--- Log opened Sat Sep 18 00:00:13 2004
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00:20:33<Estudiante> have you seen mike?
00:21:42<fake> he was here, yes
00:37:50<Estudiante> mike cr?
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00:38:58<c4y0> hi
00:45:42* fake is going insane
00:45:47<fake> Estudiante: yes
00:46:03<fake> glibc 2.3.3 and glibc 2.3.4-cvs have bug that makes it IMpossible to crosscompile them.
00:46:14<fake> but nobody cares!
00:46:59<fake> they add -mabi={32,n32,...} to the CFLAGS
00:47:35<fake> of course, a standard x86 gcc doesn't support that...
00:52:59ωνω Signoff Estudiante: #rocklinux ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.2.4")
01:09:17<rugek> fake: is using xfree by default?
01:14:34<fake> rugeK: what?
01:14:40<rugek> sorry
01:14:57<rugek> fake: is rock using xfree instead of xorg by default?
01:15:24<fake> rugek: a xorg package is in the works.
01:15:36<fake> you can find an experimental patch that adds it in submaster
01:16:35<rugek> okay
01:20:46<fake> but i'd recommend using xfree for now
01:20:58<fake> the patch isn't yet stable
01:36:15<fake> ha! gotcha.
01:37:44<fake> for mips64 the configure script already tries to add -mabi=n32. this is soooo disgusting...
01:40:21<rugek> :)
01:44:52<fake> now submaster seems to be down, too :(
01:45:54<rugek> http also
01:46:03<fake> *sniff*
01:46:15<fake> now that i want to send my mips updates..
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02:25:27<fake> hi BoS
02:27:41<rugek> hmm
02:27:50<rugek> there are some wrong/old urls
02:28:06<fake> oh, which?
02:28:20ωνω Signoff BoS_: #rocklinux (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
02:28:28<fake> (the files should be on the mirrors)
02:29:25<rugek> http://dist.rugek.net/Download-Errors
02:30:11<fake> rugek: did you try the mirrors?
02:30:52<fake> (i will of course fix those as soon as submaster is reachable again...)
02:33:11<rugek> call me a mirror please
02:33:43<fake> hm, you should simply delete src/Download-Mirror and re-start the download
02:33:51<fake> the fastest mirror is then auto-detected
02:34:39<rugek> do you mean download/Mirror?
02:35:22<rugek> there is no src/Download-Mirror
02:35:29<fake> oh, sure
02:35:35<fake> ... that was -stable. 
02:37:36<rugek> doesn't change anything :/
02:38:20<fake> it autodetects which mirror?
02:38:43<fake> (don't worry, worst case i can send you the files)
02:39:14<rugek> ahh 
02:39:15<rugek> hehe
02:40:02<rugek> the script get the mirror-list over a cgi-script from rocklinux.org
02:40:28<rugek> and the server is still down
02:40:44<fake> oh...
02:40:50<fake> wait, ill send you a mirror
02:40:55<fake> *paste
02:41:32<fake> echo "http://ftp.leo.org/pub/comp/os/unix/linux/ROCKlinux/ROCK-2.1" > download/Mirror
02:43:09<rugek> ahh
02:43:12<rugek> very good :)
02:43:13<rugek> thx
02:46:28<rugek> huhu
02:46:54<rugek> this sucks, i can't find this makeinfo file in my ports :/
02:47:28<fake> ports?
02:47:37<fake> you are trying to build on BSD?
02:47:53<rugek> no, on crux
02:48:02<fake> makeinfo is part of texinfo
02:48:10<rugek> ik
02:48:39<fake> texinfo is a vital package...
02:49:13<rugek> i'm going to build it from scratch
02:49:38<fake> if you're on x86 or ppc or sparc i could provide you with a statified 'makeinfo'
02:57:40<rugek> building :)
03:04:12ωνω blindcod1r is now known as blindcoder
03:04:16<blindcoder> moin
03:04:19<blindcoder> anyone here?
