[00:48] <treo> ich geh pennen gute nacht 
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[04:44] <IRCMonkey> test
[04:45] <IRCMonkey> whos running rock linux
[04:46] <IRCMonkey> I am running SuSE but I like to try others 
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[08:46] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:55] <th> moin
[09:55] <blindcoder> moin moin
[09:56] <th> hi blindy
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[09:57] Action: blindcoder is so damn sleepy
[09:58] <blindcoder> th: btw, there still _is_ a problem with subversion: if compiled with apache it needs apache (well, libaprutil to be exact) runtime
[10:01] <th> you mean without?
[10:02] <blindcoder> no
[10:02] <th> talking of trunk or my stable version?
[10:02] <blindcoder> well, both actually
[10:02] <th> (did svn cleanup in stable lately)
[10:02] <blindcoder> if subversion is compiled with apache, it needs apache at runtime.
[10:02] <th> is that a problem?
[10:03] <th> if it's compiled with apache it depends on it.
[10:03] <th> that's clear
[10:03] <th> i did not get the problem yety
[10:03] <th> ,.$,,
[10:03] <blindcoder> yes, but if you just want to use the client you usually don't install apache
[10:03] <th> talking of a binary install, i suppose?
[10:04] <blindcoder> yes
[10:04] <th> so if we would add another pass to build the client as if no apache would be available...
[10:04] <th> would that help?
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[10:06] <th> what's the difference between a client binary built with apache and a client binary built without apache? (expect the lib dependence)
[10:06] <blindcoder> nothing
[10:07] <blindcoder> th: yes, that would help. If built without apache subversion seems to use its own aprutil or some such
[10:07] <th> so it's sort of bug that the client depends (unnecessarily) on apache
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[10:07] <th> ahhh
[10:07] <blindcoder> yes
[10:07] <blindcoder> okay, I just checked
[10:08] <th> so the difference is: it's uses it's own apr then
[10:08] <blindcoder> subversion uses its own libapr and libapr-util if no apache available
[10:08] <blindcoder> yes
[10:08] <th> so we need the client to use the svn-shipped apr; and the rest to use the apache apr stuff
[10:08] <th> what parts are considered "client"?
[10:09] <blindcoder> actually, we need all but the apache-modules to use the internal library
[10:09] <th> svnlook / svnadmin?
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[10:09] <blindcoder> I only checked with `svn` cause that's what I have on my Crystal machine
[10:10] <th> blindcoder: did you had a look at my stable svn cleanup?
[10:10] <th> blindcoder: http://www.rocklinux.net/people/teha/full-journal-2004-10-24.patch it's in there
[10:10] <th> blindcoder: not yet committed
[10:10] <blindcoder> *click*
[10:10] <th> i think it's easier to apply this to a stable head
[10:11] <th> .oO(stable head - hmmm)
[10:12] <blindcoder> I'll work out a solution to this libapr* thing today or tomorrow
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[10:13] <th> blindcoder: "work out a solution"? i thought it works by doing another pass?
[10:16] <blindcoder> th: yes, it should work then. Theoretically
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[11:03] <th> blindcoder: it's not that easy cause a non-static pass does not create the binaries directly without make install
[11:03] <th> blindcoder: but wrappers instead
[11:04] <blindcoder> *sigh* I know something like that would happen :/
[11:06] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[11:06] <th> hello the SerWou 
[11:06] <blindcoder> moin SerWou 
[11:07] <SerWou> hello guys
[11:08] <SerWou> how are you ?
[11:10] <th> blindcoder: well - i could do a real make install in stand-alone pass
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[11:14] <blindcoder> th: but the make install in apache pass would overwrite them, no?
[11:15] <th> blindcoder: yes - but i'd copy them before
[11:15] <th> where is that option to never cleanup src dir?
[11:15] <blindcoder> th: sounds evil
[11:18] <blindcoder> argh
[11:19] <blindcoder> subversion's configure treats --with-apr as being equal to --without-apr
[11:21] <blindcoder> btw, why is there no libbz2.so?
[11:22] <th> where?
[11:22] <blindcoder> In my recent Crystal build I did not get a libbz2.so
[11:23] <blindcoder> just a .a
[11:23] <blindcoder> also in stable
[11:27] <blindcoder> th: just removing --with-apr= and --with-apr-util seems to fix this
[11:28] <blindcoder> although it makes subversion install its own libapr and libaprutil
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[11:37] <th> blindcoder: removing --with-apr= and --with-apr-util still builds apache module fine and fixes the apache dependency of client bins?
[11:38] <blindcoder> yes
[11:38] <th> blindcoder: sound great
[11:38] <blindcoder> it solves the problem :)
[11:39] <blindcoder> I'm gonna submit this after the next patch-wave
[11:39] <th>     # all this is to build the apache server-side module
[11:39] <th>     # and to make sure no locally included APR stuff get's installed
[11:39] <th>     # as well as no modification to httpd.conf is done ...
