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05:25:07<LocalHero> Hi all
05:36:04<Freak> if it's correct what ICQ is saying, it's daja's birthday today!
05:36:13<Freak> but he's not here!
05:36:19<Freak> nor is he somewhere else :)
05:41:38 daja77 [[LEuLampdS@odoaker.hrz.tu-chemnitz.de] has joined #rocklinux
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05:50:42<daja77> moin
06:00:10<blindcoder> moin daja77 
06:00:20<daja77> moin blindcoder 
06:41:17* daja77 now off to some mor bday party :)
07:00:57<fake> daja77: happy birthday!
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07:22:21<mnemoc> happy birthday daja77, and happy unification thing people
08:05:41<Freak> lol mnemoc :)
08:05:49<Freak> hey daja77: happy birthday.
08:05:59<Freak> daja77: ICQ told me this morning :)
08:06:08<Freak> daja77: so I'm happy it was right ;)
08:09:30<mnemoc> hehe
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08:49:52<fake> http://maks.sourceforge.net/
08:49:53<fake> sw33t
08:52:33<mnemoc> err sf on germna :\
08:53:03<mnemoc> fake: is ovlfs.sf.net good?
09:14:22<fake> mnemoc: *shivers*
09:15:21<fake> mnemoc: shadowfs? http://svn.clifford.at/shadowfs/trunk/
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09:17:03<mnemoc> should i asume you dislike ovlfs and consider clifford's better?
09:20:40<fake> mnemoc: ovlfs seems rather old
09:20:55<fake> mnemoc: depends on what you intend to do with such a filesystem
09:21:46<mnemoc> uml's cow ... to have a ro base and allow writes without altering base
09:22:50<fake> that's what shadowfs was written for
09:23:06<fake> it's a ld-preload library, much like the flist wrapper
09:23:32<fake> it doesn't do all operations on files, but that's a design decision that was eruated in 3 implementation approaches
09:23:51<fake> for most cases, the current implementation should suffice.
09:24:05<fake> (the livecd will use this as soon as i have some time spare)
09:24:40<fake> where is TH ???
09:25:09<fake> damn it.
09:25:37<fake> th is like money - if you need some, there's none left
09:25:38<blindcoder> good question, next question
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09:44:04<mnemoc> fake: does it handle fifo files?
09:46:25<fake> mnemoc: fifo's shouldn't be a problem ?
09:46:42<fake> fifo's are created before they are used
09:47:00<fake> so it's a normal 'file creation' - iirc
09:47:22<mnemoc> yes? flist doesn't detect their creation on 2.0
09:48:59<fake> hm... easy to test...
09:49:13<fake> there are examples and a test case included in the shadowfs checkout
09:50:23<mnemoc> aren't symlinks a too trivial solution?
09:52:14<mnemoc> i was expecting somekind of dirty inode hacking :p
09:53:21<fake> mnemoc: tried that, doesn't pay off
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11:46:17<netrunne1> re from da wiesn
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13:36:28<jmaier> he all
13:37:54 treo [~xfman@D8a97.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
13:38:12<treo> hi
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15:57:07<dzafez> hi
15:57:26<netrunner> ho.
15:58:06<dzafez> netrunner, do you know what that inverse smart optimisation is???
15:59:01<dzafez> does that stand for amusing misuse of compilerflags or is that really a thing meant to help something??
15:59:33<dzafez> 4 ref. check ./scripts/Config
15:59:58<netrunner> dzafez: it is obscure. it inverts your brain. don't touch it.
16:00:04<dzafez> oh
16:00:10<dzafez> ho
16:00:17<dzafez> == inverted
16:01:33<netrunner> dzafez: afaik is the option only there because it was possible to do it. :)
16:01:49<netrunner> dzafez: how would one pronounce your nick? ;)
16:02:27<dzafez> djaafzzzzzz
16:02:35<dzafez> or 
16:02:38<dzafez> zerfetz
16:02:48<dzafez> or 
16:02:55<dzafez> djaaf
16:03:00<dzafez> whatever you like
16:03:23<dzafez> whatever you like best
16:03:36<dzafez> creativ new thoughts allways welcome
16:03:37<netrunner> just wondered about the dz
16:03:45<dzafez> heh
16:03:47<dzafez> hehe
16:04:10<dzafez> really I don't voice-chat and so never thought about it
16:04:15<netrunner> ok, if you are brave you can use the smart optimization. but I don't know if the database is already there.
