[00:53] <fake> hallo
[00:53] <th> hmm
[00:53] <fake> grrztk
[00:55] <nzg> ?
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[08:19] <blindcoder> moin
[08:20] <dsoul> hi blindcoder 
[08:22] <blindcoder> brb
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[09:11] <BoS> hi all
[09:11] <BoS> q:system boot: grub error 18 - what can i do whit this error messages?
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[09:50] <De_Elsasser> hallo halla
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[10:03] Action: netrunner found bavarian voice for festival
[10:14] <blindcoder> nice :)
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[10:44] <nzg> moin
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[10:55] <BoS> moin
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[14:36] <freed> hi all
[14:38] <freed> can anyone help? xt-commerce is a oscommerce clone. oscommerce is gpl-software. now in version 3.0 of xt-commerce , i must pay 98 for support and without support no software. is this legal?
[14:57] <netrunner> freed: why not?
[14:57] <freed> because gpl?
[14:58] <freed> is das echt legal dieses vorgehen?
[14:59] <netrunner> freed: 1. keep LANG=en. 2. if they clone it, they didn't modify the gpl code but programmed it themselves. so they can put it under a license of their taste.
[15:00] <freed> mmh
[15:11] <th> only 13 packages to go in stage=5 in current refbuild of 2.0-stable :0]
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[15:25] <th> junix_: i think one client should be enough per channel, don't you think so?
[15:25] <junix_> ping timeout
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[15:27] freed kicked from #rocklinux by th: th
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[15:29] <[anders2]> th: you gonna kick me off here as well?
[15:29] <[anders2]> :-)
[15:29] <th> hmm?
[15:29] <th> you guys should register your nicks and use services to get rid of your "duplicates" yourself
[15:29] <[anders2]> they are not dupes, they are on purpose.
[15:30] <[anders2]> this is me logged in from site, the other is me logged in from home
[15:30] <th> [anders2]: ahh. so this was no kick request.
[15:30] <[anders2]> nope
[15:30] <th> ok
[15:31] <th> [anders2]: so my answer is "no"
[15:31] <th> ;>
[15:31] <[anders2]> just wondering as you said about one client per # was enough. :)
[15:31] <th> [anders2]: client as in "client from same IP"
[15:32] <[anders2]> :-)
[15:32] <[anders2]> th: you'd be in trouble if more people logged in from Hursley then. ;-)
[15:32] <th> :>
[15:32] <[anders2]> as there is a PIX in the way, there is potentially 3,000 people that would look like they came from the same IP. ;-)
[15:32] <th> i wouldn't be in trouble.
[15:33] <[anders2]> nah, only joking mate. :)
[15:33] <th> but this was just a dip-dialin
[15:33] <th> ;>
[15:33] <[anders2]> heh
[15:33] <th> ok i'll bbl
[15:33] <[anders2]> oki..
[15:33] <[anders2]> I'll drop off this connection now. getting ready to go home. :)
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[17:22] <th> re
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[18:12] <rolla> re
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[19:16] <netrunner> hum? mutt keeps the whole mailbox in memory?
[19:17] <netrunner> no. it ate even more than the size of that mbox
[19:17] <_Ragnar_> just the index afaik
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[19:24] <netrunner> well, it had occupied 15MB of memory
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[19:53] <nzg> remoin
[19:54] <mnemoc_> hi nzg 
[19:55] <nzg> hi mnemoc
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[20:19] <th> netrunner: talking of what backend?
[20:35] <netrunner> th: which backend?
[20:35] <th> netrunner: IMAP, Maildir, unix-mbox
[20:35] <th> netrunner: your mutt
[20:35] <th> with 15MB in ram
[20:36] <netrunner> unix mbox
[20:36] <th> i see
[20:36] <th> bad choice
[20:36] <th> i would understand if mutt prefers to read it all in memory
[20:37] <th> you can't easily touch only a single mail within mbox
[20:37] <netrunner> th: now that I restarted it it only has 2MB which i consider ok.
[20:37] <th> netrunner: how many mails are that?
[20:38] <netrunner> 381/13MB
[20:38] <th> would be interesting how much mem it takes to do the same with Maildir as backend
[20:38] <netrunner> now cleaning up a bit :)
[20:38] <th> can you do the follow:
[20:38] <th> mkdir -p testmaildir/{cur,new,tmp}
[20:39] <th> and copy all mails into that by tagging all (use pattern) and saving into testmaildir/
[20:44] <netrunner> th: you mean just mbox or all other files in mail/ ?
[20:45] <th> just what you need to do the same that ate up 15 / 2MB of ram
[20:45] <netrunner> ah, I see what you want.
[20:46] <th> cool ;]
[20:48] <netrunner> hm, no. still has a normal size. maybe it was a long-running effect. could be running for a week now.
[20:48] <th> so it takes how much now?
[20:48] <th> 2MB
[20:48] <th> ?