[11:39] <th> i think we should remove the second line ;)
[11:39] <blindcoder> indeed :-)
[11:40] <th> where is apr stuff installed then?
[11:40] <th> might that interfere with apache itself?
[11:40] <blindcoder> $prefix which is /usr
[11:40] <blindcoder> apache prefix is /opt/apache
[11:40] <th> so this would break if apache prefix would be /usr
[11:40] <blindcoder> yes
[11:41] <blindcoder> or would it...
[11:41] <blindcoder> yes
[11:41] <blindcoder> yes, it would
[11:43] <th> but that's it: we need apr stuff. either we take it from apache and depend on it - or we take our own and clash with apache ...
[11:43] <blindcoder> we only clash with apache if someone changes the default apache prefix (which one should not do anyway :)
[11:43] <th> exactly
[11:44] <th> perhaps we should assert that
[11:44] <blindcoder> only with a warning in scripts/Config
[11:45] <th> sounds ok
[11:45] <th> can you submit this warning in apache/config.in to submaster somewhen?
[11:46] <blindcoder> yes, I will
[11:46] <blindcoder> as soon as clifford has applied the current changes
[11:47] <blindcoder> btw, he's quite been quiet recently, hasn't he?
[11:48] <th> hmm
[11:48] <th> yes
[11:49] <blindcoder> okay, time for lunch. bbl
[11:49] <th> yo
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[12:31] <blindcoder> back
[12:32] <blindcoder> th: speaking of the devil :)
[12:32] <th> blindcoder: hmm?
[12:32] <blindcoder> th: clifford sent a mail 20 minutes ago :)
[12:32] <th> ahh ic
[13:01] <th> blindcoder: btw: subversion released 1.1.1 ;)
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[13:04] <blindcoder> th: d'oh
[13:05] Action: blindcoder creating a few more usability patches
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[13:15] <th> mnemoc: ping
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[14:01] <th> moin hannes_ 
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[14:13] <daja77> re
[14:13] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[14:13] <daja77> moin blindy
[14:14] <blindcoder> is it just me or is our big poobah in a sort of "friss-oder-stirb" mood today?
[14:19] <daja77> well his answers are short, but he is always busy
[14:19] <th> "poobah"?
[14:19] <mnemoc> th: pong
[14:20] <th> mnemoc: ah
[14:20] <th> mnemoc: i just notcied that cksum-err downloaded files don't go into the new structure
[14:20] <th> mnemoc: is that intended?
[14:20] <daja77> you mean that loop-aes thing?
[14:20] <blindcoder> daja77: yeah
[14:20] <mnemoc> th: more or less... i prefered to not alter it too much
[14:21] <blindcoder> daja77: well, I just noticed that a new release of loop-aes has been made within the last few hours, so I don't really mind the update anymore
[14:21] <daja77> ;)
[14:22] <blindcoder> still I feel awkward over the decision
[14:25] <daja77> well this is a mailinglist, so discuss it
[14:25] <blindcoder> daja77: I've already had my turn again, waiting for clifford right now
[14:26] <blindcoder> daja77: also, I'd better save my luck for the other maybe controversial patches I've just submitted
[14:33] <daja77> http://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/technologie/0,1518,druck-324084,00.html
[14:35] <mnemoc> th: why do you think .err location is important?
[14:36] <th> mnemoc: well - i was just confused cause i could not find the file at first attempt
[14:37] <th> mnemoc: and confusion is a bad thing ;)
[14:38] <mnemoc> my idea was to use old schema on old trees, sharing files cleanly. not to use new schema on old trees
[14:38] <th> ahh i see
[14:38] <th> mnemoc: but you move every file from old schema to new schema
[14:38] <th> (creating a symlink)
[14:38] <mnemoc> that's the share part
[14:40] <mnemoc> but you are the maintainer :) feel free to do what ever you want
[14:40] <th> mnemoc: i'm just the one doing commits; asking questions; begging for patches; et al
[14:41] <mnemoc> :)
[14:41] <mnemoc> if you want new schema on old trees the aproach shall be absolutly different
[14:41] <th> to know what to do is the bigger part of work
[14:43] <th> mnemoc: but it provides some sort of "new schema on old trees"
[14:44] <th> mnemoc: along with some backward compatibiltiy
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[14:45] <treo> sali
[14:46] <daja77> moin treo 
[14:47] <blindcoder> th: you might want to use the apache/subversion thing in stable, because I just thought about a more elegant solution with package-splitting
[14:47] <th> mnemoc: what would be the main difference to the current approach when providing "new schema on old trees with compat"?
