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[00:13] <nzg> moin
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[02:46] <fake> re hi netrunner
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[07:50] <tcr> moin all
[07:51] <tcr> Anyone updated firefox already?
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[08:34] <blindcod1r> moin
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[08:50] <nzg> moin
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[08:58] <nzg> wb blindcoder
[08:59] <blindcoder> thx
[08:59] <blindcoder> looks like I have to replace two harddisks like... yesterday
[09:02] <nzg> both defect?
[09:02] <blindcoder> I have dmesg full of messages like: hdh not responding, ide3: reset, reset: successful
[09:03] <blindcoder> just rebooted and now running a fsck
[09:03] <nzg> hm, i have this sometimes with an ibm-disk which i know is defective because s.o. kicked it
[09:04] <nzg> brb... router-reset...
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[09:06] <nzg> re
[09:07] <blindcoder> wb
[09:07] <nzg> thx
[09:07] <blindcoder> well, I think it's something like that here, too
[09:07] <blindcoder> some files are gone now...
[09:08] <blindcoder> thank god there wasn't so much on this disk after I deleted it accidentally two weeks ago :/
[09:08] <nzg> maybe you shouldn't put anymore on it ;-)
[09:09] <blindcoder> atm I have no way of accessing the machine physically and no other means of saving data
[09:09] <blindcoder> I think I have no choice
[09:09] <blindcoder> attempt to access beyond end of device
[09:09] <blindcoder> is that bad? or really bad?
[09:10] <nzg> hm, is __really__bad__
[09:10] <blindcoder> thought so
[09:10] <nzg> can't you store the data somewhere else via network?
[09:11] <blindcoder> that's the only machine I have atm
[09:11] <blindcoder> but there isn't any important data there at least
[09:11] <nzg> hm, thats not so good.
[09:12] <blindcoder> well, the machine will move to my home next week
[09:12] <blindcoder> then I can work on it
[09:12] <blindcoder> and store anything I deem important on my 40GB USB drive *MUAHAHA*
[09:12] <nzg> well, i need to make myself ready for work now, a colleagu is coming in 30 min
[09:12] <nzg> USB-drive? uargs...
[09:13] <blindcoder> great for laptops
[09:13] <blindcoder> which is my #1 used machine since I bought it last december
[09:14] <nzg> i have one, which, dependent of the machine and usb-port shows itself as unpartitioned, with slow speed or on most of the pcs around not at all
[09:14] <blindcoder> works on each machine I tried it on
[09:14] <blindcoder> even Solaris/SPARC ones
[09:15] <nzg> k, thats good.
[09:15] <blindcoder> bought it for 80EUR on ebay including hard disk :)
[09:15] <nzg> so, i'm going to take a shower now.
[09:15] <nzg> got an 80GB one for around the same
[09:16] <blindcoder> nice :)
[09:16] <blindcoder> have fun
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[09:35] <nazzgul> blindcoder: thx... i will...1st job for today: drive with an a6 to a customer and install some office-modules
[09:39] <netrunner> nazzgul: can I have your job? ;)
[09:39] Action: netrunner wants an a6
[09:39] <nazzgul> you won't like it...
[09:39] <nazzgul> the a6 istn't mine :[
[09:39] <netrunner> nazzgul: you don't know my current one :)
[09:40] Action: nazzgul must code for windoze with mfc ...
[09:40] <nazzgul> thats what comes afterwards...
[09:40] <nazzgul> you know, there is always a bad side ;-)
[09:44] <netrunner> nazzgul: I hold customizing with rexx against it :)
[09:44] <nazzgul> hm, k - pat
[09:45] <nazzgul> so... afk...
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[10:12] <nzg> re
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[11:17] <th> moin
[11:20] <netrunner> hi th
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[11:22] <TxD> moin
[11:42] <pennemops> moin
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[12:02] <TxD> where can i add a windowmanager in the kdm? - i have compiled enlightenment, and i want to add it to the kdm 
[12:02] <TxD> and i dont know where ...
[12:06] <netrunner> TxD: in theory, you could run /etc/cron.daily/00-kdm  (or a similar file)
[12:09] <TxD> Creating kdm session scripts from ROCK wm registry ...
