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[01:18] <hannes_> hi
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[04:49] <fake> moin
[04:49] <fake> jsaw: here ;)
[05:00] <jsaw> still awake...partially...
[05:00] <fake> jsaw: i used matrox card for long, what's the problem?
[05:01] <jsaw> just wanted to point out, that matrox has its "PowerDesk" also for linux.
[05:01] <fake> jsaw: jup
[05:01] <fake> a nice XF86Config editor
[05:01] <jsaw> exactly.
[05:01] <fake> but still the cards can't do Xv on the 2nd head ;)
[05:02] <jsaw> why?
[05:02] <jsaw> mgadrivers 2.1 <-> 3.0 ?
[05:03] <fake> hm, they can video overlay video on windows, so i guess it's a driver limitation
[05:03] <fake> the only project able to do cool overlay on head2 is directfb
[05:03] <jsaw> which mga drivers are/were you using? default rock?
[05:03] <fake> yes
[05:03] <fake> why?
[05:04] <jsaw> these are still the 2.1 drivers.
[05:04] <fake> oh
[05:04] <fake> oh no!
[05:05] <fake> *arghl*
[05:05] <jsaw> oh, it changed.
[05:05] <fake> ha.
[05:05] <jsaw> btw, are we allowed to redistribute them?
[05:05] <fake> but that was before i started evaluating the gfx cards for my mythtv box...
[05:05] <fake> jsaw: no idea. IANAL
[05:06] <jsaw> there's such a strange message on http://www.matrox.com/mga/support/drivers/files/lnx_30.cfm
[05:07] <fake> jsaw:as i get it, you only have to accept that license to get the driver
[05:07] <jsaw> 1. No right to recopy, sell, distribute, [snip]
[05:08] <fake> jep
[05:08] <fake> well. i doubt they are against it...
[05:08] <jsaw> whatever, ("wo kein richter...")
[05:09] <fake> j0 ;)
[05:10] <jsaw> damn, I have to take a nap. 
[05:11] <fake> do so. i'll watch the chan in the meantime ;))
[05:11] <jsaw> :)
[05:12] Action: jsaw now dreammode: .oO(...hacking...)
[05:12] <jsaw> cu
[05:12] <fake> sleep well!
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[08:02] <fake> moin BoS, moin tcr
[08:03] <dsoul> hi fake
[08:03] <BoS> moin fake dsoul 
[08:13] <dsoul> hi BoS 
[08:15] <nzg> moin fake, dsoul, BoS
[08:15] <BoS> wb nzg :)
[08:15] <dsoul> hi nzg :)
[08:19] <fake> hi nzg 
[08:19] <nzg> hm, i could have slept 1h longer... s**t.
[08:21] <tcr> moin moin..
[08:22] <nzg> moin tcr
[08:23] <dsoul> hi tcr :)
[08:27] Action: fake puzzled by the /dev/null thing
[08:27] <fake> it gets changed on every package build
[08:28] <fake> so it's in the scripts.... but i don't see where ...
[08:41] <blindcod1r> moin
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[08:41] <blindcoder> damn, need to setup keepnick again someday :/
[08:51] <nzg> moin
[08:52] <dsoul> Compiling /usr/lib/python2.3/xml/sax/xmlreader.py ...
[08:52] <dsoul> Compiling /usr/lib/python2.3/xmllib.py ...
[08:52] <dsoul> Compiling /usr/lib/python2.3/xmlrpclib.py ...
[08:52] <dsoul> Compiling /usr/lib/python2.3/zipfile.py ...
[08:52] <dsoul> make: *** [libinstall] Error 1
[08:52] <dsoul> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[08:52] <dsoul> just updating 2.0.3 
[08:54] <fake> what's that?
[08:58] <dsoul> ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg python :)
[08:58] <dsoul> python 2.3.4
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[09:03] <nzg> where exactly is smap.cfg supposed to go?
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[09:06] <dsoul> ok got it :)
[09:06] <dsoul> Sorry: TabError: ('inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentation', ('/usr/lib/python2.3/pydcop.py', 39, 25, '\t\tif item == "__repr__":\n'))
[09:07] <dsoul> some of python patches doesnt apply correctly 
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[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #1 succeeded at 157 (offset 21 lines).
