[00:06] <mnemoc> =)
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[02:50] <fake> == 11/23/04 00:37:32 =[5]=> Finished building package kdebase.
[02:50] <fake> *jump*(
[02:51] <mnemoc> sparc i guess
[02:53] <fake> *nodnod*
[02:58] <fake> and it took only 5 hours on an entry-level server ;)
[02:59] <mnemoc> hehe
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[08:01] <blindcoder> moin
[08:04] <BoS> moin moin blindcoder 
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[12:34] <owl> moin
[12:34] <blindcoder> moin owly
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[13:07] <fake> moin
[13:10] <netrunner> hi fake
[13:11] <blindcoder> moin fake, netrunner 
[13:13] <owl> hi fake 
[13:14] <netrunner> hi blindy
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[15:30] <blindcoder> the first BT downloads are starting
[15:45] <praenti> hi
[15:46] <praenti> th: i will try a generic ppc build on my iBook soon without any optimization
[15:46] <th> praenti: nice; please keep me posted. i'd love to add some ppc builds to the officials
[15:48] Action: fake building crystal and livecd first...
[15:52] <th> fake: talking of stable?
[15:52] <fake> no
[15:52] <th> hmm :-
[15:52] <mnemoc> moin
[15:52] <fake> but as soon as the new livecd is finished, i'm gonna do stabel ;)
[15:53] <fake> *stable
[15:53] <th> ok
[15:53] <th> i think i'll commit the crystal-emu pkgsel soon
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[16:16] <treo> hi
[16:16] Action: netrunner got 2.0 in his bachelor thesis.
[16:17] <daja77> congrats
[16:18] <fake> *applauds*
[16:18] <blindcoder> is that good? I have no idea about these things
[16:19] <netrunner> :) ... they said they won't give me anything ebtter as this would cause requests and stress :)
[16:19] <netrunner> well, I am satisfied. and go home now .)
[16:20] <fake> netrunner: party!
[16:21] <mnemoc> 2.0 here is _very_ bad
[16:21] <fake> mnemoc: 1.0 is best here ;)
[16:22] <mnemoc> and worse?
[16:22] <mnemoc> worst*
[16:25] <daja77> depends
[16:26] <netrunner> uni grades go from 1 (best) to 4 (worst) and 5 (failed)
[16:26] <netrunner> on my uni at least. bbl
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[16:27] <esden> hi ho everyone
[16:30] <daja77> hi esden 
[16:30] <mnemoc> then: :D
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[17:15] <blindcoder> back
[17:15] <blindcoder> I really think esden should do something about him always losing terminals...
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[18:03] <netrunner> blindcoder: I think he just wanted to say hello :)
[18:06] <blindcoder> netrunner: yeah, probably :)
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[18:08] <demian> hi
[18:09] <owl> re
[18:12] <demian> hi owl 
[18:13] <blindcoder> wb owl 
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[19:06] <ringo> how dow I install rock 2.0 ? after running stoine i get "File /tmp/post_install.sh not found". 
[19:06] <ringo> stone 
[19:07] <fake> which version?
[19:12] <ringo> 2.0.1-rev2585-petium mmx
[19:13] <fake> that's *ages* old
[19:14] <fake> http://iso.rocklinux.de/default.php?dir=/official/stable/2.0.3/crystal-emu/
[19:14] <ringo> ooops wich one should I use and where can I get a bin ? 
[19:14] <fake> get that one...
[19:14] <demian> last rock version i used was 1.5.17 i guess..
[19:15] <ringo> ok downloading 
[19:15] <ringo> T*H*X*  
[19:15] <fake> you're welcome ;)
[19:15] <ringo> 1.6.0 pre 3 I last used :)
[19:16] <fake> i hope you'll be positively surprised
[19:17] <ringo> I will ask my neighbor if he does not want to get faster internet ;)
[19:17] <fake> war-living? ;)
[19:18] <fake> war-dwelling
[19:20] <ringo> nope just using his connection :)
[19:20] <ringo> no security dont even have to fake my mac adres or crack the web key :)
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[20:46] <fake> 2004-11-23 20:43:08.586 SIParser: Services on this Transport: 28006 28007 28008 28009 28011 .....
[20:46] <fake> yes!
[20:53] <daja77> hm what is a binary release of an emulation distro
[20:55] <fake> ?
