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01:14:08<fake> moin
01:37:09<fake> woo!
01:37:11<fake> apply woe.
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02:34:08<fake> re moin mnemoc_
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03:01:42<rugek> moin
03:03:20<fake> moin rugek
03:12:06<rugek> hi fake 
03:22:26* fake watching scoobydoo
03:22:27<fake> hehe
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04:42:23<fake> hi tcr!
04:50:28<tcr> moin
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05:02:24* fake -> more coffee
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05:20:33<fake> hi tfing
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05:33:48<fake> hiho [anders2] 
07:08:34<fake> arrrrrrrr
07:08:49<fake> gcc 3.4 looses weak aliases on sparc :/
07:28:16<th> moin
07:29:27<daja77> moin th
07:29:52<th> hmmm 2 regressions
07:30:25<th> 9-gtk-perl10.err
07:30:35<fake> uh?
07:30:37<th> (perhaps sed or gawk update related)
07:30:56<fake> that package may be exaclty the same in trunk
07:31:12<th> Found Gtk::Install::Files in /R.src/Gtk-Perl-0.7008/GtkXmHTML/../blib/arch/Gtk/I
07:31:15<th> nstall/
07:31:18<th> Loading pkg.defs
07:31:20<th> Dir ||
07:31:23<th> make: *** [GtkXmHTML/Makefile] Error 141
07:31:46<th> the 2nd is a shared file problem:
07:31:52<th> Found shared files with other packages:
07:31:52<th> usr/lib/perl5/5.8.3/i586-unknown-linux-gnu/perllocal.pod: perl-getopt-mixed perl5
07:32:41<th> i did only minor changes
07:33:09<th> Fixed var/adm/desc/* creation...
07:33:12<fake> strange.
07:33:17<th> gawk, sed
07:33:23<th> libpng
07:33:31<fake> nothing obvious...
07:33:33<th> lame
07:33:37<th> ntfsprogs
07:33:43<fake> all unrelated...
07:33:48<th> exactly
07:33:59<th> lprng print system default.....
07:34:06<th> rescue target
07:34:12<th> obex apps
07:35:16<th> well
07:35:21<th> M      package/rene/lame/gtk12-config-fix.patch
07:35:57<fake> ha-ha.
07:36:02<fake> delete that
07:36:08<th> hmm?
07:36:20<fake> it just changes the name of gtk-config from gtk12-config to gtk-config
07:36:25<th> oh
07:36:26<fake> in lame's configure script
07:36:31<th> it's empty
07:36:33<fake> yeah, removed
07:36:41<th> ok but shouldnt affect
07:36:46<fake> yep
07:39:04<fake> int strcoll(const char *s,const char* t)       __attribute__((weak,alias("strcmp")));
07:39:06<fake> grrrr
07:40:31<th> http://thzn.de/rock/errs/
07:42:23<fake> uuuh
07:42:24<fake> Appending installation info to /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.3/i586-unknown-linux-gnu/perllocal.pod
07:42:34<fake> bad
07:42:42<th> 9-perl-getopt-mixed.err: Found 16 files for this package.
07:42:48<th> had been 15 only in last refbuild
07:43:05<th> perhaps some regexo
07:43:07<th> exp
07:43:12<th> (sed update)
07:43:19<fake> yeah, some flistdel
07:43:24<fake> see perl parse-config
07:43:30<fake> (maybe...)
07:43:39* th is still not back at home...
07:43:44<th> but have some connectivity here...
07:43:47<fake> though nothing comparable happened in trunk...
07:44:29<th> there is no perl parse-config
07:44:56<th> ahh
07:45:02<th> there is some perllocal_hack.sh
07:45:09<th> var_append flist''del '|' "${archlib#/}/perllocal.pod"
07:45:19<th> quite ugly
07:45:37<fake> uuuh
07:45:46<th> i could bet it's flist''del instead of flistdel to not be found by paranoia
07:45:47<fake> the belongs into a parse-config
07:45:51<fake> yeah
07:45:57<fake> that's E_V_I_L
07:46:19<th> it's the same in trunk
07:46:24<fake> what??
07:46:39<th> i said: "it's the same in trunk"
07:46:55<th> At revision 4329.
07:47:12<fake> hum
07:47:20<fake> i try to understand that
07:47:25<th> fake: would you file a submaster patch for that?
07:48:25<fake> it generates $pkg.pod files
07:48:28<fake> is that useful ?
07:49:02* fake not a perl monk
07:50:40<th> dunno either
07:50:56<th> but i think there is some problem with the flistdel
07:51:46<fake> i'm currently playing around
07:52:54<fake> but it should work...
