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04:06:36<netrunne1> moin&re
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04:08:39<dsoul> hi netrunner 
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05:08:16<dsoul> python on bootdisk target depend on openssl and gdbm?
05:10:18<th> yes
05:10:20<th> thats new
05:10:24<th> i'm going to fix that
05:10:30<th> it's because of the python update
05:10:39<th> (at least the openssl thing)
05:11:10<th> i don't know whats reason for having python in bootdisk anyways
05:11:41<th> # Disable packages which are not in base or not build in stages 0-4
05:11:41<th> base / !  { s/^X /O /p; d; };     /^. -----/ { s/^X /O /p; d; };
05:11:47<th> python does not disabled here
05:11:59<th> cause it's:
05:12:01<th> [P] X -?---5---9 137.500
05:12:10<th> so it's questionale in stage 2 ;-]
05:12:47<dsoul> :)
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05:15:50<dsoul> also openobex-apps not compiling 
05:17:20<th> thats fixed in HEAD
05:17:28<th> it's because missing btobex_accept
05:17:32<th> isn't it?
05:18:15<dsoul> yes
05:18:24<th> it's fixed
05:18:30<dsoul> ok
05:18:59<th> it's because bluez-libz was not built before openobex
05:19:08<th> thus openobex has no bluetooth support
05:19:47<netrunner> warez, gamez, libz ...
05:19:55<th> uhh
05:19:59<th> s,libz,libs,
05:20:00<th> ;-)
05:20:21<dsoul> :P
05:20:34<dsoul> ok python compiles :)
05:20:54<th> dsoul: i'll remove it from bootdisk pkgsel
05:21:06<dsoul> good idea :)
05:24:16<dsoul> this won't break any deps?
05:27:33<th> it's not needed in bootdisk
05:29:20<th> dsoul: how could openobex-apps fail for you?
05:29:25<th> dsoul: did you do a checkout?
05:29:38<th> dsoul: i introduced it in r4333
05:29:52<th> dsoul: and i fixed the build order for bluez-libs in r4332
05:31:30<dsoul> don't know :)
05:31:35<dsoul> committed-rev="4340"
05:31:55<th> dsoul: perhaps you did not rebuild after checkout
05:32:03<th> Committed revision 4341.
05:32:04<dsoul> maybe becouse it incremental build :P
05:32:06<th> python removed
05:32:36<dsoul> with Create-ErrList -newdelete :)
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05:53:15<TxD> moin
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06:03:59<dsoul> ok removing openobex and rebuilding helped :)
06:04:26<dsoul> no errors with bootdisk and generic :)
07:11:24<th> dsoul: with revision r4342 you can even build a sexy rescue target :)
07:14:22<dsoul> i'll try it :)
07:14:38<dsoul> it's hard to find good rescue cd
07:14:49<th> dsoul: send feedback directly to me
07:14:59<dsoul> ok
07:15:34<th> dsoul: after building the rescue target you get a initrd.img and system.tar.bz2 
07:16:20<th> dsoul: with these two files and the target/rescue/contrib/mkrescueiso.sh shell script as well as a kernel image you can create a bootable rescue iso
07:25:33<dsoul> configuring :)
07:26:53<dsoul> building :P
07:30:04<fake> th: the ? is at stage 1
07:30:09<th> aeh
07:30:10<th> ack
07:30:18<th> just forgot about "0"
07:30:29<fake> *shakes head* tststs.
07:30:33<th> fake: but removing python from bootdisk target should be ok.
07:30:36<fake> g'mornin!
07:30:40<th> moin fake
07:30:42<fake> of course.
07:38:04<th> fake: btw. your showdeps display cuts too long names.
07:40:02<fake> thats intended
07:40:06<th> hmm
07:40:12<fake> ${pkg:0:14}
07:40:19<th> i see
07:40:43<fake> if you can't tell which package it is after 14 chars.. we have too much packages ;)
07:40:50<th> ;-)
07:43:02* fake debugging silo...
07:45:26<fake> for some reason i get 'Unknown ext2 error' when booting off an ISO9660 Filesystem... :-/
07:45:46<fake> (everything works, it's just that error message... grmbl.)
07:45:55<th> fake: sounds like the ext2 thats inside fdemu for eltorito boot
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07:56:30<fake> hi mnemoc_
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08:08:56<blindcoder> DSL at home again, WEEE!