[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #2 succeeded at 179 with fuzz 2 (offset 2 lines).
[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #3 succeeded at 252 (offset 21 lines).
[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #4 succeeded at 335 (offset 2 lines).
[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #5 succeeded at 397 with fuzz 1 (offset 21 lines).
[09:10] <dsoul> Hunk #6 succeeded at 442 (offset 10 lines).
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[10:54] <superlinux_666> opa
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[11:49] <nzg> moin
[11:56] <th> dsoul: talking of stable?
[11:58] <netrunne1> what a gigantic changelog for kphone: -lotsa bugfixes :)
[12:01] <th> netrunne1: kphone can talk SIP?
[12:01] <th> netrunne1: perhaps it works now?
[12:02] <th> dsoul: see r4107; this isn't a bug of python but a bug of kdebindings. apply package/kde/kdebindings/kdepy.patch to /usr/lib/python2.3/pydcop.py
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[12:05] <netrunner> th: it only talks sip, and it worked fine in the version before :)
[12:05] <fake> th: kphone can *only* talk sip
[12:05] <th> so the answer is "yes" ;)
[12:05] <th> i tested kphone some time ago...
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[12:10] <dsoul> th thx :)
[12:10] <th> dsoul: what patches were you talking about?
[12:11] <th> (suceeding hunks with offsets and fuzz)
[12:30] Action: netrunner is content with kphone (lacking an alternative ;)
[12:34] <th> fake: ?
[12:34] <th> (this was a "ping")
[12:36] <th> netrunner: oh it was you sending the mail about the voip conf
[12:36] <th> netrunner: perhaps i should tell you that already had about 3 voip conferences
[12:36] <th> smp and me joined the devmeeting that way
[12:38] <th> fake: wrt 2004091506033020931: neon-0.24.7 was needed for 1.1.0-rc2 already; neon was always needed if you wanted https:// (despite you pass some ssl enabling options to the svn-distributed-neon)
[12:45] <netrunner> th: so where are the documents about it? ;)
[12:46] <th> netrunner: wiki:/archive/
[12:47] <th> or wiki:/devmeeting-topics.txt
[12:47] <th> dunno who was responsible for committing a log
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[13:10] <fake> th: oh, i missed that version it seems
[13:11] <th> fake: but you know wiki:/scratch/subversion-cleanup.txt ?
[13:11] <fake> th: i know i need neon, but i wasn't aware my version was outdated
[13:11] <fake> th yes, yes
[13:12] <th> ok. clifford confirmed lately that it's on his todo.
[13:12] <th> (the cleanup)
[13:18] <blindcoder> hi
[13:19] <th> hi blindcoder 
[13:20] <blindcoder> so, is the wiki now the #1 communication medium?
[13:21] <fake> surely not
[13:22] <blindcoder> then what is?
[13:23] Action: th is remembering "Subject: [rock-devel] high traffic, low traffic"
[13:23] <th> blindcoder: you are completely right.
[13:23] <blindcoder> yes, and I don't remember having got an answer, so I'm asking here
[13:24] <th> blindcoder: there is missing a lot of information
[13:24] <th> even information on the website
[13:24] <blindcoder> th: yes, that's why I want to know where I can get it for the time where I can't read each and every patch in submaster
[13:25] <th> blindcoder: i really don't know
[13:25] <th> blindcoder: perhaps commit mails can help?
[13:25] <blindcoder> you mean svn-rock-linux?
[13:25] <th> seems like we have no one giving information digests.
[13:25] <th> blindcoder: yes
[13:26] <blindcoder> th: that is a list that gives information on where ROCK currently is, not where it is heading
[13:27] <blindcoder> If I know where I can get this information I'm absolutely willing to write bi-weekly/monthly digests on that as soon as my connection @home is restored
[13:27] <blindcoder> (hopefully next week)
[13:29] <th> blindcoder: i'm afraid there is no such place. the only way would be attending talks and asking people
[13:29] <th> blindcoder: we need someone doing a journalists job
[13:34] <th> netrunner: i'd say that message belongs to ML
[13:37] <netrunner> th: why?
