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01:03:09<madtux> hello
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03:37:21<SerWou> Hello the Chan
03:40:36<blindcoder> moin
03:41:54<SerWou> hello blindcoder
03:44:08<netrunne1> moin *yaawn*
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03:49:20<SerWou> brb
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04:22:24* netrunner bravely trying a sm fsync
04:34:49<blindcoder> s/brave/mad/g
04:34:50* blindcoder runs
04:34:58<th> moin
04:35:09<blindcoder> moin th
04:35:19<blindcoder> th: what's this rock-tree-comparison script?
04:35:29<blindcoder> what does it compare? sourcetrees? builds?
04:35:35<th> source trees
04:35:47<th> that way i can easily compare trunk and stable
04:35:55<blindcoder> ah, okay
04:36:04<th> and actually i use it now to merge lots of minor version updates from trunk to stable
04:36:05<blindcoder> so it's a human-readable version of diff :-)
04:36:13<th> ack
04:36:41<th> btw. did you read about ppc livecd?
04:36:47<blindcoder> yes
04:36:52<blindcoder> but I have no PPC hardware
04:37:04<blindcoder> I'll add it to this months newsletter
04:37:10<th> just thought that that would be some "news"
04:37:17<th> ack thanks.
05:14:23<netrunner> hm, maybe I'll find a cheap powerbook or so...
05:15:33<th> what for?
05:29:06<netrunner> testing ppc :)
05:29:40<netrunner> sm fsync is really slow.
05:32:47<th> hmmm i tried to merge edje update from trunk. but in stable it fails while it builds intrunk
05:32:55<th> configure: error: Cannot find Embryo.h
05:37:14<netrunner> th: run ./zeugung.sh
05:37:18<netrunner> :)
05:38:22<th> hmmm ;)
05:38:44<th> and intltool is missing some XML::Parser for perl after update merge
05:42:37<th> has someone a trunk flist collection for me?
05:44:08<th> i need flists for cpan-xml-parser and intltool
05:47:04<netrunner> th: see http://andreas.anvame.net/content/download/flists_for_th_20041013.tar.bz2
05:47:41<th> great
05:47:49<th> nice domain ;)
05:47:56<netrunner> :)
05:48:22<netrunner> th: unresolvable by our proxy @work (at least by the official one :( )
05:48:44<th> too small TTL i suppose
05:49:01<netrunner> no, does not find a responsible dns
05:49:41<th> so it should go and ask the root servers
05:50:53<netrunner> th: dunno. the inofficial proxy for the it department works fine.
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05:55:31<th> hmmm for updating intltool from 0.28 to 0.31 we would need to add a cpan-xml-parser package to stable
06:45:31<blindcoder> argh, 1 minute of looking at the .err file for kino would have made clifford recognize that it can be removed :/
06:46:02* blindcoder lunch
06:51:17<daja77> huh?
06:53:07<th> hi daja77 
06:53:42<daja77> hi th
06:54:02<daja77> i only found a remark to svn rm that gcc 3.4 patch for dvgrab ...
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07:20:13<blindcoder> back
07:20:20<blindcoder> daja77: I just wrote that
07:20:37<blindcoder> daja77: I just had a look at that "problem" and then sent that comment
07:23:05* daja77 conmfused
07:23:23<blindcoder> daja77: clifford complained that the gcc34.patch for kino doesn't apply anymore
07:23:59<daja77> ok
07:24:21<blindcoder> daja77: then I just had a look at that problem, saw that the patch consists of only a single line and that it also has already been applied to kino in the version 1.6 making the gcc34.patch unnecessary
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07:27:14<daja77> ic
07:29:38<daja77> netrunner produces interesting typos when sending patches while he is asleep ;)
07:30:15<netrunner> :P
07:32:11<blindcoder> hmm
07:32:27<blindcoder> guess I'll add the ROCK LiveCD Target to wikipedia's list of PPC LiveCDs :)
07:32:28<daja77> netrunner: had you failing nxproxy too in your builds?
