[00:07] Action: owl places a nuclear bomb into 
[00:07] <owl> #rocklinux
[00:07] <owl> (next person who will either talk, quit, or join will destroy the world)
[00:08] <owl> a
[00:08] <owl> *destroying everything and everyone* 
[00:08] <owl> . death .
[00:10] <valentin>                 _ ._  _ , _ ._
[00:10] <valentin>                (_ ' ( `  )_  .__)
[00:10] <valentin>              ( (  (    )   `)  ) _)
[00:10] <valentin>             (__ (_   (_ . _) _) ,__)
[00:10] <valentin>                 `~~`\ ' . /`~~`
[00:10] <valentin>                 ,::: ;   ; :::,
[00:10] <valentin>                ':::::::::::::::'
[00:10] <valentin>           __________/_ __ \____________
[00:11] <mnemoc> hehe
[00:11] Action: fake still feeling pretty alive
[00:11] <mnemoc> :D
[00:11] <valentin> live is an illusion
[00:11] <owl> dammit. :(
[00:12] <owl> an illusion? in what way?
[00:13] <valentin> just a proverb - maybe we all live in the matrix or live is just a dream ..
[00:13] <valentin> i just wanted to say: fake may feel alive - but how can he know he still is ?
[00:15] <mnemoc> life* ?
[00:15] <owl> well, i geuss, if someone still feals something (pain, feelings etc.) then he or she is still alive. but what about someone who does not feel inside, but anger and sadness?
[00:15] <valentin> mnemoc: the thing that happens outside irc
[00:15] <mnemoc> heheh
[00:16] <valentin> owl: anger / sadness aren't feelings ?
[00:16] <owl> valentin: nope. not the feelings i mean... 
[00:16] <owl> this is more a "buried alive"-symptom... 
[00:17] <valentin> you say it - buried _alive_
[00:18] <owl> hmm. well, but can you be something different in this society, in this world? just take a look at those fscking political parties, watch TV, read the newspapers... and puke. 
[00:19] <owl> (at least my hamster is with some more hairs again, btw. and - is not as aphatic as she was before... )
[00:19] <valentin> that is good news
[00:20] <owl> yeah. even if there are bad news, there must be something that keeps you alive. i guess so called "good news" are just there to keep people alive (otherwise if everything would be bad, the suicide "rate" would be higher *guessing*)
[00:22] <owl> mv /dev/universe/earth/tools/bullet /dev/universe/earths/people/owl/head
[00:22] <valentin> so your hamster is part of the plan ?
[00:22] <valentin> the plan to keep us alive ?
[00:22] <owl> could be, if there is really a plan. 
[00:23] <owl> i guess that everybody has something that keeps him/her alive... or not?
[00:23] <valentin> yes - i call it fatalism ...
[00:25] <owl> fatalism?
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[00:26] <valentin> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fatalism
[00:26] <valentin> suicide is just a special case of a pointless action
[00:28] <owl> aaaaargh. i can read just the half of it (having a 386er with greyscale display here)
[00:34] <owl> hm. why not to execute suicide? 
[00:40] <valentin> once you get used to the fact that things are bad because they are meant to be bad live can be realy entertaining
[00:41] <owl> hmm
[00:42] <valentin> ok - my argument is not very good ...
[00:43] <owl> yeah. ;)
[00:45] <valentin> in fact i left my depressive age behind me a long time ago so i parted from fatalism and sometimes realy get involved with sth
[00:46] <valentin> there was a time where i just stayed alive for convenience
[00:47] <valentin> guess that was about 10 years ago
[00:52] <valentin> need to take care of my ill gf now (another reason to stay alive) - so cu later
[00:52] <owl> hmm getting involved with what?
[00:52] <owl> 10 years ago? how old are you, if you allow me to ask? ;)
[00:53] <valentin> too old :|
[00:53] <valentin> ok, 26
[00:54] <owl> hmm. well. i ahve a bf... but is he a reason to stay alive? 
[00:54] <owl> hmm. 26 old? well, i thought elder ;p 
[00:54] <owl> bye, bye
[00:54] <valentin> my girl *realy* needs me so she is a reason
[00:54] <valentin> bye
[00:54] <mnemoc> :)
[00:55] <owl> hmm. well. ok O_o
[01:44] <mnemoc> amazing 342 files where removed from linux 2.6 between .7 and .9
[01:44] <_Ragnar_> ooh?
[01:45] <fake> find include -name *.h -exec cat {} >> include/the-only-one.h ? ;-)
[01:45] <mnemoc> hehe
[01:46] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[01:48] <fake> (there is a \; missing)
[01:49] <mnemoc> =)
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[08:17] <blindcoder> moin
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[09:48] <hannes_> moin!
[09:48] <blindcoder> msgl hannes_ 
[09:49] <hannes_> hi blindcoder!
