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[06:23] <demian> hi
[07:39] netrunne1 (~andreas@pD9E8CCC3.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
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[08:26] <blindcod1r> moin
[08:26] Nick change: blindcod1r -> blindcoder
[08:45] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[08:46] <blindcoder> hello the SerWou 
[08:49] <SerWou> hello blindcoder
[08:49] <SerWou> i still have my VFS error : i'm becomming crazy
[08:52] <blindcoder> still o_O
[08:52] <blindcoder> hmm
[08:52] <blindcoder> can you send me your kernel config?
[08:55] <SerWou> ok
[09:00] <blindcoder> *waiting*
[09:00] <SerWou> you've got them ?
[09:00] <SerWou> damned, 8h58 here, i have to be at work at 9h, i've got 15min of car ;)
[09:01] <SerWou> i've got 2 NIC, that's normal
[09:03] <blindcoder> yes, got them
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[10:57] <th> moin
[10:57] <daja77> moin th
[11:01] <blindcoder> moin th 
[11:01] <blindcoder> moin daja77 
[11:01] <blindcoder> ehm...
[11:01] <blindcoder> oh...
[11:01] <blindcoder> *sound of someone hysterically hacking on a keyboard*
[11:02] <blindcoder> No, I did not forget to add xine to the crystal build :-)
[11:02] <daja77> *hehe*
[11:02] <blindcoder> daja77: 310 builds total, 225 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[11:02] <daja77> cool
[11:03] <blindcoder> well, now it started to build KDE
[11:03] <blindcoder> and each KDE package takes ~1h
[11:03] <th> 2184 builds total, 1828 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[11:03] <th> did i mention that i feel my build machine to be too slow?
[11:03] <daja77> if pkg forking would be documented, i would have activated the automake package myself ;)
[11:03] <daja77> yep you mentioned
[11:04] <blindcoder> th: who doesn't feel that way? :)
[11:04] <daja77> *nod*
[11:04] <blindcoder> kdepim building for 1.25 hours now :/
[11:05] <daja77> i know kde build times are pain
[11:06] <blindcoder> yeah
[11:06] <blindcoder> well, I'm currently scratching a dual P3 800 machine together
[11:06] <th> it's not just a simple "pain" ;-]
[11:06] <blindcoder> then I can load balance a bit
[11:07] <blindcoder> the mobo should arrive today or tomorrow
[11:07] <blindcoder> closely followed by the processors and ram
[11:08] <daja77> think i'll go to university looking after the new job ^^
[11:08] <th> daja77: you mean your going to work now?
[11:09] <daja77> you can call it that way yes, not sure if i can start right now
[11:09] <daja77> signed yesterday ^^
[11:10] <th> oh - nice
[11:11] <daja77> cu
[12:28] treo (~xfman@D824f.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[12:35] <treo> sali
[13:03] <daja77> re
[13:11] <blindcoder> == 09:54:22 =[5]=> Building kde/kdepim [3.3.1 2.1.0-DEV].
[13:11] <blindcoder> and still building :(
[13:13] <daja77> O_o
[13:13] <blindcoder> yes
[13:14] <blindcoder> building kde takes a day at least
[13:22] <blindcoder> th: here?
[13:22] <blindcoder> WEE, kdepim is finished
[13:23] <blindcoder> == 10/28/04 13:20:27 =[5]=> Finished building package kdepim.
[13:29] <SerWou> hello blindcoder
[13:36] <blindcoder> re SerWou 
[13:37] <blindcoder> th: nm, doesn't affect stable
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[14:27] <blindcoder> hmm
[14:27] <blindcoder> pkgsplit _and_ pkgfork both b0rked up cluster builds
[15:46] <daja77> netrunne1: ?
[15:48] <netrunne1> daja77: sorry, won't work out. :(
[15:48] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[15:52] <blindcoder> isn't anyone doing cluster builds these days?
[15:53] <netrunner> blindcoder: I stopped that some time ago.
