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04:07:35<netrunne1> stupid build order problem: freetype is built after xorg
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04:52:41<blindcod1r> moin
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05:25:41<th> moin
05:26:59<daja77> moin th
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05:27:36<blindcoder> moin moin
05:27:42<daja77> moin blindcoder 
05:27:58<blindcoder> damn, having to keep a second svn-repo for lvp really sucks wrt keeping in sync with trunk :/
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05:44:53<th> hannes_: you could really have suggested misc/archive/showdeps.sh
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06:03:31<gman_> Serwou vilain!
06:06:32<SerWou> hello gman_ 
06:06:41<SerWou> vilain, en quel honneur ?
06:06:50<th> gman_: how is your install going?
06:07:03<SerWou> oui
06:07:08<SerWou> gamblaman ?
06:07:50<SerWou> th, gman_ is a friend of me, i convert him from gentoo to RockLinux ;)
06:08:01<SerWou> he can see the light now, the true ;)
06:08:17<daja77> hehe
06:08:30<SerWou> yo sup' daja77 
06:08:46<SerWou> he will not be a gentoo user anymore ;)
06:09:06<th> strange things happening
06:16:48* netrunner mounting his bavarian oarsch in his ledahosn
06:17:00<daja77> muhahahaha
06:17:11<daja77> send pics ..
06:17:17<netrunner> sauweda, greisligs
06:17:32<daja77> .oO (whatever)
06:18:40* netrunner complainig about the weather :)
06:18:58<daja77> hehe
06:33:10<fake> hi
06:33:13<th> hi fake 
06:34:01<blindcoder> hmm
06:34:16<blindcoder> how can I activate linux24 only with 2.1?
06:34:35<fake> Config => Linux Kernel Options => [ ] build and install a linux 2.6 kernel
06:36:15<blindcoder> thanks
06:37:35<fake> SMP: *ping*
06:37:49<th> fake: i think you won't have luck
06:38:16<fake> i thought so
06:38:29* fake just curious wether the kphone update is o.k.
06:39:25<netrunner> fake: it works.
06:39:33* netrunner using it daily :)
06:44:31<netrunner> daja77: http://andreas.anvame.net/content/download/img_0363.small.jpg
06:45:12<daja77> ROFL
06:45:42<fake> netrunner: i know. SMP is just a bit picky about ppl. updating packages in his repos
06:50:41<blindcoder> hmm
06:51:04<blindcoder> why does download -rquire download linux26, gcc295 and gcc323?
06:51:38* netrunner going to wiesn, bbdl
06:51:43<blindcoder> seems like it doesn't recognize pkg=pkg yet...
06:51:46<netrunner> (be back drunk later ;)
06:51:50<fake> netrunner: uargh
06:51:52<blindcoder> netrunner: guten durscht :)
06:51:56<fake> netrunner: you are 3v1l
08:28:18<blindcoder> o_O
08:28:22<blindcoder> why is bash O?
08:31:11<blindcoder> argl...
08:31:17<blindcoder> /root/lvp/trunk/scripts/Build-Pkg: line 976: /root/lvp/trunk/src.binutils.1096112963.7443.631495218/dependencies.txt: No such file or directory
08:31:20<blindcoder> WTF?
08:32:32<fake> bash is a split-pkg
08:32:59<fake> you can enable bash2 / bash3 explicitely by saying bash=bash2 / bash=bash3 in pkgsels
08:34:24<blindcoder> bash=bash2 / { p; d; };
08:34:27<blindcoder>  / bash=bash2 / { p; d; };
08:34:32<blindcoder> didn't really do anything
08:34:34<blindcoder> I now have:
08:34:43<blindcoder>  / bash / { p; d; };
08:34:48<blindcoder> pkgenable bash=bash2
08:34:54<blindcoder> ROCKCFGSET_PKG_BASH_DEFAULT='bash2'
08:35:56<blindcoder> that does what I want
08:36:21<fake> ROCKCFGSET_PKG_BASH_DEFAULT='bash2' is the default setting
08:36:59<blindcoder> for now, yes
08:37:15<blindcoder> I'm still not sure if lvp will build with gcc34 at all
08:38:01<blindcoder> btw, I did the same for linux and glibc
08:43:05<fake> well, you can always set the default compiler to gcc32 for your target, if you like
08:43:53<blindcoder> if I can't get it to work with 34 I will do
08:43:57<blindcoder> but I'd rather not
08:44:33<blindcoder> ok, build started
08:44:44<fake> all packages with the exception of a few rather exotic ones build with gcc 3.4
08:44:58<blindcoder> I'm now going to buy the necessary ingredients for a "Marmorkuchen" :-)
08:45:09<fake> a ) marmor
08:45:10<blindcoder> yes, but I'm quite sure libgli and/or lvp/lvp won't :/
08:45:33<fake> they won't if the code is wrong
08:45:48<fake> it's a good thing gcc34 is more picky about some things, especially c++ 
08:45:58<blindcoder> well, libgli contains partly mine and lvp/lvp 100% my code...