[10:08] <th> moin
[10:08] <daja77> moin
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[12:48] <mnemoc> moin
[12:53] <daja77> moin mnemoc 
[12:53] <mnemoc> hi daja77 
[12:56] <netrunner> have I mentioned that xpdf does not install the xpdf binary?
[12:56] <daja77> huh?
[12:56] <netrunner> I've seen that before, just forgot it. 
[12:57] <mnemoc> i noticed that too
[12:59] <netrunner> I see @X@ $(INSTALL_PROGRAM) xpdf/xpdf$(EXE) $(DESTDIR)@bindir@/xpdf$(EXE)
[12:59] <netrunner> in the makefile.in, what does the @X@ in front mean?
[13:01] <netrunner> hm. configure: WARNING: Couldn't find X / Motif -- you will be able to compile
[13:01] <netrunner>         pdftops, pdftotext, pdfinfo, pdffonts, pdftoppm, and pdfimages,
[13:01] <netrunner>         but not xpdf
[13:02] <daja77> X as in x.org and stuff?
[13:02] <mnemoc> i think so
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[13:08] <daja77> damn it, why is svn so slow
[13:11] <th> slower than usual?
[13:11] <daja77> yes, sm synching for hours
[13:12] <mnemoc> have you tried svk?
[13:12] <th> i think he does
[13:12] <mnemoc> how is it? :)
[13:14] <th> nothing special that i can see :-/
[13:24] <netrunner> oh, we are also missing ghostscript in crystal.
[13:26] <daja77> ah that explains why cups is not working ...
[13:27] <netrunner> hehehe
[13:28] <netrunner> and I suppose xpdf misses openmotif
[13:28] <netrunner> (bug xpdf would probably be redundant vs. kpdf)
[13:29] <mnemoc> that's your option :) not everyone has kde or gnome ;)
[13:29] <daja77> mnemoc: in crystal there is kde in 
[13:29] <netrunner> mnemoc: well, talking about crystal.
[13:29] <netrunner> oh, battery empty :(
[13:31] <mnemoc> :(
[13:31] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EACB0.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:43] <owl> moin
[13:45] <mnemoc> cpu_gdt_table
[13:45] <mnemoc> errr...
[13:45] <mnemoc> hi owl
[13:47] <owl> hi mnemoc . how are you?
[13:48] <mnemoc> fine, and you? destroying the world again?
[13:48] <owl> *g* nope. too tired for it... (god, i'm really hating nights with alpmares *cries*)
[13:49] <owl> (especially if the alpmares have such  a connection like the last one hast *grml*)
[13:50] <daja77> you mean nightmares?
[13:51] <owl> yeah. sorry. denglish + being awake sice about 10 minutes + being tired -> mixing up languages O_o
[14:00] <mnemoc> .oO( porting PAX to 2.6.9 is a _big_ pain )o
[14:00] <owl> PAX?
[14:01] <mnemoc> a kernel patch
[14:01] <owl> aaaah! 
[14:01] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
[14:01] <owl> hi praenti 
[14:01] <praenti> hi
[14:05] <netcrow> hi praenti 
[14:06] <netcrow> pleased with your i-book?
[14:07] <praenti> netcrow: yes, except the wlan story
[14:07] <praenti> netcrow: but i want to work on that
[14:07] <netcrow> good luck ;)
[14:07] <praenti> netcrow: why? do you sell yours?
[14:07] <praenti> s/do/did
[14:08] <netcrow> no, but the wlan is the argument which restrains me from linux 
[14:09] <praenti> netcrow: ahh. :-). but perhaps i get a working wrapper together with other more experienced people
[14:09] <praenti> netcrow: i hope you know mol. this is the first milestone. get the hardware mapped into mol
[14:10] <praenti> and i personally hope that the ndis-wrapper can give me some inspiration
[14:10] <hannes_> hi
[14:10] <netcrow> mol = mac on linux?
[14:10] <praenti> yupp
[14:11] <netcrow> praenti: how is your time-schedule? ;-)
[14:11] <praenti> netcrow: starting at 21c3. i will not have the time till then... (i believe)
[14:11] <praenti> :-/
[14:12] <praenti> but that would be a good title: 22c3 the first congress where iBook user can run Linux and have access to wlan...
[14:12] <hannes_> praenti: there will nearly be no other chance, than using somehow the driver of macosX
[14:12] <praenti> *g*
[14:12] <daja77> praenti: do i have to register for 21c3
[14:13] <praenti> daja77: as i have seen two days ago the registry is not working
[14:13] <hannes_> daja77: the time schedule is not ready, now... ;)
[14:13] <hannes_> daja77: so no need, i thin.
