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00:37:38<SerWou> Hello the chan
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02:15:44<BoS> moin
02:57:55* netrunne1 thinking about a feature for the livecd that automatically boots into ROCK using autostart and loadlin from windows
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07:13:06<clifford> mtr: yep - that's a dependency problem
07:13:44<clifford> currently Check-Deps-2 doesn't know about forked packages (such as the cpan package) and so can't alter it's dependencies..
07:13:53<clifford> this is my current top-priority.
07:16:50<mtr> thanks, ok, do i have any chance to work around this for now?
07:18:54<th> clifford: btw. they guy who failed building the bootdisk target tried to do it cross for c3
07:21:18<daja77> moin
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07:41:48<blindcoder> moin
07:42:57<daja77> hi blindcoder 
07:43:10<th> hi daja77 and blindcoder 
07:45:54<daja77> moin th
07:54:31<blindcoder> moin moin
07:55:22<blindcoder> man mutt
07:55:25<blindcoder> oops
07:58:39<daja77> should I paste? *eg*
08:10:07<blindcoder> you won't have the same as me :)
08:10:17<blindcoder> edit_thread patch and nntp patch
08:11:32<blindcoder> okay, since I now have internet connection at home again I will start collecting information about what changed this month and other things
08:11:59<blindcoder> short: I want to start posting a summary about development once a month
08:12:34<blindcoder> If someone has wishlists or hints or something about that, please tell me now.
08:12:47<blindcoder> I will alse write a mail about this as soon as I'm home
08:13:37<th> blindcoder: cool :)
08:14:05<th> blindcoder: you should put that sort of "news" in a news-section on the web
08:14:10<daja77> yep
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08:24:40<blindcoder> th: once the first product is done
08:25:11<th> product?
08:25:12<th> report?
08:25:30<blindcoder> report, yes
08:25:52<blindcoder> note to self: don't talk to three people at the same time
08:27:41<blindcoder> okay, gotta get back to work
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09:48:10<jsaw> hello
09:53:04<netrunner> hm, again @work and build server offline
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10:18:53<madtux> hi.
10:19:13<daja77> hi madtux 
10:19:39<madtux> hello Daniel :)
10:54:21<mtr> clifford: my perl-xml-parser problem was not caused by dependency failures
10:54:23<mtr> it was much simpler, the desktop target - as of rev 4329 - does not build import/cpan
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11:16:09<blindcoder> hi hi and rehi
11:24:32ωνω treo [~xfman@D84d7.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
11:24:52<treo> hi
11:29:11<fake> moin
11:29:37<daja77> hi fake & treo 
11:38:52<fake> ha!
11:50:42<fake> hrm
11:50:49<fake> still linux26 __user header issues
12:14:58<fake> hm hm hm
12:15:06<fake> glibc 2.3.3 egrep segfault is nothing new:
12:15:37<fake> http://sources.redhat.com/ml/bug-glibc/2003-12/msg00108.html
12:15:48<fake> nobody answered, and it's fixed in glibc 2.3.4
12:16:03<fake> i just can't seem to find the relevant changeset...
12:32:15<daja77> haha!
12:32:44<daja77> you could have a chance if drepper wouldn't commit like an idiot ...
12:32:56<fake> drepper writes romans
12:33:00<fake> have a look at:
12:33:10ωνω Signoff [anders2]: #rocklinux ("Client exiting")
12:33:11<daja77> update?
12:33:27<fake> http://savannah.nongnu.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs/mldonkey/mldonkey/
12:33:50<fake> _thats_ horrible
12:34:07<daja77> yeah
12:34:17<daja77> and the changelog of glibc is pure crap
12:38:25<fake> well
12:38:35<daja77> ^^
12:38:37<fake> the changelog consists of the commit messages of the individual files
12:38:53<fake> the commit message of the changelog is rather useless
12:39:05<fake> but commit messages for a file that contains commit messages is a bit... redundant ;)
12:40:15<fake> though i mostly read mips stuff
12:40:29<fake> not much drepper in there, iirc
12:42:37<daja77> hehe
12:44:20<fake> daja77: do you have a radeon card?
12:45:21<daja77> no
12:45:31<fake> hrm.
