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01:27:59<klasf> how is it possible that during the building process "1-sysfiles" is not built?
01:28:11<klasf> It's even not in my "packages" file!
01:38:56<blindcoder> maybe you deactivated it
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04:17:30<nzg> moin
04:17:53<blindcoder> moin moin
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05:38:32<treo> aye ;)
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06:33:12<fake> moin
06:33:39<nzg> moin fake
06:34:13<daja77> hi fake 
06:34:36<fake> 454 mails in one week afk... not too much
06:34:46<fake> hi nzg, hi daja77!
06:35:39<daja77> fake: waana do a trip to dresden on oct 30th :)
06:35:49<daja77> want to*
06:36:38<fake> daja77: that's impossible, unfortunatley, i'm flock()ed till ~ mid of november
06:36:59<fake> what's up in dresden?
06:36:59<daja77> oh
06:37:20<daja77> a small event where we got a small booth that day
06:37:32<fake> what day of the week is this?
06:38:05<daja77> sa
06:38:32<fake> hey... wait a minute... ;)
06:38:38<netrunner> hi fake
06:38:40<daja77> :)
06:38:43<netrunner> fake: managed the move?
06:38:47<fake> hi netrunner! how was wiesn' ?
06:39:02<fake> netrunner: 16 ppl helped, we finished it in 2 turns ;)
06:39:27<netrunner> fake: well, ok. we went to eat pizza somewhere else (peaches)
06:39:42<fake> daja77: i can be there, if i can arrive on saturday noon and be back to munich on sunday evening
06:40:14* fake brb, breakfast *yummy*
06:40:41<netrunner> daja77: I can maybe manage to come over ... 
06:41:08<fake> netrunner: i'm in munich, perhaps we can combine that ;)
06:41:27<daja77> well that's fine, I give a talk at 17:00, so noon would be perfect for arrival, you can stay the night at my place if you want, so you can drive hom on sunday quite easily
06:42:39<daja77> is should have breakfast to to fix my writing ...
06:43:37<netrunner> fake: combine what?
06:43:55<netrunner> fake: going to dresden?
06:45:00<netrunner> bbl
06:54:12<blindcoder> moin
06:55:23<daja77> moin blindcoder 
06:56:15<blindcoder> I should buy books more regularly
06:56:30<blindcoder> 4 months of not buying --> 100+ EUR gone :/
06:57:10<blindcoder> well, gotta make lunch
06:57:14<blindcoder> anyone else want some gulasch?
06:57:22* klasf ate pizzzza
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06:57:58<asda> Emerge-pkg $PACK does install $PACK in the build-dir?!
07:02:05<netrunner> asda: no, on your host system.
07:02:14<asda> hm...
07:02:44<asda> I just discovered that ;)
07:03:16<asda> Build-Pkg is for the build-system then?
07:04:17<daja77> netrunner: ooops reading your mail now
07:04:59<asda> I got a serious problem: When building my config 2-binutils fails. I found out that it's the missing sysfiles that prevent the chroot from working properly! but I can't get sysfiles into my config. Even adding them into the pkgsel-list doesn't matter!
07:05:43<daja77> netrunner: hope you dφn't mind when fake joins, and yes, you can stay here
07:09:52<netrunner> daja77: nope. but I remembered later that you live in chemnitz, not dresden ...
07:11:50<daja77> well it is not that far away
07:12:02<daja77> so driving back to C will be easier 
07:16:14<asda> out of whicht original file is the "package" file in the "config" directory made of?
07:23:44<blindcoder> IIRC concatenated from all *desc files
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07:34:22<fake> *boerp*
07:35:21<fake> asda: still here?
07:35:35<fake> asda: somehow nobody here seems to listen to you ;)
07:38:52<asda> I am still here..
07:39:44<asda> I just added sysfiles to my config/packages file. But strangely 2-binutils fails again (arlex.h -> Permission Denied)
07:40:01<fake> are you building as root, young padawan?
07:40:02<asda> ou. it's arlex.l
07:40:09<asda> yes I am, daddy
07:40:13<fake> *g*
07:40:21<fake> did you write to the list?
07:41:48<asda> mailinglist? no, not yet. I found the error last night and worked till now.
07:42:40<fake> what system are you building on?