08:08:58<blindcoder> hi all
08:10:27<fake> hi blindcoder 
08:10:43<daja77> moin
08:11:48<blindcoder> moin fake, daja77 
08:12:07<daja77> hi blindy
08:15:26<fake> moin daja77 
08:15:33<daja77> hi fake 
08:18:14<daja77> args sometimes i hate subversion
08:22:28<fake> hum?
08:22:57<fake> sm sync with all the deleted perl modules is weird, yes
08:23:10<th> *g*
08:23:20<th> dum di dum
08:23:47<blindcoder> cookies!
08:24:03* daja77 steals cookies from blindcoder
08:24:46* blindcoder gets out more cookies and immediately eats
08:24:49<blindcoder> them
08:26:42<fake> printf("Unknown isofs error");
08:26:49<fake> now that would be what i'd expect
08:26:52<th> fake: don't forget the 'n
08:26:54<th> fake: don't forget the \n
08:26:59<fake> it's not there
08:27:03<daja77> hehe
08:27:41<fake> wuahaha
08:27:42<fake> typedef ext2_filsys isofs_filsys;
08:27:58<daja77> lol
08:28:05<daja77> wtf are you reading
08:30:25<fake> silo source code
08:31:37<daja77> hf ^^
08:39:50* fake redbuilding silo with debug printfs...
08:50:10<fake> ha! got him!
08:55:06<mnemoc_> moin!
08:55:23ωνω You're now known as mnemoc
08:57:00<fake> arrr.
08:57:25<fake> they collect all open() methods for all filesystems in a structrue, and then call them ALL
08:57:43<fake> of course this prints an error message if the first filesystem isn't ext2!
09:22:21<fake> haha!
09:39:38<fake> they *do* check the ext2 magic
09:40:05<fake> but e2fsprogs' autogenerated ext2_err.h differs wether you compile with 2.4 or 2.6 kernel headers...
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10:11:41<madtux> hello
10:11:47<fake> hi madtux 
10:12:02<mnemoc> hi fake, madtux 
10:12:17<madtux> hello fake, mny
10:12:25<daja77> hi madtux and mnemoc 
10:13:05<madtux> hey danny boy
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10:58:24<fake> hi treo
10:58:32<treo> hi ^^
10:59:04* daja77 getting mad ...
11:01:11<madtux> daja77: ?
11:01:44<daja77> i had to do more crap for studienarbeit and this stuff is quite annoying
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11:07:33<mnemoc> hi daja77 
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11:27:08<LinuxMad> Hej Anders
11:27:32<madtux> svenks invation..
11:27:44<daja77> *gg*
11:27:53<LinuxMad> :D
11:28:01<daja77> madtux: how was brazil?
11:28:39<madtux> daja77: ? i will go to brasil on oct the 3rd..
11:28:50<daja77> oh nice
11:28:55<daja77> that's my bday ^^
11:29:18<madtux> oh..
11:29:21<madtux> :)
11:31:42<th> is 1F 8B 08 gzip magik?
11:37:06<fake> 1F 8B 08 
11:37:17<fake> seems so
11:42:50<th> yea - i found that magik
11:42:59* th is reverse engineering a bit
11:43:09<th> i've that strange sort of ramdisk
11:43:16<th> and found a gzip magik in it
11:43:56<th> and it contains an inird as i presumed
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11:59:44<fake> initramfs ?
12:00:10<th> initrd
12:00:31<th> and got the kernel too
12:00:42<th> now i need to make it boot without that voodoo boot loader
12:01:45<fake> kexec() ? ;-)
12:09:16<th> that would be the last chance ;)
12:09:21<th> but i think grub should do fine ;>
12:16:20<th> hmmm. hmmm. attempt to access beyond end of device
12:21:00<fake> uuuh
12:25:30ωνω Signoff [anders2]: #rocklinux ("Client exiting")
12:54:20<th> fake: it's been the ramdisk_size default of 4k
12:54:25<th> aehm 4096k
12:55:50<_Ragnar_> hi
13:02:45<fake> cool
13:02:47<fake> home on drugs
13:02:50<fake> *homer
13:10:07<daja77> any changes?
13:10:29<fake> *g*
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13:45:32<SerWou> hello the chan
14:21:08<th> hmm our syslinux package does not install it's *.doc documentation files
14:22:14<fake> syslinux:doc ?
