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00:04:13<SerWou> Salut
00:04:26<SerWou> non, je ne l'ai pas vu
00:04:44<SerWou> tu as vu l'heure qu'il est ici ? 6h du matin ;)
00:05:02<SerWou> j'ai une FX5700, et tout marche bien
00:07:56<SerWou> j'ai choppι les drivers sur le site NVidia puis ./driversNividia.run --extract-only, aprιs il faut editι le fichier os-registry.c dans usr/src/nv  puis ensuite un ./Nvidia-installer et modprobe nvidia et editer le fichier de config XF86Config
00:08:14<SerWou> brb douche
00:12:31<gman_> c ca que jai fait aussi, mais quand je roule l'install y se plaint qui peut pas charger le module a cause qui croi que jai pas la bonne source du kernel...
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02:34:18<netrunne1> SerWou: would you mind keeping LANG=en_EN? some people are also interested in reading the channel logs.
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04:03:24<blindcod1r> moin
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04:05:49<praenti> moin
04:08:04<praenti> blindcoder: btw. the ICE story with X is a security reason. so permissions like root.root is in the future a no do ;-)
04:08:46<praenti> as I can see Gnome and KDE are the only WMs which uses an own ICElib. The rest should work correctly
04:11:30<praenti> the current workaround is to create the directories with the correct permissions. I will do some patching for that
04:12:09<netrunner> good to have a brother that gets up later and can switch on the build server :)
04:17:01<praenti> netrunner: *g*
04:17:15<blindcoder> praenti: HAPPY BIRTHDAY
04:17:28<blindcoder> btw, I HATE XFREE86
04:17:40<blindcoder> that damn piece of crap software cost me two days and lots of nerves
04:17:55<blindcoder> if there is no WM runnig it doesn't send an initial resize event
04:18:07<blindcoder> which in turn causes openGL apps to display only a black rectangle
04:19:57* netrunner throwing a birthday-tart towards praenti
04:20:36<praenti> BIG THX
04:21:25<praenti> blindcoder: the other point I will modify a init script were these directories are created with the correct permission
04:21:38<praenti> but i thin at the moment which script is the best solution
04:22:30<blindcoder> praenti: sounds reasonable
04:22:31<praenti> perhaps system?
04:22:40<blindcoder> btw, a LVP release is around the corner *smile*
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04:24:25<nzg> moin
04:24:45<praenti> can anyone say me where the /tmp is deleted?
04:25:09<praenti> i mean the content of the dir, not the dir itself :-)
04:25:21<netrunner> praenti: /etc/rc.d/init.d/system
04:26:16<praenti> netrunner: thought so. but don't see the line. (perhaps I#m the 2nd blindy)
04:26:35<praenti> argl. seen it...
04:34:37<blindcoder> okay, final test build of LVP 0.4.2 with gc34
04:49:23* blindcoder gone
04:52:35* praenti gone
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06:36:09<blindcoder> can someone help me with a 2.0.2 problem?
06:36:33<blindcoder> when trying to execute a program from the 2nd stage bootdisk I always get no such file or directory
06:50:20<jsaw> blindcoder: does ldd work?
07:11:52<blindcoder> just a moment
07:16:22<blindcoder> cool
07:16:29<jsaw> ?
07:16:31<blindcoder> bin/bash is a dynamicaly linked program
07:16:38<blindcoder> needing ld-linux, libc and libc
07:16:47<blindcoder> which are nowhere to be found in the 2nd stage
07:16:56<daja77> moin
07:17:49<blindcoder> damn piece of crap 2.0.2
07:19:42<daja77> ...
07:21:57<blindcoder> does someone have a working bootdisk? only bootdisk?
07:23:57<blindcoder> probably not
07:24:16<daja77> dunno if i have one
07:31:22* netrunner has one.
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10:22:07<treo> hi @ all
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10:54:17<blindcoder> rehi
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11:18:42* treo is away: absinth suchen...
11:24:35<tcr> treo: Sitting before some Windoze machine?
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12:31:37* treo is back (gone 01:12:55)
12:32:08<treo> tcr: I had to today ^^
12:46:30* netrunner thinks he has fixed kdeedu
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15:14:48<hannes_> hi
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15:34:31<daja77_> *gnarf*
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15:41:38<daja77_> sorry for the inconvinience
15:59:50<treo> zzzZZZzzz ... gn8 :D
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16:30:16<hannes_> hi daja77 =)
16:51:41<daja77> >_<
16:51:56<daja77> hoper the university can fix their servers tomorrow
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17:29:55<hannes_> bye!
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