[00:07] <madtux> mny!
[00:08] <netrunne1> hi maddy
[00:08] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[00:08] <madtux> netty!
[00:08] <fake> hi netrunner!
[00:08] <netrunner> hi fake :)
[00:09] Action: netrunner watched this movie with the 'neo
[00:09] <netrunner> ' actor where he has 320GB in his head
[00:10] <netrunner> that would render the usbstick industry bankrupt ;)
[00:10] <fake> johnny mnemoc = keanu reaves
[00:10] <fake> netrunner: will you rediff the isdn4k-utils patch? or shall i.... ?
[00:11] <netrunner> oh, I already did. obviously forgot to send ;)
[00:11] Action: nzg saw this film too.
[00:11] <mnemoc_> uhm?
[00:11] Nick change: mnemoc_ -> mnemoc
[00:12] <netrunner> fake: sent.
[00:12] <nzg> i want this little pirce of hardware + something to acces the data within the limitations of an unpatched brain
[00:14] <netrunner> telepathy would come in handy here ;)
[00:14] <netrunner> damn, shouldn't have checked my account. :(
[00:15] <nzg> yes... but if you want to use it for the transfer of important data you need to implement some sort of error detection 
[00:16] <nzg> and something like "IP over Telepathy" would be useful too... just think of the possibilities ;-)
[00:17] <fake> netrunner: thanks!
[00:18] <fake> nzg: mesh routing!
[00:19] <netrunner> nzg: telepathy is more powerful than ip.
[00:19] <nzg> netrunner: but what if you want to broadcast just to the 10 persons around you but not the entire city?
[00:20] <netrunner> fake: I had ipw2100 v0.51 on my laptop, another thing I forgot to send ;)
[00:20] <fake> netrunner: oh... ;)
[00:20] <nzg> fake: and what a gigantic cluster....
[00:20] <netrunner> nzg: if you are able to use telepathy, you can also focus on the receipients :)
[00:21] <netrunner> fake: but it is only usable with my update to rockplug. I should reply to my patch to bump it once again ...
[00:21] <nzg> what if for example two persons want to send you something at a time?
[00:21] <nzg> may get quite messy... 
[00:22] Action: netrunner fears that sex could in this future be something like in this movie with syl. stallone where they use telepatic headsets
[00:22] <nzg> or what if for example an entire class sends something to the teacher.... 
[00:22] <netrunner> DoS :)
[00:23] <nzg> yep
[00:23] <netrunner> cheating would be much simpler ;)
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[00:23] <nzg> yes, you could yust replay the transmission of your class-primus for example
[00:24] <nzg> and what if you receive a transmission dedicated to s.o. else...
[00:25] <fake> sounds like borg
[00:25] <nzg> but that depends on the nature of telepathic transimssion.
[00:27] <nzg> fake: the earth-simulator would be a pocket-calculator compared to a cluster consisting of 6G humans
[00:28] <fake> a *very* expensive pocket calculator *g*
[00:28] <nzg> indeed, yes
[00:32] <netrunner> human clustering isn't that inexpensive ... remember you have to catch them and to feed them ...
[00:33] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[00:33] <fake> don't forget to create a 2-staged UML around them
[00:33] <netrunner> there once was a german geek who tried to collect many people in large camps, but was interrupted by the us, who wanted to be first. now they still have boot-camps but no running system.
[00:33] <nzg> *rofl*
[00:34] <netrunner> fake: which remembers me that I wanted to take a look at the uml patch ...
[00:35] <nzg> netrunner: this one is definitly added to the list of my fovourite quotes ;-)
[00:44] <netrunner> arch/um/kernel/ksyms.c:90: redefinition of `__kstrtab_os_ioctl_generic'
[00:44] <netrunner> grmbl
[00:49] <fake> netrunner: regarding nx-stuff: can we update to 1.4 ?
[00:51] <fake> it's just snaphosts, but maybe thet compile with gcc34
[00:56] <netrunner> fake: you can try if you want :)
[00:56] <netrunner> hm, the nx-X11 package needs some work too.