[12:09] <TxD> where is the rock wm registry ?
[12:09] <TxD> maybe i must add enlightenment there ...
[12:11] <netrunner> TxD: have you built the rock package? then it is automatically registered.
[12:11] <netrunner> it's somewhere in /usr/share
[12:12] <TxD> the rock-package of enlightenment ?
[12:12] <TxD> no, i have build it from source of enlightenment.org
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[12:17] <TxD> re
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[12:30] <blindy> hi
[12:30] <blindy> can someone tell me when blindcoder left?
[12:30] <th> hi blindy
[12:30] <th> wait
[12:30] <blindy> hi th
[12:30] <th> 09:16:58 < blindcoder> have fun
[12:30] <th> 09:51:41 -!- blindcoder [~blindcode@pD958FCD8.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Read error: 60 
[12:30] <th>           (Operation timed out)]
[12:31] <blindy> hmm, that's bad
[12:31] <th> (that was today)
[12:31] <blindy> because the internet connection died, not the machine
[12:31] <blindy> thanks
[12:32] <th> but you are blindcoder?
[12:32] <th> at work?
[12:32] <blindy> yes
[12:32] <th> i see
[12:32] <th> i noticed a problem with xjdic23
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[12:33] <blindy> what kind?
[12:33] <th> not a build error
[12:33] <th> but a "not so good" .conf
[12:33] <blindy> hmm
[12:33] <th> resulting in not deleted src dir
[12:33] <blindy> let me have a look
[12:33] <th> srcdir=. or something
[12:33] <th> perhaps you can avoid this somewhen
[12:34] <th> it does not seem to be a problem in trunk
[12:34] <blindy> remind me about it on the ML or private mail. I will have to do several things next week. I just today got the information that my DSL will be connected on Monday
[12:34] <th> ok
[12:34] <th> very well
[12:34] <th> i'll send you a note
[12:35] <blindy> thanks
[12:35] <th> @...homeip.net?
[12:35] <th> as in [M]
[12:36] <blindy> yes
[12:36] <th> ok
[12:36] <blindy> thanks. gotta get back to work now.
[12:36] <blindy> bye
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[15:30] <daja77> re
[15:34] <th> hi daja77 
[15:34] <th> daja77: back from ireland?
[15:34] <daja77> hi th
[15:34] <daja77> yep
[15:35] <daja77> landed 1.5h ago
[15:42] <pennemops> hi daja77 
[15:42] <daja77> hi pennemops 
[15:42] <daja77> hi owl ...
[15:44] <pennemops> *g*
[15:44] <[anders2]> *yawn*
[15:45] <pennemops> hi [anders2] !
[15:46] <[anders2]> lo owl
[15:54] <th> daja77: yesterday i wanted to ask you a question
[15:54] <th> hmmm
[15:56] <th> yea it was about how to get network working in qemu
[15:57] <daja77> haven't tried myself yet
[15:58] <th> kernel sees a rtl network card
[15:58] <th> thats ok
[15:58] <th> but did not get some bridged networking (bridged with host) to work
[15:58] <th> it even has an IP address set
[15:59] <daja77> guess i am still too tired to think about that atm
[15:59] <th> hehe
[15:59] <th> no matter
[15:59] <th> just gimme a note if you manage it somewhen later
[15:59] <blindcoder> hi hi and rehi
[15:59] <th> hi blindcoder 
[15:59] <daja77> ok
[15:59] <daja77> hi blindy
[15:59] <daja77> <- off
[15:59] <daja77> take care
[15:59] <th> cya daja77 
[16:33] treo (~xfman@D9814.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[16:33] <treo> hi
[16:36] <th> hi treo
[16:36] <th> treo: how is you machine going?
[16:37] <treo> I havn't done anything, a short after I had done the install I had to go, I came back late and still had to do some homework
[16:43] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:43] <madtux> hello
[17:22] <daja77> hi madtux 
[17:22] <madtux> hello dany boy.
[17:22] <daja77> <- back home :)
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[18:31] <netrunner> re
[18:31] <netrunner> daja77: so, how was it, url to pix?
[18:32] Action: netrunner flying to paris tomorrow
[18:32] <daja77> first i have to dump them
[18:32] <daja77> great, how comes?