[15:53] <netrunner> I cannot even use tempfs any more as the kernel is now too big.
[15:54] Action: netrunner asking himself if there ever were cases where people psychically broke down while writing their thesis 
[15:55] <daja77> yes there were
[15:55] <blindcoder> netrunner: where's the connection between tempfs and kernelsize???
[15:56] <blindcoder> I'm happily compiling with tmpfs with everything but nvidia compiled in
[15:59] <netrunner> blindcoder: 800MB are not enough to compile kernels >2.6.7
[16:00] <blindcoder> I'm using 1024 here without problems
[16:02] <netrunner> I only have a gb of ram, and gcc want's some too :)
[16:03] <blindcoder> same here, but with a bit of swap (yes, stone me) that can be catched for the two packages that need it
[16:04] <daja77> hm stoning ...
[16:04] <blindcoder> JEHOVA! JEHOVA!
[16:05] <daja77> ^^
[16:05] Action: netrunner throws stone modules at blindy
[16:05] <daja77> TOMCAT! TOMCAT!
[16:07] <blindcoder> netrunner: btw, can you even do a "local" cluster build with tmpfs and one gig ram?
[16:10] <netrunner> blindcoder: you can. but you'd need to give each node a equal amount of ram, which would be about 400MB in my case.
[16:10] <blindcoder> netrunner: then xfree/xorg would definately fail I think (also kernel)
[16:10] <netrunner> jup.
[16:11] <netrunner> I always used tempfs not for speedup but to save my hdd a bit :)
[16:12] <blindcoder> I once thought there was a speedup but I don't have any "vergleich" handy
[16:18] <netrunner> it is a small speedup with cpus >2GHz.
[16:19] <blindcoder> hrm... 1.8GHz here. Damn
[16:20] <netrunner> oh well, about :)
[16:21] demian (~demian@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:21] <demian> hi
[16:22] <netrunner> hi d3m14n
[16:22] demian (~demian@ left irc: Client Quit
[16:22] <daja77> hrhr
[16:45] <netrunner> hm? was that me?
[16:45] <th> blindcoder: pong
[16:49] madtux (~mike@ip253-10.ct.co.cr) joined #rocklinux.
[16:49] <madtux> hello
[16:49] <daja77> hi madtux 
[16:49] <madtux> hello danny
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[17:34] <clifford> Die ImageMagick! Die!!!!!
[17:34] <clifford> hmm...
[17:35] Action: clifford doesn't feel better at all now.
[17:35] <madtux> clifford: ?
[17:36] Action: daja77 agrees to clifford 
[17:36] <daja77> what is this crap tool doin now?
[17:36] <clifford> It isntalls its own libltdl in /usr/lib/
[17:37] <clifford> (libltdl is part of the libtool package)
[17:37] <daja77> clifford: yeah, but it didn't when i upgraded libtool
[17:38] <daja77> and yes it gave me a headache to figure that out
[17:41] <clifford> ripclaw is at linuxworld expo
[17:42] <clifford> investigated rene and valentin.
[18:00] _Ragnar__ (loki@66-146-166-62.skyriver.net) left irc: Read error: 238 (Connection timed out)
[18:03] <SerWou> Hello
[18:03] <daja77> hi SerWou 
[18:03] <SerWou> hello daja77
[18:03] <SerWou> Same damned fucking error
[18:03] <SerWou> i will never able to compile a kernel :(
[18:07] <SerWou> Anyone can help me please
[18:08] <SerWou> i'm trying to ocmpile the kernel 2.6.9 on rock and i've got this error 
[18:08] <SerWou> VFS : cannot open root device "ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 or block(0;0)  Please append a correct
[18:08] <SerWou>         "root=" boot option  kernel Panic no syncing : VFS unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0:0)
[18:08] Action: blindcoder back
[18:09] <daja77> you have to enable devfs support in kernel
[18:09] <SerWou> hello blindcoder
[18:10] <blindcoder> SerWou: d'oh. your kernel doesn't have devfs (I failed to check that before)
[18:10] <blindcoder> SerWou: enable devfs and automatically mount devfs at boot
[18:12] <SerWou> i think they are enable
[18:12] <blindcoder> no
[18:12] <blindcoder> at least not in the config you sent me
[18:14] <SerWou> where are those options ?
