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02:57:39<blindcod1r> moin
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04:01:16<netrunne1> moin.
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04:01:53<netrunner> somehow after my installation yesterday my pc didn't want to boot from a cs disk any more. this morning I reverted to old master/slave settings and it worked.
04:02:21<netrunner> now I cannot put the second head of my mga450 to the same resolution as my first head ....
04:02:32<blindcoder> moin
04:02:59<blindcoder> you have a strange computer...
04:04:27<netrunner> maybe I broke something while hotplugging the hd
04:04:39<netrunner> blindcoder: are you familiar with csh?
04:06:50<blindcoder> no
04:07:59<netrunner> yet more happyness: groff: /usr/lib/libgcc_s.so.1: version `GCC_3.3' not found (required by /usr/lib/libstdc++.so.6)
04:08:17<blindcoder> heh
04:09:15<blindcoder> brb
04:23:18<blindcoder> back
04:24:45<netrunner> so, installed gcc34 another time, seems it forgot to unpack its files, and linked libgcc_s.so.1 there.
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04:43:32<nzg> moin
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05:58:48<asda> does anybody know a free provider of weblogs or similar things? I want to document my rock-linux project easyily (without phping/htmling)
06:04:49<daja77> no idea atm
06:12:30* netrunner cannot understand this blog hype.
06:44:59* asda does not need it for bloggin but for documenting
06:45:16* asda bloggs privately with pen&paper
06:52:04<netrunner> hm, I think I almost won a smart for 5 days now...
06:59:04<blindcoder> damn
06:59:16<blindcoder> seems like I have to keep using raidtools instead of mdadm
07:01:44<blindcoder> a) they are not compatible
07:01:50<blindcoder> b) no raidreconf in mdadm
07:18:17<netrunner> blindcoder: maybe it's in an updated version? we are 3 minor versions behind... (updating)
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09:20:49<blindcoder> well, it would be cool if it were
09:21:05<blindcoder> because hotadding new disks to a raid5 system is really a great feature 
09:22:50<netrunner> Support "--grow --add" to add a device to a linear array, if the
09:22:51<netrunner>         kernel supports it.  Not documented yet.
09:22:58<netrunner> maybe this? (from the changelog)
09:24:06<netrunner> --grow was added in 1.6.0 ... there it says the kernel changes are not yet official. maybe it is meanwhile.
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09:37:29<asda> is here a patient rock-user who's willing to give some answers to a rock-n00b (not linux-noob)? [engl/germ]
09:41:29<daja77> well basically yes
09:42:14<netrunner> help yes, patient not :)
09:42:56<netrunner> asda: just ask, try to be as informative as possible. and stay here, some people have large lags :)
09:45:23<asda> I read 3/4 of the rocklinux manual but I still have a luck of understanding concerning the building process.  When I use the Build-Scripts for my configurations and for the bootdisk, it's going to be a installation-disk similar to the dRock-Disks found on rocklinux.org?
09:45:37<asda> outch: luck -> lack
09:48:26<netrunner> asda: you build 2 things: a bootdisk target and a generic or desktop target. 
09:48:48<netrunner> asda: then you run create-iso, telling it about the bootdisk and your other target.
09:49:11<netrunner> asda: what you get is a iso that is bootable (because of the bootdisk you built) and installable (with the other target you built)
09:50:13<asda> ok. I got that. But If I don't want to create an installable but just a normal envirnment?
09:53:09<netrunner> asda: when you built a target, you get a usable root directory under build/<buildid>/
09:53:23<netrunner> this is the changeroot place where all stuff is built and packaged into package
09:53:27<netrunner> s
09:53:40<netrunner> the package files are in build/<buildid>/ROCK/pkgs
09:54:05<asda> ahhhhh....
09:54:30<netrunner> asda: just try it. but take care that you have enough free space (and time)
09:55:25<asda> I would try it, but having hardware-trouble on the just-to-try box. That's why I thought of going through it virtually first...
