[00:05] <mnemoc> what the c++ way to convert and int to string ?
[00:20] <fake> itoa() ? ;-)
[00:20] <mnemoc> don't exist :\
[00:20] <mnemoc> std::stringstream o_O
[00:32] <Captain> Hi, just wondering about the ppc install.  IT has a installer I hear.  I'm running a imac 400mhz with a rage 128.  Now all the distros I've tried seem to have a DRI (OpenGl) bug that freezes my gui, sometimes causing kernel panic.  Have you guys incorporated a fix to this.
[00:38] <th> Captain: why don't u just disable DRI in x-config or kernel?
[00:44] <hannes_> hi!
[00:54] <Captain> yeah I just did in ydl, found that out after many kernel panics, trying fixes suggested by irc, and googling.  I finally found out the problem by installing various distros and comparing simmilarities and diffs.
[00:55] <Captain> but the reason I once wanted to try your ppc is that it is optomized for the ppc 750, my processor 
[00:58] <Captain> And although I like debian style, I'd might be willing to try our system out if DRI was working as I didn't leave OS X to not have Accel.  Yes, I know there are many other reasons to use *nix and I agree, but I don't think Accel should be a trade off.  I've already submitted several bug reports but I don't think they'll be acted upon soon as mny people dont use the Rage 128 cards anymore
[00:58] <fake> Captain: in case you're talking about the LiveCD, why don't you just try it?
[01:01] <Captain> you guys have live ppc CD?
[01:01] <fake> Captain: the only ppc thing recently released..
[01:02] <fake> oh wait, that's optimized for 604e and uses framebuffer
[01:03] <fake> i usually optimize for 604e, as that's the 'smallest' machine i have
[01:03] <fake> though the difference shouldn't be great
[01:04] <fake> http://iso.rocklinux.de/rock-ftp/unofficial/fake/livecd-powerpc-604e-rev4392.iso
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[03:18] <netcrow> mhm
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[03:36] <hackbard_> hi
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[03:37] <demian> hackbard
[03:37] <demian> :)
[03:37] <hackbard> :)
[03:37] <hackbard> is renen still called rene or rxr ?
[03:38] <hackbard> rene*
[03:39] <hackbard> he has to make the avision parport scanner work in sane! :)
[03:42] <demian>  /whois rxr .. seems yes. 59mins idle.
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[05:16] <nullslack> any one knows a good link explaining bsd init vs sys v init?
[05:16] <nullslack> i mean the advantages of both...primarily sys v
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[06:27] <Captain> tnks fake, I'm going to try boot the ppc iso
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[06:44] <Faustus> fake: The live CD works on my iMac DV, only not with my Rage 218
[06:45] <Faustus> pretty cool, there's only two other live ppc cds mib which fails to have gui, and knoppix which I've been able to download as there is so little bandwidth dedicated.
[06:46] <Faustus> In any case I imagine that I can use it to repair any linux repair sort of work, assumming ext3 fs
[06:50] <fake> Faustus: i use a r128 on my g3, i just noticed
[06:50] <fake> you may change the driver in /etc/X11/XF86Config to 'r128' and add 'Option "UseFBDev" "true"'
[06:51] <fake> the file is writeable
[06:51] <fake> those settings work for me (tm)
[06:52] <fake> the error message if i don't add 'UseFBDev' is something about V_BIOS or so
[06:55] <Faustus> yes I recognise those settings.  You mean change these settings once booted up?
[06:57] <Faustus> or make the change in the iso and resave it.
[06:58] <Faustus> burn it, I mean
[07:00] <Faustus> I just look thru the CD, nothing there so I assume u mean while boot from it.  Fine that's easy
[07:01] <Faustus> off we go
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[07:05] <fake> while running ;)
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[07:15] <Faustus> hey fake:  what editor do you guys use while up in livecd?
[07:15] <Faustus> nano and pico don't work
[07:15] <demian> vi
[07:17] <Faustus> my god! I haven't used vi in years.  Time to study
[07:17] <Faustus> it'll come back.
[07:19] <fake> vim ;)
[07:20] <Faustus> well I'm look at it using cat.  Pretty kool that you can do this.  And apprently there are options to boot on old world too.  Man I hear that one can do this with mib-ppc or knoppix-ppc but the instructions are very rare.  Most everyone I've spoken to thinks it can't be done.  You've got to get the news out that you've made this for ppc!