07:45:18<asda> i586
07:45:30<asda> kernel 2.4, dRock 2.0.1
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07:47:21<asda> I think I'm getting closer to a solution
07:48:45<asda> how is it possible that important packages (such as sysfiles, flex etc) are not present in my config/packages? As target I chose minimal and I made some package selection by hand but these are important system files, they shouldn't be missing
07:50:02<fake> yes.
07:50:08<fake> are you building trunk or stable?
07:50:19<asda> stable
07:50:22<fake> uh
07:50:22<asda> 2.0.2
07:50:44<fake> minimal isn't that minimal at all
07:50:48<fake> by the way
07:51:03<fake> can you do me a great favor and try 2.0.3 instead?
07:51:13<asda> I don't think so..
07:51:16<fake> th brought 2.0.3 to a state where all packages should build
07:51:55<fake> you can get it via subversion, rsync or i can send you a tarball
07:52:01<fake> s/send/upload/
07:52:06<asda> tarball would be very nice
07:52:18<fake> wait a minute, please
07:59:08<fake> http://f4k3.net/~fake/rock/rock-2.0.3-pre-2004-10-02.tar.bz2
08:06:27<fake> please tell me when you've finished your d/l
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08:09:54<asda> it's ok ;)
08:09:57<asda> finished allready
08:10:19<asda> thank you very much ;)
08:11:17<fake> you're welcome. if you still get no sysfiles in your config/$config/packages, please a) tell me or b) write to the list.
08:14:04<asda> I get sysfiles as well as flex and kiss (they were all missing with the same config in 2.0.2)
08:16:30<fake> phew.
08:16:33<fake> good thing
08:32:37<fake> cool, there is a linux version of the program i need to configure my ISDN pbx
08:33:44<daja77> fake: so you'll be there?
08:34:42<fake> daja77: most likely
08:35:03<fake> daja77: if i can have a long talk with your floor in the night?
08:35:21<daja77> i already said you can ^^
08:36:32<fake> ayee
08:36:44* fake not paying attention to class again
08:38:29<daja77> :)
08:45:20<blindcoder> class?
08:45:24<blindcoder> it's saturday...
08:49:53<asda> don't make fun of people having class on saturday! it's not that great
08:50:06<fake> hehe
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09:06:47* blindcoder whistles innocently
09:09:13<daja77> what have you done?
09:09:15<daja77> ;)
09:11:56<blindcoder> me? nothing
09:12:12<daja77> sure ...
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09:20:49<hannes_> hi
09:22:26<blindcoder> moin hannes_ 
09:22:49<hannes_> hi blindcoder 
09:29:07<fake> hi hannes_
09:29:27<fake> http://www.dkfz.de/spec/linux/istec_ab/
09:29:30<fake> sw33t
09:29:31<hannes_> moin fake 
09:30:54<fake> with that linux version you can do all kinds of cool stuff with an old ISTEC 1008 ISDN PBX
09:31:16<fake> like, switching configs with a crontab, ringing phones with a crontab, writing call logs and connection matrices
09:31:46<hannes_> really cool
09:33:31<hannes_> http://www.agfeo.de/agfeo_web/HP3.nsf/D!OpenFrameSet
09:33:44<hannes_> the same for my agfeo
09:34:19<hannes_> they have an embedded mysql server for logging etc..
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10:57:00<fake> hi rugek
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13:28:12* netrunner back from killing xp by running knoppicillin over it. 
14:01:47<fake> knoppix sucks! ;)
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14:06:42<blindcoder> yes, but it's good at it :-)
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14:59:11<demian> hi
14:59:28<demian> what is the size of a ia32 instruction?
14:59:36<demian> 32 bits isnt it?
15:42:21<mnemoc> aren't they always of the size of the word?
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16:03:09<netcrow> hi
16:03:14<fake> hi netcrow!
16:07:04<netcrow> and bye! have an nice evening ;-) 
16:07:14<mnemoc> =)
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16:09:29<fake> SMP: ping
16:14:57<SMP> pong, kind of
16:15:51<fake> SMP: can you state your opinion reg. the kphone update?
16:16:11<fake> (patch in SM waiting for your vote since 2 weeks ;)
16:16:17<SMP> it's probably OK, I just didn't have the means to test it
16:16:43<fake> would your tests be any more specific than calling some people? ;)
16:17:09<SMP> nope.
16:22:09<SMP> fake: do you know anything about why 2004100204570113998 might be needed?
16:22:58<fake> SMP: hannes ment that it showed broken characters in X, and in console with and without fb
16:23:19<fake> SMP: you're the utf specialist, what's wrong?
