[01:16] <mnemoc> rehi
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[07:45] Nick change: BoS_ -> BoS
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[08:58] <dsoul> why neon in 2.0.3 is downloaded to mirror/ ?
[09:08] <th> dsoul: this is because of a patch that should make 2.0 and 2.1 share download dirs
[09:08] <th> dsoul: but that patch is reverted
[09:09] <th> dsoul: current 2.0-stable source does not do that any longer
[09:09] <th> dsoul: and it was not only neon but EVERY package
[09:10] <dsoul> ok
[09:10] <dsoul> but rest of packages are ok
[09:11] <th> neon is ok too
[09:11] <dsoul> yes :)
[09:11] <th> the patch was not in for long
[09:12] <dsoul> but its downloaded every time to mirror :)
[09:12] <th> dsoul: are your sources current?
[09:12] <th> dsoul: what does a "grep v0 ./scripts/Download" say?
[09:12] <dsoul> yes just svn up :)
[09:13] <dsoul> nothing
[09:13] <th> good so if you download neon now it wont go to mirror/
[09:14] basaxon (basaxon@pcp08146056pcs.tsclos01.al.comcast.net) joined #rocklinux.
[09:15] <dsoul> ok works thx :)
[09:16] <dsoul> but ./scripts/Download -list-unknown list them
[09:17] <dsoul> Unknown file: download/mirror/n/neon-0.24.7.tar.bz2
[09:17] <dsoul> Unknown file: download/mirror/h/httpd-2.0.52.tar.bz2
[09:17] <th> dsoul: it lists every file it does not know
[09:17] <th> move that mirror dir away
[09:17] <th> (i did not say remove)
[09:18] <dsoul> ok but bandwith is not a problem, 155mbit on university :)
[09:18] <th> perhaps you should negotiate a mirror for us
[09:19] <dsoul> its my own machine, why not :)
[09:19] <dsoul> Mirror.v0?
[09:19] <th> you should get an official "ok"
[09:19] <th> dsoul: remove it
[09:21] <dsoul> something is still not ok
[09:21] <th> tell me
[09:22] <dsoul> ./scripts/Download -all
[09:22] <dsoul> those two files get downloaded
[09:22] <dsoul> but
[09:22] <th> which two?
[09:22] <th> ahh 
[09:23] <th> httpd+neon
[09:23] <dsoul> ./scripts/Download: line 408: download/rene/apache/httpd-2.0.52.tar.bz2: No Such file or directory
[09:23] <dsoul> yes
[09:23] <dsoul> the same is for neon
[09:23] <th> dsoul: ok. i think these files exist and are symlinks
[09:23] <th> run a  find download/ -type l
[09:24] <dsoul> yes they are :)
[09:24] <th> only these two?
[09:25] <th> remove all these symlinks
[09:26] <dsoul> ok removed and redownloading... :)
[09:27] <dsoul> ok now everithing is fine :)
[09:27] <dsoul> sorry for problem :)
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[09:29] <dsoul> but why only those files and not other?:)
[09:31] <th> dsoul: because you already had all other files downloaded
[09:31] <th> these two changed
[09:32] <dsoul> thats possible :P
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[10:37] Action: netrunne1 doing samba security update
[10:37] Nick change: netrunne1 -> netrunner
[10:51] <netrunner> th: samba update committed, please merge to -stable.
[10:51] <th> smid?
[10:52] <th> "SM-id"
[10:52] <netrunner>  2004_11_0910504327896
[10:53] <th> smells like a simple bump
[10:53] <netrunner> yes.
[10:53] <th> i will add this to the refbuild. thanks.
[10:53] <netrunner> the updated nessus found it :)
[10:54] <th> how do i simply use nessus?
[10:54] <th> i don't want a "nessusd host"
[10:55] <netrunner> 1) install   2)nessus-mkcert  3)nessus-adduser  4)nessusd ... then as normal user `nessus`  and supply the information for the added user
[10:55] <netrunner> th: wel, it's server/client based, just run the nessusd locally.
[10:55] <th> uhh
[10:56] <th> ahhhhhh it created a /usr/com/nessus
[10:57] <th> User rules
[10:58] <th> hmm
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[10:58] <th> empty... testing
[10:59] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
[11:02] <netrunner> th: sorry, forgot the cksum for samba...
[11:02] <th> netrunner: thats no problem - really
[11:02] <netrunner> :)
[11:03] <netrunner> just a note that you either hand-create it or revert and apply 2004_11_0911023728183 :)
[11:03] <th> i'm checkin firefox webpage every minute now ...
