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00:48:16<madtux> greetings
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01:57:40<madtux> hello
02:01:02<dsoul> hi madtux :)
02:11:40<madtux> hello dsoul
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02:15:29<blindcoder> moin
02:15:58<madtux> blindy!! greetings from brasil
02:16:13<blindcoder> madtux!! greetings from .de :-)
02:16:22<blindcoder> how is it over there?
02:16:26<blindcoder> lot of work?
02:17:04<madtux> blindcoder, well 3 congresses
02:18:38<blindcoder> expecting trouble?
02:18:45<blindcoder> or having some sparetime in between?
02:19:09<madtux> just that.. took some work vacation
02:19:33<blindcoder> sounds nice :)
02:28:10* blindcoder back to work
02:28:11<blindcoder> bye
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04:59:26<netrunner> moin
05:00:14<daja_> moin netrunner
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05:02:35<netrunner> damn, why am I so tired .... 
05:05:32<daja_> damn why did gcc-3.4 not build in stage 1
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07:07:37<th> moin
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07:43:03<daja77> moin th
07:43:44<th> yo daja77 
07:44:21<daja77> guess you are not compiling 2.1?
07:44:40* netrunner is
07:44:51<netrunner> daja77: gcc builds fine here.
07:44:54<th> daja77: not atm
07:45:03<daja77> damn what have i missed then
07:47:10* th is a bit concerned cause of the problems that arise in 2.0 when making config changes at kernel options
07:47:15<netrunner> daja77: what target? maybe something else failed before?
07:47:39<daja77> generic
07:47:49<daja77> nope gcc is the first package failing
07:53:50<daja77> /scratch/rock-daja/scripts/Build-Pkg: line 303: cd: /scratch/rock-daja/src.gcc34.1097107562.26029.1471517345/inst_data/locale: No such file o
07:53:53<daja77> r directory
07:53:55<daja77> --- BUILD ERROR ---
07:54:17<daja77> could this be a package splitting related bugί
07:57:18<blindcoder> I don't think so
07:57:26<blindcoder> package splitting only affects binary packages
07:57:37<blindcoder> not files existing in the build root
07:59:02<daja77> well i also do get this
07:59:22<daja77> <gcc34> Creating package dependencies file ...
07:59:23<daja77> /scratch/rock-daja/scripts/Build-Pkg: line 978: /scratch/rock-daja/src.gcc34.1097107562.26029.1471517345/dependencies.txt: No such file or di
07:59:26<daja77> rectory
07:59:40<daja77> and the same for gcc34:dev
07:59:51<blindcoder> hmm, yes, I've seen that, too.
08:00:08<blindcoder> But I blamed my locally modified trunk on it
08:00:15<netrunner> daja77: yes, I get that too. for 1-gcc34.
08:00:47<netrunner> daja77: this is because it cannot depend on anything as it is the first package in the build root, so the file is not created/filled.
08:01:08<daja77> it could be touched and be empty, no?
08:01:48<netrunner> could ... but apparently is not :)
08:02:27<daja77> :D
08:27:43<blindcoder> is it possible for applications to register themselves for the Desktop Environments?
08:27:56<blindcoder> eg, that xmms appears in the KDE menu?
08:33:28<netrunner> blindcoder: for kde you need to create .desktop files iirc
08:33:54<blindcoder> netrunner: what about others? like gnome, icewm, etc.
08:34:41<netrunner> blindcoder: oh ... no idea :) they all have their own registry methods. and rock has no standard for that.
08:34:51<netrunner> blindcoder: I wanted it for long, but never had time to do it :)
08:38:54<daja77> blindcoder: kde has an app for finding non kde apps and adding them to the menu
08:40:07<blindcoder> daja77: yes, but IMO this should happen at the (install? build?) level
08:40:38<daja77> yep
08:42:06<netrunner> *rofl* http://groups.google.ca/groups?selm=cjaq33%2423t%241%40spock.usc.edu&output=gplain
08:47:04<blindcoder> MUAHAHA
08:47:07<blindcoder> vacuum pockets :D
08:47:15<blindcoder> nice release subtitle :D
08:47:29<daja77> *rofl*
08:49:10<daja77> package builds failing when touching zoneinfo and locale stuff wtf
08:50:22<daja77> *sigh* i just need a new system :/
09:02:11<netrunner> stupid ... my dvd writer cannot write cdr's.
09:04:26<th> netrunner: perhaps you should become root?
09:11:41<netrunner> th: no, the driver claims it cannot write cdrs. known issue with that kernel version.
09:11:55<netrunner> solution: revert to 2.6.7 :/
09:18:19<th> oh
09:18:45<th> netrunner: and what about trying 2.6.9-rc3?
09:25:22<netrunner> th: had no energy to do so, as I have another pc here that runs an older kernel and has also a cd writer :)
09:25:26<netrunner> dvd writing works.
09:31:58<SerWou> Hello the Chan
09:34:33<netrunner> Hello the new Chan user
09:34:52<daja77> new?
09:35:11<SerWou> not really new ;)
09:35:17<SerWou> but young ;)
09:35:21<SerWou> less then 1 month
09:36:03<daja77> a baby? +gg*
09:36:54<SerWou> hehe
09:37:12<SerWou> i was working on the RockLinux Handbook to translate it in French
09:37:23<daja77> :)
09:37:37<SerWou> but not news
09:37:41<SerWou> so, i stopped it
09:37:49<SerWou> i really translate 5 chapters
09:43:12<netrunner> SerWou: unfortunately the handbook copyright owner left rocklinux.
09:43:29<SerWou> i spoke with Rene about my project
09:47:07<daja77> hm any results?
09:56:55<SerWou> he told me OK, but nothing more
09:58:45<daja77> ic
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10:47:35<mnemoc> moin
10:51:14<netrunner> moin mnemoc :)
10:51:41<mnemoc> hi netrunner 
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13:03:59<Ragnar0k_> moin
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14:05:33<treo> hi
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15:45:04<daja77> mnemoc: ?
15:45:53<mnemoc> daja77
15:47:04<daja77> is your ldap update in submaster too?
15:48:21<mnemoc> i have no tested it yet
15:48:36<mnemoc> i have no build of rock-2.1 :\
15:48:45<daja77> ic
15:49:01<mnemoc> if it works i will submit it to submaster
15:49:14<mnemoc> or, can i send untested stuff?
15:49:50<mnemoc> i'm using rock-2.0 with openldap 2.1 here
15:51:00<daja77> k.
15:51:40<mnemoc> :|
15:52:41<daja77> define tested, usually most test only testing whethter a package compiles or not
15:53:50<mnemoc> that has not been tested :p
15:54:29<daja77> ^^
15:55:58<mnemoc> i have to port my target first
15:56:30<daja77> what does your target?
15:58:17<mnemoc> it's a kind of minimal + selectable 'addons'  ... but using runit, socklog, iproute2, ... only instead of sysvinit, sysklogd, net-tools and friends, etc..
15:58:33<mnemoc> it also injects my pubkey on /root/.ssh/ :p
15:58:44<daja77> hehe
16:19:30<treo> gn8
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20:19:47<jsaw__> hi there.
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