03:04:23<rugek> moin blindcoder 
03:04:29<blindcoder> moin rugek 
03:04:59<blindcoder> do you know a bit about GPRS?
03:05:09<rugek> nope
03:05:31<blindcoder> damn
03:13:25<blindcoder> okay, me gone again
03:19:46<fake> root@junk:/boot# grep CONFIG_EL3 kconfig_2.4.26-rock
03:19:46<fake> CONFIG_EL3=m
03:19:46<fake> root@junk:/boot# grep CONFIG_EL3 kconfig_2.6.7-rock
03:19:46<fake> CONFIG_EL3=m
03:19:49<fake> urgh
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05:23:58<treo> moin :)
05:24:53<daja77> moin treo 
05:29:30<fake> arr.
05:29:35<fake> hi treo, hi daja77 
05:33:54ωνω De_Elsasser [~eric@ASte-Genev-Bois-102-1-4-129.w80-11.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #rocklinux
07:04:39<SerWou> hello the chan
07:05:11<fake> hi SerWou 
07:05:32<SerWou> what's up fake
07:05:50<fake> uhm
07:06:18<fake> sparc64 , mips64 and -O3 ;)
07:06:45<SerWou> damned
07:06:49<SerWou> i'm sure you can help me ;)
07:06:56<SerWou> i'm a rock newbie
07:07:00<fake> go ahead
07:07:03<SerWou> just read quickly the doc
07:07:10<SerWou> i have to install vmware
07:07:18<fake> uuh
07:07:19<SerWou> got the tar.gz on the DD
07:07:26<SerWou> what command do i have to run
07:07:29<SerWou> i can remenber
07:07:32<SerWou> can't*
07:08:02<fake> tar xfvz vmware-blablubb-whatever.tgz 
07:08:12<fake> cd vmware-install (or so) 
07:08:20<fake> ./vmware-install.pl (or so) ?
07:08:29<SerWou> well
07:08:35<fake> you may need to un-comment the MKOLDCOMPAT line in /etc/devfsd.conf
07:08:44<fake> and re-start devfsd
07:08:50<SerWou> there is not ./script/emerge-pkgconfig something ?
07:09:07<fake> for vmware? vmware is commercial product, not re-distributable
07:09:26<SerWou> right ;)
07:09:34<SerWou> i forgot ;)
07:09:37<fake> i'd urge you to use qemu instead...
07:09:52<SerWou> qemu is good ?
07:10:06<fake> qemu is open source and okay wrt. to speed
07:10:17<fake> not as fast as vmware, though
07:10:50<SerWou> i have to run some Graphics programs, like Photoshop CS, Director MX, Dreamweaver MX and Flash Mx for school
07:11:16<SerWou> there is also CrossOverOffice
07:11:39<fake> Photoshop = gimp ;)
07:11:45<fake> Dreamweaver and Flash suck ;)
07:11:57<fake> kwebdev / quante for web pages ?
07:12:06<fake> don't use flash, use SVG ;)
07:12:57<SerWou> i have a formation on them, i have to work at the university and at home with them
07:13:04<SerWou> i don't have the choice
07:13:08<SerWou> by the way
07:13:21<SerWou> Never say Photoshop = Gimp
07:13:28<SerWou> or i gonna kick your ass ;)
07:13:34<fake> Photoshop == gimp ! ;))
07:13:43<SerWou> Paint Shop Pro = Gimp
07:13:55<SerWou> Photoshop != Gimp is ok ;)
07:14:10<fake> nah, whatever. gimp can do image manipulation - i never missed a feature
07:14:35<fake> i know, the macromedia stuff is pretty islandish
07:14:36<SerWou> nononoon
07:16:09<fake> <- not a graphic/design kind of person
07:16:15<fake> i don't have taste ;)
07:16:16<SerWou> hehe
07:16:30<SerWou> i understood that when you told me PS = Gimp ;) ;)
07:16:51<fake> i click around an do stuff with an image. thats what both have in common ;)
07:16:57<fake> plus, both support plugins.