07:53:12<th> yes - and it did until last refbuild
07:53:19<th> i updated sed and gawk
07:53:46<fake> is perllocal_hack.sh included in perl-getopt-mixed.conf ?
07:53:50<fake> i don't think so
07:54:06<fake> sed and awk aren't used here!
07:54:23<th> hmm
07:56:16<fake> we just converted perl modules to cpan import in trunk
08:15:37* fake on sparc assembler again
08:20:06<th> ./x11/imagemagick/imagemagick.conf:. $base/package/base/perl5/perllocal_hack.sh
08:20:12<th> ./gnome14/gtk-perl10/gtk-perl10.conf:. $base/package/base/perl5/perllocal_hack.sh
08:20:48<th> two matches in stable
08:22:15<th> fake: so both failures seem to be perllocal_hack related
08:22:29<th> and i can't believe that it's unrelated to gawk or sed updates.
08:23:36<fake> hum
08:23:50<th> hmmm
08:23:51<th> no
08:24:00<th> i had these updates in last refbuild too
08:24:17<fake> see ? see? *g*
08:24:32<th> VERY STRANGE
08:25:53<th> i just moved the priority for bluez-libs
08:25:55<th> can't be
08:25:56<th> voodoo
08:27:33<th> i think i shoudl reimplement stuff from that hack in parse-config
08:27:58<th> fake: or would you file a patch for trunk?
08:28:01<th> it's used too
08:28:09<th> for imagemagick and gtk-perl10
08:30:02<th> it's not stable specific
08:33:19<fake> th: that hack has it's purpose it seems
08:33:30<fake> it adds hoocks
08:33:32<th> fake: yea - noticed that.
08:33:33<fake> *hooks
08:33:39<fake> you can't do that in a parse-config...
08:33:46<th> ack
08:33:54<th> hmmmmmmm
08:34:25<fake> let's talk to clifford, he's the perl guy
08:34:34<fake> ha!
08:34:38<th> i can't really understand the two errors that are related to this hack
08:34:45<fake> to .weak sections missing in sparc dietlibc assemble! gotcha.
08:34:54<th> clifford: are you with us?
08:35:05<fake> i bet he's still asleep
08:35:51<th> ok i'm off for now.
08:36:00<th> be back this evening
08:36:06<th> cya
08:38:25<fake> bye 
09:31:41<SerWou> Hello the Chan
10:11:55<[anders2]> lo fake
10:51:33ωνω treo [~xfman@D9200.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
10:52:19<treo> hi
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12:55:29<SerWou> i'm looking for a simple text editor, like Notepad on Windows or gedit on Gnome
12:55:35<SerWou> anyone can help me out ?
12:56:10<mnemoc> gedit?
12:57:50<SerWou> i'm running xfce4
12:58:06<mnemoc> gvim
12:58:14<mnemoc> xfce4=gtk, gvim=gtk
12:58:30<SerWou> ok
12:58:34<SerWou> let's test, thanks
13:39:43<fake> argh.
13:40:09<fake> damn - why can't hardware produces simply write into the manual what chips/parts they use
13:40:23<fake> like in the good old times.. with wiring schematics and pinouts...
13:45:52<fake> the world sucks.
14:05:44<fake> interesting.
14:06:05<fake> the glibc-2.3.4-cvs segfault on bash --login chroot doesn't happen on the cobalt
14:06:14<fake> that's nice
14:17:18<fake> (but the rest of the world still sucks!)
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14:49:34<th> re
14:50:43<fake> re hi th
14:52:09<th> ok
14:52:11<th> back home
14:52:17<th> let's fight that perl crap
14:52:23<th> clifford: around?
14:56:49<SerWou> Hey
14:56:53<SerWou> got a question
14:57:42<SerWou> what is the name of the ethernet interface on Rock ?
14:57:42<SerWou> eth0 for the first lan card ?
14:57:54<th> sure
14:57:59<th> thats not a question of rock
14:58:04<SerWou> ok, perfect, thanks
14:58:12<SerWou> i wasn't sure
14:58:39<SerWou> i was thinkinh about Hd
14:58:48<SerWou> on rock, it's not the same
14:59:33<th> that's because rock uses devfs
15:01:07* daja77 watching the elections ...
15:01:26<fake> daja77: can you discard your kde patch? it's been applied, just rediffed..
15:02:08<th> autogenerated version generation is driving me nuts...
15:02:57<th> now i applied 2004090819143829574 and the created package is still wrong
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16:23:35<fake> th: i co, too ;)
16:23:43<th> fake: buaeh!