[18:32] <netrunner> 2years with natalia
[18:33] <daja77> ah nice
[18:35] De_Elsasser (~eric@ANancy-110-1-7-130.w81-50.abo.wanadoo.fr) joined #rocklinux.
[18:35] <De_Elsasser> halli hallo
[18:36] <daja77> hi De_Elsasser 
[18:36] <treo> hi De_Elsasser 
[18:36] <De_Elsasser> problem: when i configure the network with stone i can't login internet
[18:37] <De_Elsasser> hallo daja77, the ireland is always nice?
[18:37] <De_Elsasser> hihi treo
[18:38] <daja77> De_Elsasser: jepp :)
[18:38] <De_Elsasser> it connect but it doesn't respond
[18:39] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: who does not respond?
[18:40] <De_Elsasser> the internet
[18:40] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: how do you connect? modem/isdn/dsl/drums/smokeß
[18:40] <th> bad internet
[18:40] <netrunner> no donut for you :)
[18:40] <De_Elsasser> adsl
[18:40] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: can you ping the other side? you can see the ip in /var/log/messages
[18:41] <De_Elsasser> doesn't tried:(
[18:41] <De_Elsasser> but I dont think so
[18:42] <De_Elsasser> i removed network and it goes 
[18:43] <De_Elsasser> i try per hand (if i disapered you know what...
[18:45] <De_Elsasser> it goes (i don't understand)
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[18:50] <De_Elsasser> all begins with "partage" internet to my sun....
[18:50] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: so it responds? can you ping the dns ip's you got? maybe your problem is resolving?
[18:51] <De_Elsasser> yes i can ping my net work, i have internet but not my sun...
[18:51] <treo> th: I'm a bit lost in configureing the system, can you give me some advice, maybe something like an initial todo list?
[18:51] <th> treo: whats your inital problem?
[18:52] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: so the box that connects to the inet has inet? your problem is routing inside your net?
[18:52] <De_Elsasser> yep
[18:52] Action: netrunner watching games on kgs
[18:53] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: and you want to configure it using rocknet? or self built commands?
[18:54] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: can your sun ping your router? 
[18:54] <treo> th: as I said, I'm a bit lost, I don't know what to do next (I had to much real life (ehm, real beer ^^))
[18:54] <De_Elsasser> rocklinux when it's go (i have kernel
[18:54] <th> treo: i don't know what you want to do with it.
[18:55] <treo> th: I want to use it as desktop distribution
[18:55] <netrunner> th: start mozilla, enter www.google.de
[18:55] <th> treo: so you need to build a desktop target i think
[18:55] <netrunner> s/th/treo/
[18:55] <th> netrunner: he has no x
[18:55] <netrunner> oh :)
[18:55] <treo> lynx :)
[18:56] <netrunner> treo: scripts/Emerge-Pkg xfree86    "could work" :)
[18:56] <th> treo: i think you will need a bit more HDD capacity to do a complete desktop build
[18:56] <De_Elsasser> is masquerade always in the kernel, i dont find it...
[18:58] <mnemoc> moin!
[18:59] <treo> th: I don't neet too much, just a working x11r6.8 and fluxbox and only a few apps
[18:59] <th> treo: you dont have more HDD?
[18:59] <th> treo: i'd really suggest to build a desktop distribution
[18:59] <th> treo: you can use that later
[19:00] <treo> or, can I build it on the local machine here and use the binaries on the notebook?
[19:00] <th> treo: sure
[19:00] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: normally it's modules
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[19:00] <th> treo: do you have some spare HDD capacity to get a build bootstrap package set to your local machine?
[19:00] <netrunner> De_Elsasser: iptable_nat
[19:00] <th> treo: or is your local machine already a rock?
[19:00] <netrunner> oh, no, ipt_MASQUERADE
[19:00] <treo> no, it is a debian
[19:01] <th> treo: don't know whether that would work
[19:01] <th> treo: has it devfs enabled?
[19:01] <treo> no
[19:01] <netrunner> th: I thought devfs is not needed any more?
[19:01] <th> netrunner: are you sure about it in 2.0?
