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03:11:55<blindcoder> moin
03:16:03<dsoul> hi blindcoder 
04:28:34<SerWou> Hello the chan
06:01:50<th> moin
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07:18:04<th> mnemoc: ping
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07:31:43<th> clifford_: ?
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07:42:55<clifford_> th: yes?
07:43:16<th> just noticed your mine commits
07:43:26<clifford_> found an error?
07:43:43<th> clifford_: and was wondering wether we would need a mine branch for stable
07:44:18<clifford_> the major change in mine-0.19 is the -s switch - which is only needed for split packages..
07:44:33<th> yes thats what i found out
07:44:53<th> and thats what made me wondering about a branch
07:45:13<th> cause this feature should not go into the mine for 2.0-stable
07:45:35<th> atm we have just this patch for the cd structure
07:46:12<th> but i think we should worry on more important things ;)
07:46:14<clifford_> but -s doesn't do any harm in a 2.0 system.. there never will be a package with a colon in the name..
07:48:18<th> yes. that's probably right...
08:03:00<netrunne1> wow, finally, after 4 months, my firmware hotplugging got into rockplug :)
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08:34:07<daja77> hi all
08:34:23<daja77> clifford_: was xorg package working in your ref build?
08:35:00<blindcoder> moin
08:40:00<clifford_> daja77: My ref build was using the default config (which still is xfree86)
08:41:42<daja77> ic i think there is a depency problem, xorg depends on freetype which is built later
08:43:06<daja77> just have to figure out some other strange behavior which leads to a xorg failure in a second run
08:43:37<daja77> after i finished studienarbeit, which will be in an hour or two ;)
08:49:25* blindcoder is degenerating into a documentation writer :/
08:50:33<th> thats not degenerating
08:50:40<th> ;-]
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08:58:08<blindcoder> th: yeah
08:58:30<blindcoder> th: now I'm writing docs for: work, typo3 and starting to write FAQ and small HowTos for ROCK
08:59:10<th> uhg
09:06:06<blindcoder> yes. yes, indeed
09:15:52<blindcoder> clifford_: any objections to me starting a FAQ and/or HowTo page in Documentation? Not meant to be as exhaustive as the Handbook but rather short and to the point of getting done specific tasks?
09:44:48<clifford_> blindcoder: no objections.
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09:58:50<th> mnemoc_: is that you?
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10:16:26<daja77> nope
10:23:33ωνω treo [~xfman@D8a35.d.pppool.de] has joined #rocklinux
10:23:47<treo> hi
10:31:20ωνω sparc-kly [~boxter@65-23-199-123.prtc.net] has joined #rocklinux
10:35:52<daja77> hi sparc-kly 
10:36:32<sparc-kly> hi 
10:50:22<daja77> sparc-kly: for rock sparc status ask fake, there were patches related to silo and stuff this week
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12:31:28<mnemoc_> th: me
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12:35:16<th> mnemoc: ah hi
12:35:23<th> mnemoc: just wanted to ask for some script status
12:36:10<mnemoc> what do you want?
12:37:03<mnemoc> have your tried the script?
12:38:30* netrunner just switched to maildir & imap
12:38:37<th> lemme see wether i had a look at the newest version
12:38:59<netrunner> pizza will be ready in 15 minutes, anybody hungry?
12:39:05<th> ack
12:39:15<mnemoc> netrunner: me!