[13:37] tfing (~tfing@APoitiers-103-1-3-192.w80-14.abo.wanadoo.fr) got netsplit.
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[13:37] <th> netrunner: cause "Don't use the 'Notes' feature to discuss anything!"
[13:37] <th> netrunner: i'll answer on ML to this
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[13:38] <netrunner> netrunner: it's not a discussion, it's a statement :) discussion always has more people figthing for their positions
[13:39] <blindcoder> since most of my coding time is used up for LVP and Nethack Linux now I'd like to do some digests every now and then because they take up a lot less time
[13:39] <netrunner> oh, talking with myself ;)
[13:39] <th> th: don't mind!
[13:42] <blindcoder> and it would be really important to have some information on the projects
[13:43] <blindcoder> which will also mean that I want to poke the maintainers of targets and branches about their progress :-)
[13:45] <nzg> blindcoder: the idea of such a digest sounds really good, if i can help you with it in any way, tell me.
[13:46] <blindcoder> nzg: I'll take you up on it when it isn't vaporware anymore :)
[13:47] <th> blindcoder: i'd really appreciate such work too.
[13:54] <blindcoder> I'll do my very best starting (hopefully) soon
[13:56] <blindcoder> ok, gotta get back to work now
[13:56] <blindcoder> see you
[13:57] <th> cya blindcoder 
[14:02] <nzg> cu blindcoder 
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[14:09] <BW298> hi. could someone please tell me the IP of lart.info?
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[14:18] <owl> hi BW923 
[14:18] Nick change: BW923 -> true_
[14:19] <true_> hi owl 
[14:19] <th> 
[14:19] <owl> thx. 
[14:20] <owl> gnarf. :( still not able to connect
[14:21] <owl> where is the old aardvark? :(
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[14:32] <nzg> moin owl
[14:34] <owl> hi
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[14:38] <netrunner> hm, freshmeat has some web search results on the bottom, "powered by yahoo", the first result is always www.google.com
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[14:46] <mnemoc> moin
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[16:17] <treo> hi
[16:17] <fake> hi treo!
[16:20] <th> hi treo 
[16:33] <treo> hi th, I think today we can go on :)
[16:33] <treo> btw. have you seen it already? gnome 2.8 is out
[16:33] <treo> s,is out, was released
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[16:37] <pennemops> *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* re
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[16:39] <pennemops> hi ringo !
[16:41] <treo> th: what do I have to do next after I bootet up with the rescue cd?
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[16:56] <th> treo: login, create the filesystems where the install should live
[16:56] <th> treo: get the packages
[16:56] <th> treo: extract
[16:56] <treo> ok, creating a filesystem is no problem
[16:57] <th> mount the (new) filesystem to something like /mnt/target or so
[16:57] <th> treo: i could give you a pre release of a desktop distribution if you like
[16:58] <th> hmm i'm afraid uploading will take some time
[16:58] <th> :-/
[16:59] <netrunner> argl. I just built linux24-src. and I got: linux24
[16:59] <treo> th: I think I could manage to build my own system :)
[17:00] <treo> but, how do I mount a swap? 
[17:00] <th> treo: you don't "mount" a swap
[17:00] <treo> I mean add
[17:00] <th> treo: create a partition (or another block device) for that
[17:00] <th> and:
[17:00] <th> mkswap BLOCKDEV
[17:00] <th> swapon BLOCKDEV
[17:00] <treo> ok :)
[17:02] <treo> ok
[17:02] <treo> next step
[17:02] <treo> getting the packages
[17:02] <th> so you want the buildbootstrap packages?
[17:02] <treo> where do I get them from?
[17:03] <treo> buildbootstrap? you mean that I build the packages myself?
[17:03] <th> no
[17:03] <th> i have released a set of packages
[17:03] <th> ~200MB
[17:03] <th> they contain everything you need to build everything else
[17:03] <treo> ok
[17:04] <th> http://treasury.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/official/pre-release/20040902-build_bootstrap/pkgs/
[17:05] <th> you mounted your /mnt/target?
[17:05] <treo> yes I did
[17:05] <th> how big?