[20:48] <netrunner> hm. and maybe I should upgrade 1.4.1i -> 1.4.2i
[20:48] <netrunner> yes
[20:48] <th> ok
[21:37] <fake> SMP: ping
[21:37] <fake> http://www.zen13655.zen.co.uk/mythphone.html
[21:37] <th> hi fake
[21:38] <fake> moin
[21:38] <th> fake: http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/official/pre-release/20040902-build_bootstrap/
[21:39] <th> fake: (without changing web scripts)
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[21:43] <fake> th: kewl
[21:43] <th> fake: i think there is no need for a <iso_files> section.
[21:43] <th> fake: the web script has to look in that dir. if there is a pkgs/ dir it has to offer it (via http and ftp)
[21:43] <th> fake: and if there is a isos/ dir - it hast to offer all iso's inside
[21:44] <fake> th: there should be only one iso for one set of gems
[21:44] <fake> th: or, one set of iso images
[21:44] <th> i don't think so!
[21:45] <th> there should be at least a minimal iso which has just enough stuff on it to boot
[21:45] <th> (for doing a net install)
[21:45] <fake> a bootdisk
[21:45] <th> a bootiso
[21:45] <th> floppy disks suck
[21:46] <fake> yeah
[21:46] <fake> but we can offer them nontheless
[21:46] <th> sure
[21:46] <th> but i think we should offer a very small boot iso too
[21:46] <th> and thus we might have more than one set of iso's
[21:46] <fake> that's just a bootdisk target burned on CD
[21:47] <th> yes it is
[21:51] <th> hmm svn is really down again :-(
[21:53] <th> at least the http(s)
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[21:58] <th> svn:// is working. very slowly - but working.
[21:58] Action: fake currently sm creating on the indigo2 ;)
[21:58] <th> did they all boot?
[21:59] <th> fake: i just want a clean checkout for starting another build :-/
[21:59] <fake> th: i checked 2 of em as of yet
[22:00] <fake> be patient ;)
[22:00] <th> no! ;>
[22:00] <fake> th: you could use svm to create a local mirror of the master repos.
[22:00] <th> fake: and i could use rsync to copy the source to the other machine
[22:01] <th> /me is a bit jumpy cause of the refbuild
[22:01] <th> it's still doing fine
[22:02] <fake> state?
[22:02] <th> 2186 builds total, 1294 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[22:02] <th> == 22:02:37 =[9]=> Building base/rfc [0000 2.0.3].
[22:02] <fake> woo!
[22:02] <th> yea
[22:02] <th> without a break.
[22:02] <fake> mine payed the gcc34 useage back:
[22:03] <th> nothin to be fixed in between
[22:03] <th> still running in _one_ fo
[22:03] <th> s,fo,go,
[22:03] <fake> 1309 builds total, 1249 completed fine, 60 with errors.
[22:03] <th> uhhh
[22:03] <fake> well, that was expected
[22:03] <fake> to be honest, i din't expect so much to build... gcc 3.4.2
[22:04] <fake> i'll start fixing it ;)
[22:05] <th> i want to have the subversion package cleanup before 2.0.3
[22:05] <th> (hope cliff is working on it soon)
[22:07] <th> fake: i've commited sorta 2.0.3 roadmap in wiki (personal-todo)
[22:07] <th> fake: comments on that
[22:07] <th> ?
[22:07] <fake> cool, lkemme read...
[22:08] <th> perhaps i should add gimp update
[22:09] <fake> th: not sure that will work, but you can try
[22:10] <th> 2.0pre3 sounds too ugly to me
[22:10] <th> there are only a few deps
[22:10] <th> ghostscript, gimp-print42, gstreamer, gtkextra, libglade, medusa10, smpeg
[22:10] <th> well there might be indirect ones
[22:11] <th> i want to test that in the "to be started" build for which i'm waiting for svn checkout
[22:14] <fake> beeeeeeeee patient.
[22:14] <th> *jumpy* *jumpy*
[22:22] <fake> clifford called me today, he forgot his cellphone power adaptor
[22:22] <fake> i *knew* it
[22:39] <th> fake: do you know _why_ svn is so slow?
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[22:50] <fake> th: no idea
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[23:04] <fake> th: btw: the indigo2 all DO habe a TP port...
[23:04] <th> sure?
[23:04] <fake> th: you really confused me yesterday
[23:04] <th> strange
[23:05] <fake> th: i'm using it already ;)
[23:05] <th> well ok
[23:05] <th> i'll have a look at the pics
[23:05] <fake> they're white and shiney
[23:06] <th> ahh
[23:06] <th> thought that was some kind of console
[23:06] <th> cause it's not shielded
[23:06] <th> ok anyways
[23:07] <th> i'm off for tonight
[23:07] <th> cya later
[23:07] <fake> have fun!
[23:16] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[23:17] <fake> hi madtux !
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[23:25] <madtux> hello fake.
[23:25] <madtux> moin all
[23:27] <nzg> moin madtux
[23:33] <madtux> nazgul :)
[23:39] <_Ragnar_> heya
[23:54] <mnemoc_> moin
[00:00] --- Sat Sep 11 2004