[18:14] <daja77> filesystems
[18:15] <SerWou> Kernel Automouter Support and Kernel Automouter version 4 support ?
[18:15] <daja77> nope
[18:18] <SerWou> i can't see that
[18:18] <blindcoder> SerWou: Select only drivers expected to compile cleanly
[18:18] <blindcoder> please disable that
[18:19] <blindcoder> even though devfs is marked as "Obsolete" in recent kernels it is all but unused/unusable
[18:20] <madtux> SerWou: u are using linux 2.6?
[18:20] <SerWou> yes
[18:20] <SerWou> 2.6.9
[18:20] <madtux> SerWou: forget about enabling devfs if you wish to ever have a usable kernel image
[18:21] <SMP> huh?!
[18:21] <SerWou> blindcoder, about drivers, i'm not sure about what must be removed
[18:21] <blindcoder> madtux: huh?
[18:22] <blindcoder> SerWou: if in doubt, don't remove
[18:22] <madtux> so far i've heard very negative things about devfs on linux 2.6
[18:22] <blindcoder> madtux: well, every machine here uses 2.6 with devfs
[18:22] <madtux> 0_o
[18:22] <blindcoder> madtux: I don't know who you've been talking to, but obviously they had no idea
[18:22] <madtux> version?
[18:22] <blindcoder> all up to
[18:23] Action: SMP is going to kill devfs
[18:23] <SerWou> i found /dev file system support > Automatically mount at boot and Debut devfs
[18:24] <madtux> SMP: :)
[18:24] <blindcoder> SerWou: check automatically mount
[18:24] <blindcoder> SMP: well, as of today, ROCK is still using it, no?
[18:25] <SMP> I don't see a reason why it would not work without devfs
[18:25] <SMP> obviously we don't have a means to MAKEDEV yet
[18:25] <blindcoder> SMP: in terms a user understands?
[18:25] <blindcoder> rockplug doesn't support udev yet?
[18:26] <madtux> blindcoder: devfs is not a MUST for rock since quite a while
[18:26] <SMP> other than that it should just work. minus packages we have patched to hardwire devfs names
[18:26] <blindcoder> madtux: no, but it still gets enabled in every build
[18:26] <SMP> madtux: in theory. in pratice you'll be left with an empty /dev
[18:27] <SerWou> let's try
[18:27] <SerWou> my kernel
[18:30] <SerWou> Is there another civil war about devfs ? ;)
[18:30] <madtux> SerWou: normal peacefull discussion
[18:31] <blindcoder> civil war looks different :-)
[18:31] <madtux> SMP: according to rxr no. then again i have not made a single rock build in quite a while.
[18:32] <SMP> madtux: I wasn't talking about building
[18:32] <SMP> devfs for build got killed some time ago
[18:32] <SerWou> *BINGGG*
[18:32] <SerWou> Round 1
[18:32] <SerWou> ;)
[18:33] <madtux> :)
[18:33] <SMP> but if you install a system, you still need to mount devfs on /dev because we have nothing that populates /dev with static device nodes
[18:34] <madtux> SMP: oh.
[18:35] PeskyGee (~PeskyGee@pool-151-201-128-44.pitt.east.verizon.net) joined #rocklinux.
[18:35] <PeskyGee> anyone here?
[18:35] <SMP> no
[18:36] <blindcoder> absolutely not
[18:36] <madtux> maybe
[18:36] <mnemoc_> i see no person here
[18:36] <PeskyGee> got a few questions if someone doesn't mind about ROCK. I'm thinking of trying it 
[18:36] <madtux> mnemoc_: he is asking for anyone not for no-person
[18:37] <madtux> PeskyGee: so ask and we will try to answer
[18:37] <PeskyGee> ok 
[18:37] <PeskyGee> From what I seen on the site. I can build this system within another system and create a ISO/Cd for install?
