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03:23:51<rugek> moin
03:31:50<netrunne1> 920 builds total, 607 completed fine, 106 with errors.
03:43:45ωνω gman_ [~gman@Toronto-HSE-ppp3887112.sympatico.ca] has joined #rocklinux
03:43:52<gman_> hi
03:44:41<gman_> where is glibmm ??
03:46:47<gman_> cant find that package
03:48:49<gman_> and i need it to complete my build...
04:29:15ωνω blindcod1r is now known as blindcoder
04:29:18<blindcoder> moin
04:29:39<blindcoder> gman_: I'd say glib
04:48:31ωνω netrunne1 is now known as netrunner
04:49:38<netrunner> package/gnome2/glibmm
04:54:48<th> gman_: use "sh misc/archive/showdeps.sh" could be helpful.
05:21:58<blindcoder> I can hardly believe it...
05:22:04<blindcoder> lvp compiled perfectly with gcc34...
05:45:35<netrunner> ./scripts/Build-Pkg: /etc/profile.d/xprint.csh: line 17: syntax error: unexpected end of file
05:45:42<netrunner> I get several of these ...
05:47:01<netrunner> no idea what could be wrong in that file though.
06:16:31<fake> gnnnn
06:16:48<fake> why is CONFIG_BLK_DEV_IDECD = m ???
06:16:59<fake> how can that work ?
06:17:13<fake> (talking bootdisk)
06:17:48ωνω treo [~xfman@Dab82.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
06:18:02<treo> hi
06:18:45<blindcoder> fake: it's loaded from initrd?
06:18:46<fake> hi treo
06:18:49<blindcoder> moin treo 
06:18:54<fake> blindcoder: it's not in initrd.gz, iirc
06:19:08<blindcoder> fake: then it's an interesting situation :-)
06:19:15<blindcoder> 2.0 or 2.1?
06:19:22<fake> for x in ../2nd_stage/lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/{scsi,net}/*.{ko,o}
06:19:37<fake> nope, no ide-cd
06:19:49<fake> but i know the 2.1 bootdisk works with ide cds
06:20:09<fake> on x86
06:20:59<blindcoder> yes...
06:29:11* fake changing it in bootdisk/kernel.conf
06:44:56<SerWou> Hello the chn
06:44:58<SerWou> Chan*
06:51:41<fake> hi SerWou
06:51:48<fake> your redhat still alive? ;-)
06:59:08<SerWou> yes ;)
06:59:12<SerWou> fighting with it ;)
06:59:20<SerWou> and what about you ?
07:14:43<fake> i'm fighting with an old world mac again
07:15:13<fake> damn, booting those always involves some magic ceremonial goat scarifice
07:15:29* blindcoder making some pizza
07:15:30<blindcoder> brb
07:17:11<SerWou> hehe
07:17:33<fake> (this time, i ritually had to replace the cd-rom drive)
07:18:24<fake> you know, if you changed to the device path in openfirmware like dev /bandit@F200000/gc@10/mash@18000/sd@?
07:18:32<fake> you can issue the command 'words'
07:18:38<SerWou> to mount a FAT32 partition, it's mount -t fat32 ??? ?
07:18:46<fake> mount -t vfat
07:18:52<SerWou> ok, thanks ;)
07:19:00<SerWou> i'm working sometimes with Mac
07:19:06<SerWou> Mac G3 actually
07:19:09<fake> if you want to access it as user, you might also take a look at the -o uid=something,gid=something
07:19:14<fake> G3 is wonderful.
07:19:20<fake> new world mac = anything colorful
07:19:43<fake> new world mac = cool, old world macs = suck like hell
07:20:24<SerWou> cool but i will never work on Mac
07:20:47<fake> you can only boot off a cdrom is a proprietary apple firmware is in a specific section of a hfs hybrid cd, telling that dumb box how to read iso9660
07:20:53<fake> *if a...
07:21:14<SerWou> why are you fighting with this hell box ?
07:21:31<fake> you can rip that firmware off any mac os cd, but of course you then have to adhere to apple's licensing terms
07:21:57<fake> that means - no rock cd boot on 6xxx,7xxx,8xxx,9xxx,beigeG3 macs
07:22:24<fake> and now i'm gonna get some cigarettes.
07:22:28* fake brb
07:22:43<SerWou> ok
07:37:52<blindcoder> okay, now waiting for the yeast to do its work in the dough
08:05:23* blindcoder getting headaches...
08:05:46<blindcoder> why do I even talk to these... people?
08:06:15<blindcoder> talking about the installation of telnet:
08:06:22<blindcoder> 13:58 < housetier> you only need the telnet client, do not install the telnet server
08:06:27<blindcoder> 14:02 < t-jack> And you can use a client without the server?