07:32:38<blindcoder> and remove the (gcc and make found on no LiveCD) thingie
07:32:49<daja77> cool
07:32:58<netrunner> daja77: nope	
07:33:02<th> blindcoder: perhaps you should test the cd before
07:33:30<th> which is hard without hardware
07:33:45<blindcoder> IIRC fake tested it, no?
07:33:53<netrunner> th: the ROCK livecd works fine. 
07:34:06<th> btw. our homepage says at http://www.rocklinux.org/powerpc.html:
07:34:13<netrunner> it does not start X automatically, but that's np.
07:34:13<th> IBM sponsored a RS/6000 B50 enterprise server which was the main development platform for the ROCK Linux PowerPC port for the last years. It is still used to build the official ROCK Linux PowerPC binary ISO releases.
07:34:31<blindcoder> th: our homepage says - sorry - a lot of crap
07:34:39<th> ack
07:34:49<blindcoder> I'm currontly looking forward to the weekend
07:35:10<blindcoder> which I've reserved for wading through the site and making corrections
07:35:16* netrunner is looking forward to the feeding time
07:35:19<th> but that thing struggles my nerves.
07:35:21<daja77> that would be great
07:35:40<th> cause i'd love to build "official ROCK Linux PowerPC binary ISO releases" but i can't cause I HAVE NO HARDWARE ;-/
07:38:07<daja77> :/
07:40:11<daja77> netrunner: I am getting this
07:40:13<daja77> prototypes -Wmissing-declarations -Wnested-externs -I. -I../nxcomp  Main.c
07:40:13<daja77> Main.c:28:16: NX.h: No such file or directory
07:40:35<daja77> which leads to undeclared stuff in the c file ...
07:42:30<netrunner> daja77: for nxproxy? it's missing nxcomp, maybe that one has not built?
07:43:49<daja77> ah ok yes indeed
07:44:24* netrunner -> lunch
07:48:28* blindcoder updating his icewm and writing a cronjob for icewm's menureconfiguration based on register_app
07:51:24* blindcoder fears there'll be a massive register_app patch
07:51:49<daja77> well better than nothing
07:52:01<daja77> hm build err count is redicung nicely
07:52:21<th> yea 2190 builds total, 664 completed fine, 0 with errors.
07:52:23<th> ;-)
07:52:27<th> with tons of updates
07:52:28<blindcoder> since I only know about the icewm menu structure, I can only create this for icewm.
07:52:42<blindcoder> maybe someone is experienced in other desktops to do this
07:53:37<daja77> th :)
07:57:46<th> cronjobs ain't the right place for such :-/
07:57:54<daja77> indeed
07:58:03<th> cron does that too late and too often!
07:58:17<th> and it's much too late and much too often
07:59:22<blindcoder> yes, but what's the alternative?
07:59:42<blindcoder> register_app calling a program?
07:59:45<th> postinstall
07:59:54<daja77> postinstall scripts as clifford mentioned
08:00:50<blindcoder> once we have the post-install script implemented
08:01:10<daja77> sure
08:01:24<blindcoder> so until that is done another solution wouldn't be too bad
08:01:48<th> perhaps a stone module doing the postinstall job
08:02:37<daja77> think that was the result on the ml, for now cronjob and implementing postinstall asap
08:03:10<blindcoder> okay, I'll take that task as I really need such a function
08:04:50<daja77> thx
08:48:52<netrunner> hm, stone should create a fstab entry for usbfs...
08:49:09* netrunner fought 2h with sane day before yesterday
08:49:45<netrunner> hm, kmail seems unusable with imap :(
08:49:54<th> hmmm?
08:49:59<th> i once tested it
08:50:09<th> whats the problem.
08:50:33<netrunner> th: it always hangs the update-thread up during reading through all mailboxes.
08:50:49<netrunner> mozilla-mail has no problem and works fine.
08:51:01<th> kmail worked fine when i tested it.
08:51:05<netrunner> I wish I could use kmail, because kontact seems cool.