[01:00] <fake> i'll fix other stuff first, nothing depends on the nx packages
[01:01] <netrunner> I just noticed that nx-X11 is enabled. this is not the bbest idea. it does not harm much, but it does also not work ;)
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[01:08] <nzg> ?
[01:09] <netrunner> !
[01:09] <nzg> nx means not executabel, i suppose
[01:10] <nzg> but isn't that supposed to be kernel work?
[01:10] <netrunner> no, nx is short for the nomachine x compression technology
[01:10] <netrunner> www.nomachine.com iirc
[01:10] <nzg> ah, k
[01:12] <nzg> well then...
[01:12] <nzg> i have to get up early .... so gn8 
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[01:25] <netrunner> uml patch committed. going to bed now. n8
[01:25] <fake> n8 netrunner !
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[03:31] <fake_> damn
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[03:32] <fake> damn damn damn
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[03:59] <batok> hi
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[05:45] <fake> tadaa.
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[06:23] <fake> re hi rockbot ;)
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[08:40] <nzg> moin
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[09:32] <fake> remoin
[09:35] <nzg> wbmoin fake
[09:38] Action: fake struggling with vnc 4.0 / xfree
[09:41] <fake> i guess i'll kick that for now
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[11:23] Action: fake sleep
[11:24] <th> moin
[11:41] <netrunner> moin
[11:41] <netrunner> what is the point of this rockbot?
[11:42] <th> logging
[11:42] <netrunner> ah. is there a repo for him? I'd love to see social graphing again ;)
[11:43] <th> who was doing the social graphing?
[11:43] <netrunner> me. I had this one bot ... forgot the name. was some java thingie. quite funny.
[11:44] <th> you can get logs via http
[11:47] <th> is that enough?
[11:49] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/irclog/
[11:53] <netrunner> hm, there are some logs missing, maybe I can supply them.
[11:53] <th> yea
[11:53] <netrunner> th: where shall I put them?
[11:53] <th> make them available by http/ftp in the same format and drop cliff a line
[11:53] <netrunner> ok
[11:54] <th> perhaps you should check 2004-08-{07,23} too
[11:54] <th> they might be incopmplete
[11:55] <netrunner> jup. there is already mixed format... some have hh:mm  and some have [hh:mm]
[11:55] <th> hmm
[12:05] De_Elsasser (~eric@ANancy-110-1-20-254.w81-248.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[12:06] <De_Elsasser> moin rock
[12:41] owl (~owl@D703c.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[12:41] <owl> hi
[12:41] <owl> someone has a clue, why there are some "multimediakeys" of the "microsoft wireless multimedia keyboard" don't work with anymore (with 2.4.27 they work all) - and why the keycode has changed (compared to 2.4.xx)?
[12:42] <th> owl: usb?
[12:48] <owl> th: nope, ps/2
[12:49] <th> owl: oh. that's because 2.6 apstracts the psaux port and only sees a HID device
[12:50] <th> ps2 is no longer a serial port. but a connector for HID devices only
[12:50] <th> there might be some changes for that reaaason
[12:50] <th> i'd quite some trouble with my mouses through kvm
[12:51] <th> but know i'm only using usb
[12:52] <owl> :( that's bad. do you know, if someone will change it to working code again somewhen?
[12:53] <th> don't know. but you can get your psaux port back
[12:53] <th> http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~danlee/fun/psaux/
[12:53] <th> http://www.ee.oulu.fi/~tuukkat/tmp/linux-2.6.5-userdev.20040507.patch
[12:54] <owl> well, thx. 
[12:55] <owl> it is nerving a "little bit" just to have some keys available (especially if you're configuring the keyboard for someone who wasn't using linux till now... )
[13:08] <owl> bye
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[14:31] treo (~xfman@D93e0.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[14:31] <treo> hi
[16:03] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:03] <madtux> hello
[16:04] <treo> if I want to install rock linux from binaries, do I need all the 3 Disks or is it enough to download just one and get the rest while installing directly from internet?
[16:04] <madtux> you will need the 3 of them 
[16:07] <th> no
[16:07] <th> treo: i just released a pre-release of 2.0.3
[16:08] <th> treo: that are only packages
[16:08] <th> treo: all packages together are about ~200MB
[16:08] <th> treo: it's just enough to build the rest on your own
[16:09] <th> treo: packages for a desktop build will follow in some weeks
[16:09] <treo> ok, than I'll download all the 3 disks :)
[16:10] <th> hmm why that?