12:45:51<fake> i experience strange behaviour with the 'new' radeon framebuffer drive on my notebook
12:45:56<fake> *driver
12:46:20<fake> and i'd like to know wether that is specific to my strange laptop
12:46:44<fake> if i enable the new driver, and start dhclient, the systems gets sloooooow
12:47:08<fake> eventually, i might get an IP, but most of the time dhclient fails, and after some time the console freezes
12:49:27* fake cleans0r1ng up
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12:51:14<treo> away
12:51:17ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
12:52:19<daja77> not away, off ^^
12:58:32<fake> HA!
12:58:43<fake> i found the correct changeset on first try ;))
12:59:22* daja77 debugging by reading suif src
12:59:33<fake> suif?
13:00:00<daja77> yeah compiler system i have to use for studienarbeit ...
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13:13:48<daja77> waaaah 2 of them ...
13:21:28ωνω Signoff blindcoder2: #rocklinux ("there can be only one")
13:21:39<blindcoder> happy? :)
13:23:01<daja77> ;)
13:24:29<netrunner> happy danny :)
13:24:44<daja77> :p
13:54:39<fake>  /usr/lib/libdb-4.2.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; run ranlib to add one
13:54:41<fake> uh
13:55:12<blindcoder> damn damn damn stupid openssh
13:56:11<blindcoder> : undefined reference to `__dn_expand'
13:56:35<blindcoder> WTF?
13:58:17<fake> ldap support?
13:59:46<blindcoder> no, -lresolv missing
14:00:33<blindcoder> no idea why
14:06:03<fake> Creating binary package file for xfree86.
14:06:04<fake> wee!
14:06:07<fake> i rule ;)
14:06:24<fake> (sparc build)
14:07:05<blindcoder> Creating binary package file for openssh.
14:07:07<blindcoder> wee!
14:07:10<blindcoder> i rock :)
14:07:41<blindcoder> (static linking for laptop rescue system)
14:12:14<th> blindcoder: do you knwo the rescue target?
14:14:19<blindcoder> th: yes, but that doesn't help me much here
14:15:09<blindcoder> I need to create this thing for work
14:15:55<blindcoder> which means I'd have to twist it about as much as any other target
14:16:54<blindcoder> so I'm essentially building upon LVP, equally abused :/
14:18:19<blindcoder> and this was also the last problem I had, so I'm now mostly ready :)
14:27:07<fake> ftp> mkdir fake
14:27:07<fake> 550 Permission denied.
14:27:11<fake> oops.
14:40:36ωνω tcr_ [~tcr@pD9EAAF6E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
14:44:22<netrunner> fake: sorry for messing the patches up, it was late and I had to redo them manually :)
14:45:30<fake> netrunner: no problem, really
14:46:10* netrunner reading about ΅-recursive functions...
14:46:40<blindcoder> you shouldn't mess up your mind any more right now :)
14:46:40* netrunner wonders if the ΅ is visible on all terminals that read here ...
14:46:55<blindcoder> xterm, fine
14:47:02<fake> konsole, if it's 'mue', yes
14:47:21<daja77> gnome-terminal too ...
14:47:24<fake> well, screen on freebsd in konsole, TERM=xterm-color
14:47:48<netrunner> hm. maybe it's long enough in the standard. umlauts still make problems somewhere.
14:48:07<daja77> freebsd? you are bitarre ...
14:48:18<netrunner> you are guitarre ...
14:48:37* daja77 playing
14:48:46<blindcoder> netrunner: you're a guitarre
14:48:50* netrunner headbanging
14:49:08<netrunner> blindcoder: yeah, pull my strings :)
14:49:36<blindcoder> I can play no instrument at all
14:50:00* daja77 neither
14:50:14<netrunner> blow my flu .... forget it :)
14:50:30<daja77> if you do not count four accords on the keyboard :D
14:50:38* netrunner can play the mouthdrum
14:51:07* blindcoder couldn't hit a note if his life depended on it
14:51:27<daja77> blindcoder: you didn't managed the loom? *gg*
14:51:45<blindcoder> daja77: only with note displaying
14:51:52* netrunner came to the final szene but couldn't play the right melody 
14:52:10<blindcoder> baab?
