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01:51:46<madtux> re
01:52:01<dsoul> hi madtux :)
01:52:33<madtux> mike
01:52:51<dsoul> thats me ;)
01:53:01<madtux> :)
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02:22:21<blindcoder> moin
02:24:49<madtux> hello blindy
02:25:27<blindcoder> moin maddy
02:34:49* blindcoder --> work
02:36:27<madtux> blindcoder: don't forget ur tie
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02:38:30<rugek> moin
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03:11:03<netrunne1> hm, how do I decompress ace?
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03:24:12<netrunner> hm, binary files on freshmeat ...
03:34:09<blindcoder> th: ping
03:34:16<blindcoder> netrunner: unace?
03:36:30<blindcoder> th: I'm currently building a personal target on 2.0.2 and have pkg_ntfsprogs.conf in target-dir which in turn contains a postmake="ntfsprogs_pm". Is it correct that this postmake is called after make install?
03:36:50<blindcoder> th: and if so, when is postinstall called?
03:37:10<blindcoder> okay, be back later, just wanted to send the question :)
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03:44:55<netrunner> blindcoder: the postmake= should read better as hook_add postmake 3 "ntfsprogs_pm" ...
03:47:25<netrunner> blindcoder: to the question you might want to read scripts/funcitions line 703 to 709 and scripts/Build-Pkg (occurrences of hook_eval)
04:08:38* netrunner now ordered recovery cds for his thinkpad ... stupid old ntfsprogs version ;)
04:12:29<th> moin
04:12:32<th> blindcoder: pong
04:13:29* th just build another rescue target with recent ntfsprogs and parted versions
04:13:42<th> netrunner: what was the version you tried with?
04:13:59<netrunner> th: 1.0.0 ... they say they have fixed ugly bugs in 1.0.4
04:14:19<th> netrunner: s,0,9,g?
04:14:41<th> netrunner: i mean 1.9.0 vs. 1.9.4?
04:14:47<th> cause:
04:14:49<th> [V] 1.9.4
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04:32:08<netrunner> jup
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04:46:15<th> just another refbuild finished
04:46:16<th> 2186 builds total, 2186 completed fine, 0 with errors.
04:56:24<blindcoder> th: hi
04:56:38<blindcoder> th: is it normal that postmake gets executed after make install?
04:57:06<th> blindcoder: i'd need to look it up.
04:57:16<th> blindcoder: if i should guess, i would guess: no
04:57:31<blindcoder> th: well, then 2.0.2 definately does something wrong
04:57:46<blindcoder> because that's just what's happening
04:58:02<th> blindcoder: perhaps you should inspect this in details and report it on the ML
04:58:32<blindcoder> th: yes, just wanted to make sure that it's not supposed to be that way
04:58:45<blindcoder> I'm now using inmake insted of postmake
04:58:54<th> blindcoder: but you did not make it ure
04:58:58<th> s,ure,sure,
04:59:13<th> i just guessed
04:59:20<blindcoder> th: well, I had a first try at asking you :)
04:59:26<th> yea
04:59:27<blindcoder> I'll look through Build-Pkg
04:59:43<blindcoder> see you later
04:59:57<th>             for x in preconf premake inmake postmake; do
05:01:45<th> blindcoder: it seems as it is intended that way
05:02:22<th> 1) hook premake
05:02:28<th> 2) make
05:02:33<th> 3) hook inmake
05:02:48<th> 4) make install
05:02:54<th> 5) hook postmake
05:03:05<th> even in trunk
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05:28:56<blindcoder> okay, seems I've been in a misunderstanding for some time then
05:29:23<th> but me too.
05:30:36<blindcoder> AFAICS postmake comes directly after make install and postinstall after everything (including cache, flist, doc creation)
06:03:56<netrunner> http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,319142,00.html
06:09:32<netrunner> amis are weird ... http://www.collegehumor.com/election/
06:17:11<netrunner> *rofl* http://bash.org/GODvsBUSH.gif
06:17:18* netrunner digging link lists :)
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08:35:34<treo> hi
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10:03:13<boulou> bounjour a tous
10:03:21<boulou> y a t il des francais?
10:03:25<daja77> hi boulou 
10:03:49<boulou> any french??
10:04:04* daja77 points to SerWou 
10:04:16<netrunner> boulou: from time to time I see people here with .fr ... DeElsasser and SerWou eg
10:04:27<boulou> ok thanx
10:04:40<daja77> and tfing connecting from sweden
10:04:44* netrunner has a map of paris in front of him
10:04:55<boulou> i d like to try rock linux
10:04:58<boulou> but
10:05:37<boulou> (maybe i don t understand) is there any iso to download?
10:05:55<netrunner> boulou: there are reference builds.
10:06:00<boulou> ok
10:06:12<boulou> so difficult then
10:06:15<boulou> :-(
10:06:25<netrunner> boulou: the point with rocklinux is that you can customize it and then build a distribution you like. and then create isos from it.
10:06:42<netrunner> boulou: but there are some prepared isos at  .... iirc  iso.rocklinux.de 
10:06:43<boulou> so i understood
10:06:49<daja77> we should have new isos anyway ..
10:06:50<boulou> there no iso lol
10:06:53<boulou> ah
10:07:01<boulou> good
10:07:11<daja77> most recent is 2.0.1 which is quite old :/
10:07:11<boulou> cos i m a newbie in linux
10:07:13* netrunner doing sm fsync
10:07:25<boulou> i have got mandrake
10:07:47<boulou> rock linux seems to be great
10:09:08<boulou> what prepared iso should i get ?
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10:11:13<boulou> i m downloading 2.0.1
10:11:16<boulou> thx to all
10:11:55<boulou> another question...
10:12:09<boulou> i d like customize but where to learn?
10:12:58<dsoul> http://www.rocklinux.org
10:13:26<daja77> erhm this not really precise
10:13:45<boulou> thx 
10:13:47<madtux> hello all.
10:13:49<boulou> see you
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10:13:56<daja77> hi miguel
10:14:06<madtux> daniel how is life treating you?
10:16:00<daja77> it sucks a bit atm
10:16:27<madtux> mm... i'm sorry to hear that.
10:17:29<daja77> well i am quite ok :)
10:18:24<madtux> thats good :)
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11:08:02<mnemoc> *yawn*
11:10:34<madtux> stop yawning.. go back to coding damn it
11:10:58<daja77> hehehe
11:15:56<th> does w2k or wxp run in qemu?
11:16:08<daja77> yep
11:16:15<th> ah cool.
11:16:19<th> need to test some resizing
11:16:43<th> (ntfs resizing)
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11:39:25<blindcoder> hi
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13:56:19<blindcoder> good night!
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16:15:15<tcr> g'evening all.
16:16:55<treo> gn8
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17:05:19<netrunner> re
17:05:30* netrunner hugs daja
17:48:53<daja77> huh?
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