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02:50:34<blindcoder> moin
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06:39:38<SerWou> hello mnemoc
06:39:42<SerWou> and daja77
06:40:06* SerWou is back (gone 10:43:33)
07:09:19<fake> daja77: still, yes
07:10:48<fake> daja77: ah, ic. yes.
07:11:14<daja77> it works with the rediffed patch by stf
07:11:45<fake> daja77: of course ;)
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07:11:50<daja77> hm xorg now built too
07:11:56<daja77> shared files issue
07:12:21<daja77> guess i'll restart from the beginning this run is too broken after that many retries
07:12:36<fake> <- feels guilty
07:12:44<daja77> np
07:12:53<fake> hey wait a moment
07:13:02<fake> nothing depends on the kernel
07:13:09<fake> ;P
07:13:13<daja77> no there were other issues
07:14:03<daja77> regarding package splits, I saw that we have a man package and a man:doc package, is this really needed/wanted that way?
07:17:46<fake> of course
07:18:01<fake> man is program, and it's documentation is in man:doc ?
07:18:15<fake> the man-pages are part of the 'main' package
07:18:39<fake> but /usr/share/doc/man/* is part of :doc, for example
07:19:03<fake> man is *a program
07:19:04<daja77> ic
07:19:23<fake> <- having breakfast, bbl
07:20:43<daja77> <- off too
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07:23:30<blindcoder> hmm
07:23:45<blindcoder> I don't _have_ to understand the visualboyadvance patch, do I?
07:25:45<daja77> it is yours, no?
07:32:38<blindcoder> yes, but it's cliffords patch
07:33:25<daja77> id?
07:34:33<daja77> ah ok
07:34:42<daja77> relaod showed it to me
07:35:46<daja77> blindcoder: guess it is related to that gcc glibc mismatch clifford mentioned some weeks ago, where some stuf doesn't link with gcc-3.4
07:37:33<netrunner> anybody had problems with recent transcode && xvid?
07:38:31<blindcoder> I see
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07:45:55<treo> hi
07:54:55<th> moin
07:56:35<daja77> moin th
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08:30:57<fake> apply time!
09:38:32<praenti> hi
09:38:46<praenti> do we have a experienced gnome person here?
09:40:44<praenti> getting always unresolved symbols like CosNaming_NamingContext_* from libbonono-2.so
09:46:13<praenti> yeah. i see what is missing ;-)
09:46:13<praenti> i hate orbit
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13:25:44<nzg> moin
13:27:30<Ragnar0k_> moin
13:46:43<mnemoc> moin
13:47:44<mistik1> hi
13:50:50* tcr just turned on the heating, got fucking cold this day *jitter...*
13:52:00<SerWou> hello mnemoc ;)
14:00:48<mnemoc> hi SerWou 
14:01:53<mistik1> mnemoc: regarding my query last night, It seems that gcc3 is looking for headers usually provided by glibc such as errno.h
14:02:22<mnemoc> mistik1: yep
14:02:39<mnemoc> mistik1: that's why i asked your for your ErrList
14:02:59<mnemoc> mistik1: and your config and pkgsel :p
14:03:03<mistik1> well what I pasted before also had that info
14:19:35<mistik1> mnemoc: http://music.geeksinthehood.net:81/~mistik1/skynet/
14:19:50<mistik1> pkgsel is a 0 byte file
14:22:26<mnemoc> ok
14:23:07<mnemoc> mistik1: ErrList = ./scripts/Create-ErrList :p
14:23:27<mistik1> ok
14:23:50<mistik1> reload
14:24:14<mistik1> in my case its -cfg skynet as my config is called that, correct?
14:25:43<mnemoc> yes
14:28:57<mistik1> the thing is diet has all these headers and it appears that configure is finding the dietlibc include dir
14:30:06<mnemoc> i have to go now, try pinging th
14:30:18<mnemoc> i can take a look tomorrow
14:30:28<mnemoc> your errlist and config looks fine to me
14:30:28<mistik1> wife is calling here also ;P
14:30:32<mnemoc> hehe
14:30:44<mnemoc> the mother of my wifi in calling here :|
14:30:49<mnemoc> wife
14:41:57<SerWou> hello mnemoc, are you aruond ?
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16:04:37<blindcoder> rehi
16:07:01<blindcoder> WEE!
16:07:08<blindcoder> finally WLAN again at home :)
16:34:21<daja77> :)
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16:44:38<jsaw__> hi there
17:00:31<netrunner> where?
17:04:01ωνω rolanDee [~konversat@pD9E96D25.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
17:04:19<rolanDee> hey all
17:04:45<rolanDee> i just installed rocklinux 2.0.1 athlon and want to use the ./scripts/ scripts
17:04:53<rolanDee> but i cannot get to work it
17:05:00<daja77> hi rolanDee 
17:05:04<rolanDee> hi
17:05:55<netrunner> rolanDee: all you need is a bash :)
17:06:07<rolanDee> i am in console one on root
17:07:11<rolanDee> and i typed ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg cfengine
17:07:30<rolanDee> e.g.
17:08:39<blindcoder> and then?
17:08:46<rolanDee> file not found
17:08:56<blindcoder> pwd -P says what?
17:09:35<rolanDee> blindcoder /
17:09:44<blindcoder> cd /usr/src/rock-src
17:09:52<blindcoder> ./scripts/Config
17:09:59<blindcoder> ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg cfengine
17:10:56<blindcoder> okay, I'm off to bed
17:10:58<rolanDee> wow.. found.. why is there no symlink or did i skip some installation steps ???
17:10:59<blindcoder> good night
17:11:09<rolanDee> blindcoder : bye !!
17:11:14<rolanDee> blindcoder : thxx
17:11:36<jsaw__> netrunner: :)
17:14:44<netrunner> rolanDee: you are always supposed to go to the rock-src directory first.
17:15:42<rolanDee> netrunner: i get it.. i just installed it, cause i wanna get rid of mandrake, yet soo far
17:15:59<rolanDee> netrunner: so i must adjust myself to some real linux first
17:17:28<treo> gn8
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22:32:28<sparc-kly> hi people 
22:32:37<sparc-kly> i have one simple question
22:32:58<sparc-kly> rocklinux support sparc64 ? 
22:34:09<sparc-kly> i dont look in mirrors
22:34:14<sparc-kly> sparc isos
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