[00:00] <netrunner> demian: you have connection problems?
[00:02] <demian> oh damnit. excuse me. didnt note this window..
[00:03] <demian> is will try to avoid reconnecting upon disconnect automatically.
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[00:19] <tcr> http://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/eternal-flame.ogg :)
[01:04] <owl> re
[01:04] <owl> *yaaaawn*
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[06:55] <LordChaosThe1st> Could some one explane how to create binary packages using mine?
[06:56] <LordChaosThe1st> The syntax of the help message is not too . . . . helpfull
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[09:51] <SerWou> Hello the Chan
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[11:51] <netrunner> how can a binary be linked twice against a lib?
[11:51] <blindcoder> -llib -llib
[11:52] <netrunner> blindcoder: what sense does that make?
[11:52] <blindcoder> sometimes I needed to do something like:
[11:52] Action: netrunner having an argument with the guile update
[11:53] <blindcoder> -llib -lanother *.o -llib
[11:53] <blindcoder> for dep hell between libraries
[11:53] <daja77> moin
[11:53] <blindcoder> moin moin
[11:53] <netrunner> moin daja77 
[11:54] <netrunner> blindcoder: this thing here is linked twice against a lib, where the first link is not resolved for whatever reason.
[11:54] <owl> moin 
[11:54] <blindcoder> well, now _that_ is strange
[11:54] <blindcoder> moin owl
[11:55] <owl> hi blindy
[11:55] <netrunner> libguile-ltdl.so.1 => not found
[11:55] <netrunner>         libguile-ltdl.so.1 => /usr/src/rock-src-2.1.0-DEV/src.guile.1101036993.3702.1302699792/guile-1.6.5/libguile-ltdl/.libs/libguile-ltdl.so.1 (0x401ed000)
[11:55] <blindcoder> o_O
[11:55] <blindcoder> now that's a strange libpath
[11:55] <daja77> .oO (ltdl how many projects are there with an own libtool ...)
[11:56] <netrunner> blindcoder: that's some intern libtool used during build.
[11:56] <blindcoder> d'oh
[11:57] <daja77> i don't get it, is the official libtool such broken, that everybody forks it
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[12:27] <tcr> moin all.
[12:27] <tcr> blindcoder, owl: Ping?
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[12:28] <treo> sali
[12:29] <blindcoder> tcr: pong
[12:30] <blindcoder> tcr: what's up, I just wanted to fix me something to eat
[12:30] <tcr> blindcoder, Didn't you experiment with the siemens java api? Wasn't it you who had the Siemens S55?
[12:31] <blindcoder> tcr: ehm... M55, but no playing with java
[12:31] <tcr> I remember someone from here talking about it.
[12:31] <blindcoder> I'd say either hannes_ or praenti 
[12:31] <tcr> 'mk.
[12:32] <tcr> I'd like to get to a technical spec first anyway. On the website of siemens I get an access denied error. 
[13:31] Action: treo is away: AFK
[13:35] Action: treo is back (gone 00:03:56)
[13:45] <fake> moin
[13:45] <owl> hi fake 
[13:46] <fake> hi owlita
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[16:47] <blindcoder> phew, finally my kitchen is cleaned
[16:51] <mnemoc> moin
[17:24] <fake> does some have linux 2.4 kernel headers lying around somewhere?
[17:24] <fake> *someone
[17:28] <owl> well, yes - sure... but not in a .gem-package, if you mean that
[17:30] <fake> no, i just need to know wether...
[17:30] <fake> nevermind
[17:31] Action: mnemoc has 2.4 here
[17:31] <fake> checking for linux/cdrom.h... no
[17:31] <fake> rrrrr
[17:32] <fake> blind configure script
[17:32] <fake> that's it
[17:33] <fake> i'm getting the linux/byteorder patch in configure checks
[17:33] <fake> s/patch/bug/
[17:33] <fake> i'm gonna fix the kernel header now..
[17:35] <praenti> hi
[17:36] <praenti> anybody which has some knowlegde with ppc and the /dev/adb?