[19:02] <netrunner> th: not sure. I know it is in for a long time, it could have been before the fork
[19:02] <th> treo: i would really suggest that package set i gave you for building
[19:02] <mnemoc> anyone know why i can get no access to display in my own DISPLAY after gdm?
[19:02] <mnemoc> (randomly)
[19:02] <th> mnemoc: because you remove your .Xauthority?
[19:02] <netrunner> mnemoc: maybe you lost your lo interface?
[19:03] <mnemoc> (i don't have devfsd here)
[19:03] <mnemoc> i'll check both
[19:03] <th> mnemoc: (devfsd or devfs?)
[19:03] <mnemoc> devfs_d_
[19:03] <th> mnemoc: i said devfs ;)
[19:03] <mnemoc> oh :p
[19:04] <th> treo: can you install rock on your local machine?
[19:04] <mnemoc> you don't need devfs on your host machine on a build
[19:04] <th> mnemoc: are you sure about that for 2.0?
[19:04] <netrunner> mnemoc: yes, but is this in 2.0 also?
[19:04] <netrunner> :)
[19:04] <treo> th: I can set up a vmware
[19:04] <mnemoc> 99% ... let me check
[19:04] <netrunner> I give 70% on yes
[19:04] <th> treo: would perform really bad
[19:04] <treo> ok
[19:05] <th> treo: it might even work
[19:05] Action: netrunner booting a knoppix
[19:05] <mnemoc> netrunner: god test
[19:05] <mnemoc> +o
[19:05] <th> treo: you can extract the buildbootstrap packages into a dir on you local machine
[19:05] <th> treo: chroot into it and try to build there
[19:05] <th> netrunner: but don't come back before a complete refbuild succeeded ;)
[19:06] <mnemoc> hehehe
[19:06] <netrunner> th: I come back on monday :)
[19:06] <treo> th: do you speak german?
[19:06] <th> netrunner: ok ;)
[19:07] <th> treo: not inside this channel
[19:07] <treo> query?
[19:07] <th> treo: ok
[19:07] <mnemoc> # grep -lr mknod scripts/*
[19:07] <mnemoc> scripts/Build-Pkg
[19:07] <mnemoc> 10 times
[19:15] <mnemoc> is ibm-java distributable?
[19:22] <netrunner> knoppix has no /usr/bin/time ... that crashes the build :)
[19:23] <netrunner> 3
[19:24] <th> netrunner: do you have some hdd space to mount at knoppix?
[19:24] <th> netrunner: you could extract build bootstrap
[19:25] <mnemoc> netrunner: `time` location is hardcoded on our scritps?
[19:25] <netrunner> mnemoc: well, it fails with this message
[19:26] <netrunner> scripts/Build-Pkg:              /usr/bin/time -o "$root/var/adm/cache/$xpkg.tm" \
[19:26] <netrunner> is there no shell variable that contains the actual time? 
[19:26] <mnemoc> nope
[19:27] <mnemoc> type -p time    :p
[19:27] <th> netrunner: where is time at knoppix?
[19:27] <th> lol
[19:28] <netrunner> no time there.
[19:28] <th> i've no time either ;]
[19:34] <mnemoc> Emerge time doesn't work?
[19:36] <netrunner> mnemoc: probably not, it needs time to create the unique id :)
[19:37] <mnemoc> my branch use dd if=/dev/urandom to do that
[19:40] <netrunner> maybe it's just to display the time, at least it fails there :)
[19:41] <th> netrunner: echo "#!/bin/sh\necho \"it's late\"" > /usr/bin/time ; chmod 755 /usr/bin/time
[19:41] <mnemoc> LOL
[19:43] <netrunner> 3
[19:44] <netrunner> th: read only fs
[19:44] <th> netrunner: that's bad
[19:45] <th> netrunner: try to extract buildbootstrap packages
[19:45] <th> about 200MB of package date
[19:45] <netrunner> th: not now.
[19:45] <th> netrunner: ok.
[19:54] <mnemoc> netrunner: mount -t tempfs /mnt/foo; cp -dR /usr/bin/* /mnt/foo; mount -t tempfs /usr/bin; cp -dR /mnt/foo /usr/bin; umount /mnt/foo      ^^
[19:55] <th> mount --bind /mnt/foo /usr/bin
[19:55] <th> ;>
[20:02] <mnemoc> cheaper :)
[20:09] <mnemoc> http://www.kaffe.org/ <--- do you know this?