16:23:40<hannes_> SMP: yep, i wondered myself, because debian has enabled it, and it works even if not using utf8
16:23:58<SMP> does that only happen with the new version?
16:24:11<hannes_> SMP: i think so
16:24:50<hannes_> i found nothing about utf8 in the changelog
16:24:53<hannes_> :/
16:25:03<SMP> can you be more specific when that happens? all characters or some specific? all pages or just some? which $TERM and locale?
16:26:08<hannes_> for example the submaster page. all "-" are displayed as broken characters
16:26:37ωνω Signoff demian: #rocklinux ("Lost terminal")
16:26:45<hannes_> the pseudogrpahic characters
16:27:27<SMP> please try looking at "man man" in the same terminal - do the hyphens work there?
16:27:41<hannes_> jop, there it works
16:31:58<SMP> hmm
16:32:22<SMP> try w3m url | less
16:32:47<hannes_> with unicode enabled?
16:33:18<SMP> er, yes of course :)
16:33:48<hannes_> okay, wait. i have to recompile
16:34:02<SMP> yup, thanks
16:34:21<fake> hannes_: tried it on x86, too?
16:34:46<hannes_> fake: no, never =)
16:35:19<SMP> uhh. which endianess?
16:35:35<fake> powerpc...
16:36:06<SMP> do I smell an endiness bug there?
16:36:30* fake updating w3m & testing
16:41:48<hannes_> SMP: w3m url | less works
16:41:57<hannes_> no broken characters
16:43:58<SMP> ok, please try echo '<br>-' | w3m -T text/html
16:44:12<SMP> should be the minimum test-case
16:44:44<hannes_> jep, works
16:44:56<hannes_> i even have problems in the status bar at the bottom
16:45:34<SMP> so the hyphen works here but not on the SM page?
16:45:41<hannes_> but echo '<hr>' | w3m -T text/html does'nt work
16:45:43<fake> '-' works, '<hr>' makes problems
16:45:49<SMP> ahh
16:45:51<fake> and the table borders, etc
16:46:03<fake> hm, that's the 8 Bit part of ascii, right?
16:49:01<SMP> ok, next: echo '<hr>' | strace -o /tmp/x -s 1000 -e trace=write w3m -T text/html
16:50:04<hannes_> okay, i can paste it in #flood
16:50:20<SMP> mine's using escape characters to draw the <hr> by actually just printing q-s
16:50:45<SMP> hannes_: it should be just one line or so? the second line?
16:51:11<hannes_> jop, a very very long line
16:51:48<SMP> how many chars? (number at the end of the line)
16:52:15<hannes_> the line is 1643 chars long
16:52:28<fake> (he counted them loudly)
16:52:40<hannes_> the exit-confirmation is correct displayed, using escape codes =)
16:52:51<SMP> huh.
16:53:34* fake still doing the submaster dance...
16:53:54<SMP> hannes_: can you please /msg or /query me the line?
17:01:04<SMP> fake: does it work on x86?
17:08:24<fake> SMP: my tree is borked, i'm just sm syncing
17:08:50<fake> (the build of the package shouldt take a little percentage of the time needed for this ;)
17:09:31<SMP> ok. though I don't think the arch will make a difference
17:09:39<fake> hannes killed his framebuffer ;)
17:09:50<fake> looks kinda cool, like a very cpu-intensive gimp effect
17:10:17<fake> that's where the colors of the console output of a rock build pay back
17:10:20<SMP> it seems that w3m uses UTF-8 sequences even when the locale is just ASCII
17:10:29<fake> hum
17:10:38<SMP> the linux fb sucks anyway
17:10:52<fake> ack.
17:11:06<fake> <hannes_> ack.
17:14:07<SMP> you know, it's so great when you use a framework and it has classes for relational database tables, and it can merge tables so you don't have to write code for that ...
17:14:35<SMP> and whene you actually use that method, you begin debugging all that stuff for two days
17:15:07* fake used castor - once.
17:15:27<SMP> System.Data from Mono
17:15:46<fake> Object-Relational mapping ?
17:16:13<SMP> no
17:16:37<fake> w3m building (with unicode...)
17:17:07<SMP> you can have it pull the results of queries into table objects in memory, so you can perform offline operations on it
17:17:58<SMP> actually, DataSet objects that contain DataTable object that contain DataColumn and DataRow objects
17:18:07<fake> uh... okay...