14:52:12<netrunner> s/came/got/
14:52:14<daja77> <- got svga loom files
14:52:16ωνω treo [~xfman@D84d7.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
14:52:29<treo> re
14:52:33<daja77> the notes are different in each game
14:52:44<blindcoder> no
14:52:48<netrunner> yes
14:52:55<blindcoder> at least not afair
14:52:56<netrunner> 2:1, you loose
14:53:00<blindcoder> damn
14:53:03<daja77> :D
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15:12:18ωνω hannes_ [~hannes@fortuna7.bingo-ev.de] has joined #rocklinux
15:12:21<hannes_> hi
15:12:36<blindcoder> moin hannes_ 
15:13:27<hannes_> hi blindy!
15:14:30<hannes_> i was on "wiesn" yesterday with our bureau
15:14:34<hannes_> it was horrible...
15:14:39<blindcoder> ah, whiner
15:14:48<blindcoder> I'd love to have changed with you
15:15:23<hannes_> i don't think so
15:15:39<hannes_> we also had a nice trip to the hospital, afterwards
15:15:48<blindcoder> why?
15:15:57<blindcoder> who had an alcoholintoxication?
15:16:07<blindcoder> you?
15:16:13ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
15:16:19<hannes_> no, not me
15:16:40<hannes_> i was dry the whole evening
15:16:45<hannes_> someone could not wake anymore...
15:17:30<blindcoder> heh, If I had driven to the hospital each time someone couldn't be woken up in my arms I'd have twice as much kilometers on my car
15:17:37<hannes_> blindcoder: better do not go there if everything is for free
15:17:46<hannes_> hehe
15:18:11<tcr_> What's so appealing on the Wiesn anyway?
15:18:15ωνω tcr_ is now known as tcr
15:18:20<hannes_> tcr: nothing!
15:18:22<blindcoder> tcr_: the athmosphere in the bierzelt
15:18:28<blindcoder> nothing else
15:19:02<tcr> blindcoder, Way too many people on one small fixed place, for my taste.
15:19:22<blindcoder> tcr: yeah, that's why I've only been there once
15:19:30<hannes_> everytime your beer(or my spezi) is empty, you get a new one
15:19:49<hannes_> so a lot of people don't realize how much they have drunk
15:19:51ωνω Signoff rugek: #rocklinux ("leaving")
15:19:56<blindcoder> hannes_: so what?
15:20:08<blindcoder> hannes_: that sort of thing happens outside of Wiesn, too
15:20:25<hannes_> someone told me he had only drunken one "Mass"
15:20:36<hannes_> heh, i think he drunk 3-5
15:20:43<blindcoder> it usually starts at the moment you have 5 filled "Hoibe" in front of you and 15 minutes later you have 5 empty ones
15:20:50<tcr> I've just today seen some Wiesn visitors which were abnormally drunk. Always wonder how low the self-esteem is of some people..
15:21:12<tcr> I've watched some report...
15:21:32* tcr speels like he's drunk, though :P
15:21:41<blindcoder> too bad the people here in Berlin have no beer culture at all
15:22:02<hannes_> tcr: you could not imagine... if wiesn finishes at 11pm there is police everywhere and they often cannot control the situation
15:22:18<blindcoder> ack
15:22:20<hannes_> hundreds of drunken people in the tubes etc...
15:22:38<blindcoder> hannes_: hundreds? You're only counting the stairs
15:22:59<hannes_> blindcoder: ack... thousends...
15:23:09<blindcoder> but the metro workers are cool :-)
15:23:25<blindcoder> "Bitte gehen sie nach links. Nach rechts geht es nach Hause, nach rechts wollen sie nicht!"
15:23:38<hannes_> =)
15:24:44<hannes_> its even more funning to watch drunken people going to wiesn by train from ingolstadt to muc, and they are already extreme drunken
15:24:58<blindcoder> no
15:25:03<blindcoder> that's not funny at all
15:25:25<blindcoder> especially if they start puking all over the waggon
15:25:35<hannes_> ohh...