12:40:08<netrunner> mnemoc: you are welcome :)
12:40:37<daja77> aol
12:41:33<mnemoc> i may be a bit late
12:41:43<netrunner> :)
12:41:57<th> mnemoc: i thought it would not be the current version cause it has no support for -q
12:42:32<mnemoc> i think it's better to | grep -v -e "^ \*"
12:42:38<th> mnemoc: as regards the usage - it does not look like a script to compare three sources
12:42:46<mnemoc> the code gets a bit dirtier with -q
12:42:55<th> hmpf
12:43:14<mnemoc> no three trees yet
12:43:23<mnemoc> i had not time to look into it :\
12:43:30<mnemoc> i just commited what i had
12:44:12<th> grep '^ +' would be what i need i think
12:44:32<mnemoc> yes :D
13:09:50<SerWou> hello mnemoc
13:12:20<mnemoc> hi SerWou 
13:15:08<SerWou> Do you have freetime mnemoc to help a newbie ;)
13:17:19<mnemoc> i have to go now :\     th is 2.0 maintainer :)
13:17:53<SerWou> ok, no, catch you later
13:17:57<mnemoc> :p
13:18:33<mnemoc> bbl
13:18:51<mnemoc> Christopher Reeve died last night :\
13:18:53<SerWou> well
13:18:53<mnemoc> bbl
13:18:59<SerWou> ho yes
13:19:01<SerWou> i saw taht
13:19:05<SerWou> Just a question
13:19:12<mnemoc> bbl: be back later :)
13:19:22<SerWou> i've got a list of email, what software can i use to send them an email ?
13:19:43<SerWou> i nee an maling list manager, to remove emails adresse who are twice, etc...
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13:52:02<Ragnar0k_> moin
13:54:59<treo> testing xfce4.2
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14:20:36<treo> re
14:20:45<daja77> wb
14:34:08<treo> xserver restart
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14:35:45<treo> re
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14:47:08<mnemoc> rehi
14:55:02ωνω _Lewellyn [~jenny@c-67-180-175-10.client.comcast.net] has joined #rocklinux
14:56:39<_Lewellyn> morning. is there a hardware compatibility list for rock?
14:57:57<_Lewellyn> mainly, i am wondering if a matrox g400 (dual-head) will be supported if i install rock (without recompiling X)
15:13:46<netrunner> _Lewellyn: well, you are just running on my left head :)
15:16:23<_Lewellyn> hrm.
15:16:45<_Lewellyn> so, i take that as a no :/
15:16:49<mnemoc> netrunner: was that your definitive answer?
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15:17:18<blindcoder> I'd take it as a yes
15:17:44<mnemoc> :)
15:17:46<netrunner> _Lewellyn: my right head is busy with xsane.
15:18:06<netrunner> why would I specify the head if only one was working? :)+
15:18:20<_Lewellyn> well, right now i'm using freebsd and only have the left head ;)
15:18:38<netrunner> _Lewellyn: maybe a configuration issue? are you using the mga driver?
15:18:55<th> netrunner: look, a Three Headed Monkey!
15:19:00<_Lewellyn> netrunner: that's the problem. i can't get x to compile cleanly with the mga_hal driver
15:19:11<_Lewellyn> so, i am going to migrate to linux
15:19:20<_Lewellyn> i like rock, so it is my first choice :)
15:19:21<netrunner> _Lewellyn: I never tried that myself. ROCK does that for me :)
15:19:33<_Lewellyn> so, you're using 2.0.1 with a g400 and a stock x server? :)
15:22:37ωνω sparc-kly [~tux@65-23-199-123.prtc.net] has joined #rocklinux
15:32:53<netrunner> _Lewellyn: no. I use 2.1 trunk with the xorg server.
15:33:47<_Lewellyn> urk. the newest cds i find are for 2.0.1 still :/
15:34:23<_Lewellyn> building it myself isn't really an option, since i'm on freebsd and have no cd burner
15:36:40<_Lewellyn> revised question: will the card work with both heads under 2.0.1? :)
15:37:13<blindcoder> IIRC they also also in the 2.0.0-rc series, but don't nail me down on it
15:38:21<blindcoder> there wasn't that much change in those drivers
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15:40:07<_Lewellyn> ok. i really was just curious since the mga_hal stuff isn't "open source" and therefore is incompatible with lots of distros' policies
15:40:32<_Lewellyn> i'm waiting for the isos to download now
15:40:58<blindcoder> well, my _personal_ policy is: if it works, use it
15:42:07<_Lewellyn> :)
15:50:44<netrunner> _Lewellyn: we are no distro. we just create a dbk :)
15:50:45<netrunner> n8
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17:14:01<treo> gn8
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17:24:40<demian> hi
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18:53:16<daja77> nice all the stuff now builds with xorg
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