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02:16:00<praenti> hi. somebody here at the moment? I have only a few minutes left
02:25:49* praenti away
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02:36:09<blindcoder> moin
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05:12:21* netrunne1 heating up the iron
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06:09:17<netrunner> "The difference between young and old programmer is that first one thinks that 1 KB is 1000 bytes, and second  thinks that 1 km is 1024 meters." :-)
06:26:14<netrunner> the bdb default symlink does not seem to be created.
06:59:21<netrunner> now it is ... *wonder*
07:06:00<SerWou> hey
07:06:03<SerWou> i've got a question
07:09:58<SerWou> i mount a FAT32 HD on my Rock Linux to copy some files to another HD, this other HD is not full, but i can create any directory, etc.. is there something wrong like a Read-Only mode ?
07:14:28<netrunner> SerWou: if you mount it read only, then you cannot write, that's true.
07:14:51<SerWou> on the one i've mounted, i'm ok
07:14:54<netrunner> SerWou: maybe you check if you have permission to create directories.
07:15:04<SerWou> but on the one i use
07:16:16<SerWou> where i can check this priviledge ?
07:18:02<netrunner> ls -l /mnt/hdwithproblem
07:18:29<netrunner> SerWou: the fact that you cannot create dirs is the sign that you have not sufficient priviledges.
07:18:53<SerWou> i'm in root
07:19:44<SerWou> i've got 2 Hds : one System, one mounted, i don't care to write on the mounted, but it's the one where i run the system, it's strange, it's my second HD, and i can write on it
07:21:07<SerWou> i can't*
07:21:09<SerWou> ;)
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07:34:04<mtr> hi
07:35:10<SerWou> hy mtr
07:35:43<mtr> i have build a 2.1.0-DEV desktop target
07:35:54<mtr> now i try to install and verify
07:36:18<mtr> but i found that the kernel module for my ethernet card has not been built
07:36:54<netrunner> mtr: usually we build full modularized kernels ...
07:37:06<netrunner> SerWou: are you root?
07:37:17<SerWou> yes
07:37:21<netrunner> SerWou: what is the command you run and what is the error message?
07:38:28<mtr> netrunner: yes i know, but CONFIG_NET_TULIP is set to 'n'
07:39:09<SerWou> i have one 40Go and one 160Go and a temp 120Go with FAT32 partitions, i've mouted the 120Go and i'm copying files from the 120Go to the 160Go, everything is ok, but now, i want to rename or make a directory, it's not working
07:39:16<SerWou> i think i've sold the problem
07:39:43<mtr> netrunner: sorry, the exact definition from .config_modules is 'CONFIG_NET_TULIP is not set'
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08:02:44<netrunner> mtr: and in the .config itself? could it be that you built a non-modular kernel?
08:08:47<mtr> netrunner: .config and .config_modules are identically
08:09:15<mtr> netrunner: hmmm, in linux.conf there is 'eval $MAKE no2modconfig'
08:09:45<mtr> netrunner: shouldn't that be 'eval $MAKE allmodconfig' ?
08:54:00<netrunner> mtr: no, I think no2modconfig is ok there. it switches all disabled to module
09:08:33<mtr> netrunner: it seems that no2modconfig does not enable subcategories
09:09:29<mtr> netrunner: at least i found two options - CONFIG_NET_TULIP and CONFIG_DVB - which should be set to 'y'
09:11:03<mtr> i change the targets kernel.conf to workaround this
09:18:11<netrunner> mtr: in my last build that finished today tulip got enabled.
09:19:09<netrunner> build/builder-2.1.0-DEV-x86-athlon-mp-32-desktop-expert/usr/src/linux-2.4.27-rock/.config:CONFIG_TULIP=m
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10:23:39<mtr> netrunner: my build is based upon linux26, seems to make the difference
10:23:46<mtr> grep TULIP build/desktop-2.1.0-DEV-x86-athlon-32-desktop-expert/usr/src/linux-
10:23:54<mtr> # CONFIG_NET_TULIP is not set
10:24:29<netrunner> mtr: hm, yes. in my 2.6 tulip is also not set.
10:28:57<mtr> netrunner: the options for all tulip drivers have been moved into a subcategorie somewhere in 2.5.x
10:32:49<netrunner> mtr: that shouldn't matter.
10:38:01<mtr> netrunner: hmm, the kernel patch 12-conf-hacks.patch introduces a new type for the kconfig script, ask_no2mod
10:39:08<mtr> then all options of 'type == S_TRISTATE' are changed to 'm'
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10:39:33<mtr> but options of type S_BOOLEAN are left unchanged, like CONFIG_NET_TULIP
10:42:10<netrunner> hi mnemoc 
10:42:37<netrunner> anybody knows where wxwindows has gone? xmule wants it but I don't find it :)
10:44:21<daja77> renamed to wxwidgets iirc
10:45:23<netrunner> ok. so wxwidgets and libnet are missing in desktop.  more suspected to be ...
10:48:30<mtr> ... some more missing in desktop: vcdimager needs libcdio, wvdial needs wvstreams, and many gnome packages need cpan ...
10:53:27<blindcoder> moin
10:54:04<netrunner> hi blindcoder 
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10:57:16* blindcoder is getting strange results with gcc34
10:57:23<blindcoder> programs that compile and "almost" work
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11:36:38<blindcoder> moin hannes_ 
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11:59:05<netrunner> blindcoder: do you know how I can find out pythons prefix and version in a .conf? (need it for boost)
12:00:04<netrunner> blindcoder: thx ... python -V 2>&1 | sed 's/Python \([0-9]\.[0-9]\).*/\1/'
12:00:30<blindcoder> I didn't say anything
12:00:31<daja77> ^^
12:00:48<daja77> blindcoder: yeah and that was an astonishing answer
12:01:00<blindcoder> sad that it's also wrong :/
12:01:11<blindcoder> python -V only gives version, not prefix
12:01:26<daja77> which python could give prefix
12:02:52<netrunner> oh well, I just set it to $root/$prefix
12:04:38* netrunner just had the idea with a build with root="c:" and prefix="Program Files"
12:06:59<blindcoder> ?
12:07:59<netrunner> then I set fvwm95 as default windowmanager ... with autologin ...
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13:32:19<jmaier> he all
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16:15:55<rugek> fake: hey! present?
16:20:55<rugek> what about a new ppc build?
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16:50:36<treo> gn8
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16:55:16<netrunner> hi valentine
16:59:23<valentin> hi
16:59:32<valentin> back from holidays
17:27:22<valentin> gn8
17:27:47<daja77> n8 valentin 
17:43:06<jsaw> hi all
18:15:50<daja77> hi jsaw 
18:17:04<daja77> n8
18:37:13<jsaw> hi daja77 , n8 daja77 
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23:35:55<gman_> hello
23:36:46<gman_> i wanted to know if its possible to make a build with the 2.6 kernel without having any errors
23:41:05<gman_> or does it change something?? anyways i install the latest kernel once installed
23:41:56<gman_> and nvidia drivers cant compile telling me i must have the wrong version of the kernel source...very weird...
23:42:24<gman_> i mean probably have the wrong kernel source
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23:53:21<SerWou> Hello the Chan
23:56:07<gman_> hey serwou
23:56:19<gman_> cest la que je tattrape
23:56:47<gman_> jai installer rock linux
23:57:24<gman_> mais mes driver nvidia marche plus... ca me casse les couille
23:58:01<gman_> taurait pas vu Bruju dans le parage?
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