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02:18:17<blindcoder> moin
02:47:47<netrunne1> moin blindy
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04:39:05<De_Elsasser> hallo halli
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05:12:29<nzg> moin
07:13:28<netrunner> nice, kdeedu builds now.
07:44:32<netrunner> this gnome crap is a heavenly sht.
07:45:39<daja77> tell news ^^
07:47:49<netrunner> I have my desktop build down to 7 errors. at least 3 could be fixed, but I doubt that gnome26 headers mix well with 14 apps :/
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08:44:16<mnemoc> moin
08:44:45<mnemoc> netrunner: you never sent me your download convertor script :\
08:55:24<netrunner> mnemoc: oups 
08:55:28<netrunner> second ...
08:57:43<netrunner> mnemoc: I sent it to rock-devel in case somebody else is interested. ... hope it's not too embarassing ;)
08:57:59<mnemoc> thanks =)
09:02:23<daja77> well no need to laugh on the list ;)
09:05:22<mnemoc> i guess it's ok to do it privately
09:07:44<daja77> :D
09:20:48<blindcoder> th: ping
09:22:43<blindcoder> th: do you always write "i committed this into 2.0-stable"?
09:23:21<blindcoder> th: because I'm currently compiling some stats about rocksm and even though they are horribly unaccurate I'd like to have them as ununaccurate as possible :)
09:24:28<mnemoc> hehe
09:34:13<blindcoder> hmm
09:34:15<blindcoder> no
09:34:17<blindcoder> doesn't work
09:34:31<blindcoder> 110 changes oppose 1 applied from teha
09:36:15<blindcoder> guess I'll just pull the applied patches from rock-svn
09:42:22<blindcoder> current stats for Sep: http://scavenger..net/~blindcoder/preview
09:43:15<daja77> oh completely idle this month ...
09:43:48<blindcoder> daja77: it isn't meant to scold anyone
09:44:18<daja77> yeah sure just strange that this month was passing by so fast
09:44:28<blindcoder> yeah, for me, too.
09:44:45<blindcoder> maybe that's because I moved into my first own flat :D
09:44:58<daja77> that's cool
09:45:15<daja77> did that in 2002 and was quite happy about that and still am
09:45:21<blindcoder> :)
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11:27:49<treo> hi
11:29:06<netrunner> treo: why do I always think of nestle cereals when I read your name? ;)
11:29:33<treo> don't know ^^
11:29:54<treo> btw. does someone here know a good layouting software?
11:31:45<netrunner> treo: do you really want to hear the answer?
11:31:52<blindcoder> netrunner: cereals?
11:32:04<treo> netrunner: yes ^^
11:32:05<netrunner> treo: latex :)
11:32:12<treo> x)
11:32:30<netrunner> blindcoder: nestle trio? 'dreimalig lecker - karamel+honig+vanille'
11:32:34<blindcoder> never learned latex because it always reminds me of SM :D
11:32:44<treo> mh, how do I make a newspaper frontpage with latex? X)
11:32:52<netrunner> blindcoder: you could take the best of both worlds :)
11:33:07<netrunner> \documentclass{newspaper}
11:33:09<netrunner> :)
11:33:14<treo> :D
11:33:31<netrunner> treo: it's not that hard. 
11:33:38<blindcoder> netrunner: my cereals are hazelnuts, walnuts, sunflowerseeds, pumpkinseeds and low-fat-yogurt
11:34:12<netrunner> blindcoder: only cereals I eat are nougat bits from aldi
11:34:21<treo> ^^
11:34:22<blindcoder> hmm
11:34:31<blindcoder> #define cereals marmorcake
11:34:33<netrunner> blindcoder: or self-mixed eco stuff :)
11:34:34<blindcoder> brb ^^
11:34:40<treo> netrunner: how about something wysiwyg like editors?
11:34:56<netrunner> treo: vi -> latex ? :)
11:35:07<blindcoder> netrunner: that's what I meant with the above mentioned ingredients
11:35:22<treo> mh, not quite that what I had imagined ^^
11:35:59<netrunner> blindcoder: my once quite round brother is now said to be better shaped than me, now I need some food-consultant. have some tips? ;)
11:38:17<blindcoder> netrunner: I've put on 5 kilos since I moved out from my parents. Still interested?
11:38:45<blindcoder> I'm just not sure if that's 5 kilos fat or 5 kilos muscle :/
11:39:55<netrunner> blindcoder: I am sure that comes from carrying lots of stuff from one home to the new
11:40:30<netrunner> blindcoder: I am registered at a fitness centre now. even go regularly. every two weeks ;)
11:41:24<rolla> re
11:41:53<blindcoder> netrunner: I used to go 3 times a week
11:41:56<blindcoder> hi rolla 
11:42:03<rolla> hallo blindcoder 
11:42:05<blindcoder> netrunner: gotta search a new one here in Berlin
11:42:16* rolla is on the left coast of America ;)
11:42:23<netrunner> hi rolla
11:42:31* netrunner is on the north coast of his desk
11:42:33<blindcoder> netrunner: also, I'm currently training at home every other day, but that's by far not as good as a gym
11:42:59<netrunner> blindcoder: I heared sex is worth one pizza incalories :)
11:43:12<blindcoder> netrunner: not one of mine :D
11:43:15<blindcoder> pizzas, that is
11:43:45<netrunner> blindcoder: let me guess, you make them w/o cheese?