[17:36] <fake> hi praenti 
[17:36] <praenti> get my pmud not running
[17:36] <fake> adb?
[17:36] <fake> you have no adb ;)
[17:36] <praenti> apple device bus
[17:36] <fake> apple desktop bus
[17:36] <praenti> or desktop
[17:37] <praenti> hmm. pmud wants that...
[17:37] <fake> old protocol for connection keyboards and mice
[17:37] <fake> *connecting
[17:37] <praenti> looks like pmud is the problem...
[17:37] <praenti> oh. enterprise hase continued
[17:39] <fake> jep
[17:39] <fake> pbuttonsd ?
[17:40] <fake> hannes should know all about that...
[17:41] <fake> 28 linux-asm_byteorder.patch'es
[17:41] <fake> too much
[17:41] <mnemoc> uhm
[17:42] <fake> i'm gonna patch the kernel header...
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[18:51] <demian> hi
[18:58] <owl> re
[19:11] <praenti> re
[19:11] <praenti> fake: do you patch the headers, now?
[19:11] <praenti> because then I will not submit any byteorder patches for some packages
[19:11] <praenti> :-)
[19:14] tcr (~tcr@pD9EAAEDD.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:15] <fake> praenti: yes
[19:15] <fake> praenti: just tell me which fail, then i'll test wether my patch solves it
[19:15] <praenti> alsaplayer
[19:16] <fake> praenti: unfortunately, some ultra-broken packages set __KERNEL__ in userspace
[19:16] <fake> they can't be helped...
[19:16] <praenti> but i think alsaplayer don't do this
[19:16] <mnemoc> o_O
[19:16] <fake> i'll check
[19:16] <fake> mnemoc: mplayer, alsa-libs...
[19:16] <fake> so far
[19:16] <praenti> fake: and for the rest, lets patch ;-)
[19:16] <fake> jep.
[19:17] <mnemoc> :o
[19:17] <praenti> fake: btw. alsplayer brake in input/cdda/cdda_engine.c
[19:17] <fake> praenti: okay
[19:18] <tcr> praenti, got a siemens s55?
[19:19] <praenti> tcr: ???
[19:19] <praenti> tcr: i have one. why?
[19:20] <tcr> praenti, Ah, blindy guessed it! :) Do you have experience wrt programming for it?
[19:20] <praenti> tcr: no. never tried. do you want to write a midlet?
[19:21] <tcr> What's that?
[19:21] <praenti> a java midlet? or do you want to read and write some data to the phone?
[19:22] <fake> = 11/21/04 19:21:37 =[9]=> Finished building package alsaplayer.
[19:22] <fake> praenti: the patched kernel header fixed alsaplayer
[19:22] <tcr> praenti: Actually, I'd like to get technical information about the limits of the plattform first. But I can't access the files, maybe I need to register, which I don't really want to.
[19:23] <tcr> praenti, the files on the website
[19:23] <praenti> fake: good. when is your patch in submaster?
[19:23] <praenti> tcr: don't know.
[19:24] <fake> praenti: as soon as i've tested all packages with an acc. patch
[19:24] <fake> praenti: not so long.
[19:26] <tcr> praenti, happen to know how much ram/hd space and how many mhz it got? Doesn't need to be exact, the order of magnitude suffices for me currently. Just to get an imagination.
[19:26] <praenti> fake: ok
[19:26] <praenti> tcr: i wil try to get some spec
[19:26] <fake> siemens mobile phones suck big time
[19:26] <fake> ;)
[19:27] <tcr> Why that, fake?
[19:27] <praenti> fake: right!
[19:27] <tcr> I haven't ever had any mobile phone so far, but I am supposed to get that one from my mom once she got her new one.
[19:28] <tcr> s,from,of,
[19:28] <fake> usability, stability and comfort - too much competition, an unused situation for siemens *g*
[19:28] <fake> *unusual
[19:28] <fake> <- ham ham
[19:28] <praenti> hehe
[19:29] <tcr> Yeah, the S55 doesn't feel very ergonomically.
[19:30] <demian> siemens siemens siemens. nokia :), my respects.
