[00:00] <netrunne1> th: jup
[00:00] <netrunne1> th: I went to billiard
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[00:31] <th> netrunner: ping
[00:33] <netrunner> th: pong
[00:33] <th> netrunner: ok
[00:33] <th> netrunner: do you want to add obexserver to obex-apps package?
[00:34] <netrunner> th: at the moment I am very disappointed of the bluetooth stuff. but if you can tell me why I cannot send files to my phones here I'd be happy to do more with bluetooth.
[00:35] <th> netrunner: ok. so what are you doing exactly and whats the problem?
[00:35] <th> netrunner: what bluetooth hardware does your pc have?
[00:38] <netrunner> th: it's built in and somehow attached to the usb bus. (ibm x40 laptop). have to dig a bit to find the chipset if you need it.
[00:38] <netrunner> what I want: send a file (.jpeg) to the mobile phone.
[00:39] <netrunner> what I can do: hcitool {scan,inq} to find it.
[00:39] <th> that works?
[00:39] <netrunner> yes, it finds it.
[00:39] <th> cool
[00:39] <netrunner> I did sdptool browse <btid> 
[00:39] <netrunner> and got the services.
[00:39] <th> is that the same bt chip as in the 41p?
[00:39] <th> t41p
[00:39] <netrunner> I'd guess so.
[00:40] <netrunner> it's nice. the hotkey to enable/disable it just disconnects it from usb and therefore works flawlessly under linux
[00:40] <th> what driver?
[00:40] <th> hci_usb?
[00:40] <netrunner> yes
[00:40] <th> cool :-)
[00:40] <th> ok lets keep going...
[00:41] <th> so you got a obex file transfer service?
[00:41] <netrunner> ok. as I read what I need to do is to use obexftp to send it to the mobile.
[00:41] <th> what mobile phone is that?
[00:41] <netrunner> it tries to send, but is unable to.
[00:41] <netrunner> th: I tried with an erricson t630 and a erricson t68i
[00:42] <SMP> netrunner: have you tried setting up an rfcomm port on the obex channel (3?) and use an obex tool on that serial port?
[00:42] <th> i'd suggest to forget about obexfto
[00:42] <th> i tried it some hours ago. i had a look in the sources...
[00:42] <netrunner> SMP: yes. I did rfcomm bind 0 <btid> 10 ... and it bound to /dev/bluetooth/rfcomm/0
[00:42] <th> SMP: you don't need to setup rfcomm any longer
[00:42] <th> netrunner: you can use obextool
[00:43] <SMP> yeah, well, but might be worth for debugging purposes
[00:43] <th> get ussp-push-0.2
[00:43] <th> This package contains two utilities.  The first is an old hack I made which works over userspace serial ports presented as endpoints for rfcomm communication.  The other is a tool written by Marcel Holtmann which performs bluetooth operations directly.
[00:43] <th> the latter is "obextool"
[00:44] <th> and the former is ussp-push itself
[00:44] <th> obextool push filename BDADDR CHANNEL
[00:44] <th> that should send a file
[00:44] <th> CHANNEL to be the channel number of the obex file transfer service
[00:45] <netrunner> th: I set channel to what I got aas obex push service
[00:45] <netrunner> th: I'll try your package
[00:45] <th> you dont need my package
[00:45] <th> you need it if you want to build obexserver which is for receiving files
[00:45] <th> ahh
[00:46] <th> you meant ussp
[00:46] <th> (you are still free to package that...)
[00:46] <netrunner> oh, not yet packaged? ;)
[00:46] <fake> re hi
[00:46] <fake> netrunner: the bluteooth stuff works fine
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[00:47] <netrunner> fake: I didn't say it wouldn't. I just have not managed to find out _how_ it works fine ;)
[00:47] <th> netrunner: need url?
[00:48] <th> get http://www.unrooted.net/openSource/bluez/ussp-push-0.2.tgz
[00:48] <fake> netrunner: if you want a real cool interface get kdebluetooth from kde-extragear3
[00:48] <fake> i failed to package it separately from the other extragear stuff, unfortunately
[00:49] <th> fake: i should give that a look. could be nice for my gf
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[00:49] <netrunner> fake: yes, i've seen it. but I have only seen download links to rpm packages and (wu)e(rg)builds
[00:50] <netrunner> fake: have you packaged the complete extragear3?
[00:50] mnemoc (~amery@ joined #rocklinux.
[00:51] <netrunner> hi mnemmy!
