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[01:10] <th> anyone familiar with alsa's dmix plugin?
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[06:01] <fake> th: ping
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[08:40] <blindcoder> moin
[08:41] <BoS> moin 
[09:06] <Togg> moin all
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[10:25] <nzg> moin
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[11:54] <nzg> re
[11:54] <BoS> wb
[11:54] <nzg> thx
[12:12] <th> fake: pong
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[15:03] <th> LocalHero: hey, hi!
[15:04] <th> LocalHero: got my email?
[15:05] <LocalHero> Hi, sorry phone was ringing :)
[15:06] <LocalHero> brb
[15:07] <LocalHero> th Ahh, ok.. Sorry for that :).. I hate it when the phone is ringing at the wrong time
[15:08] <LocalHero> th: So you are the new maintainer. Just wantet to verify it ;)
[15:08] <th> LocalHero: ack
[15:08] <th> LocalHero: it's in the developer gallery too ;>
[15:09] <LocalHero> th: ahh, oki, havent looked there ;).
[15:10] <th> (it was me changing it in the devgal ;-> )
[15:11] <LocalHero> th: Oki, so you are planing on updating the iso site.. I have done some hacking on it from time to time and i must say that Im glad that somebody shows some interest in it :).. There is a lot to do
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[16:18] <rolla> re
[16:20] <fake> moin
[16:20] <th> hi fake
[16:20] <fake> *YAAAAAAAaaawns*
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[16:51] <madtux> good dat.
[16:51] <madtux> SMP: thanks for the mail :)
[16:53] <SMP> no prob
[17:01] Action: fake needs more power cables
[17:01] <madtux> fake: come by my place and i'll give you some if u like
[17:04] <fake> madtux: i am slowly questioning the fuse will stand much more
[17:04] <fake> it's only 16A ;)
[17:06] <madtux> :P
[17:09] <mnemoc_> moin
[17:10] <fake> moin mnemoc_
[17:14] <mnemoc_> fake: do u think it would be too hard to add build-time language-selection to the installer, and stone after that? (en,de and es to start)
[17:14] <mnemoc_> you know such code much better than i
[17:18] <fake> build-time to the installer?
[17:20] <fake> me not understand
[17:25] <mnemoc_> http://newsvac.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=04/09/08/1825236 <--- is this a joke?
[17:26] <mnemoc_> fake: i thought, for bootdisk, is cheaper to set language as ROCKCFG_ to keep linuxrc light
[17:26] <mnemoc_> but, what do you suggest?
[17:29] <fake> do you mean locale?
[17:30] <fake> that would be cool
[17:30] <fake> you mean a bootdisk config option to set the default locale
[17:33] <fake> i18n for our minimalistic linuxrc... hehehe
[17:36] <fake> mnemoc_: you are chilean, right?
[17:38] <mnemoc_> yep
[17:38] <mnemoc_> i mean locale for stone, i guess that's too much for linuxrc
[17:39] <mnemoc_> do you think i18n can be used in linuxrc?
[17:39] <fake> hm...
[17:39] <fake> it doesn't have to be runtime selectable...
[17:39] <fake> *if it...
[17:52] <mnemoc_> ...
[17:52] <fake> but as we're dumping the user in a shell, setting the defualt locale is a start
[17:56] <mnemoc_> an easy start :)
[17:59] <mnemoc_> OT: fake: do you know any good articule about OSS in local goverments there? or stuff similar
[18:01] <fake> mnemoc_: no...
[18:01] <fake> mnemoc_: IANAL ;)
[18:02] Action: fake off now
[18:02] <th> fake: cya
[18:02] <fake> cu later
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[18:32] <LocalHero> th: Back, sorry for that. I was fibbling with xorg and had to recompile the old version
[18:32] <madtux> LocalHero: !
[18:33] <LocalHero> madtux: ?
[18:33] <th> LocalHero: re
[18:33] <madtux> as in hello
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[18:34] <LocalHero> madtux: ahh, oki :).. 
[18:49] <_Ragnar_> good morning
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[19:31] <mnemoc> LocalHero: mike=maxtux=--maddog
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[19:40] <LocalHero> mnemoc: ahh, oki
[19:40] <LocalHero> madtux: Hi mike ;)
[19:46] <LocalHero> bye all
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[20:08] <_Ragnar_> hat denn schon jemand xorg .8 kompiliert?
[20:08] <_Ragnar_> oops
[20:08] <_Ragnar_> has anyone already compiled xorg .8 ?
[20:25] <th> wrong question
[20:26] <_Ragnar_> ?
[20:27] <th> the answer is "yes"
[20:27] <_Ragnar_> didn't work?
[20:28] <th> don't know
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[21:36] <_Ragnar_> btw wasn't it possible to use xorg instead of xfree86 a while ago in trunk?
[21:36] <_Ragnar_> why was that never applied?
[21:46] <th> if it was in trunk it was committed.
[21:47] <SMP> _Ragnar_: it had to be reworked and got outdated
[21:49] <_Ragnar_> I thought xfree wasn't workable any more because of their license change?
[22:19] <netrunne1> _Ragnar_: the xfree issue mainly affects distributors. as we are no distributors, we can keep updating it (while providing an alternative)
[22:19] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[22:20] <_Ragnar_> ah
[22:26] <SMP> it really only affects distributors who get pissed easily
[22:31] <netrunner> :)
[22:32] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[22:32] <netrunner> it was not the root, just the occasion imho.
[22:37] <netrunner> http://www.unf-unf.de/wash.jpg
[22:38] <th> hrrhrr
[00:00] --- Fri Sep 10 2004