[16:10] <th> don't want to build yourself?
[16:10] <madtux> th: mm
[16:14] <treo> yes, it will be an install on a notebook, it would take several days to build it all myself
[16:16] <th> treo: hmm. well then you need to either use the quite old 2.0.1 images... or wait some time for the 2.0.3
[16:17] <treo> i'll update than ^^
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[17:23] MtrxRldr (~admin@pD9F7B22F.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:23] <MtrxRldr> alexje?
[17:23] nzg (~foerster@pD9E3F9F6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:23] <nzg> moin
[17:23] <MtrxRldr> hi
[17:25] <MtrxRldr> ist gerade ein Tobi online?
[17:26] <treo> o.O ne ich bin kein tobi x)
[17:29] <MtrxRldr> naja dann mal cu
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[18:31] treo (~xfman@D93e0.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[18:32] <treo> ok, treo goes rock :) I'm making freespace on the notebook
[18:50] assassin (~assassin@assassin.user) joined #rocklinux.
[19:01] <treo> I have the feeling that I am installing too much ^^
[19:03] <th> treo: for sure
[19:03] <treo> the next thing I have to do is than to delete everything I don't need ;)
[19:04] <treo> or ... no I restart the installation, it will be faster :)
[19:08] <treo> what is in the miscfiles package?
[19:09] <th> only files for /usr/share
[19:09] <th> [T] This is the GNU miscfiles distribution. It includes files not of crucial
[19:09] <th> [T] importance for system administration or operation, but which have come to
[19:09] <th> [T] be common on various systems over the years.
[19:09] <th> [SIZE] 9.09 MB, 38 files
[19:16] <treo> ok, just made a slighty smaller install, without xfree, i'll install x11r6.8 instead
[19:16] <treo> but i have to say the installer is very nice :)
[19:17] <th> treo: so you should have taken the 2.0.3 pre-release i told you about
[19:19] <fake> ah
[19:19] <fake> svn back to normal
[19:19] <th> yea since some hours
[19:19] <th> cliff fixed t
[19:19] <th> it
[19:19] <fake> th: you were right, it was really slow.
[19:20] <treo> th: when I asked I already had cd 1 and 2 of it
[19:20] <th> treo: so you asked to late
[19:20] <treo> yes ^^
[19:27] <treo> ok, going down for first boot
[19:32] <treo> oops, i'm just to damn stupid, forgot to create a working menu.lst :)
[19:41] Phantasus (~core@chello062178085149.1.12.vie.surfer.at) joined #rocklinux.
[19:48] <treo> rocklinux doesn't have anything like apt-get (to update directly from internet), does it?
[19:49] <th> not for binaries
[19:49] <th> only for the meta information for building from source
[19:49] <treo> ok
[19:51] <treo> annother problem: I'm using the devfsd, and I can't access the cd drive, any suggestions what to do?
[19:51] <th> what do you try and whats the error message?
[19:52] <fake> yeehaw
[19:52] <fake> th: my initial error count was > 60, now i'm at 37
[19:52] <treo> I just try to mount the cd drive, but there is no such device
[19:52] <fake> mount /dev/cdroms/cdrom0 /mnt/cdrom ?
[19:52] <th> fake: keep it going ;)
[19:53] <th> treo: so you should find out where there is no such device
[19:53] <th> s,where,why,
[19:53] <treo> yes
[19:54] <treo> but I don't have any experiance with devfsd
[19:55] <th> treo: that's no devfsd question.
[19:55] <th> treo: if there is nothing in /dev/cdroms
[19:55] <th> treo: your kernel did not find the device.
[19:55] <treo> no, there isn't even a /dev/cdroms
[19:55] <th> treo: inspect your bootup (dmesg)
[19:55] <treo> i just wanted to do that ^^
[19:55] <th> treo: THATs strange
[19:56] <th> treo: even without a cdrom device... there SHOULD be a /dev/cdroms/
[19:56] <treo> it is a strange notebook ^^
[19:56] <treo> ok, the kernel does find the cd drive
[20:01] <treo> but still there is no device
[20:01] <th> is your devfsd running?