08:46:07<blindcoder> that's why I'm rather sure
08:46:18<fake> ... so it's your job to fix it if it's b0rken ;P
08:46:20<blindcoder> anyway, I'll be back in about 30 minutes
08:46:24<fake> cya
08:46:26<blindcoder> yes, I know *snif*
08:46:29<blindcoder> bye
08:56:07<hannes_> rehi
09:11:55ωνω Signoff mX5_yO: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
09:14:24<fake> hi hannes_
09:25:37<SerWou> Hello the Chan
09:27:07<fake> hello SerWou 
09:27:29<SerWou> what's up mte ?
09:27:32<SerWou> mate*
09:28:55<fake> hm... nuffin. patching 2.6 kernel headers - boy, they should test that stuff
09:29:06<SerWou> well
09:29:09<SerWou> i'm sure you can help me out
09:29:13<fake> how about you?
09:29:16<fake> what's up?
09:30:12<SerWou> well, i'm back from a huge nap, i worked a lot this week, i bough a new computer case to make 1 computer with 2 old ones and some brand news HDs
09:30:43<SerWou> gonna intall Rock on this Pc for Net/mail/chat stuff, i have another for 2D/3D/Compositing
09:31:16<fake> ok?
09:31:18<SerWou> i want to format a brand new HD on rock
09:31:35<SerWou> i know fdisk ;) but how i can use it
09:32:01<fake> use cfdisk
09:32:02<SerWou> it's to find the good target HD
09:32:14<fake> cfdisk is much easier to use
09:32:23<SerWou> true
09:32:29<SerWou> i know it too in fact
09:33:16<SerWou> by defautlt, it shows me /dev/discs/disc0/disc
09:33:25<fake> yes
09:33:30<fake> that's the first disk
09:33:31<SerWou> it's a 40Go, i boot on it, i've got a brand new 160Go
09:33:48<SerWou> plugin as slave on the same IDE Cable
09:33:51<SerWou> pluged
09:34:00<fake> then it's /dev/discs/disc1/disc
09:34:49<SerWou> ok
09:35:18<SerWou> humm
09:35:20<SerWou> perfect ;)
09:35:33<SerWou> it shows me the good one : 160000Mo
09:36:12<SerWou> Thanks
09:37:15<fake> you're welcome ;)
09:38:46<SerWou> by the way, i was working on the RockLinux handbook French translation but i don't have any news...
09:39:04<SerWou> If you need some Graphim help, like HTML, Photoshop, etc... contact me
09:40:29<SerWou> by the way
09:41:08<fake> SerWou: we're always interested in graphic work, especially desktop backgrounds and cd covers
09:41:32<SerWou> so, i'm here to work for you to thanks you for your work
09:41:35<SerWou> ;)
09:42:01<fake> that's great!
09:44:01<SerWou> ok
09:44:11<SerWou> perhaps you can help me for a RedHat question too
09:44:54<SerWou> need to format 2 brand new SATA drives and i don't know how to do that
09:46:25ωνω Signoff hannes_: #rocklinux (Read error: 113 (No route to host))
09:47:48<fake> phew
09:48:04<fake> i have never had anything to do with sata (unfortunately)
09:48:36<fake> but, most likely, you could read the output of 'dmesg' to find out which devices they're on
09:49:05<fake> (shouldn't redhat have some insane, horribly graphical tool for such things?)