08:52:23<netrunner> th: well, it may have problems with a Maildir of about half a GB
08:52:51<th> i think i tested that
08:52:56<th> not that sure
08:56:32<netrunner> th: what imap server did you use? maybe it's a server problem, I use mnemoc/bincimap
08:56:43<netrunner> (it promised to be easy configurable ;)
09:05:50<th> netrunner: courier
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09:09:32<blindcoder> okay, the icewm menu reconfiguration works
09:13:36* netrunner running sm recreate ... :/
09:14:24* blindcoder happy
09:15:15<netrunner> my dream is that all projects would offer a standartized interface that can be parsed by scripts to see if they updated their project
09:15:35<blindcoder> netrunner: dream on :-)
09:19:52<netrunner> waaaaaaa
09:20:11<netrunner> sm fsync was currently busy removing my build directory!!! aaaahhh
09:20:19<netrunner> s/fsync/recreate
09:20:34<daja77> sm recreate deletes everything incl. download dir ...
09:20:57<netrunner> stupid bastard script
09:21:00* blindcoder looks at his plain svn and smiles
09:21:12* netrunner kicks blindcoder for fun
09:21:27<daja77> well if you would have asked i could have warned you
09:21:29<th> /me agrees to blindy
09:21:53<daja77> your /me is broken ^^
09:22:05* th 's /me is not broken
09:22:13<th> i just don't like that /me
09:22:51<th> i'd like to speak plain :)
09:23:07* daja77 considers th's /me strange :P
09:23:21<mnemoc> :)
09:23:24* netrunner rerunning sm recreate
09:23:35<netrunner> now unmounted build config download
09:23:49<daja77> :)
09:23:56<daja77> hi mnemoc 
09:24:01<netrunner> hm, I could recreate the lost build/ directory by installing the gems from the cds there :)
09:24:08<netrunner> hi mnemoc 
09:24:10<daja77> hehe
09:28:59<mnemoc> hi netrunner, daja77 
09:32:25* blindcoder committing menu-recreation-patch
09:32:51<th> implemented as cronjob?
09:35:10<blindcoder> stone module
09:35:15<th> ah ok cool.
09:35:18<th> smid?
09:35:23<blindcoder> 2004101314341029306
09:36:19<blindcoder> I will now wade through the packages, adding calls to register_application
09:36:43<blindcoder> OTOH
09:36:50<blindcoder> maybe I should do a svn up before
09:36:56<daja77> :)
09:37:00<blindcoder> so I wait until I'm home
09:38:59<blindcoder> right now every package is only put into one category
09:39:00<mnemoc> do i have to build some library before mplayer to listen realplayer stuff?
09:39:27<blindcoder> I'm not sure if packages with multiple categories should also appear in all of them
09:40:03<mnemoc> now i have a sound card, i don't know how to use it :(
09:40:23<th> mnemoc: use xmms and play mp3's?
09:40:38<th> mnemoc: use grip and make mp3's of your audio CDs?
09:40:49<mnemoc> xmms need gtk+14, and i'll install such thing to listen music
09:41:30<mnemoc> if i had my audio CDs here i wound not be worring about online music :p
09:41:46<blindcoder> I don't think mplayer supports real-streams
09:41:51<th> mnemoc: you mean gtk+12?
09:41:58<mnemoc> worse :(
09:42:33<mnemoc> gimp is also killing me, it needs libgimpprint which is gtk1 too :\
09:43:38<th> well gtk stands for "GIMP Toolkit"...
09:43:43<mnemoc> .oO( am i the only person who dislikes to have to versions of the some library installed on the same machine? )o
09:43:56<th> which two do you mean?
