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03:17:28<netrunner> moin
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04:41:16* netrunner doing a new sm create since suddenly package/x11/xfree86 vanished
04:53:05<daja77> sm recreate ^^
05:06:50<netrunner> oh..
05:10:57<daja77> but mv your download dir to somewhere else before ;)
05:11:35<netrunner> it does some evil rm -rf?
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05:15:32<daja77> everything what's inside your working copy yes
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06:20:17* netrunner started new build.
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07:12:26<mX5> hi
07:13:36<mX5> does somebody know something about adsl & usb modem with linux??
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09:51:26<madtux> hello
09:51:42<daja77> hello miguel
09:58:27<madtux> Hola Daniel :)
09:58:34<daja77> :)
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10:11:12<treo> moin :D
10:39:28<mnemoc_> moin
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11:25:28<blindcoder> moin
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13:07:03<treo> PARTY!!!!!
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13:47:57<blindcoder> hmm
13:48:07<blindcoder> I probably should update my packages more often...
13:48:29<blindcoder> both xjdic and hddtemp had databases ~1year old
13:58:49<blindcoder> well, at least that's also true for the changelog...
14:00:38<daja77> hehe
14:01:32<blindcoder> daja77: ROCK's changelog...
14:01:43<blindcoder> http://www.rocklinux.net/changelog/
14:02:31<th> not bad
14:02:32<daja77> there is a newer one iirc
14:02:41<blindcoder> well... WHERE?
14:03:45<daja77> there was that thing autgenerated from svn commit logs which rene did before he left
14:04:11<blindcoder> AFAIR that's only in svn, no?
14:05:11<daja77> dunno
14:13:55<th> at least it's generatable from svn
14:14:52<blindcoder> yeah, but only few people are going to read that if the last entry on the web is 2 years old...
14:15:17<blindcoder> anyway, gotta take a bath, I'll meet up with Judith in ~2hours
14:15:19<blindcoder> bye
14:15:24<th> you did not get the point of what i was saying
14:16:56<daja77> th: erhm he is thinking of judith, so don't expect much
14:17:08<th> daja77: ahh i see ;>
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15:09:17<blindcoder> :P
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16:47:06<gman_> hello all
16:47:48<gman_> Hey Serwou, i know where you hang out now
16:49:11<gman_> I need help compiling certain packages for rock linux 2.0.3
16:50:15<gman_> utils-linux wont compile... neither will sysklogd, linuxdrm, e2fsprogs, lilo and apmd
16:51:51<gman_> i got all the latest package on my build environement, which is gentoo
16:53:35<gman_> its says, cannot compile the package cause it was not build in the current stage...
16:56:13<gman_> hmm, am I speaking to myself
16:56:14<gman_> ?
16:58:30<gman_> Damn
17:03:35<th> hi gman_ 
17:03:40<gman_> hi
17:03:47<th> gman_: you have devfs?
17:03:53<gman_> yes
17:04:06<th> what target are you trying to build?
17:04:13<th> cross build or nativ?
17:04:26<gman_> generic with minimal+xfree template...
17:04:50<gman_> native, pentium 4 optimization on a pentium 4..
17:04:51<th> in which stage do the packages fail?
17:05:13<th> and please put build/*/root/var/adm/logs/*.err online somewhere
17:05:29<th> are you building as root?
17:05:38<gman_> yes im building as root
17:06:11<gman_> im putting it online now...
17:06:16<th> ok
17:06:57<th> gman_: in fact i'm currently running a complete build (all packages / reference) for the top most sources.
17:07:00<th> 2186 builds total, 723 completed fine, 0 with errors.
17:07:09<th> and yesterday one finished with 0 errors
17:07:19<th> but my build host was a rock build bootstrap
17:07:21<th> not gentoo
17:07:31<th> there MIGHT be problems
17:07:44<gman_> thats what i was thinking...
17:07:51<th> where did you get the source from?