07:17:34<SerWou> true
07:17:48<SerWou> so
07:18:32<SerWou> i'm scarred "to do the pig" on my 3D Rocklinux Workstation 
07:20:11<fake> a 3d workstation?
07:20:17<fake> blender?
07:21:01<SerWou> yes
07:21:04<SerWou> Maya 
07:21:14<SerWou> Maybe XSI and houdini soon
07:21:34<SerWou> but also Video-Compositing with Shake, Nuke and Piranha
07:22:01<SerWou> perhaps you know Shake and Nuke ?
07:22:40ωνω Signoff De_Elsasser: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
07:26:25<fake> no, never heard of it
07:28:16<SerWou> Shake composited Matrix, Titanic, etc.. Nuke works a lot on LOTR for exemple ;) or the "Day after Tomorrow"
07:28:41<fake> hui.
07:28:59<fake> open source? *g*
07:29:40<SerWou> almost ;)
07:30:49<SerWou> well
07:30:51<SerWou> brb
07:30:53<fake> jop
07:30:53<SerWou> lunch time here
07:31:06<fake> may it be tasty.
07:31:10<fake> ;)
07:31:16<SerWou> of course
07:31:31<SerWou> i'm French ;) Tasty food is the way it should be ;)
07:31:56<daja77> hehe
07:31:56<SerWou> BRB
07:34:13<fake> but your beer is ugly.
07:34:15<fake> *g*
07:36:36<daja77> <- drunk beer in .ie
07:38:31<fake> black beer?
07:39:53ωνω netcrow [~netcrow@apollo.bingo-ev.de] has joined #rocklinux
07:41:49<fake> hi netcrow...
07:42:01<fake> as soon as one starts to talk about beer, netcrow shows up.
07:45:45<daja77> hehe
07:45:49<daja77> fake: yep
07:45:57<fake> daja77: good?
07:45:58<netcrow> hi fake!
07:46:03<fake> netcrow! cheers!
07:46:26<daja77> it was ok, if you take into account that i usually do not drink beer at all ...
07:46:32<fake> oh.
07:46:36<fake> what a shame... ;)
07:46:40<daja77> :D
07:46:49<fake> netcrow: how's youre project doing?
07:47:39<netcrow> finished, last friday
07:48:27<netcrow> exact before the wiesn began`s ..
07:48:27<fake> really? alread handed in?
07:48:35<netcrow> ohoh my english is very bad
07:48:52<fake> right now it's ok, no native english speakers awake, it seems
07:49:06<fake> wiesn time is the worth time of the year
07:49:15<netcrow> no, next week i will hand it in 
07:49:18<fake> munich stinks when it's wiesn' time...
07:49:54<fake> netcrow: so it's the winter test you attend?
07:50:35<netcrow> yep, 23.11, there is the first exam
07:50:47<fake> poor netcrow...
07:50:51* fake glad to have it finished
07:51:31<fake> but you'll do it.
07:51:45<fake> will the firm keep you if you finish the tests?
07:51:49<netcrow> i hope ;)
07:52:18<fake> i bet you've become an unexchangeable member of eteleon...
07:52:29<netcrow> hehe
07:52:43<fake> besides, if you use your dog-like face, they won't resist *g*
07:54:55<netcrow> "mal schauen was die zukunft bringt" (in english something like "foresight")
07:55:29<fake> jep, don't trouble yourself - it's not like you have a family you need to feed or something
07:57:36<netcrow> the main thing is think is that i had something to do...whatever it will be 
07:58:13<fake> you could work full-time on rock if they throw you out ;)
07:58:46<fake> boy, that move in Pro7 is SOOO bad!
07:58:49<fake> *movie
07:58:59<netcrow> working for beer and bread ;-)=
07:59:17<fake> hehe
08:00:01<netcrow> now, you can watch intv via sat
08:00:02<fake> but the girls are beautiful, and nothing better is on
08:00:08<fake> really? also via DVB?