09:44:01<mnemoc> th: gtk+2 is ok, gtk>2 don't
09:44:14<th> ah i see
09:44:14<mnemoc> gtk<2 i mean
09:44:36<blindcoder> well, I have no problem with that
09:44:41<th> me neither
09:44:48<mnemoc> :(
09:45:02* mnemoc is a damn purist
09:45:08<blindcoder> the alt would be patching the affected programs to use the newer versions, whcih I'm not keen on
09:46:05<mnemoc> that doesn't sound easy
09:46:21<blindcoder> yes, so I'm fine with two versions :)
09:46:26<mnemoc> :p
09:46:48<blindcoder> you can also complain to the affected programs' maintainer...
09:47:22<mnemoc> :\
09:50:25<mnemoc> now rtsp fails to build :(    everything is against me and my lazyness
09:59:58<netrunner> is there a ssl/ssh multiplexer?
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11:10:21<treo> sali
11:10:36<blindcoder> sawhat?
11:11:13<treo> swiss german for hi x)
11:11:31<blindcoder> I knew salut, but sali...
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12:02:28* treo is away: kurz beim nachbarn
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12:11:19<mnemoc> wb madtux
12:11:50<madtux> danke mny
12:12:18<daja77> hi madtux!
12:13:15<madtux> hi :)
12:13:46<daja77> where are you now?
12:14:04<mnemoc> hornytux.br :p
12:14:41<daja77> hehe
12:15:24<madtux> :)
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12:43:38<blindcoder> is it just me or is the svn server sloooooow
12:44:11<daja77> dunno
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13:02:00<daja77> oh mike is back ^^
13:02:27<mnemoc> OMG!
13:02:30ωνω asmoday [~xx@pD9E8EC1D.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #rocklinux
13:04:40<blindcoder> WEEE! MIKE!
13:24:56<blindcoder> svn up still running *snore*
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13:37:54<netrunner> svn fsync now running since 4 hours...
13:38:03<netrunner> s/fsync/recreate
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13:50:35<blindcoder> netrunner: the svn server seems to be... busy
13:52:52<blindcoder> I'm doing an svn up for almost an hour now
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15:22:49<mnemoc> rehi
15:41:59ωνω Signoff tcr: #rocklinux (Remote closed the connection)
15:45:13<th> blindcoder: well the server's load is at 6.90
15:47:08<netrunner> th: which process going mad?
15:47:30<th> this information is confidential ;)
15:47:47<netrunner> th: stop encoding pr0n dvd's on that machine!!
15:48:09<th> i'm not doing anything on that machine ;)
15:48:11<mnemoc> LOL
15:48:22<th> but i think sw raid is causing some of the load
15:48:27* netrunner glancing at mnemoc
15:49:23<netrunner> oh well, checked out fine.
15:49:28<netrunner> now I don't care any more :)
15:50:06<mnemoc> :)
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16:24:06<daja77> mnemoc: ?
16:30:01<netrunner> anybody ever tried cone?
16:30:43<daja77> what's that
16:31:55<netrunner> COnsole Newsreader and Emailer
16:32:11<netrunner> hm, I'll package and try it.
16:33:13<daja77> :)
16:35:45ωνω lewellyn [~mjl@nat193.kefta.COM] has joined #rocklinux
16:36:08<lewellyn> hoi
16:36:46<daja77> hi lewellyn 
16:36:50<netrunner> hi lewellyn , somebody decapitalized you? :)
16:37:07<lewellyn> nah. secondary nick :)
16:37:20<lewellyn> so. finally got rock installed on here. yay. :)
16:37:29<lewellyn> now i've got issues... of course...
16:37:48<daja77> cool which rock
16:37:52<netrunner> congrats
16:38:09<lewellyn> 1) i only have 1 head. 2) i'm unable to use a static ip (errors about the network being unreachable) 3) vmware won't install due to compilation errors.
16:38:14<lewellyn> daja77: 2.0.1
16:38:20<lewellyn> newest iso there is ;)
16:38:35<daja77> lewellyn: that staic ip thing is easy, you forgot to set the network mask
16:38:40<lewellyn> i gave up on rolling my own ages ago
16:38:44<lewellyn> daja77: duh. thanks
16:38:49<lewellyn> i forget that each time.