09:49:36<SerWou> hehe
09:51:03<fake> the basic stuff to do is: cfdisk the devices, mkfs.{ext3,reiserfs... whatever fs you want} on the partX's, create mountpoint and add the device -> mountpoint mapping to /etc/fstab
09:56:02<SerWou> ok, thanks
10:02:21<fake> take care - you know what can happen if you mistype sth...
10:07:55<SerWou> true
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10:25:05<fake> re hi hannes_
10:25:12<fake> hannes_: see icq
10:28:12<blindcoder> rehi
10:30:05<blindcoder> fake: who can I bother about rocklinux.net news? clifford doesn't seem to bother...
10:30:39<fake> blindcoder: rocklinux.net user links?
10:30:51<fake> the news are the rss stuff from typo3
10:31:53<blindcoder> not the user links
10:32:02<blindcoder> but the one that currently only read userfriendly and dilbert...
10:32:26<blindcoder> there used to be kerneltraffic, too, but it is broken since kerneltraffic moved to kerneltraffic.org
10:32:26<fake> pfff
10:32:41<fake> no idea, that's clifford's baby
10:33:09<blindcoder> yes, but he doesn't seem to care... I already wrote him two or three mails with no response at all
10:33:44<fake> blindcoder: write to the list
10:36:06<blindcoder> http://www.rocklinux.net/lurker/message/20040401.070124.0434ae0a.html
10:39:27<fake> 2004-04-01 
10:39:46<fake> that's *ages* ago
10:44:15<blindcoder> yes, indeed
10:44:37<blindcoder> that's why I got the impression that clifford simply doesn't care
11:00:58<blindcoder> hmm
11:01:00<fake> 'malcolm mittendrin' -> pro7
11:01:11<fake> (tv tip)
11:01:13<blindcoder> where can I select which automake to build?
11:01:20<fake> in the pkgsel, this time for real.
11:01:25<fake> see misc/pkgsel/*
11:02:11<blindcoder> okay, because I get aclocal-1.7 but no aclocal
11:04:59<fake> hm, you should use automake18, anyways...
11:06:32<blindcoder> ok
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11:32:19<mnemoc_> moin
11:33:35ωνω giftnux [~chatzilla@dialin-145-254-172-195.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
11:34:09<giftnux> Hi
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11:43:12<giftnux> fake: would  mythtv run on ppc with  64MB 
11:47:56<fake> most likely not
11:48:08<fake> mythtv is a monster application
11:48:56<giftnux> What do you think is recommended?
11:53:14<fake> hm, what kind of ppc is this?
11:55:39ωνω Signoff mnemoc_: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
11:56:08<giftnux> It is a settop box
11:56:51<giftnux> with harddisk
11:57:06<fake> i mean, which powerpc processor
11:57:23<giftnux> and a small linux in flashrom
11:57:56<giftnux> IBM 408 or so
11:59:29<giftnux> All graphic seems to inside, no additional graphic hardware.
12:02:28<fake> but it has tv-out?
12:02:53<giftnux> Yes, only.
12:13:22<fake> hm.
12:13:24<fake> tvtime?
12:14:36<giftnux> what?
12:18:34<giftnux> What did you mean with tvtime?
12:20:51<giftnux> Do you watch TV? I could watch "bundesliga"  after this talk, too.
12:25:35<giftnux> cu 
12:25:44ωνω giftnux [~chatzilla@dialin-145-254-172-195.arcor-ip.net] has left #rocklinux ()
12:30:10<fake> bundesliga *shivers*
12:30:14<SerWou> back
12:30:18<SerWou> i have another question 
12:31:06<SerWou> for example, i want to install pure-ftp, i'm going to make a script, but i would to make something like for the compilation :
12:31:08<SerWou> ./configure --with-language=french --with-welcomemsg --with-minimal
12:31:29<SerWou> how can i tell to Rock to compile it with those options ?
12:32:58<mnemoc> SerWou: you have to create a target
12:33:09<SerWou> ok ;)
12:33:12<SerWou> but how ?
12:33:30<SerWou> something like var_append confopt " " "--with-language=french --with-welcomemsg --with-minimal"    in the .conf file ?