14:22:34<th> i'm talking of *.doc
14:22:56<th> syslinux-2.11/{syslinux,pxelinux,isolinux,...}.doc
14:24:20<fake> winword files? ;)
14:24:23<th> no
14:24:24<th> plain ascii
14:24:35<fake> should i commit a fix?
14:24:40<th> yes
14:24:40<fake> *shall
14:24:54<th> DOCS    = COPYING NEWS README TODO BUGS *.doc sample menu com32
14:24:59<th> perhaps you can use this from makefile
14:25:06<th> it's not used inside
14:25:12<th> there is no make target to isntall doc
14:25:27ωνω Signoff rugek_: #rocklinux ("reboot")
14:25:55<th> but w/o syslinux.doc no one knows the config syntax
14:26:06<fake> i'll copy it to docdir in .conf
14:26:19<th> yes
14:26:43<fake> can you tell me what i should copy? syslinux.doc, pxelinux.doc, isolinux.doc, sample ?
14:27:01<th> second
14:27:51ωνω BoS|kuec1e [~BoS@dialin-212-144-072-179.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
14:28:33<th> fake: i'm currently investigating all that $DOCS i think we can skip comp32 and menu.
14:29:18<fake> i thought so ;)
14:29:45<th> there is even no sample config in sample/
14:29:46<fake> any more .doc's (you said ...)
14:29:55<fake> oh
14:30:04<th> just sample c code for implementing stuff
14:30:21<th> ok
14:30:24<th> *.doc
14:30:31<fake> mkay ;)
14:31:18<fake> Star Trek III - Auf der Suche nach Mr. Spock - K1
14:31:37<th> hmm i would need to stream that from upstairs
14:31:42<th> anyone knows how to do so?
14:31:50<th> have a bttv hauppauge up there
14:33:23<fake> j0
14:33:29<fake> use mythtv!
14:33:46<th> i think that's not a lightweight solutions
14:33:50<th> nothing to be set up in 10 minutes
14:33:50<fake> nope ;)
14:34:04<fake> you can netcat it, using mencoder
14:34:09<th> yea?
14:34:19<th> did you do that already?
14:34:51<fake> mencoder -tv driver=v4l:... -ovc somethingfast -o - -reallyquiet | netcat ...
14:34:57<fake> no
14:35:08<fake> i used dvbstream  - no need to encode ;)
14:35:34<th> how would i do that with dvbstream?
14:36:08<fake> dvbstream simply multicasts the data it gets from the current mulitplex the card is tuned on the the net
14:36:48<th> ok so i'd need dvbstream on the machine with bttv card
14:37:26<fake> no
14:37:31<th> no?
14:38:00<fake> because your bttv card doesn't produce mpeg PS streams ;)
14:38:04<th> ahh
14:38:06<th> hmpf
14:38:16<th> so i could only try the mencoder hack
14:38:24<fake> or vlc
14:38:28<th> vlc?
14:38:30<fake> vlc-server can do that, iirc
14:38:37<fake> it encodes to mpeg-something on the fly
14:38:45<th> vlc 0.7.0 2.1.0-DEV
14:38:46<fake> videolan::server
14:38:51<fake> that's the client
14:38:55ωνω Signoff BoS|kueche: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
14:39:35<th> uhh cpan?
14:40:03<fake> no
14:40:11<fake> no idea why they called it ::server
14:40:32<th> videolan.org
14:40:42<fake> http://www.videolan.org/streaming/download-vls-sources.html
14:41:05<fake> i don't think you need those requirements
14:41:26<th> so i give vls-0.5.6.tar.gz a try
14:43:37<th> ok installed. lemme guess you did not test this either?
14:46:14<fake> nope *g*
14:46:19<fake> a long time ago
14:49:37<th> this looks like more work that 10 minutes :-/
14:50:24<fake> the evil version would be to enable network block devices, and share /dev/v4l/video0...
14:50:36<fake> if you have Gigabit ;)
14:51:11<th> how would you share a character device through NBD?
14:51:15<fake> though i doubt that would work...
14:51:25<fake> video0 is a character device?
