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[10:42] <netrunner> *rofl* Message-ID: <1gje3migzp4fw.1udrs8rsgfo78$.dlg@40tude.net>
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[11:30] <th> moin
[11:32] <netrunner> hi th
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[12:53] <th> so i think the next reference build i do might be the final 2.0.3-release-refbuild.
[12:54] <th> clifford: are you listening?
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[12:55] <the_audience> th: I am listening :)
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[12:55] <th> oh wow - the audience was listening ;)
[12:55] <th> i still need to know what to do with "[M] rxr"
[12:56] <netrunner> this f*ing doxygen is now running for 4 days ...
[13:11] <clifford> th: I'm here now.
[13:21] <th> clifford: hi
[13:21] <th> clifford: can you tell me what i should do with "[M] rxr"?
[13:21] <th> clifford: should i just replace it with the exactcode.de email-address?
[13:22] <th> clifford: or set it to "unmaintained"?
[13:22] <clifford> no - he asked for those packages to not refer to him anymore.
[13:22] <clifford> pls. wait a sec..
[13:22] <th> sure
[13:23] <clifford> yup. unmaintained is ok and seams to be fine with ./scripts/Check-PkgFormat
[13:24] <clifford> I'm also doing it in trunk now.
[13:24] <th> clifford: you are doing that automated - so can you do it for stable as well?
[14:04] <daja77> clifford: is this libtool imagemagick conflict still present?
[14:05] <clifford> yup. seams so.
[14:06] <daja77> no idea why it vanished here
[14:07] <clifford> daja77: I have some troubles with qemu (on rock and debian hosts)
[14:08] <clifford> with qemu I get kernel panics and segfaults which I can't reproduce on real hardware.
[14:09] <daja77> O_o
[14:11] <daja77> omg http://bugs.archlinux.org/?do=details&id=1534
[14:13] <clifford> not good!
[14:13] <daja77> no
[14:13] <daja77> i find more of this crap
[14:13] <daja77> always a crappy work around is proposed
[14:13] <daja77> nobody is goin out to kill the ppl who caused that
[14:16] <clifford> so, here is mine: link imagemagick statically against it's libltdl.a and not install the lib at all.
[14:17] Action: clifford is giving daja77 a "bazooka add-on" for his wheel-chair.
[14:18] <daja77> ah i found a bug ml for imagemagick, i want them to solve it, but the workaround might be ok
[14:18] <clifford> so no need for the bazooka thing? how boring..  ;-)
[14:18] <th> i'd liked that too
[14:19] Nick change: mistik1_seawall -> mistik1
[14:19] <daja77> clifford: think i could use it anyway :D
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[14:23] <daja77> can someone give me a recent log with that error, so that i can attach it, don't have mine anymore
[14:23] <clifford> give me a sec ..
[14:24] <clifford> oh yes. I will fix that.
[14:24] <clifford> the problem is:
[14:25] <clifford> the flist wrapper is redirecting the install of the file as intended
[14:26] <clifford> after afterwards the imagemagick libtool is trying to run ranlib over the already installed file, which is causeing the writte access the flist wrapper sees.
[14:27] <clifford> I wanted to implement a generic api for creating additional wrappers on a per-package-build base. with that this one ranlib call can easily eliminated without fiddling around with the imagemagick build stuff.
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[14:27] <daja77> so you propose a work around with the wrappers
[14:32] <tcr> OT: Am I supposed to extract .jar files manually?
[14:32] <daja77> no
[14:33] <tcr> Just run the `java' program over it like with ordinary .class files?
[14:33] <th> tcr: if enough meta-information is given in .jar file than you can run it directly
[14:33] <th> tcr: by doing "java -jar foo.jar"
[14:34] <th> tcr: but sometimes .jar files are not executable but only archives which like to go into your $CLASSPATH
[14:35] <tcr> -jar did it.
[14:35] <tcr> Avoided java as much as possible, but now I have to use some program for school.
[14:38] <daja77> clifford: can you still give me the log so that i can mail them
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[15:47] <mnemoc> moin
[15:52] <netrunner> hi mnemoc 
[15:54] <mnemoc> hi netrunner 
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[15:56] <treo> sali
[16:04] <netrunner> saluteri
[16:25] <netrunner> wonderful. now I wanted to commit the update of libxml2 ... and received an error message from svn that he couldn't find libxml2
[16:26] <th> netrunner: if you update to 2.6.15 be sure to not miss the 2.6.16 release which should be out soon.
[16:26] <th> netrunner: there is still a severe bug in 2.6.15 which is already fixed in snapshot
[16:37] <netrunner> oh, I thought you meant updating would fix it.
[16:37] <th> yes
[16:37] <th> the security issue
[16:37] <netrunner> is the bug also present in the version currently in trunk?
[16:37] <th> 2.6.15 was rushed due to the security issue
[16:38] <th> that introduced a new (non-security related) bug
[16:38] <netrunner> ah.
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[21:44] <daja77> the crystal build is running quite well
[21:44] <daja77> 313 builds total, 241 completed fine, 1 with errors.
[21:45] <mnemoc> which error?
[21:45] <daja77> apmd
[21:46] <mnemoc> linux header?
[21:47] <daja77> yep looks like that
[21:53] <netrunner> hehehe, according to wget I can fetch with 100MB/s
[21:54] <daja77> hehe
[21:54] <netrunner> I've never been that sure that my squid works :)
[22:16] <Freak> geee.. I'm still idling in this chan :)
[22:16] <Freak> hey guys
[22:16] <daja77> hi Freak 
[22:16] <Freak> daja77: is chemnitz sending a delegation to the demo tomorrow?
[22:17] <daja77> yes
[22:17] <Freak> sweet, are you joining?
[22:18] <daja77> nope
[22:18] <Freak> we expect about 3000 ppl at least..
[22:18] <Freak> aw, pitty :)
[22:19] <daja77> i don't have the time for it atm
[22:19] <Freak> ic
[22:20] <daja77> and i have already been in karlsruhe this year ;)
[22:20] <Freak> indeed :)
[22:21] <daja77> i even made photos of you ^^
[22:21] <Freak> hrm. inDEED.
[22:21] <Freak> :)
[22:22] <daja77> :D
[22:25] <Freak> I'm pretty excited, we made large banners saturday and sunday
[22:25] <Freak> and today we made a protest song *g
[22:26] <Freak> and .. things you can scream out while demonstrating..
[22:26] <Freak> dunno what that's called in english
[22:26] <daja77> .oO (alle wolln dasselbe, milbradt in die elbe ... in the good old days)
[22:27] <Freak> hehehe
[22:27] <Freak> sweet
[22:28] <daja77> when he was finance minister instead of president
[22:40] <treo> gn8
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[00:00] --- Tue Nov  9 2004