[14:47] <th> blindcoder: i always put that in stable (not yet committed)
[14:48] <blindcoder> okay
[14:48] <th> blindcoder: i can give you the changeset vs. head if you like
[14:48] <th> so you could spent a checking look
[14:48] <blindcoder> well, removing a single line surely won't need much proofreading :)
[14:49] <th> well - i did some more than that
[14:49] <blindcoder> oh, then please do
[14:49] <th> i removed subversion-static package and added a static pass to subversion itself
[14:49] <blindcoder> I just wanted to tell you that the apache/subversion patch won't live long in submaster
[14:49] <th> yes
[14:51] <th> blindcoder: full pending changeset is in my people dir again.
[14:51] <th> full-journal-2004-10-25.patch
[14:52] <th> blindcoder: but i think i should take the apache warning into stable
[14:54] <mnemoc> th: download_file should use 'new-schema' for filename, and download itself caluculate old-schema location using package and repository name
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[15:07] <daja77> i don't get it, why a program that was built with gcc-3.2.3 wants a GCC_3.3 symbol in glibc
[15:07] <th> perhaps it uses binary libs built with gcc-3.3?
[15:08] <daja77> there is no gcc-3.3 on this system at all
[15:09] <th> binary libs are not built on that system at all
[15:10] <daja77> O_o gcc -v tells me it is a 3.4.1, ok i see i broke it 
[15:11] <mnemoc> hehe
[15:11] <daja77> and mine tells me it is 3.2.3 ..
[15:12] <blindcoder> daja77: mine -q gcc34 # :-)
[15:12] <daja77> well there shouldn't be any gcc34 as system compiler
[15:45] <blindcoder> question: what's the sense in first removing the dependencies mentioned in [E] and _then_ creating the dependencies file?
[15:46] <blindcoder> oh, forget it
[15:51] Nick change: tschmidt_ -> nzg
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[16:05] <blindcoder> WEE! 20 patches reached :)
[16:06] <clifford> argwl! "BerkeleyDB: Invalid argument"
[16:06] <clifford> .. does anyone remember the details of that bug?
[16:07] <blindcoder> after a subversion update?
[16:08] <clifford> in general. subversion was just one app triggering the problem
[16:08] <clifford> .. it was a compiler/cpu optimization problem - but who does remember the details??
[16:08] <blindcoder> compiler... ehm... no, sorry
[16:08] <blindcoder> don't know anything about that
[16:09] <daja77> which optimzation was used?
[16:09] <clifford> x86 generic, openldap fails with that error.
[16:11] <daja77> iirc some programs need at least p-mmx because they use mmx instructions, but dunno if that is related to this problem
[16:42] <daja77> this libtiff list is incredible
[16:42] <daja77> The '--disable-old-jpeg' configure option does ENABLE "Old 
[16:42] <daja77> JPEG support"!
[16:42] <daja77> guess the rest of that script is equally broken
[17:28] <clifford> hannes_: are you listening?
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[19:19] <SerWou> Hello the chan
[21:24] <mnemoc_> which package provides ttf fonts?
[21:24] <blindcoder> truetype?
[21:25] <mnemoc_> .oO
[21:25] <mnemoc_> # echo package/*/*true*
[21:25] <mnemoc_> package/*/*true*
[21:26] <blindcoder> ah
[21:26] <blindcoder> freetype, sorry
[21:26] <mnemoc_> thanks :)
[21:26] <blindcoder> and freefonts, of course :)
[21:27] <mnemoc_> o_O
[21:27] <daja77> cheapskatefonst ...
[21:27] <mnemoc_> Times-Roman?
[21:27] <mnemoc_> i need only that font... to render some .dot
[21:29] <mnemoc_> freefont didn't installed any font file :\
[21:32] <mnemoc_> damn... freefonts don't build without X :(
[21:32] <mnemoc_> can anyone send me _that_ fontfile?
[21:32] <daja77> you can download the ttf fonts from ms
[21:32] <mnemoc_> yes? good
[21:33] <daja77> yes
[21:37] <daja77> th: ?
[21:38] <mnemoc_> another dummy thing, what do i need to do with .ttf file for graphviz to find it?
[21:39] <mnemoc_> times.ttf is there but dot wants 'Times-Roman'
[21:40] <mnemoc_> i should have installed X on my mail server :'(
[21:49] Action: mnemoc_ stealing mkfont*
[21:50] <mnemoc_> .oO( graphic world i such a pain compared to console+framebuffer )o
[21:55] <mnemoc_> aaaarg!!
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[22:22] <daja77> clifford: ?
[22:24] <th> daja77: pong
[22:25] <daja77> th: i currently testing libtiff again, and did a libtool update before, will see if cinepaint works now
[22:25] <th> daja77: check for netpbm as well
[22:25] <daja77> rock has 1.5, there is a 1.5.10 meanwhile
[22:25] <daja77> ok
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[22:53] <daja77> ah damn
[23:19] <daja77> th: netpbm and cinepaint built fine, libtiff created the .so files with the new libtool ...
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