[17:05] <netrunner> th: maybe you can have a look at the btsco thing? I don't know how to proceed as it seems that it wants 2.6 headers to compile against.
[17:05] <treo> 4.7GB
[17:06] <th> treo: ok so we can do it the easy way:
[17:06] <th> cd /mnt/target
[17:06] <th> mkdir src
[17:06] <th> cd src
[17:06] <th> wget -q -O - http://treasury.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/official/pre-release/20040902-build_bootstrap/pkgs/list | sed 's#^#wget http://treasury.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/official/pre-release/20040902-build_bootstrap/pkgs/#'
[17:06] <th> what do you get?
[17:06] <treo> server not found x) I have to configure my network card
[17:06] <th> netrunner: that was the thing that worked with and not with 2.6.7?
[17:07] <fake> netrunner: i will take a look really soon
[17:07] <th> treo: dhcp availebl?
[17:07] <treo> yes
[17:07] <th> treo: dhcp available?
[17:07] <netrunner> fake: thx
[17:07] <netrunner> th: no, it says it works from 2.6.7 on.
[17:07] <th> treo: so just do "dhcpcd"
[17:07] <treo> ok :)
[17:07] <th> netrunner: fake will solve that :-)
[17:07] <th> treo: "ip a" should show you an ip address than
[17:07] <th> treo: does it?
[17:07] <treo> yes
[17:08] <th> treo: so proceed with that wget command
[17:08] <fake> i'm generally interested in that. would save me the money for a headset for the car ;)
[17:08] <treo> ok
[17:09] <th> treo: it should show you 136 lines "wget URL"
[17:09] <th> treo: does it?
[17:12] <treo> I have some problems in finding the right keys on my german keyboard
[17:12] <th> loadkeys de
[17:13] <treo> cannon open includefile qwertz-layout
[17:13] <th> hmm sorry for that send me a bug report i'll fix that
[17:13] <th> treo: what key is missing?
[17:13] <th> treo: you dont find
[17:13] <treo> i did find it already :)
[17:14] <th> ok
[17:15] <treo> how much lines they are I don't now but they are quit much :)
[17:15] <th> treo: soon "rocket" should do the job for you
[17:15] <th> treo: ok
[17:16] <treo> ok, cat says they are 136
[17:16] <th> treo: so do the same again (remember to be in /mnt/target/src) and appen |sh to it
[17:16] <treo> ok download is running :)
[17:17] <th> treo: after that do: "mine -i -v -R /mnt/target *.gem"
[17:17] <th> install verbose with root at /mnt/target
[17:17] <treo> ok :) i'll try not to forget it :)
[17:17] <th> mine without any option should remind you
[17:17] <th>     mine -i [ -t ] [ -v ] [ -f ] [-x glob ] [ -R root ] package1.gem [ .. ]
[17:20] <treo> :)
[17:23] <fake> wee. 2.1-DEV with gcc34 patches using gcc32 just finished.
[17:24] <th> fake: and what's the status?
[17:26] <fake> 1321 builds total, 1304 completed fine, 17 with errors.
[17:27] <fake> netrunner: *sendingevilviews*
[17:27] <fake> avm/{ipw2100,slmodem,tpctl}
[17:27] <fake> these are regressions beacuse i update my hosts' kernel
[17:28] <fake> err
[17:28] <fake> updated the kernel in the ref build, but they keep asking unmae
[17:28] <fake> *uname
[17:28] <fake> make: *** /lib/modules/2.6.7-rock/build: No such file or directory.  Stop.
[17:30] <fake> nxcomp, wvdial and ripperx are the only 'real' gcc34 patch related regressions
[17:40] mnemoc_ (~amery@ left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[17:49] <fake> und nochmal....
[18:00] <treo> mine running ....
[18:00] <fake> netrunner: in the patch a file btsco.c is created
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: add #include <linux/compiler.h> directly after #include <linux/version.h>
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: that should fix it
[18:01] <fake> netrunner: but the update will be applied soon, i think
[18:01] <fake> probably before your patch will be applied
[18:04] <fake> ARGH!!!
[18:04] <fake> the weather hates me.