[18:38] <SMP> yup
[18:38] <PeskyGee> ok cool. Supports Kernel2.6 and udev?
[18:39] <SMP> 2.6 yes. we have packaged udev, but I'm not sure if or how well it works
[18:41] <netrunner> where have all the rockers gone ...
[18:41] <madtux> netrunner: ?
[18:41] <PeskyGee> What I would like to do is make my own distro with Kernel2.6, udev, ROX-filer and ROX-Session as my GUI with Xorg. Optimized for AthlonXP. Is that possible with Rock?
[18:41] <blindcoder> they rolled away
[18:42] <blindcoder> rox session isn't packaged yet. rox filer is
[18:42] <blindcoder> xorg is there and athlonxp opt is also there
[18:42] <SMP> PeskyGee: yes. it's probably going to be a little harder than just flipping the switches, especially the udev part
[18:42] <blindcoder> you can enable hotplug and udev in build configuration
[18:43] <netrunner> what is rox session? *googling*
[18:43] <PeskyGee> so can I compile ROX_Sesion or make a package?
[18:43] <blindcoder> suri
[18:43] <blindcoder> sure
[18:43] <PeskyGee> So what would I D/L to get started with this? 
[18:44] <blindcoder> svn co svn://www.rocklinux.org/rock-linux/trunk
[18:44] <SerWou> Same error again : VFS mounted filesystem (ext2)  Initrd : going to re-mount root now     VFS : cannot open root device "ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/part1 or block(0;0)  Please append a correct
[18:44] <SMP> PeskyGee: http://www.rocklinux.org/rock20down.html
[18:45] <netrunner> SerWou: are yiz nussung a /dev/ there?
[18:45] <netrunner> oh
[18:45] <netrunner> SerWou: are you missing a /dev there?
[18:45] <SMP> no, he's not
[18:45] <blindcoder> netrunner.lefthand--;
[18:45] <netrunner> blindcoder: right. :)
[18:45] <PeskyGee> get the source right?
[18:45] <blindcoder> ah, dawn
[18:45] <SerWou> i'm  L O S T
[18:46] <SMP> PeskyGee: yes. ideally you would use svn to get the source for the 2.0 branch
[18:47] <SMP> SerWou: do you see anything about "hda" in the kernel messages?
[18:48] <PeskyGee> I'm here now: http://www.rocklinux.net/svn/rock-linux/branches/2.0-stable/architecture/x86/ do I just D/L those files in that Dir and place in a folder?
[18:49] <SMP> PeskyGee: no, you need to use a subversion client
[18:49] <SerWou> no SMP
[18:49] <SMP> SerWou: what's the first line you can see on the screen?
[18:50] <PeskyGee> SMP: WHere is that please?
[18:50] <SerWou> give me a sec SMP
[18:51] <SMP> PeskyGee: what distribution are you running currently?
[18:51] <PeskyGee> Archlinux
[18:51] <PeskyGee> I was on gentoo for a while but got sick of it
[18:53] <SMP> well, find a way to install subversion for Archlinux
[18:54] <PeskyGee> Yea its availiable as a package for Arch. Why do I need that
[18:54] <SerWou> Booting on rocklinux 2.6.9, etc...
[18:55] <PeskyGee> this is so I can build the OS inside the other right?
[18:55] <SMP> PeskyGee: to check out the latest sources from our subversion tree
[18:55] <netrunner> PeskyGee: you need it to download the sources.
[18:55] <PeskyGee> then make the ISO and install away  :-) hopefully right 
[18:56] <blindcoder> well, building will take a few days depending on your system and configuration
[18:57] <PeskyGee> AMD2600XP 1GBDualRAM Nforce CHip
[18:58] <blindcoder> how many GHz? and what the hell is DualRAM?