[19:32] <mnemoc> :D
[19:32] <praenti> demian: nokia is the same terrible as siemens
[19:32] <praenti> sony erricson rules
[19:32] <tcr> as terrible as :)
[19:33] <mnemoc> sony ericson are too fragile
[19:33] <praenti> but stable, i had a nokia before my two siemens
[19:33] <demian> what i like from mobiles are how confortable to type messages and browse through items. the size and the space between buttons.
[19:33] <praenti> and this nokia was nearly the same...
[19:33] <tcr> Could you give an example for instability in mobile phones?
[19:34] Action: mnemoc cell phone hasnever segfaulted :p
[19:34] <demian> my mobile has hit the floor around 35 times. never had a hardware problem.
[19:35] <tcr> Well, I think `stable' is meant with respect to the software.
[19:35] <praenti> phone doesn't react on button input. does not that what you want, cannot switched off, switching off even you donÄt want that, damaged firmware (this was only on nokia)
[19:36] <praenti> two friends of me got a new nokia phone because of this error
[19:36] <demian> nokia's are coded with symbian i guess.
[19:36] <praenti> demian: yes. terrible os. no security features...
[19:36] <praenti> demian: also on siemens and i think sony and many more
[19:36] <hannes_> hi
[19:36] <praenti> only motorola has some linux based modile phones
[19:37] <praenti> hannes_: hi
[19:37] <demian> but some nice low levels features. i prefer that than use a java enabled one. like fucking motorolas..slow and hard to manage.
[19:37] <demian> hi hannes_ 
[19:37] <hannes_> hi praenti, demian 
[19:37] <praenti> demian: symbian means not java disable!
[19:37] <hannes_> praenti: i will bring you the bill next weekend
[19:37] <hannes_> praenti: for your ibook
[19:37] <praenti> hannes_: ahh. ok.
[19:38] <praenti> hannes_: thx
[19:38] <tcr> hannes_, Heh, I thought for something different. :>
[19:38] <tcr> _very_ different.
[19:38] <hannes_> tcr: we're just geeks, aren't we?
[19:38] <praenti> demian: most of the mobile phones with symbian supports java. and without security features it is very very easy to write a virus, worm or s.th similiar
[19:39] <hannes_> tcr: i just think what it is about. :/
[19:39] <praenti> demian: therefor i prefer linux based phones at the moment
[19:40] <demian> praenti: good to hear that. for example which linux based phone are in the market?
[19:40] <praenti> demian: don't know exactly. but as I know only motorola has some.
[19:41] <praenti> demian: some other manufacturers use also microsoft shit, which i don't like.
[19:41] <demian> hehe
[19:41] <praenti> demian: so symbian must implement such security feature imho very urgently...
[19:42] <hannes_> SEsymbian...
[19:42] <demian> http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php/20041113171337283
[19:42] <demian> Qt/Embedded
[19:43] <demian> :o
[19:47] Action: demian wants a linux-based mobile :)
[19:50] <owl> christmat wishlist? - well: i want my money back (notebook)
[19:50] Action: hannes_ just wants no mobile phone at all...
[19:50] <blindcoder> hannes_: why?
[19:50] <tcr> hannes_, Yeah, I'd much more like a good portable eMail and Usenet reader.
[19:51] <hannes_> just to be avaible everywhere...
[19:51] <demian> without my mobile maybe i will spend les money -> a good reason for me. but too hard to leave it.
[19:51] <hannes_> tcr: that would be much nicer =)
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[19:52] <tcr> Funny nickname. :)
[19:52] <tcr> owl: which one got you?
[19:53] <LordChaosThe1st> Help! Does anyone know how I can get 'libfontconfig' on my ROCK install? I can't find it in the repos.
[19:53] <LordChaosThe1st> Its needed for FireFox and some other programs.
[19:53] <tcr> LordChaosThe1st, that one should come with xfree86.
[19:54] <LordChaosThe1st> Its missing on my install.
[19:54] <tcr> xfree86?
[19:54] <LordChaosThe1st> Checking the version . . . . 