[00:52] <netrunner> th: know why I stopped the obex-apps package? it has problems with gcc34 ;)
[00:52] <fake> no 
[00:52] <fake> too much junk ;)
[00:53] <fake> but it's reaaally cool, i can use my headset as headset for my phone (SE T610) with no probs
[00:53] <fake> and... stuff.
[00:53] <fake> hehe, coda fixed.
[00:53] <th> fake: how do you do that?
[00:54] <th> fake: ahh with the Krap Komponents.
[00:55] <netrunner> ah, my c knowledge meanwhile grew enough to fix the errors myself ;)
[00:55] <fake> yes.
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[01:08] <th> netrunner: and as i said. you don't need the obex-apps package for sending a file to you cell
[01:09] <netrunner> th: well, now I created the gcc34.patch for it :)
[01:09] <netrunner> th: and thx, the ussp-push did it's job :)
[01:09] <netrunner> th: shall I package the ussp-push thingie?
[01:12] <th> netrunner: yepp.
[01:12] <th> netrunner: and you might add obexserver to obex-apps
[01:14] <netrunner> th: I'll add the ussp-push thing there too if you don'tmind.
[01:15] <th> hmmm
[01:15] <fake> wee
[01:15] Action: fake fixed ripperx ;P
[01:15] <netrunner> fake: ripperx works here ...
[01:15] <fake> gcc34...
[01:15] <th> netrunner: i would not like mixing those two up
[01:15] <th> netrunner: obexserver is just a simple .c file.
[01:16] <th> netrunner: ussp-push should not be in a package called openobex-apps
[01:16] <netrunner> fake: ah, thx :)
[01:16] <th> we could think of another package name containing all three thins
[01:17] <netrunner> th: hm, no. they are distinct sources ... it's ok to seperate them imho.
[01:18] <netrunner> th: at least if you want to avoid the 'which package contained tool bla ...?' searches :)
[01:20] <th> netrunner: ok. so let's have a separate ussp-push and obexserver.c integrated in openobex-apps package
[01:20] <netrunner> ack.
[01:20] <th> [T] should get additional information "this package also includes obexserver.c which ..." do we know of an author for it?
[01:21] <th> http://www.frasunek.com/sources/unix/obexserver.c
[01:21] <netrunner> venglin@freebsd.lublin.pl
[01:21] <th> ack
[01:22] <th> and btw. if you are testing it in stable. build priorities are wrong there
[01:23] <th> bluez-libs needs to have prio < openobex
[01:23] <th> else btobex_accept symbol wont be defined
[01:24] <netrunner> th: I run most of my stuff with unstable trunk, it's my job to fix problems I stumble over ;)
[01:24] <th> well... it's fixed in trunk
[01:25] <th> so if you want to stumble over a problem with it... go for 2.0-stable ;-)
[01:25] <netrunner> I think about building a new build for my server, as I have many outdated packages there ...
[01:31] <netrunner> fake: checking whether the C compiler (gcc -fno-unit-at-a-time ) works... no
[01:31] <netrunner> configure: error: installation or configuration problem: C compiler cannot create executables.
[01:31] <fake> netrunner: using gcc32 ?
[01:32] <netrunner> jup
[01:33] <netrunner> fake: isn't var_insert or something for this purpose, not export CFLAGS?
[01:33] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EA2E8.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[01:33] <netrunner> this somehow reminds me of those fanatics that control their build with exporting cflags ... 
[01:37] <SMP> one might say that mangling compiler flags in a wrapper is even more fanatical ;>
[01:40] <netrunner> :)
[01:40] <netrunner> fake: i admit it works within a gcc34 build (just tested).
[01:42] <th> fake is moving problems from gcc34 systems to gcc32 ones
[01:43] <fake> yes
[01:43] <SMP> did I mention that I find the gcc34 fixing really annoying?
[01:43] <fake> i will do a complete refbuild with all gcc34 patches using gcc32
[01:44] <SMP> it's not like gcc34 was the best c ompiler to use in the real world - despite what the gcc folks say
[01:44] <fake> SMP: i find bad c++ code annoying
[01:45] <SMP> I find incompatible libraries more annoying
[01:45] <fake> once i'm finished i will send all gcc34 patches not already in projects' cvs'ses upstream...
