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[04:30] <madtux> hello
[04:31] <mnemoc_> tuxie!
[04:32] <madtux> mny@
[04:32] <madtux> !
[04:40] <mnemoc_> i think i'll go to sleep now
[04:46] <madtux> NO!
[04:47] <madtux> CODE! CODE!
[04:47] <mnemoc_> :)
[04:48] <mnemoc_> i have been coding will you _travel_
[04:48] <madtux> mnemoc_, this is my WORK..
[04:49] <mnemoc_> :)
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[08:25] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:45] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
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[11:16] <[anders2]> *grrryawn*
[11:18] <blindcoder> my words exactly
[11:19] <daja77> yep
[11:25] <th> moin
[11:26] <daja77> moin th
[11:26] <blindcoder> moin th
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[12:35] <netrunne1> anybody needs a car? http://www.anvame.de/sell/escort/index.html (german text)
[12:35] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[12:40] <blindcoder> netrunner: auktion?
[12:52] <blindcoder> should I? or should I not?
[13:04] <netrunner> what? buy? well, go on, you get a special price :)
[13:05] <blindcoder> no, give a comment on rene's mail
[13:07] <blindcoder> netrunner: why do you want to sell that car?
[13:08] <th> summer is over :-)
[13:08] <netrunner> well .... did they bounce?
[13:08] <netrunner> th: snow?
[13:09] <th> netrunner: no - i was just answering to blindcoder's question "why do you want to sell that car?"
[13:09] <netrunner> ah, true. and it rains inside :)
[13:20] Action: blindcoder thinks about starting the register_application patch
[13:22] <netrunner> how do I get a nice mutt-like thread list in kmail?
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[13:26] <nzg> moin
[13:27] <blindcoder> should be configurable somewhere
[13:27] <blindcoder> though I don't understand why you use kmail at all ;)
[13:27] <blindcoder> moin nzg 
[13:28] <th> 2.7MB of copy.patch for 2.0 stable
[13:28] <blindcoder> yeah, and not much smaller for 2.1
[13:29] <th> i think i should apply this on the server itself to keep network load at zero
[13:30] <blindcoder> sounds reasonable
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[13:33] <th> hi praenti 
[13:34] <th> oh just a reconnect...
[13:37] <blindcoder> *sigh*
[13:37] <blindcoder> I just can't get myself to work on the register_application patch if I don't know if clifford would apply it at all
[13:37] <daja77> sure
[13:41] <blindcoder> anyone got a recent flist-collection of a 2.1 build?
[13:41] <daja77> yep
[13:41] <blindcoder> could you put it up for download somewhere?
[13:42] <daja77> you mean var/adm/flists/* ?
[13:44] <blindcoder> yues
[13:44] <blindcoder> yes
[13:45] <daja77> mom
[13:46] <blindcoder> hm, speaking of which, maybe I should bring the rock sonar thing up for discussion again
[13:47] <daja77> want a tarball?
[13:47] <th> rock sonar?
[13:47] <blindcoder> daja77: please
[13:47] <blindcoder> th: just a moment
[13:49] <blindcoder> th: http://scavenger.homeip.net/ROCK/sonar/search.pl
[13:50] <th> it asks for auth
[13:51] <th> hmm not needed
[13:51] <th> ok i know what it is now.
[13:51] <blindcoder> only if you have a browser that is fucking persistent in getting a /favicon.ico
[13:51] <th> i c ;)
[13:51] <th> well firefox is
[13:51] <blindcoder> yeah. mozilla isn't
[13:51] <blindcoder> not even IE is
[13:52] <th> blindcoder: what do you need as backend data?
[13:52] <blindcoder> th: plain text files
[13:53] <th> what files?
[13:53] <blindcoder> the /var/adm dir, to be exact
[13:53] <th> ahh i see
[13:53] <th> all of them?
[13:53] <blindcoder> depencies, descs and flists
[13:53] <blindcoder> dependencies
[13:54] <th> i could give you some from my refbuilds
[13:54] <blindcoder> that would be great!
