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[01:01] <lewellyn> how do i build a smp kernel the "official" way, not by hand?
[01:01] <lewellyn> i assume that i need a few magic lines in linux.cfg, but what's the easiest way to get them?
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[02:19] <jsaw> lewellyn: add "CONFIG_SMP=y" with ./scripts/Config (somewhere under expert options/linux/...) to the linux config
[02:19] <jsaw> iirc
[02:25] <lewellyn> jsaw: thanks :)
[02:26] <lewellyn> btw, it just adds whatever to linux.cfg, afaict :)
[02:37] <jsaw> np. and yes, it's just a dump line editor...
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[08:18] <blindcoder> moin
[08:28] <netrunne1> moin
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[08:30] <blindcoder> moin netti
[09:00] <blindcoder> ah, nothing like free coffee :)
[09:29] <netrunner> well, my coffee machine decided she'd first need a massage today.
[09:30] <blindcoder> well, so get to it :)
[09:31] <netrunner> done. meanwhile I made myself a tea :)
[09:32] <blindcoder> heh
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[11:44] <corwin> hi there
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[11:44] <daja77> O_o
[12:03] <netrunner> daja77: what?
[12:03] <daja77> just wondering about that join/quit thing
[12:18] <BoS> 0~1~
[12:21] <netrunner> BoS: you should write a constant complexity as O(1), not with ~ replacing the brackets.
[12:23] <BoS> sry - not i - the switch
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[12:30] <netrunner> :)
[12:52] <mnemoc> moin
[12:52] <daja77> moin mnemoc 
[12:53] <mnemoc> moin daja77 
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[13:43] <treo> sali
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[13:57] <mnemoc> hi clifford
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[15:13] <th> who is using firefox-1.0 for linux already?
[15:15] <daja77> new version?
[15:16] Action: blindcoder heard information about FF1.0 on the terrestrial radio news (Antenne Bayern) yestarday at 1730
[15:16] <blindcoder> they really advised people to dump IE in favor of FF :D
[15:16] <treo> 8.11.04 - release of ff 1.0
[15:17] <th> 9.11.04 to be exactly
[15:17] <th> but no one answered my question
[15:17] <blindcoder> th: I'm using mozilla, sorry
[15:17] <daja77> me too
[15:17] <treo> the bild made a test, wich browser is better, the counted the clicks they needed to do oO
[15:17] <treo> so ie won
[15:18] <blindcoder> to do... what?
[15:18] <treo> to change the start page
[15:18] <treo> or to clear cookies
[15:18] <treo> http://www.bild.t-online.de/BTO/digital/Computer/aktuell/2004/11/Internet/firefox/ar-firefox.html
[15:18] <blindcoder> or to completely crash your system :D
[15:18] <treo> ;)
[15:18] Action: daja77 kicks treo 
[15:19] <treo> y?
[15:19] <th> the find in page is sweet but not quite functional anymore
[15:20] <blindcoder> that's one of the things I really like about it. /text and there you are. how does it not work anymore?
[15:20] <netrunner> know the infinite cat project? http://www.infinitecat.com/
[15:21] <netrunner> I'd personally have called it chained pussy, but well ...
[15:21] <th> blindcoder: the type-and-find is ok.
[15:22] <th> blindcoder: the C-f is changed in 1.0
[15:22] <th> blindcoder: it does not open no popup anymore
[15:22] <th> blindcoder: but does in in a find bar
[15:22] <blindcoder> th: ugh...
[15:22] <th> blindcoder: and it does not show the search result unless you click on "highlight" which hilights all occurances
[15:22] <th> well i like the findbar idea
[15:22] <th> but not the malfunction
[15:23] <blindcoder> sounds horribly to me
[15:23] <blindcoder> but so did folding in vim6 :)
[15:29] <netrunner> th: I used ff1 @home yesterday.
[15:36] <th> netrunner: could you check that C-f issue?
[15:51] <netrunner> *scroll* what cf issue?
[15:51] <netrunner> oh, you mean that stupid search thing?
[16:02] <th> yes
[16:02] <th> even "search-again" does not work after type-and-find
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[16:28] <mnemoc> uhm
[16:43] <netrunner> th: hm, I only tried it twice, but supposed the word simply was not found.
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[20:26] <netrunner> th: you should klick the 'highlight' button for the search, then you see what he found :)
[20:26] <th> netrunner: i found that too, but that's another functionality
[20:26] <th> netrunner: that does not scroll on a very long page
[20:27] <th> it just highlights
[20:27] <netrunner> my irssi tells me in window 1 that I am queued for some file (ISOS.UNDERNET.Killzone_USA_PS2-ECHELON.PART2.tar) at position 3 of 15 ... shall I wonder?
[20:28] <netrunner> I mean I have like 10 of those messages there ...
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[21:55] <daja77> re
[22:05] <lewellyn> hoi
[22:05] <daja77> hi lewellyn 
[22:06] <lewellyn> hrm. finally decided to build a new kernel this morning. it failed :(
[22:06] <lewellyn> can i flood the Emerge-Pkg output to see if anyone has suggestions?
[22:10] <th> you built a kernel with emerge-pkg?
[22:11] <lewellyn> yes ./scripts/Emerge-Pkg linux26
[22:34] <treo> gn8
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[22:36] <lewellyn> th: is that not the way to build a kernel?
[22:37] <th> lewellyn: well it might work. but i prefer to just download the source tar ball; extract it; configure it; and run "make"
[22:37] <th> then i take the resulting arch/i386/boot/bzImage and feed it to my boot loader
[22:38] <lewellyn> th: but that doesn't get the rock customizations.
[22:38] <lewellyn> or are there actually any? ;)
[22:38] <th> you mean the rock patches?
[22:38] <th> you know the rock-philosophy? "patch less"
[22:40] <daja77> nevertheless we have patches
[22:41] <th> yes - sure. me personally i never use them
[22:41] <th> and if i would like to... i'd still not Emerge a kernel. but just apply the patches by using "patch < rock.patch"
[22:41] <lewellyn> i was just going by ./scripts/Config:
[22:41] <lewellyn> Here you can define custom configurations to the kernel.  Please note that these will apply _after_ the default kernel config has been created.
[22:41] <lewellyn> :)
[23:05] <th> cya later
[23:06] <lewellyn> adios :)
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[23:35] <mnemoc> rehi
[00:00] --- Thu Nov 11 2004