[21:04] <blindcoder> daja77: hoe?
[21:06] <daja77> I try to figure out what crystal-emu is
[21:08] <fake> an emulated crystal
[21:09] <fake> not a 'real' crystal
[21:10] <daja77> ah the crystal package selection for 2.0.3, just with the different versions?
[21:13] <th> daja77: crystal is a target
[21:13] <th> daja77: crystal-emu is a generic build with a special pkgsel
[21:14] <daja77> ah yes crstal is a target, forgot about that
[21:14] <daja77> i confused that with some qemu stuff
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[21:46] <fake> phew
[21:46] <fake> koffice took 5 hrs to build on the Sun v100
[21:46] <daja77> there is a new koffice out ther today
[21:48] <hannes_> hi
[21:48] <hannes_> fake: koffice over serial console ;o)
[21:49] <fake> 1.3.5, yes
[21:49] <fake> hannes_: no, XDMCP ;)
[21:49] <daja77> i could test an update tomorrow 
[21:49] <daja77> but good that fake is here
[21:49] <hannes_> the have the advantages from a sparc-cpu ;)
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[22:35] <[anders2]> when was the last time miguel was here?
[22:35] <tcr> -NickServ-           Last Seen: 1 day (2h 47m 14s) ago
[22:36] <tcr> His nickname is `madtux'.
[22:36] <[anders2]> tcr: ta. was wondering as I have not seen him for a while
[22:38] <owl> hi [anders2] 
[22:38] <tcr> Well, he jumps in, takes a breath and falls out again. Just like we do (without being away here in the periods between) :)
[22:40] <[anders2]> lo owl
[22:40] <[anders2]> tcr: well, I tend to idle a lot, I know :)
[22:41] Action: [anders2] been out of work for over six weeks now, and looking for work for two and a half months, with no luck
[22:41] <[anders2]> however, had a couple of interesting chats with agents today
[22:42] <tcr> Looking where?
[22:42] <tcr> Weren't you employed at ibm?
[22:42] <[anders2]> tcr: all over europe, but mainly in UK itself
[22:42] <[anders2]> tcr: contractor
[22:43] <tcr> [anders2], Uh, that means on time (as in: in a fixed period of time)?
[22:43] <[anders2]> might take a permie job now though, if RedHat wants me
[22:43] <[anders2]> tcr: yeah, fixed term contracts, usually involves running your own company
[22:44] <tcr> And what's permie?
[22:44] <[anders2]> permanent job :)
[22:44] <[anders2]> as in normal employment
[22:44] <tcr> Oh, ok.
[22:45] <tcr> Yeah, I'm not /that/ stoopid. :P
[22:45] <[anders2]> *grin*
[22:45] <tcr> I'm trying hard though to beat you on it, though. :P
[22:45] <tcr> Well, in spelling I'm the loser of the hill already.
[22:46] <[anders2]> *laugh*
[22:46] <[anders2]> my spelling is terrible when I am tired.
[22:48] <[anders2]> oh well, I hope to catch the mad tux when he appears again.
[22:48] <tcr> Well, you know, I'll get the Abitur (if it tells you anything) in about a year, and then have to decide what I'm going to study at unversity. And Informatics doesn't seem to be that a good choice at all. 
[22:49] <[anders2]> if you want to make lots of money, medicin or law is where the money is
[22:50] <tcr> I'm disappointed. Do you really think that it's what I'm striving for?
[22:51] <tcr> The market situation is just one factor. Another is that I'm not convinced about the quality of the education offered.
[22:53] <[anders2]> Well, money is nice to have, but it ain't everything.
[22:53] <[anders2]> IT education in schools is going to pot because they focus too much on Microsoft software
[22:54] <tcr> I thought about mixing info and law, being an expert in copyright/patent/internet law is the big pool of money in the next  decades, methinks.
[22:54] <tcr> [anders2], Actually, I thought of chasing java code like monkeys.
[22:55] <tcr> But then, I don't find law charming or pringing.
[22:55] <tcr> pricking
[22:55] <[anders2]> law is evil.. or rather, the way law is used is evil..
[22:57] Action: tcr listening to http://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/eternal-flame.ogg
[23:07] <tcr> gn8 all. Got too late already.
[23:27] <treo> gn8
[23:27] <mnemoc> rehi
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