[01:14] <Stormchaser> blindcoder: change this line?: [ Generated by ./scripts/Create-Diff for ROCK Linux 2.1.0-DEV ]
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[01:27] <Stormchaser> um... bit more help, please
[01:28] <Stormchaser> chroot: bin/bash: Exec format error <-- what is this error?
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[02:03] <Stormchaser> heh
[02:04] <Stormchaser> I know, what is wrong... The transition between 32 and 64-bit system isn't as easy as expected  :(
[02:04] <Stormchaser> any ideas?
[02:06] <_Ragnar_> hmm no, don't have a 64 bit system :/ sorry
[02:07] <Stormchaser> the main proble is, that 32bit chroot can't accet 64bit bash...
[02:07] <Stormchaser> er
[02:07] <Stormchaser> the main problem is, that 32bit chroot can't accept 64bit bash...
[02:08] <Stormchaser> no idea, wha am I supposed to do :/
[02:09] <_Ragnar_> hmm
[02:09] <_Ragnar_> sure that the chroot can't accept it, not your kernel?
[02:09] <_Ragnar_> cuz the exec() is a syscall
[02:09] <Stormchaser> hm
[02:10] <Stormchaser> it just says 'Exec format error'
[02:11] <Stormchaser> any ideas, _what_ should I do?
[02:11] <_Ragnar_> can you run it without chroot?
[02:11] <Stormchaser> you mean bin/bash?
[02:12] <_Ragnar_> yeah
[02:12] <_Ragnar_> the one chroot tries to exec
[02:12] <Stormchaser> bash: ./bash: cannot execute binary file
[02:13] <_Ragnar_> kay
[02:13] <_Ragnar_> file ./bash ?
[02:13] <Stormchaser> yah
[02:13] <Stormchaser> in the build tree
[02:14] Action: Stormchaser was actually HOPING 32/64 bit transition would be easier :/
[02:14] <_Ragnar_> :/
[02:14] <_Ragnar_> I'd think the problem is running a 32bit kernel
[02:15] <_Ragnar_> but that's just a guess
[02:15] <Stormchaser> pro'lly
[02:16] <Stormchaser> I'm linux freak, but the peoblem is, that I'm not that close to 32/64bit issues
[02:16] <Stormchaser> hm
[02:16] <Aard> Stormchaser: athlon64?
[02:16] <Stormchaser> Aard: yep
[02:17] <Stormchaser> I'm running 32-bit OS now
[02:17] <Aard> hm, I only touched one of them once, building a server. I'm more used to other 64bit-cpus
[02:18] <_Ragnar_> Stormchaser: you're already on the target machine?
[02:18] <Stormchaser> yes
[02:19] <Stormchaser> I'm thinking of just chrooting the dir and that's it
[02:20] <_Ragnar_> ?
[02:21] <Stormchaser> er
[02:22] <Stormchaser> blindcoder (IIRC) told me, that just chrooting and running 'stone' would do the trick
[02:23] <_Ragnar_> which kernel are you running right now?
[02:23] <Stormchaser>
[02:25] <_Ragnar_> and proc-type you compiled for? ath64?
[02:25] <Stormchaser> nope
[02:25] <Stormchaser> 32-but athlon
[02:26] <Stormchaser> *bit
[02:26] <_Ragnar_> I think you need to compile the kernel for 64bit
[02:27] <Stormchaser> I am using old SuSE 9.0, but problem is, that at the time I wanted go 64-bit many packages didn't compile, like mplayer and some other libs...
[02:27] <Stormchaser> I can't
[02:27] <_Ragnar_> otherwise - quite obviously - it won't be able to run 64bit binaries
[02:27] <Stormchaser> I tried, but I can't
[02:27] <_Ragnar_> huh?
[02:28] <Stormchaser> You just can't build kernel for 64-bit platforms on 32-bit
[02:29] <_Ragnar_> I'd think that's not true
[02:30] <Stormchaser> I know it is
[02:30] <_Ragnar_> where from?