[20:01] <th> is /dev mounted?
[20:01] <treo> yes
[20:01] <th> is /dev populated well?
[20:01] <treo> both
[20:01] <th> so do you have /dev/discs?
[20:01] <treo> yrs
[20:01] <treo> yes
[20:02] <th> how do you know you kernel found it as a cd drive?
[20:02] <th> can you paste some log?
[20:03] <treo> what extactly should I paste
[20:03] <th> the lines that made you think the kernel finds the cdrom
[20:04] <treo> it is found as hdc, 
[20:05] <th> treo: what does a "find /dev/ide -type b" tell you?
[20:06] <treo> it does find the partitions of my harddrive
[20:06] <th> nothing else?
[20:06] <th> what does it tell you in /dev/scsi?
[20:06] <treo> nothing else
[20:06] <treo> empty
[20:06] <th> treo: sure that you have cdrom support in your kernel?
[20:07] <treo> It is the 2.6.4-rock kernel
[20:07] <th> should have it.
[20:07] madtux (~mike@ left irc: "leaving"
[20:07] <th> perhaps you need some special kernel setting for that drive
[20:07] <treo> maybe I should try the prerelease of 2.0.3 :)
[20:07] <th> oh no
[20:07] <treo> ^^
[20:07] <th> perhaps you should build your custom kernel
[20:08] <treo> I could do that
[20:08] <treo> but maybe I just should try a workstation install, and not the server install ^^
[20:09] <fake> uuuh
[20:09] <fake> this option has to DIE
[20:09] <fake> DIE DIE DIE
[20:09] <treo> :)
[20:10] <treo> which one? server or workstation?
[20:11] <fake> any selection at that point
[20:11] <th> fake: what does it do?
[20:11] <fake> th: it dis/enables packages in the installer
[20:12] <th> uhhh
[20:12] <th> DIE DIE DIE
[20:12] <th> ;>
[20:12] <fake> th: without knowing which target is going to be installed
[20:12] <fake> *really* ugly
[20:12] <treo> I'll go and have some beers with some friends and if I'm not to drunk when I return I'll try it again ^^
[20:12] <fake> treo: have fun ;)
[20:12] <th> some beer could help you
[20:12] <th> ;-p
[20:12] <treo> yeah, I think so
[20:13] <treo> it's getting late here ^^
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[20:26] treo (~xfman@D93e0.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[20:43] <netrunner> th: oups, I just fought to create an obex-apps package. sad that I read your submit afterwards ;)
[20:47] <th> uh ;>
[20:47] <th> sorry for that
[20:47] <th> netrunner: perhaps you can package the obexserver app?
[20:48] <th> netrunner: or even add it to that package
[20:48] <th> netrunner: that would be great
[20:50] <th> netrunner: you know what obexserver app i'm talking of and where to find it?
[20:50] <th> netrunner: i just compiled it by hand 10 minutes ago
[20:50] <th> netrunner: just to test receiving a file via bluetooth from my cell
[20:51] Action: fake would love to have kdebluetooth
[20:55] netrunne1 (~andreas@pD9E8C612.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[20:55] <th> netrunne1: was this a disconnect?
[20:59] assassin (~assassin@assassin.user) left irc: "Lost terminal"
[21:00] Action: fake off to LAN party... :(
[21:01] <fake> but the location is openvpn-connected to my home, so i can just start a bot to play for me and fix things instead ;)
[21:01] <th> ;>
[21:01] <fake> cu later
[21:01] <fake> *winke*
[21:01] <th> cya
[21:01] <fake> btw: th: first indigo starting build
[21:01] <th> cool
[21:01] <fake> i'm gonna bootstrap an optimized build on one of em
[21:01] <th> i thought they ALL start as they are to be in a cluster? ;-)
[21:02] <fake> ... as a basis for a cluster.
[21:02] <fake> i have no current MIPS build handy, and debian optimized for ABI Level 1 (which is ugly)
[21:03] <fake> so now i'm off, bye
[21:04] <th> netrunne1: ?
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[21:25] <th> netrunne1: are you back?
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