[18:58] <PeskyGee> 400 RAM PC2300
[18:59] <PeskyGee> dual channel (supposedly) :-)
[18:59] _Ragnar_ (loki@66-146-166-62.skyriver.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[18:59] <blindcoder> I still feel like I'm reading a technical description designed to make as many people want to buy something as possible...
[18:59] <blindcoder> let me put it this way:
[19:00] <blindcoder> on my Pentium 4 1.8GHz it takes ~4-5 days to build everything nicluding gnome, kde and most of the other 1178 packages
[19:00] _Ragnar_ (loki@66-146-166-62.skyriver.net) left #rocklinux.
[19:00] _Ragnar_ (loki@66-146-166-62.skyriver.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:01] <SMP> and if you want to disable packages you don't need, to cut the build time, you'll have to spend twice that time to figure out how ;->
[19:01] <_Ragnar_> *hrhr*
[19:02] <PeskyGee> I just want a base system with Xorg and then install Rox-filer and Rox-Session as my GUI. Perhaps pejwn as the WM or like
[19:02] <PeskyGee> ooohummm
[19:02] <PeskyGee> perhaps not what I'm looking for then???
[19:02] <blindcoder> that would still take a few days
[19:03] <blindcoder> 2 at least
[19:03] <SMP> hmm. and Xorg isn't in 2.0, so you'd have to use the trunk sources, just in case.
[19:05] <PeskyGee> I'm not worried about the compile time. I'm just sick and tired of Distros that push there bull. I don't want KDE or Gnome at all and most every distro is default with that. I was small, Customized, and fast.
[19:05] <PeskyGee> and very tweakable  :-)
[19:05] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: you can try a generic target with the minimal template
[19:05] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: then after installation install x and rox
[19:05] <blindcoder> that might be the easiets solution to this
[19:06] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: explain please? that sounds about right
[19:06] _Ragnar_ (loki@66-146-166-62.skyriver.net) left irc: "BRB"
[19:06] <SMP> you can do all this with ROCK, but it has a clue-barrier
[19:06] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: download the sources, start ./scripts/Config and you'll see
[19:07] <PeskyGee> is here where I get the sources:  http://www.rocklinux.net/people/rene/stable/src/
[19:07] <blindcoder> nope
[19:07] <blindcoder> that is outdated
[19:07] <SMP> no, no Xorg in stable
[19:07] <blindcoder> install subversion and execute the following:
[19:07] <PeskyGee> oooh ok where then please?
[19:07] <blindcoder> svn co svn://www.rocklinux.net/rock-linux/trunk rock-2.1
[19:08] <PeskyGee> ok gotta install svn first 
[19:10] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: that is the command also yes?
[19:11] <blindcoder> yes
[19:11] <PeskyGee> man ibiblio is so slow
[19:13] <PeskyGee> almost there 
[19:14] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: I don't do that as root do I?
[19:14] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: you need to be root to do anything after that, so it would make sense
[19:14] _Ragnar_ (loki@abarrach.franken.de) joined #rocklinux.
[19:16] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: ok getting it now
[19:17] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: Assuming its D/L to my root dir right?
[19:17] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: you should download it somewhere with a few gigs spare
[19:18] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: Can I move it afterward?
[19:18] <blindcoder> sure
[19:18] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: k I will move to a partition I have about 10GB waiting 
[19:20] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: Ok Checked out
[19:20] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: but I don't see it??
[19:21] <blindcoder> then you're not looking hard enough
[19:21] <blindcoder> it's either called trunk if you didn't give any more arguments
[19:22] <blindcoder> or whatever argument you passed
[19:23] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: I gave no argument but I don't see it ???
[19:23] <blindcoder> then you're doing something really wrong
[19:24] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: in tmp maybe?
[19:24] <blindcoder> no, in your current working dir
[19:25] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: got it  :-) Thanks 
[19:27] <PeskyGee> blindcoder: so just cd into that dir and run?
