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02:06:27<owl_> moin
02:08:15<dsoul> hi owl_ :)
02:10:21<owl_> hi dsoul. how are you?
02:10:51<owl_> how do i create an uml-diagram with 4 different dates?
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02:17:59<blindcoder> moin
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02:24:24<owl> re
02:24:34<blindcoder> wb
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08:39:44* fake phew
08:41:10* fake off again - trhe cost
08:52:34<mnemoc> moin
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10:19:44<jmaier> he guys
10:20:12<jmaier> need help building rock ppc
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10:32:15<mnemoc> what kind of help?
10:38:26<jmaier> trying to download all required packages after config does nothing
10:38:55<jmaier> first i checked out the stable 2.0.3 tree
10:39:44<jmaier> then i did a # ./scripts/Config 
10:39:58<jmaier> and then # ./scripts/Download -required
10:40:22<jmaier> no packages were downloaded at all, just the mirror detection
10:40:23<th> are you trying to cross compile? or building native?
10:40:42<jmaier> no, build native on a debian sarge powerbook 12"
10:40:47<mnemoc> jmaier: what stuff did you check on 'Config'?
10:41:39<th> (perhaps put the config file online)
10:41:42<jmaier> nothing special, just powerpc optimized for 7400 cpu
10:41:47<jmaier> ok
10:42:35<jmaier> #
10:42:35<jmaier> # ROCK Linux 2.0.3 Config File
10:42:35<jmaier> #
10:42:35<jmaier> export ROCKCFG_ARCH='powerpc'
10:42:35<jmaier> export ROCKCFG_POWERPC_ISA='common'
10:42:35<jmaier> export ROCKCFG_POWERPC_OPT='7400'
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10:43:07<jmaier> was that too much?
10:43:15<jmaier> i was being disconnected
10:44:18<th> 16:42:46 -!- jmaier [~jmaier@pD9E4B057.dip.t-dialin.net] has quit [Excess Flood]
10:44:22<th> yes
10:44:22<th> too fast
10:44:33<daja77> erh you don't want to paste the whole file here ...
10:44:34<th> you should NOT paste the whole file here
10:45:20<jmaier> ok... did you catch the lines you need?
10:45:29<jmaier> or should i upload it somewhere
10:45:30<dsoul> pastebin.com
10:45:42<jmaier> whats that?
10:46:11<mnemoc> a place to paste
10:46:12<dsoul> you can paste text file there and give link to it
10:46:23<daja77> you could run scripts/Check-System before doin anything else and see if it gives you some hints
10:47:29<jmaier> ok cool site
10:47:55<jmaier> wait
10:49:41<jmaier> Check-System returns 0
10:49:51<daja77> hm
10:50:38<jmaier> http://pastebin.com/103618
10:50:52<jmaier> this is my bootdisk target, which downloaded nothing
10:51:44<mnemoc> do you have curl?
10:52:19<th> Check-System would have complained otherwise
10:53:11<jmaier> i did download curl
10:53:19<jmaier> http://www.pastebin.com/103620
10:53:24<jmaier> is my system target
10:55:01<jmaier> the packages and packages.txt files in both config-dirs is empty
10:55:26<jmaier> curl --version
10:55:27<jmaier> curl 7.12.1 (powerpc-unknown-linux-gnu) libcurl/7.12.1 OpenSSL/0.9.7d zlib/ libidn/0.5.2
10:55:27<jmaier> Protocols: ftp gopher telnet dict ldap http file https ftps 
10:55:27<jmaier> Features: IDN IPv6 Largefile NTLM SSL libz 
10:56:20<th> the packages files are empty?
10:56:39<jmaier> jep, packages files are empy
10:56:43<daja77> you are working as root?
10:56:49<th> at least we know the reason why nothing is downloaded now.
10:57:02<jmaier> tried as non root, which did not work
10:57:11<daja77> yep it does not
10:57:36<jmaier> ok, but now im id=0
10:57:57<th> jmaier: try removing the bootdisk config dir and rerunning config on it
10:58:07<th> jmaier: packages and packages.txt must not be empty
10:58:25<jmaier> k, a second
10:59:28<jmaier>  wc config/bootdisk/packages
10:59:28<jmaier> 0 0 0 config/bootdisk/packages
11:01:21<jmaier> befure curses-gui pops up, there is an error on scripts/Create-PkgList line 109 gawk, no such line...
11:01:52<th> ah
11:01:57<th> thats an hint
11:02:06<th> can you give the exact line?
11:02:10<jmaier> i have no gawk, its mawk
11:02:20<th> that might be fatal
11:02:27<th> can you give the exact line?
11:03:25<jmaier> before curses-gui pops up, there is an error on:  ./scripts/Create-PkgList line 109: gawk: command not found
11:03:56<jmaier> im on my way installing gawk...