[01:45] <fake> netrunner: the exporting of CFLAGS there is okay, becaue CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, ... etc env vars are mangled by configure
[01:46] <fake> i could also say var_append confopt ' ' "CFLAGS=-fno-unit-at-a-time", but that would have the exact same effect
[01:46] <netrunner> fake: but it is more rockish. we could leave the var_append away everywhere it is used ... :)
[01:49] <fake> no, we couldn't
[01:54] <fake> SMP: btw, to get useable code on almost any non-mainstream hardware, gcc32 is not the compiler of choice, too ;)
[01:54] <fake> s,too,either,
[01:55] <SMP> oh, stop talking about non-mainstream hardware, I'm traumatized
[02:01] <fake> *lol*
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[02:12] <netrunner> th: your obex-apps misses cksum and [I]
[02:15] <th> netrunner: you are right
[02:15] <SMP> cksum is officially optional
[02:16] <th> [I] TODO: Short Information // somewhat _too_ short?
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[02:17] <th> netrunner: just make a new patch which obsoletes mine
[02:17] <th> with [I], cksum, and obexserver
[02:17] <SMP> (I mean for submaster patches)
[02:19] <th> netstat --protocol=unix -ln | grep '/tmp/ssh.*agent' | sed 's,^.*\(/tmp/ssh.*\).*,\1,' | while read s ; do [ -O $s ] && export SSH_AUTH_SOCK="$s" ; done
[02:19] <th> this is a nice one ;>
[02:20] <SMP> *brr* grep | sed ...
[02:20] <th> not good enough at sed to get rid of it..
[02:21] <SMP> try sed '/\tmp\/ssh.*agent/ s,^.*\(/tmp/ssh.*\).*,\1,'
[02:21] <SMP> ehm
[02:21] <SMP> sed '/\/tmp\/ssh.*agent/ s,^.*\(/tmp/ssh.*\).*,\1,' of course
[02:22] <th> prints all lines
[02:22] <SMP> d'oh, of course. so add p; d;
[02:23] <th> ack
[02:23] <th> cool
[02:28] <netrunner> th: I try -lopenobex_apps_misc  but it does not work, you know why?
[02:28] <th> netrunner: because libopenobex_apps_misc.a is not a shared library!
[02:28] <netrunner> oh :)
[02:29] <th> netrunner: gcc -o obexserver obexserver.o /usr/lib/libopenobex_apps_misc.a -lopenobex
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[02:44] <th> good night
[02:46] <netrunner> th: I sent what I did. need some sleep now, 2. n8 
[02:47] <netrunner> n8 *
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[04:55] <fake> dum-di-dum
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[09:05] <fake> enough for today... 16 left.
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[11:15] treo (~xfman@D90ef.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[11:15] <treo> hi
[11:25] <treo> mhm, where can I get the 2.0.3 prerelease?
[11:44] <nzg> moin
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[12:39] <treo> lol, wie ich sehe sind wir hier ja fast alle deutsche :)
[12:40] <th> moin
[12:41] <th> treo: http://iso.rocklinux.de
[12:41] <netrunner> moin
[12:42] <treo> hi th :)
[12:42] <treo> hi netrunner 
[12:42] <netrunner> treo: not everybody ircing froma german ip is neccessarily german.
[12:43] <treo> ok ^^
[12:43] <netrunner> th: what about applying the gcc34.patch only if gcc versionis 3.4?
[12:43] <netrunner> th: they are (almost?) all called gcc34.patch, so should be easy to select ...
[12:44] <th> why can't the gcc34.patch'es work with older gcc's?
[12:44] <th> http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/official/pre-release/20040902-build_bootstrap/
[12:48] <treo> but there is no iso for the 2.0.3?
[12:49] <th> no
[12:49] <th> you don't need an iso ;>
[12:51] <th> well yes - some people need something bootable...
[12:52] <treo> ok, ^^ then i read first the handbook
[12:53] <th> uh
[12:53] <treo> (printing it at the moment)
[12:53] <th> i can tell you what to do
[12:53] <treo> thats also a possibility :)
[12:54] <th> you need something to boot from
[12:54] <th> so the first is to create a kernel
[12:54] <treo> how about a grub boot disk?
[12:54] <th> yes a grub disk is good
[12:55] <treo> I like the grub shell ^^
[12:55] <th> i could even release an unofficial rescue target
[12:55] <th> thats how i install every machine
[12:55] <th> if you have a few minutes of time...
[12:56] <treo> I have enough time :)
[12:58] <th> uploading
[12:58] <th> http://iso.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/unofficial/teha/
[12:59] <th> i'll put all that is needed for the rescue iso into the rescue directory there
[13:00] <treo> ok, so you use your rescue iso to install rock?
