2.html
[22:23] <jsaw> re
[22:24] <jsaw> th: pong
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[22:33] <th> jsaw: there is a problem with your pygtk package
[22:34] <jsaw> yep.
[22:34] <jsaw> threading?
[22:34] <th> no
[22:34] <jsaw> what else?
[22:34] <th> $ cat /etc/profile.d/pygtk
[22:34] <th> export PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH${PYTHONPATH:+:}/opt/gnome24/lib/python./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 1: python: command not found/site-packages:/opt/gnome24/lib/python./scripts/Build-Pkg: line 1: python: command not found/site-packages/gtk-2.0
[22:34] <th> jsaw: you should check whether python exists.
[22:35] <th> jsaw: before using python to get it's version
[22:35] <jsaw> ???
[22:35] <th> jsaw: in fact i'd prefer PYVER='*'
[22:35] <th> jsaw: have a look at the *conf
[22:35] <th>     PYVER="`python -V 2>&1 | sed 's/Python \([0-9]\.[0-9]\).*/\1/'`"
[22:35] <jsaw> rxr changed this long time ago ???
[22:35] <th> i don't know about that history
[22:35] <th> i'm just asking you because you are [M]
[22:36] <th> jsaw: i think PYVER='*' should do very fine.
[22:36] <th> jsaw: it would result in PYTHONPATH=...lib/python*/...
[22:36] <th> jsaw: which should be fine as we have it in /opt/*/bin
[22:36] <jsaw> no way. 
[22:36] <th> (for PATH)
[22:36] <jsaw> pygtk is definitely not to be build before python is in place
[22:37] <th> it shoudl at least fail graceful when there is no python
[22:37] <th> but i think the current way to get the PYVER is not needed
[22:37] <th> it's just ugly
[22:38] <th> cause a '*' would do fine
[22:38] <jsaw> if python handles the *, ok.
[22:38] <th> its not python
[22:38] <th> it's your shell handling this
[22:38] <jsaw> nope
[22:38] <jsaw> PYTHONPATH is expanded by python
[22:38] <jsaw> full stop
[22:39] <jsaw> (it tells python where to look for libs)
[22:39] <th> i know this
[22:40] <th> do the following:
[22:40] <th> bash
[22:40] <th> echo 'export FOOBAR=/usr/lib/python*' > foobar
[22:40] <th> . ./foobar
[22:40] <th> echo $FOOBAR
[22:40] <th> python has just no chance to expand that
[22:40] <th> cause the shell already does so
[22:41] <jsaw>  export PYTHONPATH="/usr/gnome24/lib/python*"
[22:41] <jsaw> echo $PYTHONPATH
[22:41] <jsaw> /usr/gnome24/lib/python*
[22:41] <jsaw> ???
[22:41] <jsaw> oh
[22:41] <jsaw> wait
[22:42] <jsaw> export PYTHONPATH="/opt/gnome24/lib/python*"
[22:42] <jsaw>  echo "$PYTHONPATH"
[22:42] <jsaw> /opt/gnome24/lib/python*
[22:42] <jsaw> echo $PYTHONPATH
[22:42] <jsaw> /opt/gnome24/lib/python2.3
[22:42] <jsaw> -> python gets the star, its only "echo" that expands it
[22:43] <th> jsaw: perhaps we should do it the same way as it's done in /etc/profile for the /opt/*/bin
[22:43] <jsaw> yep. rxr did it, but it's somehow gone...??? me wonders ???
[22:44] <th> hmm
[22:44] <jsaw> maybe lost in sm
[22:44] <th> perhaps you could use echo to expand it...
[22:45] <th> somehow
[22:45] <th> but the current way with using python to get it's version is ugly
[22:45] <th> just IMHO
[22:45] <jsaw> actually me thinks, python modules should stay in default python path and not be distributed around the world
[22:45] <jsaw> but...
[22:45] <th> jsaw: full ack
[22:46] <jsaw> well, then you have to extract python version from the desc file.
[22:46] <th> you can let a shell expand /usr/lib/python* to get the right path
[22:47] <th> even if it does not work with simply exporting this way
[22:47] <th> a for loop could do
[22:47] <th> a echo could do
[22:47] <jsaw> nope, dangerous just in case there's some old python2.2 or so around
[22:48] <th> hmmm
[22:48] <th> yes that's right
[22:49] <jsaw> what's about (like mozilla) if python simply creates the lib/python2.3 -> lib/python link?
[22:49] ringo (ringo78@xs1.xs4all.nl) joined #rocklinux.
[22:50] <th> oh no
[22:50] <th> please dont
[22:50] <jsaw> yeah right...
[22:50] <jsaw> doesn't solve the problem
[22:54] <th> jsaw: reading from python.desc seems to be the best solution to me
[23:16] <jsaw> ok.
[23:17] <jsaw> have to take off again, cu l8r
[23:18] <th> cya
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[00:00] --- Thu Sep  9 2004