[13:55] <th> just a second
[13:56] Action: blindcoder being patient
[13:57] <th> http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/var_adm-2.0-stable-refbuild-20041015.tbz2
[13:58] <blindcoder> thanks, got them
[14:01] <blindcoder> and added :-)
[14:01] <th> cool
[14:02] Action: blindcoder checking in to svn://scavenger.homeip.net/rock_sonar/trunk
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[14:06] <blindcoder> crystal rock?
[14:06] <th> what about it?
[14:06] <daja77> blindcoder: http://lospalmos.homelinux.net/flists.tar.bz2
[14:07] <blindcoder> daja77: could you maybe also give me the descs and dependencies directories? then I could check them in to rock_sonar, too... *beg*
[14:08] <blindcoder> th: what is it?
[14:08] <th> blindcoder: where did you read about it?
[14:08] <blindcoder> https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004101813595504342
[14:08] <th> ahh cool
[14:09] <th> blindcoder: it will be _the_ rock linux distribution
[14:09] <blindcoder> th: generic?
[14:09] <th> blindcoder: sort of
[14:09] <th> blindcoder: own target
[14:09] <blindcoder> th: so what's the difference between both?
[14:09] <th> blindcoder: it only contains a set of packages
[14:09] <th> blindcoder: a sort of "core packages"
[14:10] Action: daja77 kicks blindy ;)
[14:10] <blindcoder> th: generic being everything and crystal something like minimal+X?
[14:10] <blindcoder> daja77: sorry *snif* :(
[14:10] <daja77> np
[14:10] <th> blindcoder: crystal's pkgsel will be sort of "what everyone wants"
[14:10] <th> clifford: could you please give some comments?
[14:11] Action: daja77 should package pygame *eg*
[14:12] <th> oh even kde gets CORE
[14:12] <blindcoder> better than gnome :)
[14:12] <blindcoder> though I miss icewm and at least some non-kde games :/
[14:12] <mnemoc_> moin
[14:13] <th> blindcoder: i think there will be not much discussion about the pkgsel
[14:13] <blindcoder> but that's just playing favorites :)
[14:13] <daja77> hi mnemoc_ 
[14:14] <mnemoc_> moin daja77, th, blindy
[14:16] <th> moin mnemoc_ 
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[14:18] Nick change: kasc_ -> kasc
[14:19] <clifford> ** mail about crystal sent to mailing list **
[14:19] <mnemoc_> moin clifford 
[14:20] Action: blindcoder away reading mailing list :)
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[14:28] <blindcoder> heh
[14:29] <blindcoder> just this very moment a coworker of mine came here asking me for an installable ROCK Linux :-)
[14:29] <daja77> hehe
[14:30] <daja77> clifford: are there plans to provide additional gems, sth like freshrpms.net is doin?
[14:31] <blindcoder> Committed revision 5.
[14:31] <blindcoder> finally
[14:32] <blindcoder> daja77: can you tar the dependencies and descs directory for me now? please....
[14:32] <daja77> oops already did
[14:33] <blindcoder> :)
[14:33] <daja77> just grab that file again, it should contain everything
[14:33] <blindcoder> okay, thanks
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[15:39] <blindcoder> daja77: do you remember the revision of that build?
[15:41] <daja77> 4420 + sm patches + modifications of my own
[15:41] <blindcoder> okay, thanks
[15:42] <blindcoder> WEE, already 4+x topics for next Newsflash ;-)
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[15:48] <blindcoder> daja77: added to rock_sonar
[15:48] <daja77> ok
[15:48] <blindcoder> now checking in (will take a long time :/)
[15:50] <daja77> erhm is it at problem if i decide to remove that build again?
[15:50] <blindcoder> no, why?
[15:51] <blindcoder> I mean, why would you want to remove it?
[15:51] <daja77> to start a new one
[15:51] <daja77> not decided yet
[15:52] <blindcoder> daja77: sure no problem. 
[15:52] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[15:52] <SerWou> need help to built a little script to download and install krusader
[15:52] <blindcoder> daja77: if you want you can also check out svn://scavenger.homeip.net/rock_sonar/trunk and see for yourself that it wouldn't need to be deleted :-)
[15:53] <blindcoder> what's krusader?
