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00:21:29<De_Elsasser> halaf
00:38:00<netrunne1> chrrrr
00:41:15<De_Elsasser> hm?
00:41:30<De_Elsasser> rrrrzzzz
00:42:30ωνω netrunne1 is now known as netrunner
00:42:41* netrunner tired. but gottago to frankfurt early.
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02:54:10<blindcoder> moin
03:53:28<daja77> moin
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04:33:06<ringo> join #php
04:33:47<ringo> Oops, sorry for that.
04:34:18<daja77> hi ringo 
04:34:42<ringo> hi daja77 
04:35:54<ringo> ringo != awake yet.
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09:58:13<madtux> hello
09:58:32<daja77> hi madtux!
09:58:44<madtux> hello danny :)
09:58:49<madtux> greetings from brasil :)
09:58:56<daja77> :))
09:59:35* daja77 looking forward the day you'll send greetings from berlin
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10:00:31<madtux> on that moment that won't be necesary i will be sitting next to you :)
10:02:44<daja77> :D
10:07:43<dsoul> hi madtux :)
10:07:48<dsoul> hi daja77 :)
10:07:57<daja77> hi dsoul 
10:08:38<madtux> hello dsoul
10:08:56* daja77 waiting for stf fixing his patch
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10:51:32<mnemoc> moin
10:52:00<daja77> moin mnemoc 
10:52:13<mnemoc> moin daja
10:52:30<daja77> :p
10:53:21<mnemoc> how are you?
10:54:18<daja77> quite ok thx
10:54:55<mnemoc> too much work?
10:55:44<daja77> yep and a broken tree :)
10:55:59<mnemoc> :p
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12:13:26ωνω treo [~xfman@D8494.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
12:13:46<treo> hi
12:21:56ωνω esden [~esdentem@apeiron-group.de] has joined #rocklinux
12:24:15<esden> hi ho everyone
12:24:19<blindcoder> moin esden 
12:24:26<blindcoder> esden: will you finally talk to me today?
12:24:38<esden> blindcoder: ohh ... 
12:24:40<esden> o_O
12:24:42<esden> ???
12:24:45<esden> me?
12:24:50<esden> what have I done?
12:24:59<esden> *hide*
12:25:06<blindcoder> esden: I pm'ed you a half dozen times over the last 2 weeks
12:25:21<esden> pm'ed?
12:25:28<blindcoder> private message
12:25:36<esden> erm ... 
12:25:48<esden> my irc is offline most of the time ...
12:26:00<esden> I did not use it for at least three weeks now
12:26:07<blindcoder> well, you were here whenever I said something
12:26:09<esden> and I was offline afaik
12:26:25<esden> ohh ... then I am really sorry
12:26:44<esden> but I am not aware of being here for a long time
12:26:47<esden> ok ... 
12:26:51<esden> sorry then
12:26:54<blindcoder> esden: actually, I just wanted to know if you could send me your aac?
12:27:03<esden> erm ... yes
12:27:10<esden> I can ... but it is not finished
12:27:22<esden> but I can send you that
12:27:25<blindcoder> I use many 0.x versions here :)
12:27:36<esden> it is not even 0.0 ;)
12:27:45<blindcoder> hrm
12:27:51<blindcoder> is it in any way usable?
12:27:59<esden> we use it in apeiron
12:28:11<esden> so it is usable
12:28:17<blindcoder> good :)
12:30:02* esden checking out the relevant stuff
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12:35:31ωνω praenti [~praenti@mail.obster.org] has joined #rocklinux
12:48:47<Ragnar0k> moin
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14:20:28<treo> re
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