15:26:52<hannes_> i cant imagine why vips go there every day
15:26:52<fake> hm
15:26:56<fake> cleaning up is evil.
15:26:58* blindcoder --> bed
15:27:03<hannes_> gn8 blindcoder!
15:27:05<hannes_> hi fake 
15:27:06* fake ripped out his network cable with the vacuum cleaner
15:27:08<fake> n8 blindy
15:27:29<hannes_> you are porting rock on a vacuum cleaner? or what else?
15:27:46<hannes_> why a vacuum cleaner?
15:27:56<fake> i cleans0r3d up m4 l33t r00m
15:28:38<tcr> Fake: you're still here, so you work wasn't very complete. ;P
15:29:01<hannes_> its impossible to clean up that room ;)
15:29:56<fake> tcr: :P
15:30:08<fake> hannes_ ack, but i made it look clean
15:30:12<fake> *g*
15:30:31* hannes_ sums paint it black(beatels)
15:31:06<tcr> Pushing all garbage under your bed isn't cleaning...
15:31:48* netrunner guesses he just switched on the fog machine and somked some 3v1l herbs
15:31:48<fake> i filled 2 litter bags
15:31:57<fake> those big, yellow ones
15:32:00<tcr> It may be called applied Garbage Collecting howsoever..
15:32:10<netrunner> everybody who enters the room instantly sees paradise ;)
15:32:33<fake> hihihi
15:32:37<tcr> netrunner, Riight, hence the need for the vacuum cleaner.
15:32:41<fake> netrunner: that is one hell of an idea
15:33:39<fake> boy, i'd love to smoke a spliff now
15:33:43<fake> but it's illegal :(
15:33:53<fake> oh, poor fake.
15:33:53<tcr> Whatever that is, but wait, I don't want to know..
15:34:37<netrunner> vacuum cleaner ... something fake clears his mind with :)
15:34:46<tcr> Hmm... Trashing your yellog bags of garbage to fine dust, putting fire on it and breathing through some pipe?
15:35:18<fake> i just cleaned my water pipe, i'm not gonna do that *now*
15:35:35<hannes_> tcr: dont tell him! i am afraid its on his TODO list now
15:35:56<fake> i think a drug seeking dog could even survive a walk through my room now ;)
15:36:04<fake> oh wait.. the caffeine... nah, who cares.
15:36:08<hannes_> fake: no, sir
15:36:50<fake> hannes_: do you need your watch>
15:36:52<fake> ?
15:37:02<hannes_> fake: perhaps?
15:37:37<fake> hannes_: you know, in 9 hours i'm gone
15:38:23<hannes_> fake: shit, keep it..
15:38:30<tcr> Suicide?
15:38:46<tcr> fake: Stop smoking. Now.
15:38:50<fake> o_O
15:38:57<tcr> Or wait 9 hours ;)
15:38:59<fake> what's the opposite of suicide?
15:39:10<tcr> Sex?
15:39:14<fake> *lol*
15:39:55<tcr> What's so funny? Suicide = one ass less on the world, Sex = possible one ass more on the world.
15:40:00<tcr> possibly
15:40:24<fake> well then, having sex is the opposite of *trying* to commit suicide
15:40:28<fake> ;)
15:40:40<daja77> hehehe
15:41:07<tcr> Well, I honestly consider you to be capable at least of that. While I'm not so sure about your potency...
15:42:41<fake> i'm not sure about my fertalitiy
15:43:14<tcr> Right, considering the amount of drugs...
15:46:48* fake away, b-day of a friend of a friend :-/
15:48:40<hannes_> bye fake 
16:00:08<netrunner> 4
16:01:03<daja77> hm transitive party ...
16:14:30<hannes_> hi daja77!
16:19:19<daja77> hi hannes
17:09:28ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:28:44<daja77> *sigh* why the heck I stopped buying nokia phones, i thought gnokii was a bit crappy, but now i see compared to sony ericsson tools, it worked like a charm ...
17:29:53<netrunner> :)
17:30:08* netrunner still waiting for 9550 ... only a bit seduced by the p900
17:30:22<daja77> <- got a t630
17:30:33<daja77> i am quite happy with the phone itself ...