14:52:55<th> yes
14:54:19<fake> very interesing
15:09:18<SerWou> Any CrossOverOffice + Dreamweaver Mx 2004 User here ? ;)
15:16:29<SerWou> not all at the same time please
15:17:12<mnemoc> not me
15:19:19<daja77> no offence meant but perhaps this is not the right chan for that question ...
15:22:08<fake>  /rock/reference/build/sparc-2.1.0-DEV-sparc-cross-generic-expert/ROCK/tools.cross/wrapper/install -c -m 644 libext2fs.a /rock/reference/build/
15:22:09<fake> sparc-2.1.0-DEV-sparc-cross-generic-expert/lib/libext2fs.a
15:22:20<fake> it gets installed there, damn it!!!
15:22:41<fake> why the hell does it end up in usr/lib ???
15:23:13<fake> wait
15:23:34<fake> why does the install command not end with a directory ?
15:26:21<daja77> lol why?
15:26:30<th> fake: take pics
15:26:36<th> ;]
15:26:50<fake> in the log file of the e2fsprogs build the file gets installed in ...buildid.../lib
15:26:59<fake> definitely
15:27:13<fake> but it ends up int ...buildid.../usr/lib
15:27:22<daja77> O_o
15:27:26<fake> yeah
15:27:49* fake rebuilding with noclearsrc
15:32:51<fake> bash(Build-Pkg)*.bash(wrapper).mv.rename:       /rock/reference/build/sparc-2.1.0-DEV-sparc-cross-generic-expert/usr/lib/libext2fs.a
15:33:47<fake> why oh why...
15:34:32<fake> is there some policy / lfs rule that .a files don't belong into /lib ?
15:34:45<th> yes i think so
15:34:50<fake> (noticing that i dont have one in mine)
15:35:04<fake> well then.. maybe it's good that my patch didn't work.
15:37:18<th> anyone knows hexcode for vga= kernel append for vesa mode?
15:37:18<fake> is SMP on a vacation or so?
15:37:27<fake> which one do you want?
15:37:31<th> fake: don't think so (SMP)
15:37:53<th> fake: some 640x480 with some color
15:38:05<fake> hehe
15:38:19<fake>  /usr/src/linux/Documentation/fb/vesafb.txt
15:38:19<th> a bit more than 8bit color
15:38:32<th> ahhh searched for that
15:38:36<th> thanks
15:38:44<fake> 0x301
15:38:52<fake> for example
15:38:54<th> ack thanks
15:41:02ωνω rugek [~rugek@port-195-158-167-94.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #rocklinux
15:41:27<fake> hi ruegk
15:41:31<fake> *rugek, sorry
15:44:32<rugek> null problemo
15:46:36<fake> oh my. the evil russians... err klingons just killed kirk's son
15:46:59<rugek> m?
15:47:05<fake> kabel1
15:47:50<rugek> go klingons, go
15:48:03<th> rugek: bastard
15:49:12<rugek> but the one from hell ;)
15:50:28<fake> his precious, only son! the one *never* mention in the whole series ever before!
15:52:42<th> is there an easy way to create syslinux menus?
15:54:04<fake> isn't there one in target/bootdisk/x86 ?
15:54:14<th> no
15:54:21<fake> oh.
15:54:24<th> thats only displaying of text
15:54:26<fake> <- no idea.
15:54:49<th> syslinux contains examples of how to write a program that can be run by syslinux
15:54:55<th> doing such stuff
15:55:03<fake> like space invaders for grub ?
15:55:11<th> but i'd prefer defining menus by config file 
15:55:23<th> fake: i even don't knwo space invaders for grub
15:57:04<daja77> -v
15:57:10<fake> we should ship that by default like memtest86  ;)
15:57:25<daja77> hehe
15:57:40<fake> http://www.erikyyy.de/invaders/
15:58:52<daja77> hehe
15:59:17<th> fake: that's not implemented in grub
15:59:24<th> fake: grub just loads that "kernel"
15:59:42<daja77> .oO (nitpicker)
15:59:46* daja77 hides
15:59:55<th> ;-]
16:00:00<fake> may i correct myself?
16:00:05<th> fake: no
16:00:19<fake> it's a multiboot compliant space invaders, with grub being the only multiboot compliant boot loader.
16:00:35<fake> afaik
16:01:00<fake> so pardon me simply calling it 'grub space invaders' :P
16:01:38<th> hehe
16:01:40<th> okok
16:02:01<th> be more carefull next time :=}
16:02:10<fake> yes, daddy.
