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03:02:34<SerWou> Hello the Chan
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04:00:21<blindcoder> moin
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05:23:27<esden> hi ho everyone
05:25:19<esden> cu
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07:55:54<th> moin
07:57:23<dsoul> moin th
08:34:29<blindcoder> moin
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09:34:53<daja77> >_<
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11:04:09<treo> sali
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12:15:24<blindcoder> hi
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14:48:37<mnemoc> rehi
14:53:15<netrunne1> hi mnemmy :)
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14:53:36<mnemoc> :|
14:53:40<mnemoc> hi netty
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18:12:41* netrunner adding kvim to vim :)
18:46:48<_Lewellyn> hrm. i cannot get sendmail to actually compile with EmergePkg. where might i be able to get a binary package for 2.0.1 of sendmail?
18:47:09<th> _Lewellyn: did you update your source?
18:47:17<_Lewellyn> th: probably not ;)
18:47:30<th> _Lewellyn: do a ./scripts/Update-Src
18:47:39<_Lewellyn> ya. it's already going.
18:48:29<_Lewellyn> aha. that's why i didn't do that.
18:48:34<_Lewellyn> getting errors from rsync
18:48:41<th> show
18:48:47<_Lewellyn> Running 'rsync -rltzv --delete rsync://www.rocklinux.org/rocklinux-snapshot/Documentation/ Documentation/' ...
18:48:50<_Lewellyn> @ERROR: Unknown module 'rocklinux-snapshot'
18:48:53<_Lewellyn> rsync: connection unexpectedly closed (56 bytes read so far)
18:48:53<_Lewellyn> a buncha those
18:48:55<_Lewellyn> rsync error: error in rsync protocol data stream (code 12) at io.c(189)
18:48:55<th> uhhh
18:49:15<th> please open your scripts/Update-Src with an editor
18:49:25<th> and tell me the line with "srcroot="
18:49:46<_Lewellyn> srcroot="rsync://www.rocklinux.org/rocklinux-snapshot"
18:49:50<th> wow
18:49:55<th> where did you get that source from?
18:49:59<_Lewellyn> fwiw, i installed from the 2.0.1 cd
18:50:07<th> interestin
18:50:09<th> well
18:50:12<th> it should read:
18:50:14<th> srcroot="rsync://www.rocklinux.org/rock-2.0"
18:50:21<th> just edit it and rerun Update
18:50:45<_Lewellyn> ok. going now. thanks.
18:50:57<_Lewellyn> i kinda recall having to do that on a previous installation many months ago.
18:51:26<th> it's time for a new release of 2.0.3 with new CD sets
18:51:47<th> the stuff out there seems too old.
18:52:23<_Lewellyn> ya. i remember saying 2.0.2 needed to be on cd after finally getting 2.0.1 installed on the previous system. i was hoping to not have to do much to the install on this one ;)
18:52:26<daja77> it is :)
18:52:46<_Lewellyn> daja77: oh? where?
18:52:53<_Lewellyn> or do you mean it's too old?
18:52:59<daja77> yep
18:53:36<_Lewellyn> i'm waiting for a new cd set so i can install it on my laptop. it has issues with the dietlibc in 2.0.1
18:53:38<daja77> but hey I worked on getting disk space so i can build 2.1 and 2.0 in parallel
18:53:39<th> i think i would know about CD sets of 2.0.3 ;)
18:53:47<daja77> hehe
18:54:04<daja77> th: btw did you get that invitation?
18:54:24<th> daja77: ack
18:54:33<daja77> :)
18:54:37<_Lewellyn> and will i need to run ./scripts/Download?
18:54:40<th> daja77: if you are talking of that bday
18:54:46<daja77> i do
18:54:51<th> _Lewellyn: to get the sendmail sources.
18:54:58<th> _Lewellyn: but Emerge-Pkg does that for you
18:55:10<_Lewellyn> th: i already have them, anyway, from trying to build before.
18:55:48<th> _Lewellyn: then you might want to put them to that location: download/base/sendmail/sendmail.8.12.10.tar.bz2
18:56:10<_Lewellyn> th: i used EmergePkg before :)
18:57:04<th> _Lewellyn: what are you trying to tell me?
18:57:16<_Lewellyn> that i already had the source in the proper place
18:57:23<th> _Lewellyn: ahh ok ;)
19:00:55<_Lewellyn> bah. still won't build.