[19:55] <LordChaosThe1st> ' xfree86 2.0.0-rc5'
[19:55] <LordChaosThe1st> Is something wrong with my lib search path?
[19:55] <tcr> grep libfont /var/adm/flists/xfree86
[19:56] <LordChaosThe1st> 'usr/X11R6/lib/libfontconfig.so'
[19:56] <tcr> that's all?
[19:56] <demian> grep it in ld.so.conf ?
[19:57] <demian> i mean grep X11R6 /etc/ld.so.conf
[19:57] <tcr> LordChaosThe1st, you probably have to insert /usr/X11/lib into /etc/ld.so.conf and run ldconfig as root.
[19:58] <mnemoc> mike (madtux) was offered to work on embed-linux for nokia some weeks ago
[19:58] <demian> mnemoc: kool. where is that man? he lives here in CR and i have a lot of time without see him.
[19:58] <LordChaosThe1st> Found problem. The lib's path is in 'usr/X11R6/lib/' but ld.so.conf shows '/usr/X11/lib'
[19:59] <tcr> Err?
[19:59] <demian> um? what with that ?
[19:59] <tcr> ld.so.conf must show /usr/X11/lib.
[19:59] <mnemoc> demian: he appears here once in a while
[19:59] <demian> mnemoc: sure ?
[20:00] <mnemoc> demian: yep
[20:00] <tcr> LordChaosThe1st, if ld.so.conf actually contains that path, let it unchanged, but run ldconfig nontheless.
[20:00] <demian> LordChaosThe1st: check the link for /usr/X11 and /usr/X11R6
[20:01] <LordChaosThe1st> Fixed /etc/ld.so.conf . . . . ldconfig'ing . . . . 
[20:01] <LordChaosThe1st> Trying FF . . . . 
[20:01] <demian> and also the link for libfontconfig.so.. maybe are broken.
[20:02] <LordChaosThe1st> Mmmmm . . . still getting 'error while loading shared libraries: libfontconfig.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory'
[20:02] <LordChaosThe1st> Jet me check that simlink . .  .
[20:03] <tcr> then symbil libfontconfig.so.1 to libfontconfig.so
[20:03] <demian> when u grep'ed the flist just found one entry? (one line)
[20:03] <tcr> symlink
[20:03] <mnemoc> damn c++!!
[20:05] <LordChaosThe1st> Aaaaaa . . . . FF is looking for 'libfontconfig.so.1' but the link is 'libfontconfig.so.2'
[20:06] <LordChaosThe1st> So . . . . I have a newer and incompatable fontconfig ?!?!?!?!?
[20:07] <mnemoc> symlink them :)
[20:07] <demian> hehe. 
[20:07] <LordChaosThe1st> I'll try that . . . . .
[20:08] <demian> that bad costume of linking against old libraries has now my system fucked up.. dunno what libs are really installed. and always have to perform several fixes and tricks.
[20:08] <demian> :s
[20:08] <demian> got go go. bye.
[20:08] <LordChaosThe1st> THX
[20:12] <LordChaosThe1st> Well . . . . I made sure that both '/usr/X11R6/lib' and then '/usr/X11/lib' are in /etc/ld.so.conf, ldconfig and now it works . . . 
[20:12] <demian> a nice rock binary iso to try? dunt care if stable or not. want new features.
[20:15] demian (~demian@ left #rocklinux.
[20:24] <praenti> fake: can you check if we need in /usr/include/linux/fs.h also a modification?
[20:24] <praenti> fake: got some errors with prio_tree.h in libcss
[20:25] <praenti> fake: so added there a #ifdef __KERNEL__ around this include. Now libcss has build, but I don't know if this breaks some other packages
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[20:32] <fake> praenti: hum?
[20:33] <praenti> fake: i will check it myself. thought you have started a build with your fix
[20:33] <fake> praenti: i'm almost through with testing it, but the fs.h is another problem
[20:34] <praenti> fake: i think so.
[20:35] Action: praenti is sway
[20:35] Action: praenti is away. i hate typos...