[19:27] <blindcoder> PeskyGee: run ./scripts/Config -cfg athlon
[19:29] <PeskyGee> ok will do thank you. Well that was my lunch break. thanks for your help.  :-) Have a good one  :-)
[19:30] Action: blindcoder going to sleep in a few hours :)
[19:30] PeskyGee (~PeskyGee@pool-151-201-128-44.pitt.east.verizon.net) left irc: "Leaving"
[19:34] <SMP> *sigh*
[19:47] <daja77> ?
[19:50] <SMP> we need to put up big signs to keep some people out
[19:50] <daja77> oh haven't read backlog yet
[19:51] <daja77> ic
[19:58] <SerWou> WOW
[19:58] <SerWou> kernel 2.6.9 is UP
[19:58] <SerWou> i restarted my configuration and it works now
[20:03] <th> 2184 builds total, 2184 completed fine, 0 with errors.
[20:03] <SerWou> damned, i loose my NIC Cards !
[20:03] <th> going to commit
[20:04] <SerWou> i can't see them now, but i compiled my kernel especially to see them..
[20:45] _Lewelly1 (~lewellyn@c-67-180-175-10.client.comcast.net) joined #rocklinux.
[20:48] Action: _Lewelly1 is still not having luck with vmware under rock :(
[20:49] <_Lewelly1> the best vmware's support staff can tell me is "The version of Linux running on host is currently not supported"
[20:49] <_Lewelly1> how useful :(
[20:50] <_Lewelly1> i know i've asked before, but i'll try again: anyone else in here ever have vmware not want to power on virtual machines?
[20:56] <netrunner> SerWou: has the kernel recognized them? have you maybe compiled them as module and the module is not loaded?
[20:57] <netrunner> _Lewelly1: the vmware is binary only, no?
[20:58] <_Lewelly1> netrunner: yes.
[20:58] <netrunner> _Lewelly1: so is it a library problem?
[20:59] <_Lewelly1> i don't know. i have no clue how to determine that.
[20:59] <_Lewelly1> and vmware was far less than helpful when i tried asking.
[20:59] <th> well i'm running vmware on rock
[21:01] <_Lewelly1> ya. and i've verified that i've done everything that's in the article
[21:01] <_Lewelly1> i'm reinstalling now. "just in case"
[21:02] <_Lewelly1> (vmware, not all of rock)
[21:03] <SMP> I've never had the slightest problem running vmware on ROCK
[21:04] <SMP> obviously you need to have vmware-config.pl build custom kernel modules
[21:05] <SerWou> how load the module ?
[21:06] <_Lewelly1> SMP: i did that a few times.
[21:06] <_Lewelly1> for whatever reason, build 8848 fixed it with a fresh download.
[21:06] Action: _Lewelly1 got a newer build when it was purchased, it seems.
[21:06] <th> SerWou: man modprobe ; man insmod
[21:07] <SerWou> ok ;
[21:07] <SerWou> )
[21:07] <_Lewelly1> now. to reply to vmware yet again. since they claimed they could not help me unless i gave them a log of what happened AFTER the vms were powered on, though my complaint was that they would not power on... :/
[21:11] <daja77> btw SMP, th anyone wants to spend a few hours in dresden this saturday?
[21:17] <SMP> no. what's up?
[21:18] <daja77> a small event where i got a rock booth, but atm i am the only one who will be there, because the other cannot be there
[21:20] <SerWou> I don't know what to do with modprobe and insmode
[21:20] <th> insmod is a simple program to insert a module into the linux kernel
[21:20] <SerWou> i saw that ;) thanks
[21:21] <SerWou> but which modules ?
[21:21] <th> fine
[21:21] <th> SerWou: so perhaps you need to ask more specific questions
[21:21] <th> SerWou: kernel modules
[21:21] <daja77> O_o
[21:21] <SerWou> yes, i know, but how can i find the right names ?