17:08:04<gman_> from the rocklinux site
17:08:20<th> uh? not from a subversion checkout?
17:08:22<gman_> and run Update-Src..
17:08:25<th> ahh ok
17:09:01<th> build/*/logs/*log would be interesting too
17:10:01<gman_> ok, btw i get errors for those packages on all stages
17:10:06<gman_> 1, 3 and 5
17:10:35<gman_> but i stopped at stage 3 because of this error...
17:10:37<th> might be the optimization a bit too high
17:10:44<th> what compiler version?
17:10:50<gman_> 3.2.3
17:10:58<th> well that's perfect.
17:11:11<th> i'm running 3.2.3 too
17:11:29<gman_> which kernel??
17:11:42<th> vanilla
17:11:46<gman_> ok
17:12:01<gman_> i run 2.6.8-r3 on gentoo
17:12:17<th> well i'm awaiting your err logs
17:12:24<gman_> just a minute
17:12:28<th> sure
17:13:17<th> did you configure anything else?
17:13:24<th> except generic target with pkgsel template
17:13:27<th> and p4 opt?
17:13:55<gman_> hmm, the kernel version by default, i put it to 2.6.7
17:14:20<th> hmmm
17:14:30<th> i never touch the kernel version
17:14:45<th> cause i'm always building a vanilla kernel for the hosts i run
17:15:22<gman_> ok..uploading logs now...
17:16:03<gman_> but i doubt thats the problem...
17:16:30<gman_> i tried 5 times with diffenrent setting, and always the same packages that wont compile
17:16:33<th> i'm interested in config/*/packages too
17:17:21<gman_> ok, but that i will change it....i need to put some additionnal packages in, like tcsh, qt, openmotif...
17:18:18<th> gman_: perhaps you should better create your own pkgsel by copying one of misc/pkgsel/*in
17:19:03<gman_> ok, but it does the same as changing config/*/packages right??
17:19:18<th> not quite
17:19:33<th> you can still run ./scripts/Config after changing the pkgsel
17:19:45<gman_> cool,
17:20:02<th> in fact you even need to select YOUR pkgsel in Config
17:20:39<gman_> ok...how i do that??, cutom packages selction rules??
17:20:47<th> it's just sed
17:21:07<th> have a look at desktop.in for example
17:21:16<th> it's all one big sed command
17:21:23<gman_> ok
17:21:31<th> the first block:
17:21:33<th> # Disable packages
17:21:33<th> sendmail /    { s/^X /O /p; d; };
17:21:41<th> it's all about X and O
17:21:44<th> X is selected
17:21:49<th> O is deselected
17:21:58<th> { s/^X /O /p; d; } changes X to O
17:22:00<gman_> yea, like in config/*/packages
17:22:01<th> so it deselects.
17:22:29<th> that way you can use regular expressions to do your pkgsel
17:22:42<gman_> ok
17:23:34<gman_> logs are on the way...so rry for my slow server...
17:23:51<th> so if you just want to add some packages to minimal+xfree just copy that file to gman.in and add / openmotif / { p; d; };
17:24:00<th> and / tcsh / { p; d; };
17:24:29<gman_> whats p; d; for??
17:24:42<th>        p      Print the current pattern space.
17:24:46<th>        d      Delete pattern space.  Start next cycle.
17:24:52<th> see SED(1)
17:24:58<gman_> ok
17:26:32<th> what abour the err logs?
17:27:41<gman_> theyre comming
17:28:15<gman_> http://dhost.info/theconnectingdot/logs/
17:29:03<th> looks like broken kernel headers
17:29:09<th> make a new config
17:29:22<gman_> hmm??