[15:53] <SerWou> a twin panel commander like MC 
[15:53] <daja77> blindcoder: in fact i was very pleased with that build
[15:54] <SerWou> i took a script made by rene and i edit it to make it for krusader, i only have an error, i'm not sure about the syntaxe in [P] and [D]
[15:55] <blindcoder> SerWou: [P] can usually stay as it is, but make sure it's somewhere >600
[15:55] <SerWou> it's got something like ----5---9
[15:55] <blindcoder> SerWou: [D] is: [D] 0 <filename> <path to filename>
[15:55] <blindcoder> SerWou: leave it as it is
[15:55] <blindcoder> SerWou: that rarely has to be changed for user-space programs
[15:56] <SerWou> ok, this is my error : Disable the "Paranoia Check" config option to ignore suc..
[15:56] <blindcoder> SerWou: have a look at the log to see the full error
[15:56] <SerWou> there is sometimes X ----5---9 xxx.xx
[15:57] <blindcoder> yes
[15:57] <blindcoder> so?
[15:57] <SerWou> why there is a X ?
[15:57] <th> SerWou: because it's enabled
[15:58] <SerWou> ok
[15:58] <th> SerWou: X is on; O is off
[15:58] <th> SerWou: see the log to get the full error regarding Paranoia Check
[15:58] <SerWou> and where is this log ?
[15:58] <th> /var/adm/logs/*krusader*
[16:00] <SerWou> Unknown package category : FileManager
[16:00] <blindcoder> SerWou: valid categories are described in Documentation/Developers/PKG-CATEGORIES
[16:00] <th> SerWou: so your problem is in [C]
[16:01] <SerWou> hehe ;)
[16:01] <SerWou> where can i find a list of valid argument ?
[16:02] <th> Documentation/Developers/PKG-CATEGORIES
[16:05] <SerWou> ok, thanks mate
[16:05] <SerWou> i'm rebuilding my Rock, i loose all my partition this weekend :(
[16:05] <blindcoder> alright, /me going home
[16:05] <blindcoder> bbl
[16:11] <daja77> th: patch sent
[16:18] <daja77> puke @ build scripts in python
[16:21] <daja77> damn it, who invents such stuff
[16:21] <SerWou> Anyones know how i can fix this error :
[16:21] <Aard> the people who brought us autoconf? :)
[16:22] <daja77> Aard: don't think so, but it seems autoconf is not the worst stuff out there
[16:22] <SerWou> Checking for KDE ... configure error:     in the prefix, you've chosen, are no KDE headders intalled. This will fail.
[16:22] mnemoc_ (~amery@ got netsplit.
[16:22] mistik1 (rasta@ool-44c02704.dyn.optonline.net) got netsplit.
[16:23] <Aard> daja77: sure? autoconf is pretty hard to beat
[16:23] mnemoc_ (~amery@ returned to #rocklinux.
[16:23] mistik1 (rasta@ool-44c02704.dyn.optonline.net) returned to #rocklinux.
[16:23] <daja77> what is your prefix
[16:23] <daja77> Aard: ack
[16:25] <daja77> wtf this python script starts something graphical
[16:25] Action: daja77 wants to beat them
[16:26] <Aard> daja77: what program is it?
[16:27] <daja77> pygame
[16:27] <Aard> never heard of
[16:27] <daja77> it is a lib, some nice games are created with that, basically a libsdl wrapper for python
[16:46] <blindcoder> back
[16:55] <SerWou> hello blindcoder
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[17:50] <blindcoder> Committed revision 6.
[17:50] <blindcoder> finally
[17:50] <blindcoder> committing 60 MB takes _ages_
[17:51] <daja77> wee pygame package works
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[18:00] <mnemoc_> blindcoder: why are you commits 60MB???
[18:00] <mnemoc_> committing*
[18:01] <blindcoder> mnemoc_: datafiles
[18:02] <blindcoder> 60 MB taken from /var/adm/{descs,dependencies,flists}
[18:02] <blindcoder> http://scavenger.homeip.net/ROCK/sonar/search.pl
[18:02] <mnemoc_> now i understand :)
[18:05] <blindcoder> the whole data now sums at 237 MB
[18:06] <mnemoc_> o_O
[18:07] <mnemoc_> why don't you improve sonar to handle them gziped?
