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02:58:30<blindcoder> moin
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03:27:13<tcr> moin all.
03:28:14<SerWou> morning tcr
03:28:37<blindcoder> moin moin
03:31:12<tcr> Anyone knows a good online shop for (CS) books, preferable in Germany?
03:31:18<tcr> amazon suck0rs. :)
03:31:53<blindcoder> not me
03:32:02<blindcoder> I usually just go to the local bookstore
03:32:45<tcr> I'm looking for english literature..
03:34:23<blindcoder> barnes and noble?
03:34:43<tcr> ?
03:34:47<blindcoder> okay, /me --> work
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04:18:21<th> moin
04:21:56<netrunner> moin th
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07:55:58<daja> moin
07:56:30<th> moin daja 
07:59:01<daja> moin th
07:59:08<daja> any news?
08:00:24<th> regarding?
08:00:46<daja> regarding rock 2.0 or rock in general
08:01:04<daja> or reagarding you bein in dresden
08:01:06<th> well - aye - i'm considering lots of package-update-merges from trunk
08:01:21<th> as regards me being in DD it looks not that good
08:02:07<th> but nothing final yet
08:02:15<daja> ic
08:02:48<th> and as regards 2.0-stable i'm still searching for the one being as brave as updating the kernel
08:03:19<daja> hm no way to merge that update from trunk?
08:03:33<th> trunk forks kernel packages
08:04:03<daja> ah yes
08:04:38<daja> but creating an update patch + merging the according patch set might work, no?
08:05:13<th> of course it might work :)
08:07:19<daja> hehe
08:07:24<daja> so you need a tester
08:08:29<th> exactly
08:12:54* daja building 2.1 atm
08:12:55<daja> 1381 builds total, 671 completed fine, 24 with errors.
08:13:34<daja> most of the broken stuff is gnome, think i know why slackware wants to throw that out
08:14:17<SerWou> daja = daja77 ?
08:16:54<daja> yep
08:17:31<daja> daja77 now lives in the nirwana of an afs hd crash, with a bit of a chance to come back to life
08:26:07* daja77 is back 
08:30:28<th> daja77: how is live down there in a afs hd crash?
08:34:01<daja77> hm dunno got away msgs as usual ^^
08:55:21* daja77 just wondering what stage 3 is for
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08:57:31<th> daja77: filling the gap between 2 and 4?
08:57:59<daja77> which gap
08:58:25<daja77> or to ask better why the quagga package needs stage 3
08:58:49<th> dunnop
08:58:56<th> s,.$,,
08:59:04<daja77> it fails in stage 3 and 5 ...
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10:10:44<daja77> hm is there a rock gnome maintainer atm?
10:14:18<th> jsaw?
10:16:21<daja77> dunno
10:21:45<daja77> is it ok to send more build order correction patches?
10:22:16<th> why shouldn't it?
10:31:43<daja77> dunno if they got corrected automatically by ref builds
10:32:02<th> i don't think so
10:32:04<jsaw> th: I just logged in after a reboot, have to go now, bbl
10:32:16<daja77> cu jsaw 
10:36:33<mnemoc> moin
10:36:51<daja77> hi mnemoc 
10:37:20<mnemoc> hi daja77 
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11:53:53<treo> hi
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13:29:15<th> mnemoc: still here?
13:29:22<mnemoc> yes
13:29:30<th> you are using syslog-ng?
13:29:40<mnemoc> th: i use socklog
13:29:45<th> uhh.
13:29:46<th> hmpf
13:29:47<th> ok
13:29:57<th> i've just some build errors
13:30:33<mnemoc> you wanted to compare three trees, version and what else?
13:30:54<th> size?
13:31:07<mnemoc> status and size or only size?
13:31:10<th> but comparing three trees is not AS IMPORTANT
13:31:29<th> well i though status not being very important
13:31:38<th> s,though,thought,
13:32:00<mnemoc> .oO( i thought status was very important when considering merges to stable tree )o
13:32:49<th> status is very important. that's why this is checked times before
13:32:59<th> and not by such a compare script
13:33:03<mnemoc> ok
13:33:07<th> but YMMV
13:41:24* mnemoc rewriting compare.sh
13:41:54<th> /me feels guilty.
13:42:55<mnemoc> :)
13:56:14<treo> bye
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13:57:40<Ragnar0k_> moin
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15:29:18<mnemoc> th: still here? update your compare.sh :p
15:29:48<mnemoc> th: it's fat but it's readable :D
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15:51:46<daja77> *sigh* /me compiling kde 3.3.0 atm while 3.3.1 is announced today
15:54:03<mnemoc> :D
15:54:29<mnemoc> i guess your will send the tested patches today too :p
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15:55:24<daja77> :P
15:55:43<mnemoc> :)
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16:27:04<daja77> waaah clifford applied that broken patch
16:27:34<mnemoc> did you voted against it?