17:36:48<netrunner> cannot decide... the 9550 will be crap expensive, but I was so happy with the 9210 ...
17:37:35<mnemoc> hi, OT: munchen migration was to limux, suse or redhat?    i have read incoherent info
17:39:10<fake> re
17:39:29<daja77> wb transitive party fake
17:40:04<fake> "party"
17:40:14<fake> a lousy party
17:40:25<daja77> no beer?
17:40:41<netrunner> mnemoc: linux ... 
17:40:51<netrunner> mnemoc: afaik suse. 
17:41:13<fake> no beer. prosecco, but not enough
17:41:18<netrunner> would make sense, because suse is german, while redhat comes from overseas
17:41:21<daja77> damn how do i get the usbserial driver to work on the mobile phone cable
17:41:31<daja77> urgs
17:41:48<netrunner> daja77: wrap it around his neck and pull
17:42:05<daja77> :p
17:42:29<fake> daja77: what kind of usb to serial chip is it?
17:43:02<daja77> this is just a datacable for a mobile phone, which should be addressed as serial ...
17:43:22<fake> and you've got a serial-to-USB converter?
17:43:37<daja77> it says
17:43:39<daja77> usb.c: USB device 3 (vend/prod 0x67b/0x2303) is not claimed by any active driver
17:43:46<daja77> the cable is a usb cable
17:43:52<fake> wait
17:43:55<mnemoc> netrunner: nothing about the 'distro' called Limux? (+http://europa.eu.int/ida/en/document/3223/470)
17:44:36<fake> boy my link is slow...
17:44:50<fake> Serial adapter (ATEN/IOGEAR UC232A).
17:44:53<netrunner> mnemoc: limux is the project name, linux + munich mixed
17:45:29<daja77> ah a parameter for the usbserial driver i guess?
17:45:47<mnemoc> netrunner: i thought it was a distro created for that purpose
17:46:07<fake> daja77: i'm still investigating
17:46:23<daja77> legally speaking suse is american too meanwhile
17:46:27<fake> damn upload slows my connection to god (google) ;)
17:47:07<fake> daja77: try the profilic module
17:47:46<daja77> guess my kernel is tool old for that
17:48:00<fake> 2.6 ?
17:48:36<daja77> 2.4
17:49:02<fake> insmod usbserial and insmod pl2303 
17:49:12<fake> (if you built that module, of course)
17:49:14<netrunner> mnemoc: well, browsing through the articles I cannot find any hint to what they will use.
17:49:48<daja77> thx a lot
17:51:13<mnemoc> netrunner: nobody from munchen here? :(
17:51:25<mnemoc> munich, whatever
17:51:28<netrunner> hm, interesting. I just built xchat on a pc here, and it linked fine against a lib that is not there ...
17:51:31<netrunner> mnemoc: I am
17:51:38<netrunner> mnemoc: probably the closest of all here :)
17:53:23<fake> daja77: http://www.mail-archive.com/linux-usb-users%40lists.sourceforge.net/msg01617.html
17:53:26<mnemoc> :D
17:53:52* daja77 trying leif now to access phone, see if it is worth for packaging
17:59:36<netrunner> arg, I search half an hour for a isdn card I have built into the pc I daily use.
18:03:00<netrunner> ok, n8
18:03:24<daja77> hm the read on the device hangs
18:24:29<fake> get a current 2.6 kernel ;)
18:24:55<daja77> *gna*
18:25:30<daja77> this system is horribly broken, since / fsck
18:28:37<netrunner> now I digged for cables and then recabeled my isdn here whith 2 people in my room sleeping ... wonder what they dream now :)
18:32:59<daja77> n8
18:35:37<th> re
18:37:43<netrunner> n8 daja77 
18:48:47ωνω kasc_ [kasc@dsl-082-083-047-133.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
18:53:17<hannes_> bye!
18:53:19ωνω Signoff hannes_: #rocklinux ("leaving")
18:56:20<netrunner> ciao hannes
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19:02:27ωνω kasc_ is now known as kasc
19:09:09ωνω demian [~demian@] has joined #rocklinux
19:09:14<demian> hi
19:39:31ωνω BoS_ [~BoS@dialin-145-254-169-058.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
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