16:05:07<dzafez> I think it might not be tooo much needed since I just do a boot target now, I'll just go for size
16:05:23<dzafez> for the samba-target, I'll make it go for speed
16:05:31<dzafez> thats all
16:06:26<dzafez> actually I have been asked this pronounciation question all saturday on the "Linux Information Weekend" of our LUG
16:07:33<dzafez> There has been a speak about LFS! They (visitors) allways tried to compare automated LFS with Gentoo that was freaky
16:08:34<dzafez> I just explained the Rocklinux concept, in the queston section of the speak and told the people:
16:09:49<netrunner> and, were you bashed out? :)
16:09:54<dzafez> "If you only want to learn, use LFS! If you did that and want to really build now, use Rock, so you can share! If you want to go for Gentoo, do this, but it will only help your own Computer"
16:10:59<dzafez> No noone BASHed me into the /dev/null , they where interested. 
16:12:06<netrunner> hm. the concept of rocklinux differs from gentoo and lfs.
16:12:19<dzafez> It was just a information exchange. Not to convince anyone. 
16:12:31<dzafez> Yes I know the differences
16:12:42<netrunner> those 2 are used to build _one_ system that will be used in the end.
16:12:54<dzafez> ... read above
16:12:56<dzafez> "If you only want to learn, use LFS! If you did that and want to really build now, use Rock, so you can share! If you want to go for Gentoo, do this, but it will only help your own Computer"
16:13:24<netrunner> oh well, the sharing effect is not that big with rock:)
16:13:45<dzafez> I think it depents on what you do with rock
16:14:15<dzafez> I see it as a interesting way to build minimal systems
16:14:29<dzafez> so they can be hardened by configuration
16:14:46<dzafez> I don't want to flood a admin with software
16:15:03<dzafez> that is the basic thought of my Samba-Distribution
16:15:59<dzafez> We also had someone working with HA-Clustering (Heartbeat...). He will join my Samba Distribution Project
16:17:17<dzafez> We found some funny Ideas...
16:17:25<netrunner> :)
16:17:43<netrunner> people with funny ideas and good references are always welcome.
16:17:54<dzafez> " make the installation possible without a grafixcard" 
16:18:08<dzafez> cheaper hardware
16:18:32<dzafez> but it should still be possible
16:18:46<dzafez> so I will have to write my own installer 
16:19:07<netrunner> fck. who disabled SMP for the kernel? 
16:19:43<netrunner> dzafez: that's not hard, you can use the current one. 
16:19:53<dzafez> yes??
16:20:04<dzafez> " make the installation possible without a grafixcard" 
16:20:22<netrunner> you don't have to repeat yourself, my display is heigher than 1 line :)
16:20:23<treo> gn8
16:20:26<dzafez> I'd have to have change some config 
16:20:28<netrunner> n8 treo
16:20:29<dzafez> gn8
16:20:36<dzafez> treo, 
16:21:07<netrunner> dzafez: yes, in the bootdisk. I think it has been done before, but don't remember exactly.
16:21:18<dzafez> I'd use screen to do the same on the shell that will be spawned on /dev/ttyS0
16:21:40<dzafez> yes I remember it has been don for the router-target ...
16:21:49<dzafez> I'll have to check that
16:22:00<dzafez> anyway ...
16:22:12<dzafez> gn8 I have to work tomorrow
16:22:17<dzafez> thank you
16:22:24<netrunner> n8, much fun.
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18:47:31<daja77> re
18:47:37<daja77> thx for all the wishes
18:47:46<daja77> Freak: yes you were right
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