19:01:02<_Lewellyn> lemme put the log somewhere accessible.
19:01:07<th> yepp
19:02:22<_Lewellyn> http://romonster.greenviolet.net/~lewellyn/9-sendmail.err
19:03:09<th> shared file
19:03:09<daja77> th: if everything works fine i can work on 2.1 kde update and 2.0 kernel update
19:03:21<_Lewellyn> th: how do i correct that?
19:03:34<_Lewellyn> blow away /etc/mail?
19:03:49<th> _Lewellyn: edit /var/adm/flists/spamassassin and remove /etc/mail from it
19:04:41<_Lewellyn> ok. trying again.
19:08:12<th> and btw sendmail is already correctly installed. it's just the build system complaining about the shared files
19:08:33<th> daja77: that sounds great
19:09:26<_Lewellyn> th: hrm. then why don't i have a /usr/sbin/sendmail?
19:11:03<th> _Lewellyn: because you have a /usr/sbin/sendmail_sendmail
19:11:20<th> _Lewellyn: it some ugly way rock handles alternative MTA's
19:11:37<_Lewellyn> ok. everything seems to want a /usr/sbin/sendmail. so i should just symlink it? setmailer_sendmail doesn't do it.
19:11:48<th> doesnt?
19:11:55<_Lewellyn> nope.
19:12:07<_Lewellyn> root@tuffet:~# setmailer_sendmail
19:12:07<_Lewellyn> /usr/sbin/setmailer_sendmail: Re-creating /usr/bin/sendmail -> sendmail_sendmail ...
19:12:10<_Lewellyn> /usr/sbin/setmailer_sendmail: Re-creating /usr/bin/mailq -> mailq_sendmail ...
19:12:13<_Lewellyn> /usr/sbin/setmailer_sendmail: Re-creating /usr/bin/newaliases -> newaliases_sendmail ...
19:12:16<_Lewellyn> it only makes a /usr/bin/sendmail.
19:12:31<th> ok so create a symlink or move it to sbin
19:12:35<th> thats no problem
19:12:54<th> sendmail in /usr/bin is quite strange
19:13:59<_Lewellyn> /usr/sbin (or even /usr/lib) is far more traditional
19:14:06<th> full ack
19:14:22<_Lewellyn> bah. it didn't make my users either :(
19:14:29<_Lewellyn> /etc/mail/submit.cf: line 417: readcf: option RunAsUser: unknown user smmsp: No such file or directory
19:14:33<_Lewellyn> errors like that.
19:14:42* _Lewellyn is thinking this package is slightly broken
19:16:17<daja77> it is sendmail ...
19:16:31<th> :-]
19:17:12<_Lewellyn> daja77: at least i can configure sendmail. oh, and exim wouldn't allow my forwarded mail to arrive. :(
19:17:34* daja77 shuts up
19:17:46<th> [insert your MTA flamewar here]
19:18:10* _Lewellyn decides not to ask why rock installs emacs by default... ;)
19:18:24<th> rock installs nothing
19:18:31<th> rock is even no distribution at all
19:18:42<_Lewellyn> ok. the 2.0.1 desktop install cd.
19:18:43<th> s,at all,, ;-/
19:18:46<_Lewellyn> ;)
19:18:49<daja77> there is an emacs package
19:18:49<th> ask rene ;)
19:19:12* _Lewellyn was just making a joke about holy wars, is all, anyway.
19:19:20<daja77> *gg*
19:19:30<th> okok [insert your vi/emacs flamewar here]
19:19:59* daja77 inserts his favourite flamewar into th
19:20:43<th> .oO(what's that about?)
19:21:02<daja77> gnome vs kde? *ggg*
19:21:50<_Lewellyn> wmx!
19:22:05<th> hmm i'm using neither
19:22:17* _Lewellyn doesn't care for bloated wms
19:27:14<netrunner> th: can you give me a hand with the SRC tag?
19:27:25<th> netrunner: what's that?
19:27:44<daja77> additional tarballs for one package iirc
19:27:51<th> oh
19:28:03<th> netrunner: sure what do you want to know?
19:28:04<th> hmmm
19:28:10<th> *reading docs*
19:28:14<daja77> *gg*
19:28:16<th> *reading scripts*
19:28:20<th> netrunner: just shoot and ask!
19:29:27<netrunner> th: SRC is the pattern you can use to select tarballs that should be built.