08:00:40<fake> gimme transponder, SID, PID and AID please ;)
08:01:12<netcrow> Kennung: LokalSAT 
08:01:12<netcrow> Position: 19,2° Ost 
08:01:12<netcrow> Transponder: 87 
08:01:12<netcrow> Frequenz: 12.148,5 MHz 
08:01:14<netcrow> Polarisation: horizontal 
08:01:17<netcrow> Symbolbericht: 27,5 MSymb/s 
08:01:19<netcrow> FEC: 3/4 
08:01:22<netcrow> sorry
08:01:54<fake> that's analogue...
08:02:06<netcrow> for the linebreaks.
08:02:35<netcrow> sure?
08:03:01<fake> there's no multiplex on that frequency
08:03:02<netcrow> http://www.intv.de/aktuelles/main_aktionen.htm
08:03:11<fake> oh, i'll take a look
08:04:11<fake> Tδglich zwischen 19.00 und 20.00 Uhr, sowie zwischen 22.00 und 23.00 Uhr
08:04:14<fake> ha-ha-ha...
08:04:24<fake> that are... TWO HOURS A DAY
08:04:36<fake>  Astra digital, 
08:04:36<netcrow> hehe
08:04:38<fake> cool
08:04:42<fake> maybe steffi is on
08:04:43<fake> ;)
08:04:49<netcrow> lol
08:05:50<netcrow> my reciever has no digits and menu`s 
08:06:06<fake> there are vital informations missing if that really is digital TV
08:06:12<netcrow> receiver
08:06:26<fake> the first one was right, iirc
08:06:41<fake> no
08:06:42<fake> the latter
08:06:54<netcrow> hφ! ;-)
08:07:19<SerWou> back
08:07:41<fake> re hi SerWou 
08:07:59<SerWou> ;)
08:08:04<fake> netcrow: if it's astra digital, you'll have no luck with an analogue receiver
08:08:25<fake> netcrow: i could stream the MPEG-ProgramStream ;)
08:08:33<fake> 15MB/s
08:08:42<fake> MBit
08:09:33<netcrow> oha, to big for me ;=
08:09:39<netcrow> too
08:10:03<fake> for me, either
08:10:38<netcrow> could it be? -> digital lnb, and analog receiver?
08:11:04<fake> http://www.intv.de/sender/mitarbeiter/main_produktion.htm
08:11:08<fake> hehe
08:11:10<fake> there's steffi
08:12:41<fake> netcrow: you can use a digital LNB with an analogue reciever, but not the other way round
08:13:21<fake> i have a crappy digital LNB it seems, i loose my signal when it's raining really hard...
08:14:04<netcrow> me too..
08:14:44<netcrow> i don`t watch lot of tv
08:15:12* fake 's got i running most of the time, without really watching
08:15:25<fake> just so i don't feel sooo aloooone... *cries(
08:15:26<fake> ;)
08:17:16<netcrow> http://www.stern.de/computer-technik/telefon/index.html?id=528870&nv=cp_L2_rt
08:18:06<fake> i want that
08:18:19<fake> a real friend that's always with me ;)
08:21:01<netcrow> your notebook ;)
08:51:33<fake> hrmpf
08:51:48<fake> it's hard to test a load meter if the load is always > 1 ;)
09:13:51<fake> on a unicprocessor system.
09:20:33<fake> haaahahaha.
09:20:38<fake> the cobalt can't count
09:25:49<fake> cool!
09:26:21<fake> i've got running on the cobalt!
09:33:39<fake> new caching code - much faster
09:36:54ωνω You're now known as mnemoc
09:37:34<mnemoc> moin
09:37:38<fake> hi mnemoc 
09:37:42<mnemoc> hi fake 
09:38:19<fake> svn, http, submaster... everything down... ;(
09:38:46<fake> hey, that reminds me
09:38:52<fake> i'm gonna call clifford now
09:40:25<mnemoc> have it been down since yesterday?