[13:00] <th> exactly
[13:00] <th> it contains "mine" to extract .gem files
[13:00] <th> and it will be an official rock target somewhen
[13:00] Nick change: nzg -> nzg_
[13:01] <th> treo: the target builds "system.tar.bz2" and "initrd.img"
[13:01] <treo> ok
[13:02] <th> and there is a contrib/mkrescueiso.sh to create a bootable iso
[13:02] <th> you need e2fsimage
[13:05] <th> treo: do you have a kernel built?
[13:05] <treo> I think I can make one on the that machine here
[13:08] <th> for now the mkrescueiso.sh is grub based.
[13:08] <th> and doing fdemu for the bootable iso
[13:08] <th> so you are limited to 2.88MB for kernel + initrd
[13:09] <treo> ok
[13:10] <treo> the kernel I use here is only 2MB
[13:12] <treo> the initrd can be as big as i want?
[13:12] <th> the initrd is already built
[13:12] <th> and 2MB seems to be too big
[13:13] <treo> ok
[13:13] <th> 1.5MB should be ok
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[13:13] <th> last kernel i used with 2.6.7 was 1427123 bytes
[13:14] <th> but you have some space
[13:14] <th> see http://iso.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/unofficial/teha/rescue-20040813/
[13:14] <th> 1.0M for initrd
[13:14] <treo> ok
[13:15] <th> but there have to fit the grubstages as well
[13:15] <th> you already have e2fsimage?
[13:15] <th> (its packaged for rock)
[13:16] <treo> no, i'll have to get it first, this machine here is a debian sarge 
[13:16] <th> no package for e2fsimage?
[13:16] <th> http://iso.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/unofficial/teha/rescue-20040813/ is complete
[13:18] <treo> no, there is no package for it
[13:18] <th> [D] 3614699127 e2fsimage-0.2.0.tar.gz http://aleron.dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/e2fsimage/
[13:18] <treo> ok thx
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[13:19] <kraftwerk> hi
[13:20] <treo> hi kraftwerk 
[13:21] <treo> th: ok, than what will I have to do next?
[13:21] <th> download system.tar.bz2 and initrd.img.gz
[13:22] <treo> have done it already
[13:22] <th> so you have the mkrescueiso.sh too?
[13:23] <th> have a look at it's usage
[13:23] <treo> ok, but first I'll create a kernel for the notebook
[13:23] <th> you need the kernel.
[13:23] <th> don't forget devfs and initrd support
[13:23] <treo> ok :)
[13:25] <treo> at the moment I'm extracting the sources of
[13:26] Action: kraftwerk 's going to reboot...
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[13:26] <treo> maybe you have some advice how about the configureing of it, do you want to see the dmesg?
[13:27] <th> you can show me some lspci
[13:28] <treo> ok
[13:32] <treo> oh, I just saw whats on vc/2, it really cool :)
[13:32] <th> vc/2?
[13:33] <th> what's there?
[13:33] <treo> a colorfull ascii art :)
[13:34] <th> ahh
[13:35] <treo> :)
[13:35] <treo> http://www.inside-php.de/bah/lspci
[13:36] <th> that was your laptop right?
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[13:37] treo (~xfman@D90ef.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[13:38] <treo> oops, I just killed my X Server by playing around with the shadows and transparency
[13:42] <th> was that your laptop with the cdrom problem?
[13:43] <treo> yes, but it works now (I have done annother install this morning)
[13:43] <th> it was a kernel issue?
[13:44] <th> are you going to use LVM?
[13:44] <treo> I think so, this install is done with the 2.4.25 kernel
[13:44] <treo> no
[13:49] <treo> thx
[13:49] <th> treo: just a scratch for the config
[13:49] <th> might need some fine tuning
[13:49] <treo> ok :) that was what I just wanted to ask
[13:50] <th> i'd suggest: build the kernel with that config, create your iso, burn it to CDRW and boot
[13:52] <treo> ok
[13:52] <treo> builing... please wait :)
[13:57] <netrunner> th: where is this patch apply tool that does automatically fix missing cksum or build order id?
[13:58] <treo> I hope the xserver has no desire to go down again ^^ I just started the eyecandy extension again :)
[13:58] treo (~xfman@D90ef.d.pppool.de) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[13:58] <th> netrunner: ./scripts/Create-CopyPatch
[13:58] treo (~xfman@D90ef.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[13:59] <th> treo: i hope you had your kernel build running in screen
[13:59] <treo> ok, I'll leave the composite extension alone ^^
[13:59] <treo> th: no I didn't ~.~
[14:04] <netrunner> th: no, this fixes the files in package/.. 