16:29:15<daja77> i am confused now, saw + sign from clifford and a msg from stf which marked it as discarded
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16:39:04<mnemoc> you need to rest :p
16:39:53<daja77> yeah after seeing my typos in patch descriptions >_<
16:40:12<daja77> at least today's patch fixes more than 6 other packages 
16:41:08<mnemoc> good :)
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17:04:29<netrunner> anybody here recording sex and the city?
17:10:01<ringo> netrunner no sorry :(
17:10:23<netrunner> :)
17:10:30<mnemoc> no evidence can be allowed
17:10:35<netrunner> :)
17:10:54<mnemoc> :)
17:14:39<ringo> I am now on the wlan of my neighbour ... weeeeh
17:15:21<ringo> No protection .... Phunny ...
17:16:09<th> .oO("snooping email for fun and profit")
17:16:55<mnemoc> th: did you see the script?
17:16:59<_Lewellyn> unfortunately, with most neighbors, there's more fun than profit
17:17:04<th> mnemoc: new version online?
17:17:18<ringo> phun is ok for me 
17:17:58<mnemoc> th: yes
17:18:12<mnemoc> th: fat but clear
17:19:29<th> *testing*
17:20:06<th> mnemoc: try running it with no argument
17:20:40<mnemoc> oh
17:21:23<th> mnemoc: for the size, perhaps a s,:,->, clears up things
17:22:12<mnemoc> ok
17:22:47<th> mnemoc: is it possible to turn of status per cmdline option?
17:23:52<th> yea - i like that script
17:24:13<th> just FYI i'm currently running a refbuild testing lots of small updates that i found using your script
17:24:28<th> which i could do semi-automatically this way
17:24:46<th> just had to remove the [P] line from patches
17:25:03<mnemoc> th: svn up
17:25:31<mnemoc> ic
17:26:15<th> uhh just noticed a strange version of openh323 instable
17:26:22<th> [V] 1.6.3 1.13.2
17:26:27<th> for two downloads
17:26:35<mnemoc> o_O
17:27:33<th> perhaps i should check that repo out
17:27:40<th> currently i'm only wgetting on that script
17:28:02<daja77> hm seems that evolution builds now ...
17:28:40<th> mnemoc: could you contribute that script to sm? for misc/archive/ or such?
17:28:57<th> and perhaps we should finally start a discussion about that ugly "misc/archive"
17:29:07<th> should be better something like scripts/misc/
17:29:58<mnemoc> that discussion has been many times started
17:30:40<mnemoc> i think this is one of the hidden dogmas of RL
17:31:35<mnemoc> i'm not sure if it would be accepted on SM considering it doesn't handle 'forks'
17:32:31<th> hmmmm but if it gets rejected due to forks i can commit it to stable :-]
17:32:42<mnemoc> hehe :)
17:32:43<mnemoc> ok
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17:37:13<jsaw> hi
17:37:40<mnemoc> hi jsaw 
17:38:02<jsaw> hi mnemoc 
17:38:04<jsaw> :)
17:38:15<mnemoc> :D
17:38:27<mnemoc> th: Patch 2004_10_1222391006378 added.
17:39:37<th> mnemoc: voted
17:40:44<mnemoc> :)
17:40:50<mnemoc> i have to go now
17:41:02<mnemoc> good luck and feedback :p
17:41:07<netrunner> cu mnemoc 
17:41:33<mnemoc> cu netrunner, th
17:41:52<th> cya mnemoc 
17:42:15<jsaw> th: what was your question?
17:44:31<th> uhh
17:44:57<th> that "jsaw?" was just an quasi-answer to daja who asked who is the gnome maintainer
17:45:04<th> and some days before... aehm
17:45:08<th> uhhh too long ago
17:45:29<th> maybe some failed package - but i think it timed out ;)
17:45:50<th> jsaw: but thanks for coming back on me.
17:46:47<jsaw> :)
17:49:25<daja77> jsaw: are you the gnome maintainer?
17:49:58<th> possibly depends on what you want ;-]
17:50:01<jsaw> well,... 
17:50:45<daja77> i changed libgnomeprintui build priority, which works a lot better now ...
17:50:49<th> i think i've enough for today..
17:50:52<th> cya all later.
17:50:56<netrunner> cu th
17:51:06<daja77> cu th
17:51:28<th> daja77: dont forget the kernel update... *run away*
17:51:37<jsaw> daja77: I regularly go thru sm, just that I haven't clicked on your patch
17:51:55<jsaw> s/haven't/haven't _yet_/
17:51:57<daja77> jsaw: np uploaded it a few hours ago
17:52:11* daja77 just wondering if someone is working on 2.8 update
17:52:16* netrunner falling into his bed
17:52:35<jsaw> nope, susanne did the whole gnome 2.8 in t2, I just fixed a few problems.
17:53:24<daja77> hm is that mergeable?
17:53:36<jsaw> I already told ppl here, that I won't have the time to do it completely... and now there's a problem: t2 won't have a copyright on new files - and the rocklinux scripts do not allow .desc and .conf files without.
17:54:05<daja77> coudl be added easily ...
17:56:29<jsaw> if rock-linux script accept a different copyright header, np
18:39:07<daja77> hm
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