11:04:16<jmaier> no error anymore
11:04:46<jmaier> and size of package list is now not 0
11:04:49<jmaier> ;-)
11:05:04<jmaier> thank you, did not see the error of gawk missing...
11:06:41<jmaier> sorry for bugging you, should have seen the error in before, but the time is short because the powerbook is fast enough...
11:07:03<jmaier> maybe the Config gui should fall more noisily...
11:08:50<th> the check for gawk is missing in Check-System
11:09:21<daja77> config could run check-system ...
11:09:30<th> daja77: that wouldn't help
11:09:39<th> daja77: cause "the check for gawk is missing in Check-System"
11:10:01<daja77> *argl* of course i meant that the check should be included before 
11:10:17<jmaier> do i have to install with an old benh2.4 kernel?
11:10:36<th> i don't know that
11:10:49<daja77> afaik you could use 2.6 as well but can't tell you for sure
11:11:07<jmaier> ok will give it a try and come back again if i run into problems
11:18:45<th> jmaier: please come back to report success too
11:19:01<th> jmaier: btw. where did you get the source from? is it current?
11:21:19<jmaier> k, will come back even to reporrt success. the source i check out with svn co http://...../stable-2.0.... or sth like that
11:21:28<jmaier> do you need it more correct?
11:21:30<th> ok fine
11:21:32<th> no
11:21:41<th> just wanted to know that it's the most recent source
11:21:46<jmaier> th k
11:21:59ωνω demian [~demian@] has joined #rocklinux
11:22:03<th> if i had some ppc hardware i would test the stable tree against that too
11:22:06<demian> hi
11:22:09<th> hi demian 
11:22:13<demian> mr. th
11:22:20<th> hi demian 
11:22:29<th> uh
11:22:32<th> i'm repeating
11:22:37<th> must be some brain bug
11:22:55<th> sorry for that now - i'll run diagnostics later.
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11:30:31<clifford> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004092217310421856
11:30:58<daja77> hi clifford 
11:31:11<clifford> hi daniel, hi gang.
11:32:12<th> clifford: see line 98 of that patch
11:32:30<th> +   echo "System Check: Program 'gawk' not found!"
11:32:30<th> +   echo "The bzip2 utility is needed for extracting the package"
11:32:30<th> +   echo "source tars. Install the latest gawk version."
11:32:49<blindcoder> hi all
11:32:54<th> hi blindcoder 
11:34:30ωνω BoS is now known as Bos^afk
11:35:25<clifford> th: fixed "the hard way" (as root on the server.. ;-)
11:35:51<th> clifford: bad boy ;)
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11:37:16<madtux> hello
11:38:15<blindcoder> moin madtux 
11:38:27<madtux> blindy!
11:38:32<daja77> hi blindy & madtux 
11:38:57<madtux> dany!
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11:59:12<jmaier> l
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12:37:38<jmaier> insgesamt 0
12:37:38<jmaier> drwxr-xr-x  2 root   root   128 2004-09-22 17:04 bootdisk
12:37:38<jmaier> drwxr-xr-x  2 jmaier jmaier 152 2004-09-22 18:33 system
12:38:13<jmaier> sorry
12:38:51<blindcoder> somehow that Check-System patch reminds me on something I did some time ago
12:39:51<th> blindcoder: perhaps you forgot to commit that... ;)
12:41:26<blindcoder> no, I'm quite sure that I committed it to sm
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12:58:38<treo> hi
12:58:59<th> hi treo 
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13:34:30<rugek> hi
14:00:23<th> hmmm anyone familiar with ntfsprogs / parted / qtparted?
14:01:51* netrunne1 raises hand for ntfsprogs
14:01:54ωνω netrunne1 is now known as netrunner
14:02:27<th> netrunner: do you know whether libparted is using stuff from ntfsprogs?
14:05:46<netrunner> th: no
14:06:27<th> i'm a bit curious about ntfs resize support in parted/qtparted
14:06:36<th> qtparted website says it can
14:06:45<th> parted website is outdated and says it cannot
14:07:59<netrunner> th: my no meant I don't know :) I use them manually
14:12:03<th> netrunner: and you would call ntfsresize from ntfsprogs stable?
14:12:54<netrunner> th: well, it worked fine twice.
14:13:06<th> hmm
14:13:07ωνω jmaier [~jmaier@pD9E4B057.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
14:13:08<th> ok ;)
14:13:08<netrunner> th: they called it stable even after the last updates.
14:13:35<netrunner> th: just follow the rules :)
14:13:51<th> i don't know rules.