[14:04] <th> netrunner: oh. then sorry i don't know of that script
[14:04] <netrunner> th: I mean I fetched a sm patch, but it fails to apply because the build id changed in the meantime ...
[14:05] <netrunner> clifford has some apply script for that that fixes the build id on the fly (and the cksum)
[14:05] <netrunner> ah, it could be fixdiff.sh in the submaster repo
[14:08] <netrunner> hm, no.
[14:10] <th> netrunner: your gcc34.patch works on gcc32
[14:12] <netrunner> th: yes. I just thought of the regression caused @ripperx. but that is not a patch anyway.
[14:12] <netrunner> grmbl. I now have 54 patches here from smap that did not apply because of the buildid.
[14:15] nzg (~foerster@pD95104BD.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[14:15] <nzg> re
[14:18] <treo> ok build is done and the trash is also out of here ^^
[14:18] <th> treo: so have a look at the shell scripts usage
[14:18] <th> treo: just call it without arguments
[14:18] <treo> ok
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[14:28] <treo> mhm, th i don't quite understand it
[14:29] <th> well
[14:29] <treo> /mkrescueiso.sh -C KERNEL INITRD[.gz] SYSTEM [OVERLAY] <-- that is what I have to start with?
[14:29] <th> as you can see you have three options
[14:30] <th> exaclty that is the easiest way going if you dont want to change whats on the cd
[14:30] <treo> ok
[14:31] <treo> i have to replace KERNEL with the kernel image name?
[14:31] <th> yes
[14:31] <treo> ok
[14:33] <treo> mhm, I don't have a /usr/share/grub 
[14:33] <th> have you grub installed?
[14:33] <treo> yes
[14:34] <th> where are the stages?
[14:34] <treo> in /boot/grub
[14:34] <th> change the first line of the script
[14:34] <treo> ok :)
[14:34] <th> GRUBSRC=/usr/share/grub/i386-*
[14:36] <treo> ok, created the iso
[14:36] <treo> next step: burining
[14:37] <treo> s/burining/burning
[14:58] <treo> it stops at RAMDISK: Compressed image found at block 0 and doesn't go any futher
[14:59] <th> did you change the kernel config?
[14:59] <th> what does "grep 'model name' /proc/cpuinfo" tell you on that machine?
[15:00] <treo> wait il give it a bootup ^^
[15:01] <treo> model name: mobile AMD Athlon(tm) XP 2000+
[15:02] <th> treo: perhaps you need to adapt the kernel opt
[15:03] <th> hmm
[15:03] <th> pentium classic should do
[15:03] <th> but not sure
[15:03] <treo> I changed it to athlon
[15:03] <treo> do you want to see a diff?
[15:04] <th> (X) Athlon/Duron/K7
[15:04] <th> try this
[15:04] <treo> it is already
[15:04] <th> hmm
[15:05] <th> that should be ok hmm.
[15:05] <th> any other changes you did?
[15:05] <th> framebuffer or something like it?
[15:06] <treo> http://www.inside-php.de/bah/config.diff
[15:07] <th> PNP?
[15:08] <th> you need ide-scsi?
[15:08] <th> scsi-disc???
[15:11] <th> the next step for your system would have been "VFS: Mounted root (ext2 filesystem) readonly.
[15:11] <th> forget my questions about framebuffer.
[15:11] <th> i thi
[15:11] <th> i think it cant find your cdrom
[15:11] <th> why did you select idescsi?
[15:12] <treo> because i forgot that ide burners doesn't need it to work anymore ^^
[15:12] <th> it _could_ be related. but i don;t think so. cause its only =M
[15:18] <th> treo: can you put the kernel online?
[15:18] <treo> maybe I created the iso wrong o.O
[15:19] <treo> ./mkrescueiso.sh -C vmlinuz initrd.img.gz system.tar.bz2 
[15:19] <treo> is it right that way?
[15:19] <th> the iso is perfect
[15:19] <th> cause it loads the initrd and the kernel
[15:19] <treo> ok
[15:20] <th> let me try to boot an emu from that kernel
[15:20] <treo> brb, i'll eat something
[15:43] <treo> back
[15:43] <treo> th: you want that i put the kernel online?
[15:55] <treo> http://www.inside-php.de/bah/vmlinuz
[16:05] <treo> i can put also the image online
[16:07] <netrunner> rm -rf /var/log
[16:07] <netrunner> found in my .bash_history.