12:33:57<mnemoc> SerWou: the target may set a replacement for standard .conf file
12:34:08ωνω Signoff hannes_: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
12:34:12<mnemoc> append that to confopt and source standard .conf after that
12:34:42ωνω hannes_ [~hannes@pD902AB08.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
12:35:00<SerWou> can you teach me how to built a target with this pure-ftp example ?
12:35:11<mnemoc> to create a target you can start copying another target (target/desktop -> target/mything) for example
12:36:53<SerWou> i can't see what you mean
12:37:51<mnemoc> take one existing target as your 'template' for your new one
12:38:34<mnemoc> what target did you choose on scripts/Config ?
12:41:00<SerWou> well
12:41:02<SerWou> i see
12:41:10<SerWou> it's something like var_append confopt " " "--with-language=french --with-welcomemsg --with-minimal"
12:41:45<mnemoc> on a pkg_pure-ftp.conf on target's dir
12:41:47<SerWou> what is the difference between var append confopt and var extra_confopt ?
12:42:08<mnemoc> extra_confopt is generated
12:42:21<mnemoc> --prefix= --bindir and friends
12:45:56<mnemoc> don't forget to source standard .conf on your pkg_pure-ftp.conf after doing your settings
12:46:07<mnemoc> . $confdir/$pkg.conf
12:48:05<fake> SerWou: the difference between extraconfopt and confopt is absolutely cosmetic.
12:48:27<SerWou> ok, thanks ;)
12:48:31<mnemoc> doesn't set_confopt destroy extra_confopt?
12:50:28<fake> uh
12:51:26<fake> that may well be 
12:54:47<gman_> Hi all
12:56:30<gman_> Do i have to recompile everything if i didnt include readline the first time, i added it later and i give me an error on stage 1 and compiled on stage 5...
12:56:49<fake> what is the error in stage1 ?
12:57:04<gman_> C compiler cannot create executables
12:57:25<gman_> checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
12:57:27<gman_> --- BUILD ERROR ---
12:57:38<fake> go into src.readline.{number}
12:57:54<fake> then into readline-bla, and take a look at config.log
12:58:31<gman_> the problem is that i have 7 src.realine.nuber**
12:58:37<gman_> floders
12:58:54<gman_> how do i clean them up??
12:59:02<fake> ./scripts/Cleanup ?
12:59:16<fake> but don't clean them up NOW
12:59:22<fake> they will be deleted ALL
12:59:43<fake> you need one to find out why exactly configure failed
13:00:26<fake> and the command it tried to run and that failed is written exactly in config.log.
13:01:09<gman_> ok
13:02:03<gman_> configure:1483: error: C compiler cannot create executables
13:02:11<gman_> thats in config.log
13:03:51<fake> there has to be more
13:04:04<fake> above that line
13:04:06<gman_> configure: failed program was:
13:04:08<gman_> #line 1438 "configure"
13:04:08<gman_> #include "confdefs.h"
13:04:23<fake> smomething with gcc in it
13:04:31<fake> *something
13:05:28<gman_> what do you mean?
13:19:45<fake> a line where the command it tried to execute and the error message produced by that command (not configure's interpretation of it) is written
13:22:34<gman_> no such lines as that
13:26:18<fake> hm.
13:30:26<gman_> when i compile it doesnt tell me " the building of the package isnt possible" instead it tells me aborting package build or something
13:31:48<gman_> =[1]=> Aborted building package readline
13:33:23<gman_> is this package really needed on stage 1? it compiled without errors on stage 5...
13:36:57<fake> well, obviously not
13:37:26<fake> the only reason stage1 is built is to get an environment we can chroot into.
13:41:27<gman_> ok, so i should not bother...
13:43:06<gman_> damn i hate packages with 25 dependecies....
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14:09:30ωνω Signoff gman_: #rocklinux ("Leaving")
16:35:12ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))
17:17:24* netrunner competely drunk.
17:17:51<mnemoc> =)
17:21:09<daja77> so you can do the things from your todo now ^^
17:21:18<netrunner> toto?
17:21:32<mnemoc> TO DO
17:21:35* netrunner wants bed.