09:55:51* netrunner -> beerfestival
10:01:06<asda> beerfestival=?
10:02:09<daja77> he is bavarian, so don't mind
10:02:55<blindcoder> netrunner: no, the new mdadm doesn't support this either
10:03:17<blindcoder> netrunner: growing raid5 arrays
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10:15:46<esden> hi all
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10:25:28<daja77> hi esden!!11
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10:40:52<esden> hi daja !!!111 ;)
10:41:43<daja77> :D
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10:57:39<treo> hi
10:58:59<blindcoder> hi
10:59:06<blindcoder> hi esden !!!one!eleven!!
10:59:56<blindcoder> esden: can you send me your aac thingie?
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12:55:56<SerWou> hello the Chan
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13:13:59<blindcoder> anyone here?
13:14:08<mnemoc_> me
13:14:53<blindcoder> hi :-)
13:15:09<blindcoder> any suggestions for the rock newsflash?
13:16:48<daja77> what's in atm?
13:17:20<blindcoder> hmm statistics and "zusammenfassungen" of the two most active threads of this month
13:17:26<blindcoder> well, the only two active threads...
13:18:00<blindcoder> unfortunately I didn't get to talk to th the last few days
13:18:01<daja77> perhaps adding which features from roadmap are already done
13:18:09<blindcoder> we have a roadmap?
13:18:14<daja77> yeah
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13:19:56<blindcoder> searching for "roadmap" brings nothing...
13:20:03<daja77> the chan is filling up again
13:20:15<daja77> blindcoder: search the devmeeting wiki
13:20:16<blindcoder> yeah, netjoining :)
13:21:12<blindcoder> hmm..
13:21:16<blindcoder> where was it again?
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13:29:28<blindcoder> ah, now I've found it...
13:29:41<blindcoder> after I found Rocklinux on about a dozen other distros
13:29:58<daja77> hm?
13:30:32<blindcoder> ehm
13:30:33<blindcoder> wikis
13:31:59* blindcoder wonders if he should send a mail with things that should be changed to change rock back into a professional looking project
13:36:14<blindcoder> hmm
13:36:23<blindcoder> I can't really see which things have already been done
13:36:37<blindcoder> haven't read every single svn commit messag
13:37:02<blindcoder> and the last revision in the "wiki" seems to be quite old already
13:39:02<blindcoder> ah, what gives
13:39:09<blindcoder> enough anger for now
13:39:18* blindcoder sending the message and leaving it at that
14:35:26<asda> Is the documentation-guy a german? It has some german-looking spelling mistakes in it
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15:48:27<asda> is there anything special when compiling ROCK with the Stack Smash Protector? My GCC3 Build crashed!
15:48:59<daja77> 9you downloaded the stack protector patch?
15:54:13<treo> gn8
15:54:46ωνω Signoff treo: #rocklinux ("cya@all")
15:56:43<asda> Isn't the patch allready included if I select the Protector in the Build-Script?
15:57:17<daja77> you need to run scripts/Download for it
15:57:44<asda> I did that ;) it is in download/base/gcc3/protector-3.2.2-10.tar.bz2
15:58:06<asda> The patch is done automagically, isn't it?
15:58:13<daja77> yep
15:58:40<daja77> which rock are building`
15:59:04<asda> stable 2.0.2   target=generic
15:59:42<daja77> 2.0.2 hm
15:59:59<daja77> why not trying 2.0 trunk
16:00:10<asda> what's improvement?
16:00:13<daja77> anyway, what's the error
16:01:10<asda> Can I paste the last 10 lines here?