16:24:07<th> just hit enter by accident ;-p
16:25:01<th> fake: should R.src/debug.hooks contain the perl-hack hooks?
16:25:15<fake> no idea?
16:25:22<fake> what's R.src/debug.hools ?
16:25:23<th> (for a package sourcing the perllocal_hack.sh)
16:25:44<th> looks like debugging info about hooks ;>
16:25:54<th> Contents of hook finish:
16:25:54<th>     5 (10)
16:25:54<th>         eval "$finish"
16:25:54<th>     Hook is marked as dirty: 1
16:26:27* fake astonishedly listening to the words coming out of th's mouth
16:27:07<th> do you have a stable build with a failed package handy?
16:27:17<fake> no
16:27:22<fake> i removed all stable stuff again
16:27:32<fake> too much space consuimg ;)
16:27:37<th> hmm
16:27:51<fake> though i kept the downloads on a remote machine
16:28:04<th> this is real voodoo, cause i did almost no change at all between these two refbuilds
16:29:24<fake> it's caused by the line noise....
16:29:58<th> it's bluez-libs fault. for sure. it's _your_ fault
16:30:01<th> must be
16:30:14<th> has been the only change
16:30:16<th> ;-]
16:30:25<fake> :(
16:30:33<fake> damn.
16:30:43<fake> i tried hard to keep it a secret.
16:31:04<th> now we all know it!
16:31:09<rugek_> heh
16:31:10<rugek_> e
16:31:15ωνω rugek_ is now known as rugek
16:31:35<fake> i'm not even good at doing things wrong *sniff*
16:33:28<th> fake: do you think it could be a problem that the hook_add postmake 9 is splitted along 2 lines?
16:33:45<treo> gn8
16:33:50<th> cya treo 
16:34:05ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
16:35:26<fake> th: would be easy to try, hm?
16:35:41<th> fake: the build is still running
16:54:49ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Remote closed the connection)
17:21:01<daja77> fake: done
17:35:06<fake> daja: thanks!
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20:38:48ωνω poundsmack [~poundsmac@astound-69-42-1-218.ca.astound.net] has joined #rocklinux
20:39:10<poundsmack> fake: how are things
20:39:32<fake> poundsmack: hi!
20:39:37<fake> messy.
20:39:40<poundsmack> ic
20:39:54<fake> i'm fixing sparc bootable cd creation ATM
20:40:10<fake> with no sparc64 emulator :-/
20:40:14<poundsmack> fun fun
20:40:16<poundsmack> haha
20:40:19<poundsmack> wow good luck
20:40:35<poundsmack> all vm or how are you going about it?
20:40:59<fake> i try to think hard before i burn a cd ;)
20:41:16<poundsmack> haha
20:42:12<poundsmack> any work in the sponsorchip possobilities?
20:42:22<poundsmack> or discussion
20:42:42<fake> i called clifford yesterday, but we didn't find much time
20:42:57<fake> (he just got up, i was falling asleep)
20:43:05<poundsmack> haha
20:43:09<poundsmack> more cafeen
20:44:12<poundsmack> hows work on 3.0 comming?
20:45:04<fake> hey - it's been just two days ;)
20:45:10<poundsmack> hahaha
20:45:25<poundsmack> i dont sleep so the days seem long
20:45:47<fake> you're an android?
20:46:50<poundsmack> only when there is not time for me to do all i want when i want
20:47:07<poundsmack> i used to work at a kino's coppies from 10pm to 8am so i got my body used to never sleeping
20:47:18<poundsmack> so i can sleep like 3 hours a night and thats all i need
20:47:34<poundsmack> its a shame i dont code more i could get a lot acomplished
20:48:14<fake> from my experience, my code is much better if i sleep around 6h a day ;)
20:48:40<poundsmack> :)
20:49:32<poundsmack> i have college, work, certification classes, personal life, and a band....i even those who get to sleep
20:49:53<fake> a band? what kind of music do you do?
20:50:14<poundsmack> rock, acustic stuff, and emmo
20:50:18<poundsmack> like jimmy eat world
20:51:10<poundsmack> we dont have anything good recorded yet
20:51:14<poundsmack> we just got started
20:51:18<fake> that's sad
20:51:24<fake> i'd love to hear that combo ;)
20:51:37<poundsmack> well when we have a few tracks down i will send you some
20:53:06<fake> fine!
20:53:20* fake testing 2.6.9-rc1-linux-mips-cvs on indigo2...
20:54:10<poundsmack> well i would love to chat more but i will let you get back to work and i need to do more online cisco certification
20:54:25<poundsmack> best of luck with the sparc cd burrning
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20:54:36ωνω Signoff poundsmack: #rocklinux ()
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