[02:31] <mnemoc> Stormchaser: build it as cross-platform, and install half-rock on that machine.
[02:31] <Stormchaser> Dammit... Rebuild :(
[02:32] <Stormchaser> 'half-rock'
[02:32] <mnemoc> i guess that's your best choice
[02:33] <Stormchaser> _Ragnar_: I got info from some debian64 project... I tried that on my kernel, I could select athlon64, but... The kernel would complain about 32-bit glibc and GCC
[02:33] <_Ragnar_> hmmm weird
[02:34] <Stormchaser> yep
[02:34] <_Ragnar_> during the compile? cuz I'm currently compiling my kernel with athlon64 as proc type, and it works
[02:35] <_Ragnar_> 2.4.23 thou
[02:36] <Stormchaser> I think, that I'll use gentoo-64 as core and then build rock64
[02:37] <_Ragnar_> oh ... nevermind that ... it seems the menuconfig just switches back to athlon32 as soon as I exit ... weird
[02:38] <Stormchaser> hehe
[02:38] <mnemoc> he doesn't belive you :)
[02:38] <Stormchaser> It's not as easy as it looks, sadly :/
[02:39] <mnemoc> most developers only has x86/ppc 32 
[02:40] <mnemoc> now you are here to improve amd64 :)
[02:40] <Stormchaser> We shall see, what my job and scholl will have to say with this
[02:40] <Stormchaser> :)
[02:41] <mnemoc> :p
[02:41] <Stormchaser> heh... 27 and still in school :)
[02:43] <_Ragnar_> =)
[02:46] <mnemoc> Stormchaser: me too :p
[02:46] <Stormchaser> neat
[02:48] <mnemoc> and i need at least two years more to get my degree :(
[02:48] <Stormchaser> I'm just fixing my mistake done looong time ago
[02:48] <Stormchaser> I wish I was already over
[02:49] Action: _Ragnar_ was 29 when he finished;)
[02:49] <mnemoc> what a coincidence :D
[02:49] <Stormchaser> I'm stuying economy
[02:49] <Stormchaser> :)
[02:50] Action: _Ragnar_ studied compsci
[02:50] <mnemoc> and i study a mix of both :p
[02:50] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[02:50] <Stormchaser> I know much too much about CS to actually waste time studiying it
[02:51] <Stormchaser> :)
[02:51] <mnemoc> :)
[03:18] <Stormchaser> ok... I need to init 0 my eyes for the night... er.. morning... um...
[03:18] <Stormchaser> nighty night!
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[08:04] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:23] <netrunne1> moin.
[10:23] treo (~xfman@D9517.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
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[10:23] <netrunner> apmd fails for crystal, any ideas?
[10:23] <treo> sali
[10:36] <blindcoder> logfile?
[10:42] <netrunner> http://andreas.anvame.net/content/download/5-apmd.err
[10:43] <daja77> netrunner: kernel headers iirc
[10:45] <netrunner> well. I'll disable it for now :)
[11:03] <netrunner> praenti: what speaks against x11=xfree86 and x11=xorg ?
[11:03] <netrunner> (or similar)
[12:22] <netrunner> grbl, dict.leo.org not responding again :(
[12:22] <netrunner> the chemnitz one doesn't know what I want :)
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[13:37] <mnemoc> moin
[13:39] <netrunner> moin mnemoc .... on sundays your 'moin' seems to be congruent with ours :)
[13:40] <mnemoc> hehe :)
[13:40] Action: blindcoder hands out wa-ho to #rocklinux 
[13:40] <mnemoc> btw, these days we only have 4 hours of difference
[13:40] <mnemoc> moin blindcoder 
[13:41] <blindcoder> moin mnemoc :)
[13:42] <blindcoder> want a wa-ho?
[13:44] <mnemoc> i don't know what it is, but yeah, give me one :)
[13:45] <blindcoder> vanilla-flavored waffles :)
[13:45] <daja77> damn i get hungry
[13:45] <blindcoder> hehehe
[13:45] <blindcoder> Guess I'll bring some to C3 :)
[13:45] tcpdumb (~tcpdumb@217-20-118-121.internetserviceteam.com) joined #rocklinux.