[20:42] <LordChaosThe1st> Question: Is a binary APT/YUM like tool in the works? Emerging packages is all well and good, but I have a thing for instant gratification . . . . :)
[20:43] <blindcoder> called rocket and in the works
[20:44] <LordChaosThe1st> Cool :)
[20:44] <blindcoder> IIRC it's even more or less functional, there's just no online repository of pre-built binaries
[20:44] <LordChaosThe1st> I really the flexability if the ROCK packaging system
[20:44] <blindcoder> those are at least planned for post 2.0.3
[20:45] <LordChaosThe1st> I see.
[20:51] <LordChaosThe1st> I have an idea. A Web based application where you enter the sescription of the package (like the newpackage.sh script) that then grabs the src archive, builds it on the server and finely adds it to the Rocket repository. Then any user (with an account) could very easly add to the repository. Any thoughts?
[20:52] <blindcoder> too much hassle
[20:52] <blindcoder> also, I personally wouldn't want my webserver to be used to compile lots of things since it's only a small machine
[20:53] <blindcoder> there are special machines who do nothing but that
[20:53] <blindcoder> simply copying a complete build over would be a lot easier
[20:53] <blindcoder> the list of arguments goes on
[20:53] <blindcoder> though the idea is good, the practicality goes against zero
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[22:38] <treo> gn8
[22:38] <hannes_> bye treo 
[22:39] treo (~xfman@Dafcd.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
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[23:23] <fake> == 11/21/04 22:06:59 =[5]=> Finished building package qt.
[23:23] <fake> wee!
[23:23] <mnemoc> sparc?
[23:23] <fake> yes
[23:24] <mnemoc> D
[23:24] <mnemoc> :D
[23:25] <daja77> re
[23:27] <fake> hi daja77 !
[23:27] <fake> mind testing the qemu update?
[23:27] <mnemoc> how is xen?
[23:28] <daja77> tomorrow perhaps
[23:30] <daja77> had no look at sm at the we
[23:30] <daja77> due my trip to berlin
[23:30] <mnemoc> how was it?
[23:31] <daja77> it was really nice
[23:32] <mnemoc>  too nervious?
[23:32] <daja77> yeah that too
[23:32] <owl> re
[23:36] <fake> man so ne kacke
[23:36] <fake> oops
[23:36] <daja77> hehe
[23:36] <fake> can someone here explain to me, what wxBase is in relation to wxwidgets?
[23:36] <fake> a subset?
[23:36] Action: daja77 off to bed
[23:38] <owl> gn8 daja77 
[23:39] <mnemoc>  wxBase is a library for programming non-GUI (console) applications
[23:39] <mnemoc> using the base wxWidgets functionality
[23:39] <fake> ah...
[23:39] <fake> so i need wwidgets in place so i can use wxbase ?
[23:39] <mnemoc> first match on google :)
[23:40] <fake> on their webpage they seem to deny the existance of wxbase
[23:40] <mnemoc> i think so
[23:40] <fake> hm
[23:40] <mnemoc> http://www.amule.org/wiki/index.php/WxBase <--- this is good
[23:41] <fake> NB: If you're building wxBase from the wxWindows distribution and not from a
[23:41] <fake>     separate wxBase one you will need to add "--disable-gui" to configure
[23:41] <fake>     arguments below!
[23:41] <mnemoc> you don't need wxW
[23:41] <mnemoc> aha
[23:41] <fake> hm
[23:42] <fake> this is all very confusing.
[23:42] <fake> maybe i need some drugs. brb.
[23:42] <mnemoc> drugs to un-confuse stuff?
[23:43] Action: owl shots fake for this comment
[23:43] <fake> mnemoc: if the subject was created by someone influenced by a drug, it helps using it, too
[23:44] <fake> *g*
[23:44] <mnemoc> =)
[23:44] <fake> besides, i don't want to package wxWidgets 2.5 straight...
[23:45] <mnemoc> 2.4.2?
[23:49] <fake> seems like i need 2.5 for amule
[23:50] <fake> i want to kick xmule for amule, since xmule is broken ever since i added it, it seems
[23:52] <mnemoc> then you will have to update wxW after all :)
[00:00] --- Mon Nov 22 2004