[16:07] <netrunner> cannot remember when I entered this stupid command.
[16:08] <netrunner> hm, because I did not.
[16:13] <valentin> netrunner : maybe some idiot hacked your box ? *g*
[16:14] <treo> ^^
[16:15] <netrunner> valentin: he downloaded some cd.iso ... don't think he did much more (besides removing the logs and leaving the history=
[16:16] <valentin> .oO
[16:16] <valentin> this idiot removed all the logs ? how unprofessional and destructive
[16:16] <netrunner> yes :)
[16:16] <netrunner> and the cd is a windows boot cd with a lot of .cab s with different tools ...
[16:17] <treo> lol
[16:17] <netrunner> Hiren'sBootCD5
[16:17] <valentin> can you see where the files were transfered to ?
[16:18] <netrunner> from.
[16:19] <valentin> ok, from
[16:19] <netrunner> www.sirzion.illusivecreations.com/cd.iso
[16:19] <netrunner> the guy needed 4 tries to get the name right
[16:19] <valentin> hm, but what4 he did that download ?
[16:24] <netrunner> a boot cd image.
[16:25] <netrunner> I wonder what he wanted with that on a hacked box ...
[16:25] <netrunner> sadly I cannot reproduce how he came in .... only idea is that the root pw was to weak.
[16:25] <valentin> i guess he transfered it to you to download it on his machine
[16:26] <netrunner> oh, he tried to floodping. ping -f -s 65500 xtest.unige.ch
[16:27] <netrunner> probably didn't work ... ping: packet size too large
[16:27] <netrunner> hm, he lowered the size ...
[16:28] <valentin> netrunner: when did he do that ? tonight or was it long ago ?
[16:29] <treo> th: are you still there?
[16:29] <valentin> netrunner: btw, thats me scanning your box right now....
[16:29] <netrunner> valentin: don't know, the logs are gone. but I'd say yesterday or tonight. cannot be much longer
[16:30] <netrunner> valentin: which one? it's not my homebox ;)
[16:30] <netrunner> valentin: but you may scan if you like ;)
[16:30] <valentin> pD9E8C612.dip0.t-ipconnect.de - it replies to my pings
[16:54] <th> treo: no
[16:56] <th> treo: hmm i cant boot that kernel
[16:57] <treo> you can't? what happens?
[16:57] <th> i guess its opt related
[16:57] <th> it always reboots
[16:57] <treo> should i try pentium-classic?
[16:58] <th> 486
[16:58] <th> ok vmware can boot it
[16:59] <th> and it boots up ok.
[16:59] <th> treo: really strange
[16:59] <th> treo: dont know whats the problem with your hardware
[16:59] <th> treo: perhaps fdemu does not work
[16:59] <treo> k
[17:00] <treo> i think its something with the iso
[17:00] <treo> http://inside-php.de/bah/iso
[17:00] <th> i can put that iso online i just booted with
[17:00] <th> ok
[17:00] <th> i get that iso and test it
[17:03] <th> treo: upload already complete?
[17:04] <treo> yes
[17:04] <th> 5410816 bytes?
[17:04] <treo> yes
[17:04] <th> thats too small
[17:05] <treo> i thought so ^^
[17:05] <th> upload the whole output of mkrescueiso
[17:06] <treo> oh, I just saw that system.tar.bz2 is only 2 mb, i'm downloading it again
[17:06] <th> ohhhhhh
[17:06] <th> ;-)
[17:07] <th> perhaps you started the download too early
[17:07] <th> i'll create acksum file
[17:07] tcr (~tcr@pD9EABF20.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[17:14] <treo> th: 15 mb for the iso is better?
[17:16] <th> yea
[17:16] <th> check the md5sum
[17:16] <th> i uploaded a md5sums file
[17:19] nzg (~foerster@pD95104BD.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: "feierabend"
[17:26] <netrunner> his is a joke, no? http://www.atlantictunnel.com/hist.html
[17:27] <treo> looks, dangerous
[17:56] <treo> o.O it sill doesn't boot any futher
[17:58] <netrunner> argl. not my day. now somebody else trying to break another server of mine :/
[18:03] codeguhl (~tschmidt@pD95F8F7C.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[18:10] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EB5A8.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[18:24] <th> treo: upload the new iso
[18:40] JorgeLP (~ircap751@ joined #rocklinux.
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[18:41] <treo> ok
[18:41] <treo> uploading ....