[18:09] <blindcoder> hmm
[18:10] <blindcoder> would take too much time on this little 500MHz machine
[18:10] <mnemoc_> :)
[18:17] <th> blindcoder: i still don't understand why you commit that backend data to svn
[18:34] <blindcoder> th: because of a mistake I made recently
[18:34] <blindcoder> I accidentally deleted a lot of data
[18:34] <blindcoder> and only the data in svn survived
[18:34] <blindcoder> and I don't want to loose this particular data
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[19:04] Action: blindcoder feels a bit of success with constantly bothering about that menu autocreation thingie :)
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[19:05] <daja77> hehe
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[19:27] <hannes_> hi
[19:28] <blindcoder> moin hannes_ 
[19:28] <hannes_> hi blindy!
[19:28] <Ragnar0k> i
[19:28] <Ragnar0k> hi
[19:33] <hannes_> hi Ragnar0k 
[19:34] <Ragnar0k> hi hannes_ :)
[19:34] <blindcoder> hannes_: how's your flatt{
[19:34] <blindcoder> ?
[19:36] <hannes_> blindcoder: quite nice
[19:37] <hannes_> i still have no real good internet connection
[19:37] <hannes_> something doesn't work on the university-proxy
[19:37] <blindcoder> I thought you were connected to the university's wlan{
[19:37] <hannes_> i have both
[19:38] <blindcoder> I see
[19:38] <hannes_> wlan is working for me tomorrow
[19:39] <hannes_> then i only need to install the cisco vpn client :)
[19:39] <blindcoder> great :-)
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[19:43] <hannes_> the download rates are very gread ;)
[19:46] <blindcoder> I believe that unseen
[19:49] <hannes_> blindcoder: and how are you doing?
[19:50] <blindcoder> well, the outlook is good :)
[19:51] BoS (~BoS@dialin-145-254-077-077.arcor-ip.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[19:51] <blindcoder> not too much work at the moment
[19:52] <blindcoder> but judging from experience that can change any day now
[19:52] <hannes_> heh..yeah. hear the same
[19:52] <hannes_> currently i have a lot of time to relax
[19:53] <blindcoder> well, saturday is girl-meeting-time again :-)
[19:57] <netrunner> blindcoder: you meet girls? you want to quit the geek life? *wonder*
[19:58] <blindcoder> netrunner: well, I've been meeting girls for quite some time now
[20:16] Action: blindcoder --> bed
[20:17] <netrunner> alone or with girls? :)
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[21:12] <daja77> hm i should have a crystal rock cd ready for dresden
[21:21] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
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[21:48] <netrunner> daja77: since when is esden a doctor?
[21:49] <daja77> :P
[21:49] <daja77> btw will you be there?
[22:18] hannes_ (ucbiv@rzstud2.stud.uni-karlsruhe.de) joined #rocklinux.
[22:20] <netrunner> hm. I scheduled it. I have a deadline for my thesis at 15/11 ... we'll see.
[22:21] <netrunner> anybody else coming?
[22:21] <daja77> atm no
[22:21] <netrunner> daja77: other problem would be http://www.anvame.de/sell/escort/index.html ;)
[22:21] <daja77> ^^
[22:22] <netrunner> but I think I could take the bimobil for that trip.
[22:22] <daja77> got no news from fake and clifford
[22:25] <netrunner> hmok. do you have a link for that event? I'll add it to my kontact (currently trying to start using the kde pim stuff ;)
[22:26] <daja77> http://2004.linuxinfotag.de/
[22:26] <daja77> http://2004.linuxinfotag.de/28 ^^
[22:29] <netrunner> jup.
[22:29] <netrunner> I'll try heftigstly to come.
[22:29] <daja77> :)
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[23:14] <treo> gn8
[23:14] treo (~xfman@D9fe9.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[00:00] --- Tue Oct 19 2004