19:30:06<netrunner> but it is fixed ... my problem is that I have two tarballs, where the first (the one I want to build) has a name that is a subset of the second.
19:30:11<th> yea i think i got it
19:30:36<th> so you need some advanced regexp to just match the first?
19:30:45<th> something like \<first\>
19:30:51<th> or ^first$
19:31:20<netrunner> hm, found some characters that differ, now I just write the whole filename.
19:32:42<th> i think (at least) one of them should workd
19:32:45<_Lewellyn> bah. sendmail is still all screwy :(
19:32:45<th> s,d$,,
19:32:50<th> _Lewellyn: ack
19:33:22<th>         xsrcpattern=$( echo "$desc_SRC" | tr ' ' '\t' | tr -s '\t' | tr '\t' '\n' )
19:33:25<th>         xsourceballs=$( echo "$sourceballs" | grep -F "$xsrcpattern" )
19:33:31<netrunner> th: no, the grep is called with -F in build_this_package ... that renders all patterns worthless:)
19:33:41* netrunner a bit slow tonight :)
19:35:38<_Lewellyn> th: i think i've worked around it :)
19:35:52<daja77> :)
19:40:55<th> blindcod1r: ping
19:56:55<th> blindcod1r: timeout
19:57:59<daja77> :D
20:00:02<netrunner> n8
20:00:07<th> cya netrunner 
20:00:10<netrunner> kvim submitted :)
20:00:20<th> uhhh
20:05:26<mnemoc> rehi
20:05:44<daja77> hi mnemoc 
20:07:27<mnemoc> th: i have a new and improved version of compare.sh on my branch if you want to give it a try
20:07:28<mnemoc> hi daja77 
20:07:42<th> mnemoc: where is the changelog? ;-)
20:07:50<mnemoc> a diff? :p
20:08:03<th> perhaps i should finally check your tree out
20:08:10<mnemoc> i now produce clean patches to be applied to $source
20:08:25<th> update patches?
20:08:30<mnemoc> yes :p
20:08:38<th> what about the [P] tag?
20:08:43<th> it must be ignored
20:08:44<mnemoc> -P to ignore it :p
20:08:53<th> hmm?
20:08:57<mnemoc> -S to ignore spaces
20:09:07<mnemoc> and it always ignore header
20:09:19<th> you mean copy right?
20:09:26<mnemoc> yes
20:09:30<mnemoc> it may differ
20:10:03<th> ok. i wrote an ugly awk script to edit the patch. it removes lines changing [P]
20:10:31<mnemoc> mine is _not_ ugly
20:10:47<th> okok i'll have a look :)
20:11:12<th> -v is needed for -P or -S?
20:11:20<th> ah
20:11:20<mnemoc> -v produce patches
20:11:21<th> sure
20:11:23<th> ack
20:11:32<mnemoc> -q ignore equal version
20:11:37<mnemoc> -qq ignore missing packages
20:11:47<th> cool
20:12:03<th> i think -qq -v -P -S would be my favourite
20:12:10<mnemoc> :)
20:14:02<th> yea it's great
20:14:21<th> i'd love some options for removing status and sizes
20:14:50<mnemoc> -V to add them?
20:14:54<th> yea
20:15:04<th> perhaps s.-v.-p.
20:15:08<th> and -v to add them
20:15:15<mnemoc> true
20:16:01<th> and i think repository information should be per line or removed
20:16:16<mnemoc> $repo/$package ?
20:16:20<th> yea
20:16:38<th> that way it's processable by sed/cut et al
20:16:52<th> but there should be a option like -r to turn on or off
20:18:25<mnemoc> if you specify a repo ignores it, if it's analising everything show it
20:18:30<daja77> MPlayer crashed. This shouldn't happen.
20:18:32<daja77> ^^
20:19:04<th> mnemoc: gnaa
20:19:36<mnemoc> Gay_Nigger_Association_of_America?
20:19:56<th> mnemoc: you wouldn't remove the package name if only one specified
20:20:09<th> mnemoc: and what if you may specify more than one repo later?