[21:21] <SMP> hmm. going from devfs to MAKEDEV-style /dev is getting hairy
[21:21] <th> SerWou: these that you build with "make modules"
[21:22] <_Lewelly1> hrm. seems that i only have two things left before i'm all set with rock now :)
[21:22] <th> SerWou: you find them at /lib/ modules/`uname -r`
[21:23] Action: _Lewelly1 does not like having to configure his system while working.
[21:23] <SerWou>  ok /lib/modules, ok thanks
[21:23] <SerWou> let's see
[21:26] <SMP> 3830 nodes in /dev is just SO ugly ...
[21:27] <th> SMP: why are you doing that?
[21:27] <SMP> I'm killing devfs for my target
[21:28] Action: netrunner claps SMP bravo
[21:28] <th> uhh. to migrate to /sys created /dev?
[21:28] <netrunner> th: that's the future :)
[21:28] <SMP> yeah, udev hopefully
[21:28] <th> netrunner: don't you know SMP  ;-]
[21:28] <th> SMP: great
[21:28] <SMP> for now, agetty isn't working ...
[21:29] Action: daja77 considers not to go to dresden at all
[21:34] <netrunner> daja77: thought you held a presentation?
[21:35] <th> daja77: sorry for that - but you can't count on me at DD this time :-/
[21:35] Action: netrunner now has a beautiful cover page. 
[21:35] <daja77> just got a mail that the booths are in an area only reachable via stairs
[21:35] <daja77> and i got this damn mail now
[21:35] <daja77> >_<
[21:36] <SMP> our init scripts really aren't suitable for non-devfs ;-O
[21:36] <daja77> :D
[21:38] <netrunner> SMP: maybe introduce a magic get-node script that maps to the correct?
[21:38] <SMP> but I wanted to rewrite them anyway ;->
[21:38] <th> SMP: which ones?
[21:38] <SMP> from /sbin/rc to /etc/init.d/system
[21:45] madtux (~mike@ip253-10.ct.co.cr) left irc: "leaving"
[21:55] <SMP> n8.
[21:55] <daja77> n8 smp
[21:59] <_Lewelly1> sleep well smp
[22:03] <_Lewelly1> is the newest official kernel for 2.0 at 2.6.4 still?
[22:05] <th> _Lewelly1: no it's 2.4.27
[22:05] <th> (which is newer than 2.6.4)
[22:11] <SerWou> ok
[22:11] <SerWou> I fixed the NIC problem
[22:12] <_Lewelly1> th: ok. should i be running that vs 2.6.x?
[22:13] <th> _Lewelly1: "should"? i don't know what you _should_ do.
[22:13] <th> _Lewelly1: i'd suggest running 2.6.9
[22:13] <th> _Lewelly1: but i don't know what you are trying to do
[22:14] <_Lewelly1> ok. i should have qualified with newest 2.6 kernel for 2.0
[22:14] <th> _Lewelly1: i don't understand that sentence
[22:14] <_Lewelly1> well, at this point, i want a newer kernel which may have modules for my sound device that actually load. without changing my current configuration too terribly much.
[22:15] <_Lewelly1> also, i need to get smp support working.
[22:15] <_Lewelly1> th: i should have phrased it as:
[22:15] <_Lewelly1>  is the newest official 2.6 series kernel for rock 2.0.x still 2.6.4?
[22:16] <th> _Lewelly1: no. it is 2.6.7
[22:17] Action: daja77 looking for things to break
[22:17] <th> daja77: how about linux26 of stable? ;-}
[22:17] Action: _Lewelly1 keeps daja77 away from his system :)
[22:18] <daja77> th: i thought of some hw stuff
[22:18] <th> ahh
[22:19] <daja77> things that break with noise
[22:19] <th> daja77: i could share some empty bottles of club-mate
[22:19] Action: _Lewelly1 keeps daja77 even farther away
[22:19] Action: _Lewelly1 closes the window to the fire escape overlooking a busy street
[22:19] <daja77> _Lewelly1: the distance between usa and germany should be enough
[22:19] <daja77> ah th got drugs ^^
[22:20] <th> daja77: they are empty since ages
[22:20] <daja77> break them!