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[20:32] <netrunner> -bash: /usr/bin/pstoimg: /R.build/athlon_mp-2.0.1-x86-athlon-mp-32-generic-expert/root/usr/bin/perl: bad interpreter: No such file or directory
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[20:39] <mnemoc> netrunner: knoppix?
[20:40] <netrunner> rock
[20:43] <netrunner> anybody here has experience with paris public transport?
[20:44] <th> it's called "metro"
[20:44] tcr (~tcr@p54879CF4.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[20:45] <th> http://www.schaepp.de/metro/
[21:27] <treo> I'm sick -.-' so I'll go sleeping now
[21:27] <treo> cya
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[21:50] <pennemops> re
[21:56] Action: netrunner just printed 20 pages info about paris :)
[22:02] <tfing> netrunner: when is it that you are coming ?
[22:02] <netrunner> tfing: my plane goes tomorrow 10:50
[22:02] <tfing> oh
[22:02] <netrunner> only for the weekend.
[22:04] <tfing> that's still nice
[22:04] <tfing> i hope you 2 will have a sweet weekend ;)
[22:05] mnemoc_ (~amery@ joined #rocklinux.
[22:05] <netrunner> tfing: yes, full plan :)
[22:07] mnemoc (~amery@ left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
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[22:31] <fake> moin
[22:31] <th> moin fake 
[22:32] <fake> so it's gonna be six weeks... *sigh*
[22:32] <th> hmm?
[22:32] <fake> i'm gonna be AFK for 6 weeks, starting next wednesday
[22:33] <th> AFK for 6 weeks?
[22:33] <fake> AFK as in 'might get a console for a few hours in the weekend'
[22:33] <fake> on weekend? whatever.
[22:33] <th> what are you doing?
[22:33] <fake> things...
[22:33] <th> oh
[22:34] <fake> th: so ask your questions to be answered by me for 2.0.3 until then ;)
[22:34] <th> 2.0.3 roadmap is straight
[22:35] <fake> how's the build?
[22:36] <th> koffice[5]
[22:36] <th> 2186 builds total, 697 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[22:36] <th> i expect it to finish in about 48 hours.
[22:43] <fake> hm
[22:43] <fake> sw33t,
[22:43] <th> jo know of the last one?
[22:44] <th> sure you do
[22:44] <mnemoc_> th: did you solved ldap thing?
[22:45] <th> mnemoc_: yes
[22:45] <th> mnemoc_: long time ago
[22:45] <th> mnemoc_: it was just sasl related
[22:45] <th> mnemoc_: two days ago a complete refbuild including stage9 finished with 0 errors.
[22:47] <mnemoc_> zero errors? every X package?
[22:47] <th> mnemoc_: ack
[22:47] <th> mnemoc_: you should get this result with the current 2.0-stable head
[22:48] <th> (if your build host is sane)
[22:48] <mnemoc_> it is :)
[22:48] <th> but i've released a build-boot-strap package set
[22:48] <th> and my build machines run this
[22:49] <th> mnemoc_: and you can have a look at my TODO in rock-wiki to see a 2.0.3 roadmap
[22:50] <th> mnemoc_: perhaps i can convince you to end your fork today and contribute to 2.0-stable again? ;-)
[22:50] <mnemoc_> this wee.... month i can do almost nothing
[22:51] <mnemoc_> i guess i'll to a second branch of my stable branch to create patches for the updates and fixes only
[22:51] <th> grammar?
[22:52] <mnemoc_> i guess i'll [have] to [make] a second branch of my stable branch to create patches for the updates and fixes only
[22:52] <th> ahh i see
[22:53] <th> how does your current branch differ from 2.0-stable?
[22:55] <fake> what is a good name for -O3 opt. ?
[22:55] <th> fanaticism?
[22:56] <daja77> das is ja lahm
[22:57] <fake> daja77! hi!
[22:57] <fake> how's ireland?