[18:04] <fake> now, exactly when Star Trek TNG is on, and i record it, it begins to rain like mad and my stream gets erroneous :(
[18:07] <treo> th: done, whats next?
[18:07] <treo> chroot /mnt/target ?
[18:08] <fake> .... dubdidub. down to 13 errors - build order problems, and quante is replaced by kdewebdev.
[18:10] mnemoc (~amery@ joined #rocklinux.
[18:14] <th> re
[18:14] <treo> wb th
[18:15] <th> treo: chroot into it; run ldconfig
[18:16] <th> set a password
[18:16] <th> perhaps you want to run stone now
[18:16] <th> (i seldom do that, so you are somewhat on your own)
[18:17] <th> you should add swap space to the fstab
[18:17] <fake> th is a hardliner ;)
[18:17] <th> i have my network based scripts, and no fun with GUIs
[18:18] <th> fake: btw: i'm uploading a first crystal.
[18:18] <th> fake: and yea - i'd agree to be a hardliner ;>
[18:24] <th> treo: in fact there are only a feew things you _need_ to do
[18:24] <treo> ok
[18:25] <fake> crsytal??
[18:25] <th> treo: ldconfig; set a password; add swap; set some system services (sshd, inetd, portmap) 
[18:25] <fake> crystal: i doubt that's an official one
[18:25] <th> treo: setting the timezone
[18:26] <th> fake: i'm not sure where to put it.
[18:26] <th> fake: i though about official pre-release
[18:26] <fake> th: your are NOT going to call it crystal ?!
[18:26] <th> fake: not sure about it either
[18:26] <fake> no you wont
[18:26] <th> fake: had no discussion about it yet
[18:27] <fake> clifford would kill you
[18:27] <fake> but how about a 2.0.3 release?
[18:27] <th> fake: it would NOT be put online as crystal without talking to cliff
[18:28] <th> fake: you can see a (not yet complete) 2.0.3 TODO in wiki
[18:28] <th> (personal-TODOs.txt)
[18:28] <fake> i see it
[18:28] <fake> (i updated it a few minutes ago)
[18:29] <th> fake: not yet complete cause i will consider: 2004090801102903109, 2004090819143829574, 2004090906475504994, 2004090907092620967, 2004091021520102113, 2004091517210702378, 2004091307221302719 and samba update
[18:30] <fake> th: i will not look up all those patch ids now
[18:30] <fake> what patches are those?
[18:30] <th> fake: thats kinda easy with Download -sm  :-)
[18:30] <th> wait
[18:30] <th> fake: i'll put it readable in wiki
[18:30] <fake> th: cool
[18:32] <th> fake: com'd
[18:32] <th> fake: the var/adm/desc/* causes ifenslave to be excluded from packages.db
[18:32] <fake> i recommend ntfsprogs (nothing depends on it)
[18:33] <fake> that's important, too, yes
[18:33] <th> lame is just because that would remove one patch
[18:33] <th> and having less patches is always on my mind
[18:33] <fake> i wouldn't insist on lame/libpng - but if a ref build goes through it's nice to have
[18:34] <fake> dhcp is not security related, iirc
[18:34] <th> i'd really prefer a vanilla libpng instead of that 1.2.5-all.patch
[18:34] <th> gsmp doesn't make it post splashscreen
[18:34] <th> just dumps core
[18:35] Action: treo is away: AFK
[18:35] <th> i need to consider whether the splash screen is worth it ;)
[18:35] <fake> th: yep
[18:35] <fake> th: it never did with gcc > 2.x
[18:35] <fake> remove it
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[18:58] Action: fake updating ruby
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[20:01] <fake> stell es auf O
[20:01] <fake> argh
[20:22] <fake> macht sinn.
[20:22] <fake> arghl
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[22:07] <pennemops> re
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[22:19] Action: treo is back (gone 03:43:58)
[22:29] Nick change: dsoul -> qmhzzkg
[22:29] Nick change: qmhzzkg -> zerfbnb
[22:30] Nick change: zerfbnb -> dsoul
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[23:29] <fake> dub-di-dub.
[23:46] <pennemops> hi fake 
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[23:52] <fake> hi owl
[00:00] --- Thu Sep 16 2004