[13:46] <daja77> yeah
[13:46] <mnemoc> nice, i haven't eaten anything yet :)
[13:46] <mnemoc> hi daja77 
[13:47] <daja77> hi mnemoc 
[14:10] owl (owl@karnaya.de) joined #rocklinux.
[14:10] <owl> hi
[14:20] konni (~konni@pD9E50918.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[14:34] <daja77> owö is here
[14:34] <daja77> owl
[14:34] <owl> yeah ;) 
[14:34] <owl> hi daja77 
[14:35] <daja77> hi owl :)
[14:35] <owl> how are you?
[14:36] <daja77> feeling great thx, and you?
[14:36] <owl> tured, tgx, 
[14:36] <owl> aaargh. thx. i meant O_o
[14:37] <daja77> tured?
[14:37] <owl> aaaargh. tired O_o 
[14:38] <daja77> ah ok
[14:38] <owl> lol. typos are my special friends. 
[14:38] <daja77> they love you
[14:38] <owl> yeah. seems so. like murphy. 
[14:39] <daja77> better than no lover :p
[14:40] <owl> mwah. well, then i have two lovers ... ;)
[14:42] <daja77> hehe
[14:43] <owl> :p
[14:44] <owl> hows rock going on?
[14:45] <mnemoc> owl! great to see you here
[14:45] <Aard> sigh.
[14:45] <daja77> hi Aard 
[14:45] <owl> hi mnemoc :) 
[14:45] <owl> thx
[14:46] <owl> how are you, old mnemoc ? ;) *vbeg*
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[14:47] Topic changed on #rocklinux by th!th@thzn.de: ROCK Linux 2.0.3 has just been tagged.
[14:47] <daja77> cool
[14:47] #rocklinux: mode change '-o th' by th!th@thzn.de
[14:47] <mnemoc> very well, and you?
[14:47] <mnemoc> th: congratulations :D
[14:47] <daja77> !choose 2.0.3 2.1
[14:48] <mnemoc> 2.0.3
[14:48] <mnemoc> :p
[14:48] <daja77> sigh
[14:48] <mnemoc> 2.1 looks too much as a 3.0 to me :)
[14:48] <owl> why these negative thougts0=9)?
[14:49] <mnemoc> which negative thoghts?
[14:49] <th> good question
[14:49] <owl> 2.1 looks like 3.0, choose 2.0.3, not 2.1 - and so on
[14:49] <owl> sound like "i'm not statisfied about rock-2.1"? or am i guessing wrong?
[14:50] <mnemoc> no, that means that i'll wait until 2.1 branches out of trunk to start using it :)
[14:50] <mnemoc> trunk moves too fast for my needs :p
[14:51] <owl> ah. k. 
[14:51] <daja77> true, trunk moves fast
[14:52] <owl> hehe. well, is it possible to use rock as a "binary only" distro, too, btw? ;) 
[14:52] <mnemoc> owl: crystal target plans to allow that
[14:52] <owl> mnemoc: crystal target? 
[14:52] <mnemoc> crystal target :p
[14:52] <daja77> yep
[14:53] <owl> sounds like "i want to be explained in detail"-target ;)
[14:53] <mnemoc> owl: there is a mail on ML about it
[14:53] <owl> ah. k. will search it. second
[14:56] <mnemoc> 18 oct
[14:57] <owl> yeahfount it. thx
[14:57] <owl> hargs
[14:58] <mnemoc> ?
[14:58] <owl> typo... :)
[15:01] <mnemoc> :)
[15:02] <daja77> typowl
[15:03] <mnemoc> :p
[15:07] <mnemoc> FSCK! i forgot to umount download before rm -rf a tree :(
[15:08] <daja77> d'oh!
[15:08] Action: Aard giggles
[15:08] <daja77> .oO (it seems to happen to everybody)
[15:09] <Aard> what about just symlinking download there?