17:29:23<th> do nothing but selecting optimization, target, pkgsel
17:29:28<th> rm -rf config
17:29:34<th> ./scripts/Config
17:29:43<th> create your pkgsel before perhaps
17:30:10<gman_> reload the page
17:31:00<gman_> ok, will do
17:33:59<gman_> do i need to run ./scripts/Config be fore any ./scripts/Config -cfg ***
17:35:17<th> you don't need Config -cfg
17:36:59<gman_> how come??? in the handbook book they say, do a -cfg system and a cfg bootdisk
17:37:08<th> ahh
17:37:20<th> ok you are going to build two
17:37:38<th> you can skip -cfg for the first build
17:37:38<gman_> yes to make it bootable and installable
17:37:47<th> the config is called "default" then
17:37:56<gman_> ok
17:38:16<th> leaving -cfg away is like specifying -cfg default
17:38:30<gman_> ok
17:38:32<th> so the answer to your question is "no"
17:38:41<gman_> good then
17:39:59<th> in fact i would suggest to build only one target (your pkgsel)
17:40:06<th> that will create packages for you
17:40:18<th> you can install them using a read-for-boot rescue target then
17:40:30<th> that would mean not using the installer
17:40:36<th> but doing it the manual way
17:41:17<netrunner> f***ck
17:41:21<gman_> ok, should i use .gem or tar.bz2 binary pkgs?
17:41:26<netrunner> 800MB not enough any more for gcc :(
17:41:52<th> gman_: it's not big difference. if you use tar you can use your own rescue and install the system by using foreach and tar xfI
17:42:02<th> gman_: but i'd suggest gem and using our rescue
17:42:18<gman_> ok
17:42:19<th> netrunner: what's up?
17:43:06<gman_> do I need to run paranoia checks??
17:43:24<th> they are good for you!
17:43:25<netrunner> th: I started a build before going to billiard. now coming back I see many packages failed, beginning with 2-gcc34 which failed because no space left.
17:43:33<netrunner> th: I usually build in a 800MB tempfs
17:45:16<th> i heared that 800MB is too small
17:45:47<netrunner> th: it was enough until gcc34 
17:46:07<th> netrunner: ye
17:46:08<th> s
17:46:11ωνω mX5_yO [~mX@p50850AB4.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #rocklinux
17:46:47<netrunner> gotta buy more ram. have to order stuff anyway next week.
17:46:54<mX5_yO> does somebody know how  adsl usb modem works with rock?
17:47:09<netrunner> mX5_yO: plugnpray :)
17:47:25<mX5_yO> ;)
17:47:33<gman_> brb
17:48:31<th> mX5_yO: this is the wrong channel for such questions; you are repeating yourself
17:53:09<daja77> not completely wrong
17:53:32<th> daja77: well - as he started repeating himself i only read the first of these two question
17:53:48<daja77> ic
17:53:49<th> daja77: as i notice no he modified it a bit and changed "linux" to "rock" in his question
17:53:59<th> s,no he,now he,
17:53:59<daja77> yep
17:55:19<netrunner> th: well, it does not change anything. the reply then is, depends on the configuration you used to build your personal distribution with rock.
17:55:29<th> netrunner: exactly
17:55:37<netrunner> th: but on the other hand, we are known as nice people that help the world ... :)
17:55:54* netrunner feeling something glowing above his head
17:56:02<th> mX5_yO: well it works this way: find out how to get your modem working with linux. then build your distribution and apply your knowledge.
17:56:54<netrunner> mX5_yO: and ... if you ask, try to pack more information in your question. there are about more than hundred different usb adsl modems I'd bet.
17:57:09<netrunner> depending from country to country different manufacturers 
17:57:20<th> i'm in a too bad mood to be helpful/friendly with that for now.. sorry
17:58:29<daja77> calm down
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18:00:20<netrunner> oh, the next ceo gettin nervouse :/
18:01:51<th> daja77: no matter to worry...
18:01:57<th> daja77: i'm off for today :)
18:02:08<th> netrunner: talking of me?
18:03:04<daja77> sleep well th
18:03:12<th> it's just me worried about private issues.