16:12:11<fake> arrrgh
16:12:44<fake> 'oh, hi, do you want to see pics of my baby?' - 'well... i guess... yes?' - 'ok, i'll mail them' 
16:13:07<fake> (15 minutes later, i have 2 times the same mail containint each 6MB of tiff mages in my inbox)
16:13:58<daja77> O_o
16:14:30<th> sounds like math homework. "how fast is my downlink?"
16:14:38<fake> IMAP, thank god
16:15:01<fake> (i don't download them, hey, babys look all the same anyways)
16:16:20<daja77> hehe
16:16:58* daja77 trying to create a space invaders qemu image
16:17:16<th> shouldn't be that hard
16:17:38<th> daja77: but please make it multiplayer. so you are forced to get NICs to work ;-]
16:18:36<daja77> :p
16:18:39<fake> *sigh*
16:18:51<daja77> nop it shouldn't
16:18:52<fake> now she talks to me with lots of ":o)" and umlauts
16:19:13<th> fake: she's talking english?
16:19:21<fake> th: no
16:19:36<th> what lang?
16:20:02<th> ah
16:20:08<fake> de_DE
16:20:11<th> ok
16:20:17<th> sweet
16:20:21<th> ;-p
16:21:52<fake> annoying... real-worlders *ts*
16:21:56<fake> ;)
16:22:40<tcr> You're so sssstrange
16:23:54<tcr> Like... only strange people talk to you (damn, this is retrospective..)
16:25:26<fake> hehe
16:25:32<fake> th: you use maildrop, right?
16:25:35<th> ack
16:25:52<fake> can i filter on message size?
16:26:16<fake> those 2 mails killed my sms notification forward mail account
16:26:19<th> fake: well, you would not ask if you already could.
16:26:35<fake> *rolling eyes*
16:26:38<th> ;-)
16:27:01<th> don't know but i'll have a look
16:27:06<fake> oh wait
16:27:27<th> well you can execute wc
16:27:37<th> and put the result in variable
16:27:38<fake> i can look it up myself, just thought you may know it by heart
16:27:42<fake> wuah
16:28:21<th> $SIZE
16:28:31<th>        SIZE   Number  of bytes in the message. This may or may not include the
16:28:34<th>               -A option, and the mbox From_ line. Use this as a  criteria  for
16:28:37<th>               filtering, nothing more.
16:28:52<fake>  LINES
16:29:02<fake> ah fine
16:37:40<fake> ok.
16:37:56<fake> who wants to send me a 600 kb mail ? ;)
16:38:19<th> may i?
16:38:50<fake> yes, please
16:38:59<fake> note: KILObyte
16:39:04<fake> not megabyte ;)
16:39:08<th> oh
16:39:11<th> ;-p
16:39:49<th> might be slightly more
16:43:07* fake waiting...
16:43:15<th> did not arrive?
16:43:44<th> already left the last MX that's under my control
16:44:18<fake> ah
16:44:21<fake> there it is
16:44:32<fake> in INBOX.too-large - perfect
16:46:28ωνω Signoff SerWou: #rocklinux (Remote closed the connection)
16:49:23<treo> gn8
16:49:59ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
16:55:51* daja77 playing space invaders
16:56:14ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
16:58:11<daja77> http://lospalmos.homelinux.net/invaders.img :D
16:58:27<daja77> .oO (bloated image for a small game)
17:09:56<daja77> http://lospalmos.homelinux.net/invaders1.png 
17:12:24<netrunner> daja77: you could have copynpasted it :)
17:12:36<daja77> :D
17:12:54<netrunner> hm, I see there was discussion about epia on the ml ...
17:33:50<th> hehe with 3.9MB this kernel is the biggest kernel i ever built
17:34:13<fake> th never built a 2.6 kernel?
17:34:19<th> yes i did
17:34:25<madtux> cya later
17:34:28ωνω madtux [~mike@] has left #rocklinux ()
17:34:36<th> fake: they were all about 1.5MB in size
17:35:55* netrunner has kernels with ~50MB in size
17:36:05<th> uh 
17:36:09<th> hows that possible?
17:36:18<fake> piggypack rootfs?
17:36:20<th> uhm talking of linux?