[14:13] <daja77> praenti: the question is, do i have to do this manually, or do you registrating me with the project
[14:14] <praenti> daja77: the hackcenter registry can be done by every person. so if someone has seen that the registry is working should register our project
[14:15] <praenti> if have a look near every day, because when all things go right, i will do the registration for ROCK Linux
[14:15] <daja77> ok
[14:15] <praenti> and all other poeple are registered at this time
[14:15] <daja77> cool
[14:15] <netcrow> praenti is the shuttle-service-organizer
[14:15] <netcrow> ;-)
[14:15] <praenti> daja77: only if you want to do a talk, you must register this by yourself!
[14:15] <praenti> netcrow: ???
[14:15] <daja77> the talk registration is already over
[14:15] <daja77> iirc
[14:16] <netcrow> praenti: joke
[14:16] <praenti> netcrow: only registry organizer
[14:16] <daja77> don't want to talk anyway
[14:16] <daja77> had enough talks
[14:16] <praenti> ok.
[14:16] <praenti> daja77: do you habve registered at our internal registration?
[14:16] Action: daja77 goin for the darkside and continue hacking java
[14:16] <daja77> erh dunno
[14:17] <praenti> http://www.rocklinux.net/eventreg/eventreg.cgi
[14:18] <praenti> becuase i need the amount how many places we need. the location as discussed in mail already will be the elevator corner
[14:18] <daja77> hm ok, just have no stay for the nights so far
[14:19] <praenti> just to get shure ask blindcoder, but i think he is full already :-(
[14:19] <praenti> s/shure/sure
[14:20] <daja77> as far as i read, yes
[14:20] <hannes_> daja77: i'm currently sitting in a java-course ;)
[14:22] <daja77> :)
[14:22] <daja77> i am learning too
[14:27] <praenti> hey. event registration is working. I will do the registration now!!!!!!!!!!!
[14:28] <hannes_> praenti: go go go go ;)
[14:28] <fake> moin
[14:28] <praenti> for how many person should I register?
[14:28] <praenti> 20?
[14:28] <hannes_> hi fake
[14:28] <netcrow> 23
[14:28] <netcrow> hi fake
[14:29] <praenti> ok, i will do 23
[14:29] <fake> clifford nos blacksun netrunner blindy daja madtux netcrow hannes_ praenti...
[14:29] <fake> ?
[14:29] <fake> th
[14:29] <th> ack
[14:29] <fake> smp
[14:29] <mnemoc> madtux??
[14:29] <daja77> yep madtux
[14:29] <fake> mnemoc?
[14:29] <fake> ;)
[14:29] <daja77> if nothing goes wrong
[14:30] <th> will rxr join?
[14:30] <th> *scnr*
[14:30] <praenti> ok, that would be around 14 persons. to get some more place, i think 23 is good
[14:30] <praenti> rxr will not join
[14:30] <fake> yes
[14:30] <fake> 23 is nice ;)
[14:30] <th> 23 is evil.
[14:30] <praenti> another topic: public project?
[14:30] <praenti> i would yes
[14:31] <fake> sure
[14:32] <fake> 'ewige blumenkraft'
[14:32] <netcrow> lol
[14:34] <netcrow> we will get 42 m³ space ;-)
[14:34] <owl> hi fake 
[14:34] <fake> praenti: don't forget to note that we need a wheelchair-accessible place
[14:35] <fake> moin owl
[14:35] <praenti> fake: haven't forgot that. Want the place from last year near the levator
[14:35] <praenti> s/levator/elevator
[14:39] <mnemoc> fake: i have a question about lx26's  arch/i386/kernel/traps.c i know you can answer :-), do you have any idea why are they substracting _43_ to eip on show_registers? is that  __KERNEL_TEXT_OFFSET ?
[14:40] <daja77> which hopefully does not brake down the last day
[14:41] <fake> mnemoc: let me take a look
[14:41] <fake> line 258 ?
[14:43] <fake> may it be the size of struct pt_regs *regs is 43 bytes?
[14:43] <fake> ... but that shouldn't matter for the instruction pointer
[14:45] <mnemoc> uhm
[14:47] <fake> http://lkml.org/lkml/2004/8/6/61
[14:47] <hannes_> ksymoops jut prints 64 bytes of code
[14:47] <hannes_> eip-43 to eip+20
[14:48] <fake> yeah, the +x ones with <>
[14:49] <fake> and the minus ones without
[14:49] <fake> no
[14:49] <fake> the current one is <>
[14:49] <hannes_> jap
[14:50] <fake> but why is it solved so cryptic?
[14:50] <fake> the for-loop variable 'i' is never used
[14:50] <hannes_> i think its historic..because of the problem ksymoops has to deal with lots of arcs etc...