18:03:20<th> cya later
18:04:06<netrunner> th: :)
18:16:32<gman_> anyone ever build Rock on Gentoo?
18:19:00<netrunner> gman_: probably. 
18:19:12<gman_> if not, anyone got a Rock Linux Live Cd so i can build Rock on it?
18:20:26<gman_> netrunner; i havnt have luck yet
18:20:38<gman_> some packages wont compile
18:20:39<netrunner> n8 th 
18:20:47<netrunner> daja77: http://www.php.de/ftopic20453.html ... 3rd message ???
18:21:12<netrunner> gman_: you could make .err files online available so one can have a look and give you hints.
18:21:13<gman_> but retrying now with th's advices
18:21:31<netrunner> gman_: ah, you already had help :)
18:21:48<gman_> hehe yea....hope it gets me somewhere
18:23:14<daja77> netrunner: the cd from rxr?
18:24:11<daja77> that debian troll sucks
18:24:26<netrunner> daja77: what magazine contained a cd with rock?
18:24:49<daja77> it was the last project rene did 
18:25:01<gman_> i think the Rock Linux website needs to be revamped
18:25:14<daja77> *gg* 
18:25:34<daja77> dev_null = owl? *grin*
18:25:43<gman_> i propose to make a new design..
18:26:15<daja77> gman_: create a design which fits into typo3 and go for it
18:26:33<gman_> lol...ok sorry, nevermind
18:27:07<daja77> no really if you feel like, nobody will be angry about that
18:27:13<daja77> like it*
18:28:19<gman_> my designs include some flash, so nevermind
18:28:50<daja77> ugh
18:29:04<gman_> lol
18:29:13<netrunner> gman_: the site should be viewable with w3m. 
18:29:18<daja77> flash is nice for games, but for what else?
18:29:53<gman_> interactive menus, nothing you cant do with action scripts
18:30:24<netrunner> *lol* Der geekigste Stand war meiner Meinung nach RockLinux. Wer die gesehen
18:30:24<netrunner> hat, weiί warum.
18:30:39<netrunner> (lt2004 - some comment on some forum)
18:32:05<gman_> anyone into 3d?
18:32:28<daja77> interactive menus? you need that in the web?
18:32:55<gman_> nevermind daja77, do like i never said nothing
18:33:39<daja77> hm whatever
18:41:25<netrunner> gman_: 'the art of webdesign' is not very favoured by people digging on the basics of linux :)
18:41:47<netrunner> (at least what some people's idea of this art is)
18:42:35<netrunner> the nice thing about rocklinux.org is, you can view it in w3m and it still looks nice. this is hard to acomplish.
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18:55:23<gman_> netrunner: i noticed, i shouldved said nothing
18:55:47<netrunner> gman_: this is free speech, also here :)
18:56:23<daja77> yep
18:56:27<gman_> im not a Linux Guru freak, i just want the best Linux Distro ;)
18:56:47<daja77> that's fine for us 
18:56:52<gman_> i do 3d and webdesign...not programing
18:57:10<gman_> well....a bit of programming....no choice
18:57:59<gman_> and you dont make any money ( which i need) by doing some text based web pages
18:58:35<daja77> oogle does it quite well ;)
18:59:03<daja77> google
18:59:29<gman_> hehe, yes, but this is different...people pay for designs..
18:59:41<gman_> they want some moving stuff,
18:59:57<gman_> they want interactivity...
19:00:59<daja77> that's why so many pages are not usable :/
19:01:01<gman_> Google can be accessed by a cellphone web browser...
19:01:32<mnemoc> *yawn*
19:01:38<gman_> this is debate that could go on for weeks....
19:02:13<daja77> yeah it doesn't have to :)
19:02:45<gman_> anyways, i am getting payed to do some flash moving around stuff...
19:03:26<gman_> so i dont complain..text based page is not bad....its just that my clients dont want any..