[11:03] <netrunner> oh, should it come today?
[11:03] <th> and here it is
[11:03] <th> yea
[11:03] <th> The wait is over. Firefox 1.0 empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.
[11:03] <th> it's done
[11:04] <th> downloading the source...
[11:05] <th> i still get 125Kbyte/s can't be online for long...
[11:16] Action: netrunner building firefox
[11:29] <th> reference build started
[11:51] <netrunner> irda-utils fails to apply some patch in trunk. *note*
[13:00] <blindcoder> greetingd
[13:00] <blindcoder> s
[13:00] <th> hi blindy
[13:01] <blindcoder> greetings from Heimstetten :)
[13:02] <blindcoder> finally I learn how to do the stuff I've been doing for half a year already :)
[13:05] <th> blindcoder: so take notes! ;-]
[13:08] kasc (kasc@dsl-082-083-043-035.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:12] <blindcoder> 5 pages so far :)
[13:35] <netrunner> (ger) http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/0,1518,324279,00.html
[13:36] <blindcoder> tell me what it is before I click it :)
[13:36] <netrunner> tells you coffee kill you.
[13:36] <blindcoder> I just had my sixth cup of coffee today
[13:37] <netrunner> hey, it's spiegel.de, what should it be? :)
[13:37] <blindcoder> I don't trust you :P
[13:37] <netrunner> http://www.spiegel.de/wissenschaft/mensch/395123957@www.pr0npics.com/ultrahardcore ;)
[13:37] <blindcoder> :P
[13:40] <blindcoder> newsflash: coffee kills you. In related news, coffee-consume up 500% with teenagers
[13:44] <netrunner> (de) http://groups.google.com/groups?selm=1gje3migzp4fw.1udrs8rsgfo78$.dlg@40tude.net
[13:45] <netrunner> just for related news. it's harmless-funny content :)
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[14:26] <netrunner> gngngn, xfce 4.2 beta2 now comes with graphical build and install assistant. I fear makefile patching :(
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[15:54] <mnemoc> moin
[15:55] <blindcoder> moin moin
[16:08] <netrunner> hi mnemoc
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[16:45] <treo> sali
[16:46] <netrunner> hi 3o
[16:51] <netrunner> multicast is unreliable, no?
[16:54] <daja77> ?
[16:56] <netrunner> well, it's ip, so you don't have a guarantee of delivery?
[16:57] <th> tcp bases on ip too.
[16:57] <netrunner> but tcp is the control protocol :)
[16:58] <th> i just wanted to mention that "being" ip does not mean absence of delivery guarantee
[16:58] <th> so your argument is void
[16:59] <netrunner> th: no. I don't understand how you can send a package to multiple destinations and then have to handle all seperate anyway for connection tracing.
[16:59] <netrunner> th: so I concluded it is unreliable, but asked if I am right :)
[17:00] <th> i did not argue on your initial question.
[17:00] <netrunner> ah :)
[17:00] <daja77> there are reliable networks?
[17:00] <netrunner> daja77: tcp provides reliability.
[17:01] <daja77> to a certain degree
[17:02] <netrunner> oh well let's draw the formulas and throw figures at each other ;)
[17:03] <daja77> you are from the dark side ..
[17:03] <netrunner> daja77: could you please kick this jan guy at your university when you see him? tell him you will do this repeatedly until he continues work on noteedit.
[17:03] <th> daja77: you mean he is doing perl?
[17:03] Action: netrunner reading ruby on his TODO-afterthesis
[17:05] <daja77> th: erh no that was me
[17:05] <th> daja77: using emacs, perhaps?
[17:05] <daja77> no!
[17:05] Action: netrunner left the channel
[17:06] Action: netrunner joined
[17:06] <netrunner> stupid buzzword filter.
[17:06] <daja77> netrunner: not jan but i guess i know whom you meant
[17:06] Action: daja77 currently doin java
[17:06] <daja77> bye bye netrunner ^^
[17:06] <netrunner> oh, joerg he is.
[17:06] Action: th is happy with plain c.
[17:07] <daja77> th: i'd be too ...
[17:07] <netrunner> daja77: do you know him?
[17:07] <daja77> yes sort of
[17:28] <netrunner> /usr/lib/libdb-4.2.a: could not read symbols: Archive has no index; run ranlib t
[17:28] <netrunner> o add one
[17:29] <netrunner> maybe that's a problem from imagemagick, rebuilding libtool...
[17:30] <daja77> think so
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[20:03] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
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[20:42] <daja77> Finished building this target.
[20:42] <daja77> that's cool
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[22:54] <treo> gn8
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