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01:01:19<asda> can't compile stable 2.0.2! Gcc breaks with the error that asm/structure.h is not available!
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02:13:09ωνω blindcod1r is now known as blindcoder
02:13:15<blindcoder> moin
02:14:55<dsoul> hi blindcoder 
02:21:05<blindcoder> moin dsoul 
02:21:53<asda-asdf> morge...
02:23:19* asda-asdf is unable to compile gcc3 in Rock 2.0.2
02:23:21<blindcoder> asda-asdf: which kernel?
02:23:53<asda-asdf> on the host? 2.4.25. target? 2.6
02:24:18<blindcoder> that might explain it
02:24:27<blindcoder> building with 2.6 still is messy
02:24:34<blindcoder> build with 2.4 and later use 2.6
02:24:40<blindcoder> works like a charm
02:25:44<asda-asdf> oki doki
02:26:39<asda-asdf> but GCC breaks while trying to use stack-smash-protector! the protector works in 2.0.2? If it doesn't, i've to look for an other distribution...
02:27:16<blindcoder> I don't know about that
02:27:21<blindcoder> never used the ssp
02:27:32<asda-asdf> argh
02:27:34<blindcoder> but the asm/include thing is a kernel problem
02:27:55<blindcoder> structure even
02:28:13<asda-asdf> ok. that's exactly the problem ;) thank you very much
02:41:11<asda-asdf> I think I have to read the bug-reports to avoid such misstakes in the future ;)
02:42:17<dsoul> asda-asdf subscribe to mailing lists :)
02:43:08* asda-asdf is new to rock. Will subscribe soon (as soon as my smtp works again)
02:45:40<dsoul> asda-asdf archives are also avaiable thru rocklinux webpage :)
02:46:31<asda-asdf> I searched there before asking here but the results weren't sophisticating...
03:59:15<SerWou> Hello the chan
04:00:11<dsoul> hi SerWou 
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04:00:57<esden> good morning everyone
04:01:35<dsoul> hi esden :)
04:02:17<asda-asdf> goody morning
04:02:31<asda-asdf> userfriendly rocks today :D
04:07:43<netrunne1> moin
04:07:51<netrunne1> hi esdi, @tum?
04:08:29<esden> netrunne1: nope ... @work
04:08:36<esden> hi dsoul 
04:08:48<esden> hi netrunne1 
04:08:52<esden> humm ...
04:09:08ωνω netrunne1 is now known as netrunner
04:10:02<SerWou> hello dsoul 
04:31:06<blindcoder> moin
04:31:11<blindcoder> esden: ping
05:19:32ωνω Signoff esden: #rocklinux ("Lost terminal")
05:24:04<blindcoder> somehow I think he doesn't like me anymore
06:41:15<daja77> he is losing terminals ...
06:51:35ωνω Signoff asda-asdf: #rocklinux ("using sirc version 2.211+KSIRC/1.3.11")
07:22:59<blindcoder> maybe he should check his pockets :)
07:23:29<daja77> hehe
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07:38:10<De_Elsasser> hollo halla
07:38:31<daja77> hi De_Elsasser 
07:38:40<De_Elsasser> hi daja77
07:47:46* netrunner searching for sap for linux
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10:08:19<blindcoder> rehi
10:13:02<daja77> wb
10:13:27<daja77> next month you can report about a rock event :)
10:16:22<blindcoder> which one?
10:20:05<daja77> dresdner linux info tag, which i mailed this night to ml
10:20:17<daja77> and i still need one to join ;)
10:21:15<blindcoder> when will it be?
10:21:28<daja77> 30th oct
10:21:33<blindcoder> hmm
10:21:48<blindcoder> I have AIP-500 certification that week, sorry
10:21:53<daja77> erhm this month i meant of course
10:21:58<daja77> ic
10:22:56<blindcoder> so that Sun trusts me that I'm capable of installing Solaris :/
10:23:09<daja77> hehe well hard task
10:23:28<blindcoder> only if you following their installation manual :)
10:23:45<daja77> *gg*
10:23:48<blindcoder> hmm
10:23:57<blindcoder> there won't be a pentium4 release of lvp this time :/
10:24:05<blindcoder> 3-groff chokes on p4 optimisation
10:25:10<daja77> optimizing a cd which shall play movies on all sorts of pcs, shouldn't be optimized that way anyway, no?
10:25:19<daja77> -optimizing
10:25:22<daja77> >_<
10:25:32<blindcoder> no, but I received several requests for optimised version, so if people want them...
10:25:44<blindcoder> there will be of course builds without optimisation, too
10:26:02<daja77> :)
10:29:22<blindcoder> upload to sf.net in progress
10:29:28<blindcoder> guess I'll go shopping in the meantime
10:29:54<blindcoder> see you later
10:30:16<daja77> u
10:30:18<daja77> cu
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11:15:12<hannes_> g'moin!
11:39:49ωνω tcr [~tcr@pD9EAADA2.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
11:40:34<blindcoder> back
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12:50:43<netrunner> blindcoder: this is why I requested blacklisting of optimizations while specifying a default a long time ago. was rejected.
12:51:03<netrunner> blindcoder: gcc34 optimization is not even always correct.
12:51:25<netrunner> e.g. I cannot play sdl based games as they continuously parachute or core.
12:52:06<blindcoder> both the same
12:52:17<blindcoder> parachute is just sdl's way of telling you of a coredump :)
12:53:19<netrunner> blindcoder: then I wonder why I cannot find the core sometimes.
12:53:59<netrunner> e.g. supertux: Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)
12:54:03<netrunner> no core in sight.
12:57:14ωνω clifford_ [~clifford@213-229-1-138.sdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #rocklinux
12:59:10<blindcoder> netrunner: configuration maybe? no idea about sdl programming...
12:59:15<blindcoder> mois clifford_ 
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13:04:11<blindcoder> guess I'll go to the local "Oktoberfestableger" later
13:04:37<daja77> hehe @ berlin?
13:06:03<blindcoder> yes
13:06:07<blindcoder> two, actually
13:06:16<blindcoder> they start today and go through to the 17th
13:07:38<daja77> :D
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13:46:36<blindcoder> okay, I'll only visit one of them
13:46:41<blindcoder> the other closes at 22.00 (wtf?)
13:49:41<daja77> hehe
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15:02:13* blindcoder beg
15:02:15<blindcoder> bed
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16:22:51<SerWou> hello back the chan
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18:26:11* asda got strange error while compiling 2-binutils! One file is missing permissions and after that the finalizing fails because there's neither a group user nor a user.
18:28:53<asda> when is passwd and stuff built in $root/etc?
18:40:24<SMP> asda: 1-sysfiles
18:44:48<asda> where?
18:45:19<asda> because in $newroot/var/adm/logs there's no 1-sysfiles.log
18:47:01<asda> absolutely no 1-sysfiles* on my rock
18:54:44<asda> It means that I have not built sysfiles but for Stage2 I absolutely need the sysfiles (->chroot)
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