19:03:55<mnemoc> daja77: what the command to turn a 2.0 download dir into 2.1 without loosing 2.0 support?
19:25:18<netrunner> mnemoc: let scripts/Download move it and then ask me for my script that links all things hard back
19:25:47<mnemoc> is it easier that way?
19:26:16<netrunner> mnemoc: dunno. I did it this way :)
19:26:25<mnemoc> :p
19:28:02<netrunner> n8
19:28:41<netrunner> mnemoc: it's a simple find combined with a grep to get the needed package name... I can mail it if you want.
19:30:12<mnemoc> yes, please :)
19:30:22<mnemoc> i am lazy today :p
19:42:13<mnemoc> LOL
19:42:27<mnemoc> i binded download from 2.0 into 2.1 
19:42:43<mnemoc> and Download --help loops forever on:
19:42:44<mnemoc> INFO: http://www.gtlib.cc.gatech.edu/pub/rocklinux/ROCK-2.0
19:42:44<mnemoc> INFO: To force a new mirror auto-detection, remove download/Mirror.
19:42:45<mnemoc> INFO: Setting proxy to proxy.gtdinternet.com:8080.
19:42:55<mnemoc> while(1);
19:44:42<mnemoc> btw, why does it want to download Mirror list before showing the help? :\
19:45:54<mnemoc> cool, now it's looping over:
19:45:55<mnemoc> INFO: Found cached mirror URL in download/Mirror:
19:45:55<mnemoc> INFO: http://ftp.sh.cvut.cz/MIRRORS/rock/ROCK-2.1
19:45:56<mnemoc> INFO: To force a new mirror auto-detection, remove download/Mirror.
19:46:28<mnemoc> i guess i'll can't use the same download dir on both :\
19:49:37* mnemoc trying Download --help with an empty download/ :'(
19:51:48<mnemoc> oh.... the same loop
20:11:08<mnemoc> i think this won't be easy :|
20:11:11<mnemoc> cu
20:55:28ωνω netrunne1 [~andreas@pD9E8CCD3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #rocklinux
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21:33:38ωνω hannes_ [~hannes@pD902B754.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
21:33:48<hannes_> hi
21:33:53<gman_> hello
21:45:14<gman_> can i add a package to my build after i compiled?
21:45:21<gman_> before making a iso?
21:46:44<gman_> shouldnt be a problem right??
21:47:52<hannes_> no =)
21:48:15<hannes_> just add the package and rebuild the target
21:49:42<gman_> and only that package will build??
21:49:54<hannes_> jep
21:50:08<gman_> great, super cool top notch
21:50:33<hannes_> perhaps you need to rerun ./scripts/Config -cfg target -oldconfig
21:50:57<gman_> why is that??
21:51:30<gman_> i will just add the package to the /misc/pkgsel/**
21:51:50<hannes_> did you specify a package selection?
21:52:09<gman_> yes, i made my own from the minimal+xfree
21:54:15<hannes_> yep, then add it
21:54:46<gman_> ok
21:55:16<gman_> cant wait to install it..
21:55:51<gman_> after 5 times i tried to compile it...always with errors, this time no errors..:)
21:56:29<hannes_> no errors?
21:57:15<hannes_> this never happend to me =)
21:57:21<gman_> some packages didnt want to compile for some reasons.. but now its working
21:57:50<hannes_> cool!
21:57:54<gman_> must be because i used to specify kernel 2.6.7 as default kernel
21:58:32<hannes_> with which kernel headers?
21:58:39<gman_> 2.6
21:59:38<hannes_> than build your isos and install it!
21:59:50<gman_> another question, do you need to compile both kernels when making a build?? or can you just remove the 2.6 headers and 2.6.7 kernel package from the list
22:00:57<hannes_> i can use only a 2.4 kernel
22:01:10<hannes_> theres no need to have both kernels build and installed
22:01:31<gman_> damn... why is that by default then??