[18:57] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EB5A8.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[19:01] <treo> done
[19:06] <treo> http://www.inside-php.de/bah/iso
[19:15] Nick change: codeguhl -> nzg
[19:18] Action: netrunner trying kontact
[19:22] <netrunner> nice.
[19:24] <th> re
[19:25] <treo> wb th 
[19:28] <th> treo: downloading again
[19:30] <treo> ok :)
[19:35] <th> bootin
[19:35] <treo> mhm, can I use the 2.0.1 as the rescue sys instead?
[19:35] <th> it does not succeed.
[19:35] <treo> mh?
[19:36] <treo> same as mine?
[19:36] <th> let me give you the iso i created with your kernel
[19:36] <treo> ok
[19:36] <th> it's uploading
[19:36] <th> can you put the complete output of the shell script online?
[19:37] <treo> I can
[19:37] <th> lemme have a look
[19:37] <SerWou> hello guys
[19:39] <treo> ok, how do I capture also the stderr output?
[19:40] <th> ./mkiso... blah blah >& log
[19:40] <treo> thx :)
[19:41] <treo> http://www.inside-php.de/bah/out
[19:44] <th> treo: have you read the last line?
[19:45] <th> file "iso" is in my way.
[19:48] <treo> ehm, yes, i ran it one time before that with the log
[19:48] <treo> thats where the iso is from
[19:49] <th> please give md5sums for kernel initrd.img (not the gzip) and system.tar.bz2
[19:51] <treo> 174053edc78c0df4292e06dd512d3d1f  initrd.img
[19:51] <treo> 4b0ae1e207a78bdb251b7101c170392f  system.tar.bz2
[19:51] <treo> 9171cca855774247c3078fbf1141cd2c  vmlinuz
[19:51] <th> it's all the same here...
[19:51] <th> very strange
[19:52] <th> the iso's are different
[19:52] <th> i create the iso with exact the same initrd, kernel and system and get a working image
[19:52] <th> gimme the exact command line again
[19:52] <th> i want to do it once more
[19:53] <treo> ./mkrescueiso.sh -C vmlinuz initrd.img.gz system.tar.bz2
[19:54] <th> it works once again.
[19:55] <th> well take the iso i uploaded
[19:55] <treo> i'm burning the iso I have just created, maybe it works this time :)
[19:55] <th> you can test it in vmware
[19:55] <th> thats what i'm doing
[19:56] <treo> I don't have a working vmware at the moment
[19:57] <treo> somehow I think it keeps booting some false version
[19:57] <th> a wrong system.tar.bz2 might be a reason
[19:58] <treo> ok, I'll download your iso, but where is it? :)
[20:10] <th> treo: i'll quit soon
[20:17] <treo> oh ok
[20:18] <treo> th: can we continue tomorrow?
[20:18] <th> no problem at all.
[20:18] <th> i would like to resolve this.
[20:19] <th> treo: i have created a verbosity param for the initrd
[20:20] <th> i'll update initrd.img tomorrow
[20:20] <treo> I'm sure we will not be done till you quit, but at least the iso problem will solved I think :)
[20:20] <th> you are right. cause i quit _now_ ;)
[20:22] <treo> ok c ya :)
[20:51] De_Elsasser (~eric@ANancy-110-1-10-96.w81-53.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[20:51] <De_Elsasser> ave
[20:52] <treo> hi
[20:53] <De_Elsasser> hi treo, c'est vraiment tres haut ;)
[20:53] <SerWou> elle ne vole pas trés haut ta blague ;)
[20:54] <treo> sorry my french is to bad to understand that, (i had 3 years french in school ......)
[20:54] <De_Elsasser> tiens, un nouveau?
[20:54] <De_Elsasser> tres: very
[20:54] <De_Elsasser> haut: hight
[20:55] <treo> so i translate: "hi treo, it's really very high" ?
[20:55] <De_Elsasser> yep
[20:55] <SerWou> nouveau depuis 1 mois à peu prés
[20:55] <SerWou> "treo" got the same pronunciation as "trés haut", that's a kind of joke for fun
[20:56] <treo> ok :)
[20:56] <treo> w00t th's iso works :)
[20:58] <De_Elsasser> yes, my iso works too
[20:59] <treo> the iso I created didn't work, so he created one and it works :)
[21:00] netrunner (~andreas@pD9E8C612.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)
[21:00] <De_Elsasser> is there something in the package who can easy work ADSL?