[22:58] <daja77> hi fake 
[22:58] <daja77> damn wrong chan ^^
[22:58] <daja77> ireland was nice
[22:58] <daja77> i am back home again
[22:59] <fake> i guessed so - no internet cafe's there? only pubs? *g*
[23:01] <daja77> there are plenty of internet cafes there
[23:01] <daja77> but they are expensive ...
[23:03] <fake> douh.
[23:03] <mnemoc_> th: rock-2.0-mnemoc (my stable) has some extra packages and some updates which don't merge in rock-trunk, some tiny tools, improvements to work with runit and my target
[23:04] <mnemoc_> rock-2.0-devel has lot of uncommited changes which demotivate me to start commiting
[23:04] <th> "which don't merge" as in "which can't merge cause XYZ" or "which i don't want to merge"?
[23:05] <fake> mnemoc_: 2.0-devel != 2.1-dev !
[23:05] <mnemoc_> i work over 2.0, so my patches would fail to apply on trunk, and as i don't want to send you changes not approved on trunk i should take the time to create an rock-2.1-mnemoc
[23:06] <mnemoc_> fake: rock-2.0 -> rock-2.0-mnemoc -> rock-2.0-devel
[23:06] <mnemoc_> fake: using some nasty 'fixes' to submaster structure
[23:06] <fake> but rock-2.0 doesn't have many uncomitted changes!
[23:06] <fake> only a few at a time
[23:07] <mnemoc_> fake: my pacakges are _very_ outdated on trunk
[23:07] <fake> trunk is NOT rock-2.0!
[23:07] <mnemoc_> fake: i guess i know that
[23:07] <netrunner> fake: there is a 2.1/trunk and a 2.0/trunk
[23:08] <fake> if you forked off 2.0.0 then your packages should work with 2.0.x
[23:08] <fake> netrunner: there is a rock-linux/trunk and a rock-linux/branches/2.0-stable
[23:08] <mnemoc_> fake: yes, i can send lot of updates to 2.0 but i _think_ i should send them to 2.1 first
[23:08] <pennemops> gn8
[23:08] <fake> mnemoc_: of course, that would be *perfect* ;)
[23:09] <fake> n8 owl!
[23:09] <fake> netrunner: did you read what i wrote about bt-sco yesterday?
[23:09] <mnemoc_> that's where my problem is, i have had no time to merge my changes to a rock-2.1-mnemoc
[23:09] <mnemoc_> to send patches to rock-2.1
[23:09] <netrunner> fake: no.
[23:09] <fake> *grmbl*
[23:10] <fake> playing that idling game again? ;)
[23:10] Action: netrunner browsing to .irclog
[23:10] Action: fake tired...
[23:10] <fake> drink coffe, stay up and do some stuff or 
[23:10] <fake> drink beer, watch a movie and go to sleep... 
[23:10] <fake> .. hm ...
[23:12] <netrunner> fake: I left right after that, earn a bit money with designing home networks ... and creating a new hotspot :)
[23:12] <netrunner> fake: the include didn't help me.
[23:12] <netrunner> fake: it just shifted the problem to other errors, dependencies on headers I only found in 2.6
[23:12] <netrunner> fake: I will retry it on monday or so.
[23:13] mistik1 (rasta@ool-44c02704.dyn.optonline.net) left irc: Read error: 113 (No route to host)
[23:13] <fake> netrunner: i must admit, i didn't test it
[23:14] <fake> this append-to-cutsom-kernel-config-thing is ugly... somehow...
[23:22] <netrunner> fake: why? one could invent an automatism for that ... but it works.
[23:22] <netrunner> var_append kernel_yes "BLUBBER_BLA"
[23:23] <netrunner> var_append kernel_mod "FOO_BAR"
[23:23] <netrunner> var_append kernel_no "ME_NOT"
[23:23] <netrunner> oh ... with weightings maybe.
[23:24] <netrunner> and automatic exlusitivity.
[23:24] <fake> sure it works, but not as i'd expect it. i don't want my kernel config to be modified, if i supply it, for example.
[23:24] <fake> but that's not too important, after all, just 2 packages do it.
[23:24] <netrunner> fake: then don't select the options.
[23:24] <netrunner> fake: this is why they are off by default
[23:24] <fake> i dont ;)
[23:25] <netrunner> 3
[23:25] <netrunner> I know of bootsplash, uml_utilities and now bt-sco
[23:25] <netrunner> I like it. I also like the conditional kernel patching.