17:38:55<netrunner> uml kernel :)
17:39:43<netrunner> fully enabled, non modularized 
17:40:18<daja77> .oO (enlarge your kernel)
17:40:29<th> daja77: linux 'zImage' kernel too big, try 'make bzImage'
17:40:35<fake> 50 is better than 5
17:40:41<th> daja77: that's what my grub think of your image
17:40:57<daja77> which grub is that?
17:41:24<th> 0.93
17:41:25<fake> that sound more like an age-old lilo
17:41:45<daja77> erh which qemu i meant
17:41:51<th> QEMU 0.6.0 monitor - type 'help' for more information
17:42:00<daja77> works here ...
17:42:19<th> did you create a boot cd?
17:42:28<daja77> no hd image
17:42:44<th> i've that in fdemu cdboot
17:43:02<daja77> just -hda 
17:43:21<th> argh
17:43:31<th> thought that was the invaders kernel only
17:43:37<fake> no reliable cd boot with grub
17:43:43<th> nonsense
17:44:14<daja77> th: nope the kernel would have been smaller, i created the hd image to play without rebooting ^^
17:44:32<th> daja77: rebooting qemu doesn't hurt
17:44:51<daja77> but rebooting my working machine hurts
17:45:01<th> that would not be needed
17:45:03<th> would it?
17:45:25<daja77> if you boot it with grub i'd say yes ...
17:46:08<th> why?
17:46:25<th> just qemu -cdrom foo.iso
17:46:28<th> with fdemu in iso
17:46:34<th> with grub in fd
17:47:10<daja77> ok so what's so different about that, than having a hdimage?
17:47:31<fake> because th-knows-better(tm) *g*
17:47:32<th> there is almost none
17:47:43<daja77> in size perhaps
17:47:48<th> migh tbe
17:48:46<daja77> works now?
17:48:47<th> daja77: well there is one
17:48:54<th> daja77: no need to create a partition table for fdemu
17:49:31<daja77> hm did that with rock-bootstrap cd image ^^
17:49:55<th> lol
17:50:28<daja77> and i found an qemu image mounter 
17:50:42<fake> mount -o loop ?
17:50:56<daja77> works on non cow images only unfortunately
17:51:21<daja77> fake: basically yes + guessing and skipping partition table information
17:51:45<fake> ah
17:52:03<th> daja77: the "invaders" file is the kernel after runninge compile.sh?
17:52:11<daja77> yep
17:52:29<fake> th: doing a rock package?
17:52:36<daja77> lol
17:52:38<th> fake: no
17:52:48<th> fake: just adding it to my ultimative boot cd
17:52:57* th is playing with isolinux todauy
17:53:01<fake> ah
17:53:01<th> s,dau,da,
17:53:02<fake> cool
17:53:26<fake> me want graphical splash screen for x86 livecd
17:53:27<fake> *g*
17:53:44<daja77> that's easy
17:53:48<th> i insert the cd and can boot fd images
17:53:53<daja77> if you have a pic already
17:54:16<daja77> you just have to reduce it to 16 colors or so
17:54:38<daja77> which can be done by gimp
17:55:16<daja77> <- did this for clt knoppix cd
17:55:55<daja77> fake: try the rock images from martin baum for that
17:56:03<daja77> for a start
17:56:32<th> now i can boot into invaders either directly throut isolinux hd image or through isolinux fd image with grub
17:56:37<fake> daja77: i'm gonna do my own image, with blackjack - and hookers!
17:56:47<fake> in fact.. forget about the image.
17:56:48<daja77> hehe
17:56:55<fake> and the blackjack, haha!!
17:57:10<daja77> :D
18:12:15<daja77> sm sync after a wekk is fun
18:18:00* fake off to bed, polishing laptop rock install
18:18:08<fake> n8
18:18:14<th> cya fake
18:18:20<daja77> n8 fake
18:18:35<fake> *winke*
18:19:23<daja77> .oO (teletubbiefake=
18:34:35<daja77> damn I hate it
18:48:22ωνω kasc_ [kasc@dsl-082-083-047-139.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
18:53:27<daja77> erhm was there a change in sf downloads?
18:54:02<th> nothing special perceived
18:55:24<daja77> ah ok a typo
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18:58:51ωνω kasc_ is now known as kasc
19:10:12<daja77> can I describe a PREFIX=$prefix make with rocklinux?
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