[21:01] <treo> pppoe_config is what you need
[21:02] <De_Elsasser> dont work on drock 2.0.1
[21:02] <De_Elsasser> will download
[21:06] <De_Elsasser> how does it work?
[21:10] netrunner (~andreas@pD9E8D53D.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[21:10] <SerWou> De_Elsasser, serai tu chez Free par hasard ?
[21:11] <De_Elsasser> non Wanadoo
[21:11] <SerWou> modem Sagem Fast800 peut etre alor s?
[21:12] <De_Elsasser> renon speedtouch330
[21:12] <SerWou> merde
[21:12] <De_Elsasser> comment merde?
[21:13] <SerWou> j'ai peur de passer sous Rock avec ma machin connecté au net à cause de mon modem Sagem (bientot Freebox), je sens la baguarre pour installer les drivers, non ?
[21:14] <fake> moin
[21:14] <SerWou> sorry fake 
[21:15] <treo> hi fake 
[21:15] <fake> SerWou: sorry for what? 
[21:15] Action: fake sleepy
[21:17] <fake> netrunner: you are aware that your livecd patch doesn't apply anymore ?
[21:32] <fake> hum.
[21:38] treo (~xfman@D90ef.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[22:05] <fake> *lol*
[22:06] <fake> epplets-16 configure output:
[22:06] <fake> configure: warning: *** Building for GLX. Grab your ankles and kiss your ass goodbye! ***
[22:10] De_Elsasser (~eric@ANancy-110-1-10-96.w81-53.abo.wanadoo.fr) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:11] <nzg> nice1
[22:15] <fake> strange.
[22:15] <fake> i doubt this is a gcc34 regression....
[22:41] nzg (~tschmidt@pD95F8F7C.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[22:47] tobias_ (~tobias@cable203a203.usuarios.retecal.es) joined #rocklinux.
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[23:19] tobias_ (~tobias@cable203a203.usuarios.retecal.es) left irc: "Leaving"
[23:27] <netrunner> fake: I wanted to push it out before sm fsync.
[23:28] <netrunner> fake: you can see what I mean. the tr fluff you copied from the bootdisk is unneccessary and made problems.
[23:35] <netrunner> damn, cannot reproduce or remember what the problem was ...
[23:36] Action: fake neither
[23:37] <netrunner> ah, yes.
[23:37] <netrunner> it has problems when packages have a . in their name:
[23:37] <netrunner> ../../pkgs/rock-src-2.1.0-DEV.tar.bz2           -> rock-src-2
[23:38] <netrunner> and it is unneccessary.
[23:39] <fake> agreed ;)
[23:39] <netrunner> the bootdisk does not contain the rock-src, so this never appeared there ;)
[23:39] <fake> however - i don't want rock-src on the livecd
[23:39] <netrunner> but livecd is meant to contain many more.
[23:39] <netrunner> fake: I would do so, because it is a live demonstrating utility, so why not demonstrate ROCK itself with it?
[23:43] <fake> no.
[23:43] <fake> ;)
[23:44] <netrunner> fake: in my specific case I missed xtris and kphone and wanted to build it quickly. so what?
[23:44] <fake> this is *not* the purpose of the livecd...
[23:44] <fake> netrunner: send a patch to add them to the livecd target.
[23:44] <fake> it's a binaru distribution
[23:45] <netrunner> fake: but why do you want to cut the balls of this binary distribution? ;)
[23:45] <fake> because i need the remaining space for other things ...
[23:45] <netrunner> drop me in da jungle, but leave me my swisstool ;)
[23:45] <fake> gnome 2.6
[23:46] <fake> hehe ;)
[23:46] <fake> mine and rocket are there
[23:46] <fake> once binary gem repositories are established, you will be able to install stuff from them
[23:46] <netrunner> fake: but for those you need binaries somewhere. now assume I am on an island, just a rock livecd and my laptop ...
[23:46] <netrunner> fake: oh lord, you are dreaming ;)
[23:47] Action: fake has a dream
[23:47] <fake> a dream of binary packages and source packages sitting at a table...
[23:47] <fake> naah.
[23:47] <fake> i'm talking rubbish
[23:47] <netrunner> that one day, the sons of the former self builders, and the sons of the former build distributors will be able to sit together, at the table of brotherhood
[23:48] <fake> that's the ticket
[23:49] <netrunner> :)
[23:52] <netrunner> the rock-src is packed 1.6MB, if it is for those mb, leave out linux26-source or so.
[00:00] --- Mon Sep 13 2004