09:47:38<fake> somewhen tonight
09:47:45* fake woke up clifford :(
09:49:58<mnemoc> hehehe
09:58:37ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux (Read error: 238 (Connection timed out))
09:59:55<SerWou> anyone knows a good terminal ?
10:00:04<SerWou> like gnome-terminal or better ?
10:00:07<fake> konsole!
10:00:11<SerWou> right
10:00:17<SerWou> i was looking for this name
10:00:32<fake> mnemoc: trying to access svn ?
10:01:00<mnemoc> nope :p  ... i have to fix my mess before trying to sync my submaster repos 
10:01:07<fake> ok
10:04:58<mnemoc> is gnome 2.8 too much change? (considering only .conf files and deps, not ABI)
10:05:19<fake> i dont think so
10:26:19<SerWou> Konsole looks cool, do you know if i can find it without install KDE and install it to on my Rocklinux system ?
10:33:24<fake> no.
10:33:39<fake> not no, i don't know, but no, that won't work.
10:33:52<fake> you'll at least nead Qt, kdelibs and kdebase
10:36:25<blindcoder> hi hi antd rehi
10:38:03<fake> hi blindcoder 
10:38:41ωνω [anders2] [~snafu@82-68-84-60.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #rocklinux
10:43:16<blindcoder> moin fake
10:43:33* blindcoder currently lagging, because I'm online with GPRS
10:44:52<mnemoc> is EDGE available there?
10:47:10<blindcoder> no idea
10:47:18<blindcoder> but DSL will be here on Monday
10:47:45<blindcoder> just wanted to check up on a few thing
10:47:50<blindcoder> s
10:49:04ωνω clifford_ [~clifford@] has joined #rocklinux
10:51:07<mnemoc> hi clifford_ 
10:52:47<clifford_> hi all.
10:53:01<SerWou> hy clifford
11:26:45ωνω madtux [~mike@] has joined #rocklinux
11:26:49<madtux> good day
11:28:02<fake> hi mike1
11:30:32<fake> futurama is on!
11:30:36<fake> *jumparound*
11:34:01<madtux> fake: hello.
11:34:04<madtux> enjoy!
12:08:30<Togg> fake: where is futurama on?
12:08:42<mnemoc> tv?
12:08:48<Togg> hmm
12:08:53<Togg> new season?
12:09:16<madtux> what's tv?
12:09:30<Togg> I also dont watch tv
12:10:04<madtux> oh you guys are talking those uselessand inferior boxeas that look like monitors?
12:10:23<Togg> nah like tft
12:11:46<fake> Togg: already finished
12:12:16<fake> madtux: that machines that make you feel less alone ;)
12:12:27<fake> now it's voyager ;)
12:12:33<Togg> cool
12:12:38<Togg> too sad i dont have tv
12:12:54<Togg> but i watched all voyager seasons some year ago
12:13:08<Togg> was a nice week :)
12:14:10<madtux> fake: hehe
12:20:37* fake will got to bed soon
12:20:53<madtux> bed?!
12:21:03<madtux> u ok man
12:21:07<madtux> ?
12:22:20<fake> i'm awake ~24 hours now
12:23:00<fake> i'm not really tired, but i'm unable to concentrate...
12:23:18<mnemoc> fake: what about the coffee?
12:23:23<madtux> fake: yeah i guess some rest could be quite apropiate
12:23:49<madtux> mnemoc: only mortals need coffee
12:23:50<madtux> :)
12:24:02<fake> mnemoc: caffeine only intensivise the feeling of being awake but useless, at some point
12:24:55<mnemoc> last months i have been using 'acupunture' to increase productivity and reduce sleep time :p
12:25:15<fake> did it work?