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16:04:52<asda> In file included from /root/rock-src-2.0.2/build/blasn-first-try-2.0.2-x86-via-c3-32-generic-expert/tools.cross/usr/i386-unknown-linux-gnu/include/signal.h:313,
16:04:52<asda>                  from ../../gcc/libgcc2.c:2061:
16:04:56<asda> /root/rock-src-2.0.2/build/blasn-first-try-2.0.2-x86-via-c3-32-generic-expert/tools.cross/usr/i386-unknown-linux-gnu/include/bits/sigcontext.h:28:29: asm/sigcontext.h: No such file or directory
16:04:56<asda> In file included from /root/rock-src-2.0.2/build/blasn-first-try-2.0.2-x86-via-c3-32-generic-expert/tools.cross/usr/i386-unknown-linux-gnu/include/sys/socket.h:35,
16:04:57<asda>                  from ../../gcc/libgcc2.c:2066:
16:04:59<asda> /root/rock-src-2.0.2/build/blasn-first-try-2.0.2-x86-via-c3-32-generic-expert/tools.cross/usr/i386-unknown-linux-gnu/include/bits/socket.h:305:24: asm/socket.h: No such file or directory
16:05:02<asda> ../../gcc/libgcc2.c:2093: warning: no previous prototype for `__stack_smash_handler'
16:05:04<asda> make[1]: *** [libgcc/./_stack_smash_handler.o] Error 1
16:05:06<asda> make[1]: Leaving directory `/root/rock-src-2.0.2/src.gcc3.1096561798.17715.4120273730/gcc-3.2.3/objdir/gcc'
16:05:08<asda> make: *** [libgcc.a] Error 2
16:05:10<asda> make: Leaving directory `/root/rock-src-2.0.2/src.gcc3.1096561798.17715.4120273730/gcc-3.2.3/objdir/gcc'
16:05:40<daja77> via c3 stuff was broken in 2.0.2 iirc, ask netrunner about that
16:05:47<asda> argh
16:06:45<asda> why isn't there a i586? bloody VIA
16:07:21<daja77> there is
16:07:32<daja77> use pentuim-mmx for that
16:08:47<asda> ok. That's exactly i586? because my VIA Epia is a i686 but without c_mov. But the Gcc gurus missunderstood the i686 descriptions...
16:09:10<daja77> iirc yes
16:10:47<asda> ./scripts/cleanup -all wipes them all out?
16:11:16<daja77> yes
16:12:15<asda> arghl... building on 600mhz C3 is sooooooooo slow
16:13:12<daja77> :)
16:14:57<asda> ou... it's Cleanup -full
16:15:52<daja77> erh yes
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16:53:01<netrunner> re from beerfestival
16:59:54<netrunner> oups, think I should rediff the via kernel stuff...
17:00:43<netrunner> no, what he did was not related to my epia target ... he's missing the headers or so.
17:00:56<daja77> tell him when he is back ^^
17:01:48<netrunner> :)
17:02:48* netrunner spend no money on the wies'n today ... instead his gf forgot to stamp her ticked and had to pay 40eur :/
17:03:02<daja77> O_o
17:03:11<daja77> 40 without beer ...
17:03:37<netrunner> daja77: last saturday I spent 75 and can only remember buying 2 beer and a hendl.
17:03:39<daja77> what's the point in spending the whole day there?
17:03:49<netrunner> getting drunk? :)
17:04:07<daja77> well yeah could be done at home :)
17:04:19<netrunner> during the week it's not even that full. but today I just met an old friend and walked around there.
17:04:28<daja77> :)
17:04:41<netrunner> then we went somewhere else to eat a giant pizza :)
17:04:57<netrunner> btw, the feeling to drive a smart is weird 
17:05:35<netrunner> heavily swinging when you accelerate. and takes about 3 seconds to shift 
17:06:15<netrunner> and: when you stopped the engine, you cannot start it until you have pressed the remote door opener button. stupid software :)
17:06:34<daja77> hehe
17:39:40<netrunner> ah, repaired xinerama (mixed up screen->card assignment)
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19:30:29<hannes_> hi
19:31:06<daja77> ho hannes_ 
19:32:05<hannes_> is th around here? i have some isos for iso.rocklinux.de
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