11:44:02<blindcoder> ehm... no... with extra
11:44:46<blindcoder> about 150g cheese per plate
11:44:46<blindcoder> I usually make a whole ovenplate full of pizza
11:45:18* netrunner makes 2. Always lots of friends around :)
11:45:46<netrunner> and I have to make one w/o meat anyway.
11:45:58<blindcoder> well, not that much friends here in berlin yet
11:46:27<netrunner> blindcoder: I can give you the number of a party guy there :)
11:47:07<blindcoder> well, I have a date on the weekend for now :)
11:47:10<netrunner> he moved to berlin half a year ago, he was always the one who knew the best parties ... with the most single girls ;)
11:47:17<netrunner> ah ok :) hf
11:47:20* netrunner -> home
11:47:21<blindcoder> thanks :)
11:47:22<blindcoder> bye
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13:26:51<praenti> hi. somebody here who knows a tool for server connection testing
13:27:38<praenti> i want a stream with 100b/s and the time in a statistic when the server does not repsond on packages 
13:33:51<blindcoder> hmm
13:33:59<blindcoder> I use a regular ping each 5 minutes...
13:35:53<praenti> blindcoder: wanted a ping every 1 minute, but this to less for my brother. he has some connection problems with his battlefield vietnam server...
13:36:08<praenti> a lot of connection timeouts...
13:36:16<blindcoder> how important...
13:36:21<praenti> *g*
13:36:48<praenti> perhaps i write a primitive C/S-Applikation for doing that
13:37:00<blindcoder> sounds good
13:37:09<praenti> hoping that java needs not too much ressources for that because this is done very fast :-)
13:38:27<praenti> ahhm. netcat can't do streams?
13:38:44<praenti> cause then I need no new unnecessarysoftware
13:38:44<blindcoder> no idea
13:39:33<praenti> must have a look on that before...
13:39:43<praenti> but not today.
13:39:51* praenti on the way in the city. cu
13:42:42* netrunner burning his new build ... to be installed on the build machine :)
13:44:54<blindcoder> I hope not 2.0.2
13:45:19<netrunner> 2.1-DEV with xorg (praentis first try)
13:48:46<blindcoder> ok
13:51:47<netrunner> hm, have to remember to link everything to the right place before installing.
13:52:21<netrunner> maybe I create usr/X11-xorg before and link X11 and X11R6 to it.
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15:05:36<mnemoc> where on download/ should go non-mirrorable files?
15:06:11<netrunner> mnemoc: download/reponame/packagename
15:06:17<netrunner> oh ... forget it
15:06:28<mnemoc> :p
15:07:02<mnemoc> there is download/mirror/${filename:0:1}/filename
15:07:30<mnemoc> i guess it's s/mirror/soemthing/ if the file is not mirrorable 
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15:12:31* netrunner shutting down, wish me luck :)
15:12:49<mnemoc> have luck
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15:31:55<blindcoder> th ping
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16:19:55* netrunner wonders why scrollkeeper desperately tries to download something from sf ... during install
16:20:43<blindcoder> DTD
16:20:54<blindcoder> it also tries to do so during cron.run
16:21:11<netrunner> for the log: /etc/cron.daily/90-gdm: line15: /etc/.../Sessions/Gnome-2.4.desktop: No such file or directory. (many of these)
16:21:51<netrunner> /opt/gnome26/share/gnome/help/gnumeric/C/gnumeric.xml:621: Failure to process entity printing
16:22:35<netrunner> loadkeys de fails because cannot open include file qwertz-layout
16:23:06<treo> gn8
16:23:31<blindcoder> yes, I've seen the loadkeys error on LVP, too
16:23:41ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
16:27:14<netrunner> blindcoder: why doesn't that surprise me? ;)
16:29:08<netrunner> very nice, doesn't boot ...
16:29:32<netrunner> good that I tried that on a spare 40GB :)
16:38:57<netrunner> hm, what could cause a disk not to boot? no single character of grub, just a blinking cursor ...
16:40:44<blindcoder> sure that it tries to boot from disk?
16:43:07<netrunner> well, it should ask me to insert a bootable disk otherwise, no?
16:43:28<blindcoder> it might try to boot from cd
16:43:36<blindcoder> which may or may not take ages
16:43:42<netrunner> do we have the 0.95 grub in -dev?
16:44:39<blindcoder> ...
16:44:43<daja77> do we support sata disks in bootdisk?
16:45:02<blindcoder> 94
16:46:02<netrunner> hm. Operating System not found ... not the nicest message :)
16:46:13<netrunner> blindcoder: ever successfully used it?
16:48:05<blindcoder> grub 94?
16:48:12<blindcoder> depends on what we have in stable
16:51:05<netrunner> hm, reading from the net other people had this with 0.94 ...
16:51:13* netrunner digging older bootcd
16:58:18* blindcoder --> bed
16:59:06<netrunner> n8
17:06:41<netrunner> th: shall we now vote on the package or on the girl? ;)
17:33:04<netrunner> another thing I found: packages are installed backwards :)
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19:14:13<mnemoc> if i emerge ogg-vorbis, should i re-build mplayer?
19:17:38<mnemoc> aaarg... i hate multimedia-world! ... /me is to stupid to understand it
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