[14:52] <hannes_> s/arcs/archs/
[14:53] <mnemoc> this code is weird :\
[14:54] <fake> maybe it's copied from sco... ;-)
[14:54] <mnemoc> hehe
[14:54] <hannes_> especially if you have variable length expressions ;)
[14:56] <fake> *flood*
[14:56] <fake>                 for(i=0;i<20;i++)
[14:56] <fake>                 {
[14:56] <fake>                         unsigned char c;
[14:56] <fake>                         if(__get_user(c, &((unsigned char*)regs->rip)[i])) {
[14:56] <fake> bad:
[14:56] <fake>                                 printk(" Bad RIP value.");
[14:56] <fake>                                 break;
[14:56] <fake>                         }
[14:56] <fake>                         printk("%02x ", c);
[14:56] <fake>                 }
[14:56] <fake> that;s x86_64
[14:56] <mnemoc> that's was the old i386 too
[14:57] <fake> that's 20 instructions forward and that's it
[14:57] <fake> not too helpful ;)
[15:19] esden (~esden@p50804515.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) joined #rocklinux.
[15:19] <fake> th: https://www.rocklinux.net/submaster/smadm.cgi?i=2004112415184020731
[15:19] <esden> hi ho everyone
[15:19] <fake> hi esden
[15:19] <hannes_> hi esden
[15:22] <fake> hannes_: eva is chewing on the last crystal package
[15:22] <fake> hannes_: kdevelop..
[15:22] <hannes_> shit, our prof calls a stack always "keller", that's so confusing
[15:22] <th> fake: enqueued
[15:23] <hannes_> fake: cool!
[15:23] <hannes_> fake: when will we meet n the weekend?
[15:27] <fake> hannes_: i *may* be in munich @nos's :(
[15:28] <mnemoc> sad face because of 'may' or because of '@nos' ?
[15:28] <hannes_> the last
[15:29] <mnemoc> oh
[15:29] <fake> mnemoc: because i can't meet hannes_ when i'm in munich -> @nos's
[15:30] <mnemoc> :\
[15:30] Action: hannes_ going home...
[15:30] <hannes_> bye
[15:32] <fake> cya later
[15:35] <netcrow> hi esden
[15:36] <daja77> *sigh* i really have no clue about java
[15:37] <esden> puhh ... my phone is ringing constantly!
[15:37] <esden> I feel like on a support line >_<
[15:37] <esden> is blindcoder somewhere around?
[15:37] <fake> daja77: need help?
[15:37] <blindcoder> esden: sure
[15:37] <esden> good
[15:39] <netcrow> esden: route a 0190-number to your phone ;)
[15:39] <esden> hehe ... that is a nice idea ... I should do it ;)
[15:40] <daja77> O_o phone sex with esden?
[15:46] <esden> daja77 I am sure you would be the first one to call me ;)
[15:46] <daja77> of course ;)
[15:52] <fake> where has MAX_BLKDEV gone?
[15:54] <fake> hm, nevermind
[15:56] <hannes_> re
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[16:49] Action: fake making more coffee
[16:53] <netcrow> koffeinfrei!
[16:53] Action: netcrow making more backups
[17:00] <fake> netcrow: no posion in my cup
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[17:18] <fake> aaargh
[17:18] <fake> elton.tv @ viva
[17:18] <daja77> haha!
[17:19] <fake> people are sooo stupid...
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[17:43] <treo> sali
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[18:10] <esden> ok ... I leave home now
[18:10] <esden> cu guys
[18:16] esden (~esden@p50804515.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) left irc: "Computer goes to sleep!"
[18:31] <blindcoder> back
[18:32] <daja77> wb blindcoder 
[18:33] <daja77> *sigh* i could have been at home, when i would not wait for sm recreate ...
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[20:09] <fake> Note: If the rest of this file is incomprehensible to you, that's
[20:09] <fake>       because it contains the german version of the readme.unix.
[20:09] <fake> *lol*
[20:09] <blindcoder> heh, nice :)
[20:20] lewellyn (~mjl@nat193.kefta.COM) joined #rocklinux.
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[22:08] <ViejoTorreon> alguien habla en español
[22:09] <lewellyn> yo hablo ingles, solo
[22:09] <ViejoTorreon> cool heavy
[22:09] <daja77> mnemoc does 
[22:09] <ViejoTorreon> mmm
[22:09] <ViejoTorreon> pero lo entiendes
[22:10] <lewellyn> un poquito, si :)
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[22:12] <ViejoTorreon> oye para que es este canal
[22:13] <lewellyn> no soy un americano tipico
[22:13] <ViejoTorreon> (º.º)
[22:13] <lewellyn> ViejoTorreon: no comprendo
[22:14] <ViejoTorreon> channel what
[22:14] <lewellyn> si usted permanece aquí, alguien que habla español debe llegar
[22:15] <lewellyn> i had to use a translator, my apologies
[22:20] <ViejoTorreon> listo
[22:20] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EACB0.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:22] <lewellyn> ok. back to work with me
[22:37] ViejoTorreon (Lancelot@ left irc: 
[22:53] <treo> gn8
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