[22:20] <_Lewelly1> yes, distance is a limiting factor
[22:22] Action: daja77 found some aol cds
[22:22] <th> daja77: don't hurt yourself
[22:23] <daja77> this just sucks so much
[22:23] <th> daja77: DD?
[22:23] <daja77> i told them months ago about that
[22:23] <daja77> yes
[22:31] SerWou (~SerWou@lafilaire-3-82-224-107-105.fbx.proxad.net) left irc: "SerWou left the Chan"
[22:42] madtux (~mike@ip253-10.ct.co.cr) joined #rocklinux.
[22:42] <madtux> re
[22:42] <madtux> http://www.infoworld.com/article/04/10/27/HNsusewarns_1.html
[22:48] <_Lewelly1> wow. i'm actually on the phone with vmware right now. tech support called me.
[22:48] <_Lewelly1> amazing.
[22:48] <madtux> 0_o
[22:48] <_Lewelly1> they're telling me 1) downgrade to 2.4 and 2) rock linux is not supported
[22:49] <th> _Lewelly1: i'm running vmware on rock linux on 2.6.7 on this machine
[22:49] <_Lewelly1> however, both those issues are irrelevant for my issue
[22:50] <_Lewelly1> th: well, they said 2.4 is going to work better for my host's hardware.
[22:50] <th> probably bullshit
[22:51] <daja77> the 2nd just means they have no clue ...
[22:53] <_Lewelly1> th: i'm running a stock off-the-shelf dell. it's possible they may actually know about the hardware.
[22:53] <th> _Lewelly1: what model?
[22:53] <_Lewelly1> i'll give them benefit of the doubt. esp since the main reason i was going to stick to 2.6 was to not bork my vmware
[22:53] <th> _Lewelly1: optiplex?
[22:53] <_Lewelly1> precision 410
[23:18] <_Lewelly1> wow. now devices are disappearing. i think vmware is getting as confused as i am
[23:22] <daja77> O_o
[23:24] <_Lewelly1> they're telling me to update the scsi driver in the guest because i'm having an issue with my scsi cd-rom drive, virtualized as ide, under (only) xp home
[23:24] <netrunner> http://www.bash.org/?409223 *g*
[23:24] <_Lewelly1> personally, i think that's bizarre. since windows does not know it's scsi.
[23:25] <_Lewelly1> and, of course, it did not work :P
[23:25] <_Lewelly1> netrunner: wonderful! :)
[23:26] <_Lewelly1> even better is that he feels the need to tell irc.
[23:26] <netrunner> oh well I know that situation, I always hit the print button accidently.
[23:26] <netrunner> not on pron sites though :)
[23:27] <_Lewelly1> i print to postscript. avoids embarrasing gaffes.
[23:27] <_Lewelly1> sure, i have to make an extra step to send it to the printer, but it's worth it.
[23:27] <netrunner> well I always try to print postscript, but the printer always converts it back to images :/
[23:28] Action: _Lewelly1 sends netrunner some nice postscript files.
[23:28] <th> i just don't allow websites to maximize or popup
[23:28] <_Lewelly1> it takes my laserwriter a day to raytrace an image
[23:28] <_Lewelly1> th: i think he did it manually ;)
[23:29] <th> "he did it manually" - no comment
[23:30] <daja77> *hehe*
[23:36] <th> is "svn cp URL wc ; svn ci" identically to apropriate "svn cp URL URL"? (wrt what happens in repo)
[23:54] <th> anyhow i'm off for 2day
[23:54] <daja77> n8 th
[23:55] <netrunner> n8 th
[23:57] <netrunner> n8 *
[23:57] <daja77> n8 netrunner 
[00:00] --- Fri Oct 29 2004