20:20:43<th> mnemoc: i think " [-repository <repo>|<packages>|] " should not alter the output but only limit it
20:20:52<mnemoc> ok ok
20:21:00<mnemoc> -r
20:21:17<th> perhaps it should be on by default. don't know
20:21:32<mnemoc> on by default sounds ok to me
20:21:55<th> to me too
20:40:03<mnemoc> th: -v and -P implemented, update
20:40:14<mnemoc> -p i mean
20:41:50<th> jepp
20:43:44<th> mnemoc: i think s.U.C. would be reasonable
20:44:11<th> mnemoc: cause U like update isn't very correct cause you dont diff between update and downdate
20:44:15<mnemoc> ack
20:44:28<mnemoc> but C means conflict..... what about M?
20:44:45<th> well E is not such a letter either
20:44:48<th> but M is good
20:45:06<mnemoc> how would you say 'same version' in one letter?
20:45:13<th> " "
20:45:20<th> but i wouldn't like it ;)
20:45:36<th> i think "E" is ok
20:46:07<th> do you write patches to stdout and the rest to stderr?
20:46:17<mnemoc> yes
20:46:23<th> cool
20:46:35<th> just thought that this would be a good thing to do
20:50:40<_Lewellyn> E isn't error?
20:51:36<th> E is a letter at first ;)
20:52:00<mnemoc> :D
20:52:14<mnemoc> E cames from 'equal'
20:52:30<mnemoc> <mnemoc> how would you say 'same version' in one letter?
20:58:33<mnemoc> uhm... S?
20:59:20<th> "="
20:59:28<th> hey - "E" is perfect ;)
20:59:43<th> well you could make a option for that
20:59:51<th> --same-version-letter="E"
21:00:07<mnemoc> ehm
21:00:13<th> *jk*
21:02:53<mnemoc> th: -r implemented
21:03:13<daja77> *sigh* never ever op a chan where ppl from a webcommunity joining
21:03:26<th> daja77: which #?
21:03:32<daja77> webuni ...
21:03:40<th> daja77: ircnet?
21:03:59<daja77> euirc
21:04:17<th> mnemoc: yea - thats nice
21:04:52<th> mnemoc: there is some sort of display bug. compare stable with trunk base/automake
21:04:58<mnemoc> daja77: ppl can't resist an @ on front of a nick
21:05:03<_Lewellyn> does rock come with a screen capture app?
21:05:10<th> M base/automake (1.7.9 -> 0000
21:05:10<th> 1.7.9
21:05:10<th> 1.8.5)
21:05:10<th> M base/bash (2.05b -> 2.05b
21:05:10<th> 3.0)
21:05:18<mnemoc> forks :\
21:05:27<th> ahh
21:05:28<th> ok
21:05:46<th> _Lewellyn: "import"?
21:06:06<daja77> _Lewellyn: the gimp ...
21:06:46<_Lewellyn> th: thanks
21:06:54<_Lewellyn> daja77: didn't work :/
21:07:42<_Lewellyn> mainly because gimp dumps core when i start it
21:07:55<th> _Lewellyn: use gimp-1.3
21:09:50<mnemoc> th: tell me if you want it updated on submaster
21:10:05<th> mnemoc: i just had a look for it some minutes ago..
21:10:15<th> mnemoc: and i could not find it.
21:10:17<_Lewellyn> th: it works. thanks :)
21:10:28<mnemoc> th: what?
21:10:32<th> mnemoc: but now i found the search function of my webbrowser
21:10:36<th> mnemoc: and found it
21:10:52<mnemoc> :)
21:11:17<daja77> hm we should set gimp2 as default and perhaps kicking out the old one
21:11:31<th> mnemoc: well - it's not that important on sm. let's wait what happens with it
21:11:46<th> daja77: ack
21:11:47<mnemoc> ok
21:12:06<th> mnemoc: if it goes into trunk... then you should update it on sm
21:12:31<mnemoc> feel free to send my patches for my branch :p
21:14:25<th> i think i should concentrate on stable ;>
21:17:42<mnemoc> i'm talking about the damn script :D
21:18:14<th> i know ;-]
21:19:16<daja77> damn it i am still not tired
21:20:29<mnemoc> daja77: go to sleep :p
21:20:48<mnemoc> uhm, i miss read
21:21:07<daja77> i'd like to ...
21:21:55<mnemoc> you can test (and improve) my compare.sh script :p
21:22:09<th> find new options for it ;)
21:22:24<th> or propose a -p option for -3 :-}
21:22:31<mnemoc> :p
21:22:52<mnemoc> i guess adding support for forks is more necesary
21:30:54<th> i gotta go now. cya tomorrow
21:31:47<daja77> cu th
21:32:46<mnemoc> cu th
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