16:39:22<daja77> to set that in stone type ip/24 to set
16:39:49<lewellyn> ya. i remembered once you said it. :/
16:40:19<daja77> :)
16:40:20<lewellyn> i can live with the single head for now, so can someone help me with the vmware issue?
16:40:36<lewellyn> vmware's the main reason i installed linux on here :/
16:40:46<lewellyn> http://www.pastebin.com/110000 has the log
16:40:46<daja77> never tried vmware on rock, netrunner perhaps
16:41:12<daja77> have you read the rock vmware article?
16:41:23<lewellyn> netrunner seems to have a fairly similar config to me... ;)
16:41:25<lewellyn> no. url?
16:42:37<lewellyn> all i see is an article for running rock within vmware, not as a host.
16:43:15<daja77> http://www.rocklinux.org/70.html
16:43:28<daja77> but dunno if that helps for your case
16:43:47<daja77> it would be interesting which unresolved symbols there are
16:43:56<lewellyn> see the url i pasted :)
16:44:04<lewellyn> heh. the article shows it working properly:
16:44:05<daja77> i did
16:44:07<lewellyn> The module loads perfectly in the running kernel.
16:44:14<netrunner> daja77: no, didn't try vmware on rock ...
16:44:17<daja77> yeah noticed that difference ^^
16:44:33* daja77 neither because i used qemu instead
16:44:47<lewellyn> qemu isn't an option for me :(
16:45:05<netrunner> why?
16:45:13* netrunner is the uml-guy :)
16:45:15<lewellyn> daja77: so things like skb_clone_Rf25dde67 aren't the symbols you were looking for?
16:45:39<daja77> sbk_clone hm no idea
16:45:39<lewellyn> well, because the virtual macines are preconfigured for vmware...
16:46:45<lewellyn> perhaps i should compile a 2.6 kernel.
16:47:27<dsoul> what kernel configuration?
16:47:58<lewellyn> i'm using the stock 2.4.25 config right now
16:48:07<lewellyn> it seems to be missing hardware support anyway
16:48:23<daja77> lewellyn: hm perhaps devfs related problems?
16:48:52<dsoul> for me vmware works ok
16:49:05<lewellyn> well, devfs mounts fine, sysfs does not...
16:49:16<lewellyn> mount: fs type sysfs not supported by kernel
16:49:25<lewellyn> dsoul: using a stock 2.0.1?
16:49:33<dsoul> no 2.0.3 with default kernel and with config froma article on rock homepage
16:50:33<lewellyn> which article?
16:51:37<dsoul> about devfs configuration
16:51:39<dsoul> for vmware
16:54:47<lewellyn> dsoul: unfortunately, i can't get the modules built, so fixing devfsd.conf won't help, afaict... :(
16:56:34<dsoul> yes
16:57:11<dsoul> are you sure about kernel config?
16:57:40<lewellyn> like i said, i haven't touched the kernel yet
16:59:09* netrunner just had a vision of a materialized kernel that could be physically touched  ...
16:59:12<netrunner> strange.
16:59:46<daja77> lol you should go to bed ^^
17:00:09<lewellyn> netrunner: can you dcc that physical kernel to me? :)
17:00:22<netrunner> ERROR: Your display appears to be set to the ANSI_X3.4-1968 character set.
17:00:24<netrunner> This application cannot display this character set.
17:00:26<netrunner> wtf?
17:01:54<lewellyn> wtf. recompiling the module "just worked"
17:01:57<lewellyn> yay vmware
17:02:01<lewellyn> oh. nevermind.
17:02:03<lewellyn> :(
17:02:44<dsoul> :)
17:04:49<lewellyn> ok. since the handbook is lacking... what's the "proper" way to upgrade my kernel?
17:05:04<lewellyn> i want to keep it as stock as possible but upgrade to 2.6
17:05:14<lewellyn> (stock == rock)
17:06:18<daja77> you could try scripts/Emerge-Pkg linux26
17:06:32<daja77> running Config and Downlaod before
17:06:34<lewellyn> that will take care of everything for me?