22:01:52<hannes_> sry, don't know
22:01:55ωνω blindcod1r [~blindcode@pD958FA12.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
22:02:06<hannes_> just switch the kernel of, you don't want
22:02:08<hannes_> hi blindcod1r 
22:02:43<gman_> anyways i will install a 2.6.8 kernel as soon as install is done
22:04:03<hannes_> is in the current -dev
22:04:59<gman_> where can i download it?
22:06:33<gman_> also an other question, can i include any other file in /build/***/??
22:06:43<gman_> so its in the iso
22:08:15<hannes_> no, because all the packages are located in $build/pkgs
22:08:32<hannes_> if you modify something build you can not reproduce that build
22:08:43<gman_> understood
22:08:45<hannes_> add a package etc...
22:09:25<hannes_> the installer does not only copy build to disk, instead it uses all the mine-pkgs to install the system
22:09:31ωνω Signoff blindcoder: #rocklinux (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
22:10:21<gman_> ok
22:33:44<gman_> is compat-libstdc++ in the package repository?
22:39:50<hannes_> libstdc++ is normally build with gcc
22:40:22<gman_> yes but the compatibility package is not
22:40:42<hannes_> why do you need it?
22:40:56<gman_> because use maya, and maya needs it
22:41:43<hannes_> i dont't think it's in the package-repo
22:42:07<gman_> its what i thought, gonna have to install it manually afterward...
22:42:24<hannes_> i think so
22:42:55<gman_> i wanted to include it in my iso...so i dont need to install it after i installed Rock..
22:46:18<hannes_> sry, i'dont know how to do this, i only know this package from redhat
22:47:10<gman_> its in the gentoo-repo....
22:54:11<hannes_> i would suggest to install the redhat rpms
22:54:15<hannes_> from fc2
22:54:21<hannes_> should be the easiest way
23:00:16<gman_> another question,if i add a package in my pkgsel, will it calculatate dependencies of that package and download these packages??
23:01:43<hannes_> hmmm... i dont think so
23:02:33<hannes_> you have to know yourself what other pkgs depend on it and add them to your pkgsel
23:02:59<gman_> damn..so i have to find out every single depedencies that a packages has and add them manually??? how primitive
23:07:16<hannes_> jep :/
23:08:28<gman_> and thats what they call "autodetected dependencies'"
23:08:43<gman_> and they dis gentoo like,..pff
23:09:09<gman_> its disapointing
23:09:43<gman_> it better be fast the system that im building to compensate
23:10:44<gman_> "automated package build" they say for rock, and "each package needs a full ebuild script" for gentoo
23:11:29<gman_> hehe, gentoo has over 8000 packages in the repo... and all over em calculate dependencies, download them, and install them for you
23:11:49<hannes_> normally someone would not change a pkgsel
23:11:58<gman_> why is that?
23:12:26<hannes_> not yet implemented, i think =)
23:13:20<gman_> hehe, what?? either i download and compile 1089 packages or just 99 packages??? what is the point of this distro if its not to customize it?
23:14:28<gman_> damn, suddenlly, im not sure anymore about this distro
23:14:36<hannes_> if you want to customize it, you also have to take care of the dependencies
23:14:48<gman_> yea...
23:15:06<hannes_> you can lookup in the cache files and simply add the packages to your selection
23:15:51<gman_> de pencies are listed in a package .cache file??
23:15:57<hannes_> of course
23:16:05<hannes_> at the end
23:16:31<gman_> hehe and thats what they call "autodetected dependencies" over "hardcoded dependencies"
23:16:51<gman_> they are defenitly jealous of gentoo
23:17:02<hannes_> the cache files are created when doing a referencebuild and are fully autodetected
23:17:13<gman_> ah ok
23:18:22<gman_> maybe ill go smoke some marijuana to calm down
23:18:31<hannes_> do that =)
--- Log closed Sat Sep 25 00:00:03 2004