[23:25] <fake> oh, i wasn't aware of uml_utilities
[23:25] <netrunner> my baby.
[23:26] <netrunner> and it works, surprisingly :)
[23:26] <fake> hehe.
[23:26] <fake> self-esteem-problems? 
[23:26] <netrunner> fake: scripts/Create-UMLRootfs
[23:27] <fake> i've seen it flying by the bash tabcompletion, but never used it, to be honest.
[23:27] Action: fake was in munich all day
[23:27] <fake> i thought about calling you so we could hack a bit
[23:27] <netrunner> is only half-complete. it can create the fs, autoguess a size, and copy everything.
[23:27] <fake> but then i decided to call a nice, young, good-looking female friend first - and she had time, so... ;))
[23:28] <netrunner> fake: [X] send pix
[23:28] <netrunner> fake: [X] send number :)
[23:28] <fake> netrunner: that remindes me, i indeed did a cool pic
[23:28] <fake> it's on my cellphone... let's see if obexftp now works.
[23:28] <netrunner> yes, those new cellphones do a good job as spycam
[23:29] <fake> actually, she told me to take it
[23:29] <netrunner> I am not sure if I want to know all details
[23:29] <th> fake: forget about obexftp
[23:29] <th> fake: use obexserver
[23:30] <th> fake: [2004091202432223192]
[23:30] <fake> mkay
[23:30] <fake> obexftp sucked. i couldn't change into my 'Images' folder.
[23:31] <fake> then i compiled kdebluetooth and didn't bother looking at obexftp again ;)
[23:31] Action: netrunner going to bed, n8
[23:32] <netrunner> cu monday
[23:33] Action: fake wants ARP for bluetooth
[23:35] <fake> n8 netrunner 
[23:44] <fake> it doesn't work :(
[23:44] <th> fake: what does not work?
[23:44] <fake> obexserver
[23:45] <th> i use it
[23:45] <th> fake: gimme details
[23:45] <fake> 'connection failed' on my cellphone
[23:45] <th> fake: started hcid and sdpd?
[23:46] <th> fake: used sdptool to add OPUSH channel?
[23:46] <fake> jep
[23:46] <fake> no.
[23:46] <th> sdptool add --channel=10 OPUSH
[23:47] <fake> nothing...
[23:48] SeFoKumA (~zienaga@61.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net) joined #rocklinux.
[23:48] SeFoKumA (~zienaga@61.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net) left #rocklinux ("Abandonando").
[23:49] <fake> it's not in the service list
[23:49] <fake> grmbl
[23:50] <fake> aaah
[23:50] <fake> now it works.
[23:50] <fake> kewl...
[23:51] <fake> http://f4k3.net/~fake/the-fake.jpg
[23:52] <fake> obexserver is cool
[23:52] <th> fake: that's why netrunner packaged it
[23:52] <fake> is there some kind of howto attached?
[23:52] <fake> or readme or manpage or something?
[23:52] <th> for doing what?
[23:52] <th> no
[23:53] <th> just the plain source
[23:53] <fake> that i remember to do sdptool add --channel=10 OPUSH ;)
[23:53] <th> [D] 3091185351 obexserver.c http://www.frasunek.com/sources/unix/
[23:53] <th> fake: that info is in my personal repository of knowledge ;)
[23:54] <fake> svn co svn://teha/trunk th-brain
[23:54] <th> th/knowledge/blue.txt
[23:54] <th> and it's still cvs
[23:54] <fake> svn cp svn://th/knowledge/blue.txt svn://fake/knowlegde/blue-from-th.txt
[23:54] <fake> oh my
[23:55] <fake> that's why that last command failed
[23:55] <th> i created that repo "Apr 18  2001"
[23:55] Action: fake doing a 'transmeta crusoe' optimized build for testing...
[23:56] <fake> o_O
[23:56] <fake> why exactly on 18th of april?\
[23:56] <fake> that date reminds me of something
[23:56] <fake> it's rene's ex-girlfriend's birtday
[23:56] <fake> .oO( why do i know that ? )
[00:00] --- Fri Sep 17 2004