17:06:55<daja77> no, afterwards you should edit the bootloader menu
17:07:14<lewellyn> well, besides that. ;) i meant any dependencies, etc.
17:07:36<daja77> deps for the kernel?
17:07:52<daja77> you should have all which is needed for taht
17:08:17<lewellyn> sometimes the userland needs to be upgraded when you change kernels (e.g. i know i had to change userland for 2.0->2.2)
17:08:48<daja77> 2.0.1 shipped a 2.6 iirc, and should be prepared
17:09:12<lewellyn> hrm. it gave me 2.4.25...
17:09:22<daja77> you shoudl checkout recent rock src of course to get a new 2.6
17:09:36<lewellyn> damn. there's a 2.6.4 kernel already in /boot
17:09:37<daja77> well i said it shipped it, not it uses it as default
17:09:57<lewellyn> ya. i guess i'll try just using that for now. see what happens
17:10:15<lewellyn> since i'm about to be compiling 2.6.4 anyway
17:10:21<daja77> hf
17:10:37<lewellyn> back soon
17:10:51ωνω Signoff lewellyn: #rocklinux ("Lost terminal")
17:33:23ωνω freed [~bofh@brln-d9ba246d.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #rocklinux
17:33:28<freed> hi all
17:33:44<daja77> hi freed 
17:34:16<freed> we have a rootdisk crash. now i need some days to fix all problems
17:34:23<freed> hi daja
17:34:55<_Lewellyn> ok. lessee if vmware launches now :)
17:35:35<freed> you must reupload all isos :( 
17:36:04<freed> a i mean mirror nexus.tfh-berlin.de
17:36:14<daja77> oh
17:43:02<_Lewellyn> yay. i seem to have a vmware
17:43:06<_Lewellyn> netrunner: you about?
17:43:20<_Lewellyn> only one issue left now :)
17:56:21<netrunner> _Lewellyn: if it's fast, gottaget some sleep :)
18:00:18<_Lewellyn> k. wanted your XF86Config :)
18:02:20<netrunner> _Lewellyn: mailadr? 
18:03:42<netrunner> _Lewellyn: just accept the dcc send, I'll go to bed now.
18:03:42<netrunner> n8
18:06:56<_Lewellyn> thanks. sleep well. :)
18:19:45ωνω Signoff asmoday: #rocklinux (Read error: 232 (Connection reset by peer))
18:23:13<daja77> hm sleep ...
18:33:43ωνω Signoff freed: #rocklinux ("My damn controlling terminal disappeared!")
19:03:21<daja77> mnemoc: ? 
19:03:30<daja77> pinging again ^^
19:04:45<mnemoc> :)
19:05:48<daja77> have you ever succeeded in linking perl with mClibc?
19:06:37<mnemoc> iirc yes
19:06:40<_Lewellyn> where can i find a list of available packages? i need java and flash
19:07:00<mnemoc> i built the whole stage 0 and 1
19:07:04<daja77> _Lewellyn: we are not allowed to ship java and flash, so you have to do that manually
19:07:12<_Lewellyn> ok. thanks :)
19:08:08<mnemoc> daja77: it failed to enter chroot from inside Build-Pkg, but by hand it entered
19:51:56<_Lewellyn> rm. is there a binary package of sendmail for 2.0?
19:52:52<daja77> _Lewellyn: i could look for one tomorrow
19:52:57<daja77> have to go now
19:53:09<_Lewellyn> ok. thanks. adios.
19:53:32* _Lewellyn tries to EmergePkg again
19:53:54<daja77> :)
19:54:53<_Lewellyn> exim just doesn't work for me. which kinda sucks sometimes :(
19:56:34<mnemoc> long life to nullmailer
19:56:51<_Lewellyn> also, if anyone is about, does the 2.6 kernel in 2.0.1 do SMP?
19:57:09<_Lewellyn> i have forgotten how to check... :(
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