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09:29:00<netrunner> blindcoder: well, he's right, no?
09:31:39<blindcoder> yes...
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09:43:40<SerWou> back
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09:55:30<blindcoder> hmm
09:55:45<blindcoder> somethings fishy about package splitting if you ask me...
09:56:05<blindcoder> grep kernel/driver build/.../flists/* yields absolutely nothing
09:56:10<blindcoder> but the modules are there
10:03:34<blindcoder> hmm
10:03:35<blindcoder> no
10:03:36<blindcoder> can't be
10:03:39<blindcoder> I disabled splitting
10:03:59<treo> und weg
10:04:14ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
11:25:27<fake> yay!
11:29:58<SerWou> hay
11:31:29<SerWou> How can i run Konsole without KDE installed ?
11:35:36<fake> as i said, you need qt, kdelibs and kdebase installed. and that *is* kde
11:35:45ωνω Signoff Thunderbird_: #rocklinux (Client Quit)
11:35:47<fake> you can then run konsole from any windowsmanager
11:35:50<fake> -s
11:36:07<fake> but you need to have the core components of kde installed.
11:38:41<SerWou> ok
11:38:43<SerWou> thanks
11:39:09<SerWou> can i do ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg qt ?
11:39:18<SerWou> can i do ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg kdelibs ?
11:39:32<SerWou> etc .. ?
11:39:58<fake> uh...
11:40:06<fake> you'd need to resolve the dependencies...
11:40:19<fake> don't you have gems for kde on your install cd?
11:40:53<SerWou> no
11:40:59<SerWou> my friend send me a custom CD
11:41:09<SerWou> optimized Rock for 3d station
11:41:24<SerWou> i'm running xfce4
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12:56:00<blindcoder> great...
12:56:10<blindcoder> lvp crashes with return code 127
12:57:19<blindcoder> and I don't even know what that means :/
12:58:48<blindcoder> no errormessage, nothing
12:58:52<blindcoder> just back at the prompt
12:58:53<blindcoder> ARGH
12:59:45<tcr> tcr@GNUlot:~$ asdf; echo $?
12:59:46<tcr> -bash: asdf: command not found
12:59:46<tcr> 127
13:00:09<blindcoder> yes, but I don't even get that
13:00:22<blindcoder> bash-2.05b# lvp
13:00:23<blindcoder> bash-2.05b# 
13:00:42<fake> strace
13:00:45<tcr> Strace
13:00:52<fake> ;)
13:00:53<blindcoder> on a statically linked binary?
13:00:56<blindcoder> does that work?
13:02:12<tcr> Yeah, of course.
13:02:16<tcr> You may confuse it with ltrace.
13:02:17<blindcoder> ok
13:02:35<blindcoder> ./scripts/Config: line 136: enable: dynamic loading not available
13:02:38<blindcoder> what's that?
13:03:29<tcr> bash builtin
13:06:17<blindcoder> hmm
13:06:22<blindcoder> DISPLAY=:0 does not work
13:06:30<blindcoder> seems to work
13:06:44<fake> localhost missing in /etc/hosts ?
13:07:01<fake> blindcoder: disable the bash module
13:07:19<fake> ./scripts/Config -nobashmod
13:07:43<blindcoder> bashmodule?
13:07:45<blindcoder> what's that?
13:08:30<fake> a loadable bash extension
14:06:43<gman_> in which pkg is gnome-config??
14:07:50ωνω treo [~xfman@Dab82.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
14:07:54<gman_> nevermind found it
14:14:37<treo> hi
15:31:50<gman_> hi
15:31:58<gman_> no mirrors have samba??
15:34:59<gman_> or is it because its trying to download samba-3.0.5 and current version is 3.0.7..??
15:44:48<gman_> nevermind again, found a solution
16:00:03ωνω praenti [~praenti@mail.obster.org] has joined #rocklinux
16:00:10<praenti> blindcoder: here?
16:00:12<praenti> hi
16:02:42<gman_> hi
16:10:05ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Remote closed the connection)
16:31:49<treo> ich geh schlafen gute nacht :)
16:32:16ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
16:37:13* praenti away. gn8
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17:19:45<netrunner> 970 builds total, 919 completed fine, 51 with errors.
17:20:23<netrunner> will analyze tomorrow. n8
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21:41:57<gman22> hi
21:42:10<gman22> i got a little problem
21:42:57<gman22> when i compiled a bootdisk, at the end it tells me "./scripts/Build-Target: line 8: diet: command not found"
21:44:15<gman22> if i ignore this and go on to creating a iso i get "cat: build/bootdisk-2.0.3-x86-pentium4-32-bootdisk-expert/isofs.txt: No such file or directory"
21:48:12<gman22> any help would be very much apreciated
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