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02:34:40<blindcoder> moin
02:36:34<dsoul> hi blindcoder 
02:42:32<netrunne1> hi blindcoder, dsoul
02:44:54<dsoul> hi netrunne1 
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02:46:08<netrunner> everyday this irc thingie tells me I am his nr 1 :)
02:46:35<dsoul> :P
02:58:16* blindcoder back to work
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08:07:03<jsaw> hi
08:08:02<daja77> hi jsaw 
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09:00:26<daja> hm a screen without its socket isn't worth anything
09:02:22<mnemoc> moin
09:02:41<daja> moin mnemoc 
09:03:55<mnemoc> i have deleted screen sockets some times :\
09:04:22<daja> well it was not me who did it
09:06:21<mnemoc> http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/blog.asp?blogID=1593&trk=nl <--- o_O
09:08:58<th> moin
09:09:30<daja> moin th 
09:09:52<daja> do we get 2.0.3 released before t2? ;)
09:10:43<mnemoc> nice challenge :)
09:11:03<mnemoc> that's what moves the wheel
09:11:07<th> it depends
09:11:16<th> i'm waiting for SMP and clifford 
09:11:19<rolla> re
09:11:30<rolla> ls
09:11:36<rolla> crap wrong windows
09:11:37<th> missing steps for 2.0.3 are subversion cleanup
09:11:49<th> and lvm/lvm2/dm solution
09:12:11<mnemoc> th: don't forget to Create-CksumPatch 
09:12:21<th> mnemoc: special packages in mind?
09:12:33<daja> hi rolla 
09:13:21<mnemoc> th: there are many with checksum 0
09:13:23<th> uhuh running rsync -aH to rescue data from a defective 300GB drive is quite a thrill
09:14:00<th> oh indeed.
09:14:13<th> 18 to be exact
09:14:42<th> do you guys have proposals for other package updates?
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09:15:32<daja> apache2 to 2.0.52 is already done?
09:15:34<th> and don't name apache
09:15:43<th> daja: refbuild running for it
09:15:52* daja hides
09:16:08<th> smartmontools, oprofile, lftp, xosd, samba, apache
09:16:20<th> those updates are running in current refbuild
09:16:27<mnemoc> i sent a patch for smartmontools iirc
09:16:33<mnemoc> ok
09:16:48<th> -[D] 2965086225 smartmontools-5.26.tar.gz http://dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/smartmontools/
09:16:51<th> +[D] 1082521301 smartmontools-5.33.tar.gz http://dl.sourceforge.net/sourceforge/smartmontools/
09:17:14<th> i would love to get a kernel update patch...
09:17:18<th> anybody?
09:17:25<daja> which kernel
09:17:41<th> both?
09:18:30<daja> :)
09:19:55<daja> just got a suse security announce for mozilla ..
09:25:58<th> rsync with hardlink detection is really expensive...
09:59:30<daja> argl
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13:50:07<mnemoc> grep "gnome.ui" /var/adm/flists/*    please
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15:13:22<tcr> mnemoc, Nothing found here. I don't have much of gnome besides gtk* and glib, though.
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16:49:37<daja> hi
16:49:45<daja> anyone got that error?
16:49:48<daja> <glibc23:doc> Creating package dependencies file ...
16:49:48<daja> /scratch/rock-daja/scripts/Build-Pkg: line 978: /scratch/rock-daja/src.glibc23.1
16:49:51<daja> 097083605.15768.1888255949/dependencies.txt: No such file or directory
16:49:54<daja> <glibc23:doc> Creating md5sum and cksum files ...
16:49:57ωνω Signoff Spanier29: #rocklinux ()
16:50:18<daja> in stage 1?
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17:23:57<surrounder> hey all
17:24:23<daja> hi surrounder 
18:22:32<daja> ok found it, gcc_eh cross patch does not apply, even with the stf patch
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19:01:48<daja> hi clifford
19:02:09<daja> have you successfully build glibc 2.3.3 in stage 1?
19:05:24<daja> oh ic you are the logging clifford ;)
19:14:27<daja> ah damn found the mistake, should have got that faster when not bein asleep
19:14:28<daja> n8
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22:52:04<tommy> hi, what is rocklinux?
22:52:18<mnemoc> www.rocklinux.org
22:53:46<tommy> i saw
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23:20:24* mistik1 crosses fingers and toes for this dietlibc target
23:23:11<mnemoc> good luck :p
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