[15:09] <mnemoc> that has problems on chroot
[15:10] <daja77> works in 2.1 iirc
[15:10] <daja77> bbl
[15:10] <mnemoc> yes
[15:28] <owl> *g* thats bad ;)
[16:30] <blindcoder> owl: hi, long time no see
[16:32] <mnemoc> she was on a SPA all this time :p
[16:32] <blindcoder> Special-Polarity-Absense?
[16:33] Action: blindcoder baits owl with a wa-ho
[16:34] <mnemoc> http://dictionary.reference.com/search?q=SPA
[16:34] Action: mnemoc wants another wa-ho :p
[16:35] Action: blindcoder hands his last wa-ho to mnemoc 
[16:35] <blindcoder> gotta buy milk again tomorrow
[16:36] <mnemoc> thanks blindcoder
[16:38] <blindcoder> looks like she's still pissed at me
[16:39] <daja77> or she is just off
[16:40] <blindcoder> *shrug*
[16:44] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
[17:10] <mnemoc> hi SerWou 
[17:19] <SerWou> what's mnemoc 
[17:19] <SerWou> ?
[17:19] <SerWou> what's up*
[17:19] <SerWou> how was the birthday ? ;)
[17:21] <mnemoc> lot of food :)
[17:21] <SerWou> how many childs ?
[17:22] <mnemoc> 12 o_O
[17:24] <SerWou> hehe
[17:24] <SerWou> do you know where i can download "gnu-gs-fonts-std" and "gnu-gs-fonts-other" ?
[17:32] <SerWou> mnemoc, do you know the best path in Rock to install Fonts ?
[17:54] <owl> re. bwah. now i'm looking like my hamster and having the same weight as an horse
[17:54] <owl> hi blindy. how are you?
[17:55] <owl> nope. not SPA - just quitting contact to many people
[18:20] <netrunner> why do I only have 10 fonts to select in my terminal in kde?
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[19:54] <blindcoder> back
[19:59] Action: blindcoder having a chivas regal on the rocks
[20:57] <daja77> poor blindy, need to get some real whiskey for blindy :)
[20:57] <blindcoder> well, I got it for free :)
[20:58] <daja77> ok that's fine then
[21:14] tcr (~tcr@p54879EB6.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[21:15] <owl> please hit me the next time i'm trying to get tickets for the cinema (when the movie is on tuesday and i want them today..) tia
[21:15] <blindcoder> okay :)
[21:16] Action: blindcoder blesses his +7 LART :)
[21:16] Action: daja77 getting a club
[21:16] <owl> a club?
[21:16] <daja77> yep one with nails in it
[21:16] <owl> urgs. ouch. 
[21:17] <blindcoder> daja77: that's usually calles a LART, you know :)
[21:17] <owl> thx, but i only need a kick, not a look like my modified hamster
[21:17] <daja77> that's just a basic lart :)
[21:17] <blindcoder> case-modded hamster?
[21:18] <daja77> http://www-user.tu-chemnitz.de/~mele/1.jpg
[21:19] <owl> blindcoder: nope, ill hamster - and cuz of the medis (eye ointment) he looks like an - god, where's my dict? - hedgehog
[21:20] <blindcoder> sounds bad
[21:20] <owl> yeah. 
[21:21] <blindcoder> he'll survive?
[21:21] <blindcoder> daja77: that's evil :)
[21:21] <daja77> :D
[21:23] <owl> blindcoder: i hope so... maybe i will have to bring her to doc next or week after next week again, cuz of the "gerstenkorn"... and this one might have to be removed ... and the chance of surviving is after an OP - very bad :(
[21:23] <blindcoder> good luck and give hum a hug from me :)
[21:26] <owl> thx. hug? - nah, he will bite me (again)... :(
[21:27] <blindcoder> bad hamster
[21:28] <owl> jap. 
[22:11] <treo> gn8
[22:11] <blindcoder> n8
[22:12] <owl> gn8 treo 
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