14:15:32<th> hmm parted does not yet support opening (resizing) ntfs volumes. so it seems qtparted is using two backends now. parted AND ntfsprogs
14:19:06<netrunner> th: just don't make the partition smaller than the fs :)
14:22:25<th> hmm ok. so using ntfsresize one needs to resize partition and fs separatly
14:22:58<netrunner> jup. ntfsresize is only for the fs
14:24:49<th> so is ntfsresize capable of enlarging to partition size?
14:25:20<netrunner> th: if you tell him the difference :)
14:26:18<netrunner> th: you just need to tell him the size of the partition to be specific. 
14:26:29<th> resize2fs can do without knowing the diff
14:26:58<th> there are so many ways of specifying that size
14:27:06<th> and i want to match exactly
14:27:35<netrunner>        If both --info and --size are omitted then the NTFS filesystem will  be
14:27:38<netrunner>        enlarged to the underlying device size.
14:27:43<th> ok cool ;)
14:27:50<netrunner> man ntfsresize ... nice tool
14:27:56<netrunner> this man ... :)
14:27:59<th> yea already opened that before you pasted
14:30:50<th> uhhh ntfsprogs is depending on gnome-libs14
14:31:35<netrunner> this must be a mistake.
14:32:33<tcr> g'evening all
14:32:39<netrunner> hi tcr
14:32:59<netrunner> th: just resized a ntfs partition without arguments ... worked.
14:33:15* tcr had to laugh about the picture at http://ocw.mit.edu/OcwWeb/Physics/8-01Physics-IFall1999/VideoLectures/index.htm
14:33:23<netrunner> (your question reminded me of that, I had demonstrated ntfsresize some time ago and didn't grow back)
14:33:27<tcr> So typically physcian :)
14:35:44<th> propably not
14:35:56<th> more likely a physicist ;-)
14:36:57<tcr> Well, that looks so much like fascist :P
14:40:10<th> volunteers for sending a parted update patch to sm?
14:41:05<netrunner> hm ... getting a bluescreen now in the resized windows :)
14:42:16<th>  uh?
14:42:33<th> joking?
14:42:55<netrunner> hm, no.
14:43:23<th> so that was 2 times positive and 1 negative
14:43:28<netrunner> I remember I had this once ... 
14:43:53<netrunner> cannot remember if it was a big prblem though. I think I just reran the setup from cd and it went fine.
14:44:04<netrunner> maybe I should have built the updated version ;)
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15:22:23* madtux got latest 2.1 trunk.. downloading packages
15:31:03<mnemoc> =)
15:32:20<netrunner> anybody knows something like kppp that works with isdn (capi)?
15:32:42<th> pppd?
15:32:54<netrunner> th: gui?
15:32:58<mnemoc> s/^k//g
15:33:17<th> netrunner: xterm -e pppd
15:33:41<netrunner> the person in question is musician. I am bored of cleaning his windows from worms. now he has linux.
15:34:03<netrunner> th: you want me to quickly write a kde application with a stop button for ppp? :)
15:34:46<th> netrunner: yesterday i wrote a xdial.sh for a friend. it does xterm -e pppd OPTIONS...
15:35:00<th> netrunner: he clicks on that script (it's on his desktop) and dialing starts
15:35:14<th> within an xterm
15:35:26<th> and he can just close the xterm with the X in the top right corner
15:35:37<netrunner> ah, kisdn exists
15:35:45<th> and line disconnects on closing the xterm
15:36:12<netrunner> th: he'd be frightened if he sees the xterm and would stop supplying me with free pizza :)
15:36:37<th> kisdn was propritary some time ago
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15:37:03<th> guess who contacted the author
15:37:26<th> and put the whole source at sf.net
15:37:35<rolla_> re
15:37:38ωνω rolla_ is now known as rolla
15:38:20<th> http://sourceforge.net/projects/kisdn/
15:38:33<netrunner> th: ohups :)
15:38:35<netrunner> th: does it still work?
15:38:41ωνω Netsplit over, joins: madtux, mistik1, SerWou
15:38:47<th> netrunner: i don't know
15:38:57<netrunner> th: you are the project admin, you have to :)
15:39:06<th> netrunner: i just got some zip media from the author and extracted the source from it
15:39:37* netrunner giving up the hope
15:39:42<th> i put it on a CD-R and sent it back to the author (cause he was unable to read his zips)
15:40:04<th> what is the problem with using kppp?
15:40:14<netrunner> it wants to talk to a modem.
15:40:43<netrunner> would maybe work with the old i4l ttyIn devices, but not with capi at all
15:41:20ωνω jmaier [~jmaier@pD9E4B057.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #rocklinux ()
15:43:55* netrunner digging in the blue with extracting the dialup utility
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16:12:17<madtux> re
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16:45:57<treo> gn8
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