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02:31:43<blindcoder> moin
02:32:20<SerWou> hello guys
02:37:58<blindcoder> this typo3 thing isn't so bad after all
03:19:25<daja77> hi blindcoder 
03:19:58<blindcoder> moin daja77 
03:29:08* blindcoder currently fighting with type3 :/
03:30:20<daja77> 0:1 for typo3?
03:30:27<blindcoder> 1:1
03:30:35<blindcoder> I've managed to create a RR article
03:30:38<daja77> :D
03:30:45<blindcoder> now I'm fighting with the NEWS thingie
03:30:49<daja77> cool so you can tell me how to do it
03:31:34<blindcoder> I can try :)
03:37:29<blindcoder> ok, news entry created :)
03:37:34<blindcoder> ok, gotta get to work now
03:37:34<blindcoder> bye
03:42:09<daja77> cu blindy
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05:09:23<De_Elsasser> taratara
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05:27:16<netrunner> what shall I answer to the question if rocklinux is popular in europe? 
05:30:01<blindcoder> "quite"
05:30:17<blindcoder> "popular enoguh to be forked at least twice already" :)
05:30:27<netrunner> who could regenerate that list? http://www.rocklinux.net/packages/
05:30:52<blindcoder> clifford, I guess
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06:45:44<blindcoder> moin clifford 
06:47:28<clifford> moin
06:56:45<blindcoder> clifford: netrunner said something about updatin http://www.rocklinux.net/packages/
06:57:27<clifford> it's already done.
06:57:52<blindcoder> ah, okay :)
06:58:37<blindcoder> I've posted the September 2004 thing in RR. Is that okay or should I rather open a new category?
07:01:16<clifford> i've seen it - it's great.
07:03:01<blindcoder> :)
07:04:49<blindcoder> installing oracle really takes ages :/
07:05:42<daja77> hi clifford 
07:06:29<clifford> hi daja77
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08:21:52<netrunner> *boerps* ... hm ... chinese buffet :)
08:51:45<blindcoder> installing typo3 is a PITA
08:52:48<daja77> blindcoder: the typo three folks at cebit told me you need about 3 weeks if you are not a complete n00b
08:53:49<blindcoder> well, I'm fighting for almost 5 hours now and have no usable installation
08:54:02<blindcoder> usable as in: a website is displayed
08:54:18<blindcoder> the tutorial is not available for the new version
08:56:12<blindcoder> and the old version does not accept my mysql password
08:58:46<daja77> sounds like fun
08:59:37<blindcoder> yeah
08:59:43<blindcoder> just changed the password checking code :/
09:10:06<jsaw> blindcoder: you may try the typo3 package in sm and comment on it.
09:10:25<jsaw> here it worked. got a typo3 installation in half an hour.
09:11:13<jsaw> (of course without modifying any content...)
09:34:40<blindcoder> jsaw: with a template_
09:34:55<blindcoder> because that's exactly my problem, I seem to be unable to create a template
09:35:17<blindcoder> guess I'll have to live with 3.6.2 then and modify the quickstart template
09:35:20<jsaw> as you wish,     testsite, dummy or quickstart
09:36:15<jsaw> oh, forget about creating your own template. 
09:37:06<blindcoder> why?
09:39:36<jsaw> That's what the typo3 guys told me. Because there's no "from ground up" documentation.
09:39:48<blindcoder> great :/
09:39:59<jsaw> Only documentation in connection with the templates.
09:40:05<blindcoder> ok, then I'll take the quickstart thingie and try to modify it
09:40:55<jsaw> Maybe it changed and somebody wrote documentation for it (at least they were looking for somebody half a year ago)
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09:49:41<treo> hi
10:37:08<th> hi treo 
10:45:27<daja77> hi th!
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12:20:48<netrunner> clifford: which patch is causing troubles? one of mine? *shiver*
12:21:48<mnemoc> :)
12:22:37<netrunner> hi mnemoc 
12:23:03* daja77 still downloading
12:33:13<mnemoc> anyone do samba here? do you know if force user and write list are incompatibles?
12:37:08<clifford> netrunner: it was 2004083100040720186
12:37:15<clifford> .. not one of yours.
12:37:33<netrunner> no idea. but if I read correctly the force user is used for filesystem access operations, and write list is authentication thing. but just try ;)
12:37:38<netrunner> clifford: *phew* :)
12:37:53<th> mnemoc: i think they are
12:38:07<mnemoc> th :(
12:40:32<netrunner> th: write list: if the _connecting_user_ is in the list, it will be given write access; foce user: once connected (and authenticated) file io will be performed as this user.
12:40:39<netrunner> th: does not seem exclusive to me.
12:41:08ωνω tcr_ [~tcr@pD9EAB74B.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
12:42:12<th> well - i'm not sure about it
12:44:55<mnemoc> netrunner: but doesn't work :(
12:45:11<mnemoc> netrunner: i'm updating to 3.0.7 to test
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14:26:21<rolla> re
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14:27:37<rolla> sup all
14:32:39<tcr_> rolla: Vacation will start next week! :) But still two exams comming next week...
14:34:28<rolla> cool
14:34:36<rolla> where are you going for holiday?
14:35:34<tcr_> If I get the perms of my parents, I'll probably visit some friend in Chemnitz for a week or so.
14:36:21<tcr_> :P It's just the long time I'd have to sit in the train that is nagging me somewhat... 
14:36:43<tcr_> And the price of the tickets...
14:37:43<rolla> how far away is Chemnitz?
14:38:22<mnemoc> far far way from me
14:38:37<rolla> distance?
14:38:42<rolla> and not from you mnemoc 
14:39:43<tcr_> rolla: 7h by train
14:39:59* blindcoder --> bed
14:40:05<rolla> wow the train takes a long time
14:40:06<tcr_> rolla: Do you know where Chemnitz or Dresden is?
14:40:58<rolla> ja I know where dresden is but not where you are ;)
14:41:29<tcr_> I'm one hour to the southwest of FFM. Maybe you can see the distance with your visual eye (OTOH, I couldn't do that for the US or any other country, prolly. I'm relatively miserable at geography)
14:42:04<rolla> still that should not take 7 hours
14:42:17<rolla> I bet germany is not 7 hours acrross by auto
14:42:59<tcr_> I think it took 5 hours when my family and me went to Dresden by car.
14:43:06<rolla> :)
14:43:18<rolla> I have driven 14 hours to get to my brothers house :)
14:43:54<tcr_> Yeah, probably that all sounds like peanuts for you...
14:44:14<rolla> yes
14:44:33<rolla> I travel many great distance for no real reason :)
14:44:51<rolla> the saying goes to a european a 100 miles is far
14:44:54<tcr_> Just straight along your nose, eh?
14:45:02<rolla> and to a american a 100 years is old
14:45:09<rolla> :-P
14:47:31<tcr_> That's a bit too much exeggerated, though. My father drives around 100km to his work place everyday (that's <opposite of return> and return way taken together)
14:49:07<rolla> it is just a saying :)
14:49:56<tcr_> Yeah
16:26:59<treo> gn8
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