17:21:53<mnemoc> go to sleep then :p
17:22:04<daja77> goto bed 
17:22:09<netrunner> hm, build notz going well too: 920 builds total, 507 completed fine, 94 with errors.
17:22:26<netrunner> gootta look tomorrow. n9 :)
17:22:31<netrunner> s/9/8
17:22:37<netrunner>  /
17:22:50<netrunner> :)
17:23:10<netrunner> cf disk with 64 mb full, must be funny pix :)
17:23:46<mnemoc> JMP bed
17:24:38<daja77> .oO (netrunner dancing
17:24:42<daja77> )
17:26:02<mnemoc> :p
17:26:04<fake> hi
17:26:35<fake> netrunner: that reminds me, i wanted to get drunk today, too
17:27:03<fake> now if i only knew why this damn cd doesn't boot
17:27:06<daja77> hehe
17:27:09<mnemoc> fake: you missed that chance 1:30 hours ago
17:27:33<mnemoc> no, my mistake, 23:30 isn't it?
17:28:00<daja77> yep
17:28:10<fake> yes
17:28:22<mnemoc> 30 minutes, go go go
17:29:55<fake> nooo... not until the powerpc livecd boots up (DAMN IT)
17:30:21<fake> (alcohol is the wrong drug now ;)
17:31:46<mnemoc> :p
17:33:46<fake> GOT IT!
17:33:50<fake> HA!
17:33:59* fake getting beer
17:34:39<daja77> hehe
17:35:00<mnemoc> hehe
17:35:00<daja77> will be hard to get drunk through beer in half an hour
17:36:34<fake> 'druckbetankung' = 'Timeout on server dict.leo.org'
17:38:11<daja77> use another dict server
17:40:40* fake stuck in a select(...
17:41:45<daja77> it is down
17:41:54<daja77> try dict.tu-chemnitz.de
17:43:26<fake> no results
17:51:30<daja77> no?
17:51:38<fake> for druckbetankung, no
17:51:55<daja77> ah might be
17:57:41<fake> yay!
17:57:45<fake> the powerpc livecd works.
18:24:48<fake> o_O
18:25:03<daja77> n8
18:25:22<fake> n8 daja!
18:28:42<mnemoc> it worked or not?
18:30:49<fake> hdd: CD-224E, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
18:30:56<fake> strange
18:31:03<fake> it's in the dmesg output, but not in /dev
18:32:20<mnemoc> maybe some scsi emulation missing?
18:33:11<fake> hm, should not be needed, should it?
18:33:25<mnemoc> maybe :p
18:33:30<fake> it accesses /dev/cdroms/...
18:34:03<mnemoc> scsi emulation + scsi standard cdrom device ?
18:37:29<fake> hm, so the sr module would be missing
18:37:52<fake> no
18:38:04<fake> i installed using that bootdisk with a scsi cdrom drive
18:38:35<fake> devfs=nocompat isn't it either
18:38:44<mnemoc> uhm
18:41:37<fake> mnemoc: do you have a traditional dev somewhere?
18:44:32<mnemoc> i have _one_ with devfsd, does it work?
18:45:01<fake> hm, i need the major and minor of hdd
18:46:40<mnemoc> 22,  64
18:46:52<fake> ah
18:46:54* fake trying
18:48:11<mnemoc> and?
18:48:36<fake> nope
18:48:36<fake> doesn't work
18:48:46<mnemoc> :\
18:48:56* fake checking wether scsi emulation is switched on
18:49:00<fake> that would be useless anyways
18:49:08<fake> it's not needed on 2.6 kernels for anything anympre
18:49:41ωνω kasc_ [kasc@dsl-082-083-046-142.arcor-ip.net] has joined #rocklinux
18:50:07<fake> hi kasc_!
18:50:33<mnemoc> fake: great to know :p
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19:01:01ωνω kasc_ is now known as kasc
19:55:28ωνω c4y0 [~c4y0@] has joined #rocklinux
19:55:32<c4y0> hi!
19:56:16<mnemoc> oh
19:56:22<mnemoc> hi c4y0 
19:56:27<c4y0> =)
20:08:20ωνω Signoff c4y0: #rocklinux ("iskorpitx besa mi culo!!!!!!!!!!!! XDDDDDDDDDDD")
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