12:25:30<mnemoc> amazingly
12:25:42<fake> or were it caffeine injections? ;))
12:25:49<mnemoc> hehe
12:25:57<fake> interesting
12:26:11* fake somehow's too scientific to try sth. like that
12:26:28<fake> maybe i should drop that attitude for a while and try that, too
12:26:31<mnemoc> and if i put the head on bed i don't felt slept like with coffee
12:27:25<mnemoc> i can continue studing on bed after 2 days without sleeping
12:27:42<mnemoc> somehow they inject you lot of energy
12:28:09<fake> amazing...
12:31:02<tcr> mnemoc, how long is your typical work day?
12:32:08<mnemoc> 17-19 hours in front of the computer or in lectures
12:33:11<tcr> Why that? 
12:33:34<mnemoc> why whaT?
12:33:57<madtux> tcr: well mnemoc is a freak
12:34:10<tcr> mnemoc, I mean, is it for/because of your job?
12:34:40<mnemoc> :| i have never been on hospital due expesive work
12:35:34<madtux> mnemoc: u have to be carefull... someday i will arrange a meeting with ripclaw so he can tell you about the real consecuences of what u are doing
12:35:42<madtux> he can advice by personal experience
12:35:44<mnemoc> tcr: irc + university + official work + projects appended to some lectures + 'tiny' extra jobs
12:35:46<fake> that's it, the automatically-built sparc64-kernel inside a sparc32 build works, my work for today is finished...
12:36:32<tcr> mnemoc, Maybe you should depriotize the first item on that list. :)
12:36:33<mnemoc> + some os projects :p
12:36:50<fake> hum?
12:36:58<fake> oh.
12:37:01<mnemoc> tcr: irc + check mail is very time consuming
12:37:35<tcr> mnemoc, IRC is just distracting...
12:37:45<mnemoc> bye :\
12:38:19<fake> don't convince people to leave!
12:38:35<fake> NOT ircing is much more time consuming.
12:38:47<fake> imagine you wouldn't IRC _ALL DAY_ !
12:38:50<tcr> In fact I have to go back to homework myself. 
12:38:53<fake> that would cost you a whole day.
12:39:06<mnemoc> =)
12:40:24<tcr> Already on the 8th page with my elaboration about some paper by da Vinci about his art theory.
12:41:28<tcr> I don't think that I'm expected to do it that thoroughly, but on the other hand I'm not gonna put my name under crap.. :)
12:48:18* fake -> bed
12:48:30<fake> n8!
12:49:19<rugek> n8 fake 
12:49:27<mnemoc> n8 fake 
12:49:31<rugek> and thanks again
13:24:52<mnemoc> SchwΓ€bisch <-- what letter is the wrongly enconded there?
13:42:32<tcr> mnemoc, ?
13:42:43<tcr> SchwΓ€bisch == Schwaebisch
13:42:49<mnemoc> thanks :)
13:43:04<tcr> You know what it means?
13:43:28<mnemoc> no
13:43:38<mnemoc> i thought that was a city
13:43:46<tcr> Swabian in english. 
13:45:02<tcr> No it means a german dialect spoken in the region southwest of Germany. The "Schwaben" and bavarians, well, don't like eachother... :)
13:45:21<mnemoc> ic
13:46:05<tcr> The most evil insult for a bavarian is to be called a schwabe... 
13:46:37<tcr> Don't ask why, it's a cultural relict (or whatever).. ;)
13:47:13<mnemoc> oh
13:47:26<mnemoc> then i should not write it that way
13:48:56<mnemoc> i'm confused
13:49:33<mnemoc> Schbian people exist, bavarian != schbian, bavarian hate schbian and live close?
13:51:23<tcr> Yeah, something like that. Don't take hate too much literally though.
13:53:22<tcr> mnemoc, It's like when Germany plays soccers against holland or france, then all Germans want to win in every case, just because we are we, and they are they... You get it?
13:54:49<mnemoc> almost, schwaben are a subset of bavarian or neighbors?
14:08:36<tcr> Latter..
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