17:19:14<fake> horizontal lines in w3m consist of 'βββββββββββββ...' in konsole
17:19:25<SMP> and you can also create all those objects in your code, run queries against it, use indices, constraints and relations
17:19:38<fake> aaah
17:19:41<fake> with LANG=C it works
17:20:02<SMP> hannes was using LANG=C, too
17:20:31<SMP> or does he actually mean he doesn't have LANG set at al
17:20:32<fake> LANG is not set here
17:20:37<fake> then i get β
17:20:46<SMP> ah hmm
17:20:54<mnemoc> is LANG=C or POSX equal to unset LANG?
17:21:05<SMP> hey mnemoc
17:21:11<SMP> it should be
17:21:23<fake> seems like w3m thinks otherwise ;)
17:21:31<SMP> actually, his /usr/bin/locale says it uses C
17:21:32<fake> what's the correct LANG/LC_... setting for UTF8 ?
17:22:14<SMP> try running an xterm in(!) LANG=de_DE.UTF-8
17:22:23<fake> mkay
17:23:12<fake> hm
17:23:22<fake> umlaute.de -> fuer = fu:r
17:23:30<mnemoc> hi SMP 
17:23:56<fake> but beautiful horizontal lines on <hr>
17:24:00<SMP> mnemoc: do you read mono-devel-list?
17:24:42<mnemoc> not currently, but i am suscribed, something i shall read?
17:24:42<SMP> fake: probably done with escape-codes, not Unicode characters
17:24:54<SMP> mnemoc: nothing specific
17:25:21<fake> aaah
17:25:29<hannes_> SMP: no it works for me
17:25:31<fake> hannes just re-installed his original ROCK glibc and there it works
17:25:49<fake> hannes_: what did you change in 'your' glibc?
17:26:00<hannes_> nothing
17:26:15<hannes_> strange..or i don't know..
17:26:21<SMP> mnemoc: Mono is such a mess sometimes ..
17:26:29<fake> Emerge-Pkg should scream loud and ask for confirmation a few times before emerging glibc...
17:26:37<hannes_> perhaps something in /lost+found
17:26:45<hannes_> i didn't emerge a new libc 
17:27:52<fake> hehe
17:28:03<fake> w3m in the utf8-xterm doesn't show german umlauts
17:28:21<fake> but i can see Kanjis and turkish umlauts ;)
17:30:15<hannes_> the w3m-uft8 patch is discarded
17:30:40<SMP> ok, great
17:31:14<hannes_> i am looking forward to my new build..
17:31:37* SMP looking forward to his bed
17:33:19<mnemoc> =)
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18:04:52* SMP declares victory over System.Data.MergeManager and System.Data.Index
18:04:59<mnemoc> :D
18:08:09* fake cheers 
18:41:09ωνω Joseph [~xpgamer@12-203-206-121.client.insightBB.com] has joined #rocklinux
18:44:43<Joseph> woah
18:45:40<Joseph> great idea, but not exactly what a gamer like me would look for heh, but im gonna recommend this to a few friends that run server companies :)
18:47:11<mnemoc> =)
18:47:45<mnemoc> i question you get after reading the documentation, just ask :)
18:47:50<mnemoc> any*
18:47:54<Joseph> but im guessing this is stabler then most "easy" distros *cough mandrake *cough*
18:48:45<mnemoc> rock is uglier, but a 'bit' more stable and easier to admin than the others :p
18:49:24<Joseph> all the customization is a good thing
18:49:48<mnemoc> th: here?
18:49:50<Joseph> built around your computer, not the kick-ass computers their running in their office
18:50:39<Joseph> how easy would it be, to set this all up and setup kde on it?
18:50:48<Joseph> for someone that has used mandrake for a little while?
18:51:07<mnemoc> rock is designed to (cross)build the stuff in your best(s) machine(s) and just install from CD (or netwrok) on their targets
18:51:44<mnemoc> export one enviromental var
18:54:53<Joseph> haha
18:55:02<Joseph> "I have no root and i want to scream"
18:55:10<Joseph> hahahahaha.
19:08:40<mnemoc> th: patch for you on submaster (for getting votes)
19:11:30<mnemoc> SMP: http://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004100301095812856 <-- comments?
19:11:47<mnemoc> fake: http://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004100301095812856 <-- comments? :p
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