[07:22] <fake> the old world booting is limited to using bootx - the cdrom boot loader code is copyrighted and owned by apple
[07:22] <Faustus> awe
[07:22] <fake> you need to have mac os installed to make it work
[07:23] <Faustus> bootx is for old word 
[07:23] <fake> though i'm planning to create a diskette image that has a bootloader on it that starts the livecd
[07:23] <fake> yes, bootx is only for oldworld macs
[07:24] <Faustus> so I assumed that this live cd will work with old world.  But do you mean that this will not work untill you've got the diskettes?
[07:24] <fake> it will work on old world macs that have mac OS installed
[07:24] <Faustus> got it
[07:24] <fake> (which should be most ;)
[07:24] <fake> the readme has instructions on how to get it booting
[07:25] <fake> the floppy would be simple to create, but hfs sucks and i'm lazy ;)
[07:26] <fake> besides, i have only very few computers equipped with a floppy drive *g*
[07:28] <Faustus> cool stuff, I'll let people know.  I don't like hfs either, I've tried telling darwin people this, only to have them stuck in their mentality that I onyl have anecdotal evidence.  Do u know of nay objective studies lokking into hfs or hfs+?
[07:29] <Faustus> and htat anecdotal evidence, my experience, doesn't stand for much, their claim
[07:29] <fake> no. the only thing i am painfully aware of is the embedding of application specific data into the filesystem.
[07:29] <fake> i don't need to know more
[07:30] <fake> c'mon, there are about 2000 file types
[07:30] <fake> (as opposed to text/binary for the rest of the world)
[07:31] Action: fake needs to get sleep now
[07:31] <fake> it's like 7:40 AM here
[07:31] <fake> damn...
[07:32] <fake> cu later
[07:32] <Faustus> sure but letlet me ask why it didn't like me doing a reboot, says shutedown is better if the hd isn't activated/
[07:33] <Faustus> night
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[12:23] <daja77> http://www.tu-chemnitz.de/~jahre/professioneller_rat.jpg
[12:32] <blindcoder> astonishing who may call himself expert these days :)
[12:35] <daja77> :)
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[13:09] <netrunner> YES gotta new car :)
[13:10] <nullslack> congrats!
[13:10] <nullslack> what model?
[13:10] <blindcoder> which one?
[13:11] <nullslack> hi blindcoder
[13:11] <blindcoder> hi nullslack 
[13:11] <netrunner> http://de.mobile.de/cgi-bin/da.pl?id=11111111148687201&sprache=1                                                       
[13:11] <netrunner> mazda 323f
[13:11] <blindcoder> nice
[13:12] <blindcoder> I made my drivers license in one :)
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[13:44] <treo> sali
[13:47] <th> whut? i don't believe that. we have no fluxbox in rock?
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[15:26] <fake> netrunner: stop selling my car!
[15:30] <mnemoc> LOL
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[16:34] <madtux> hello
[16:34] <mnemoc> mike!
[16:34] <madtux> :)
[16:35] <fake> mike!
[16:37] <madtux> yo!
[16:37] <mnemoc> s/yo/i/
[16:38] <madtux> s/yo/yar
[16:38] <madtux> :)
[16:38] <mnemoc> :p
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[16:57] <madtux> ringo!!!
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[18:15] <hannes_> hi
[18:22] <fake> hi hannes_!
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[19:08] <treo> bye ^^
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[20:10] <netrunner> fake: you also got a 323f?
[20:23] <fake> netrunner: yes
[20:23] <netrunner> fake: and, everything fine? just drove the first 50 km with mine ...
[20:24] <netrunner> fake: what is the button "A/C" for?
[20:24] <blindcoder>  Air Conditioning?
[20:24] <fake> netrunner: clima automatic
[20:24] <netrunner> cannot be aircon, mine is not supposed to have one.
[20:24] <fake> netrunner: clima automatic != air conditioning
[20:25] <fake> but the effect is almost the same
[20:25] <fake> it's a nice car ;)
[20:25] <netrunner> fake: so it doesn't cool?
[20:25] <fake> only the borderless doors are a bit annying
[20:25] <fake> netrunner: not sure about yours, mine does
[20:25] <netrunner> hm. gotta try next summer.
[20:26] <netrunner> fake: don't the windows let through some water? looks dangerous ...
[20:26] <fake> netrunner: no. it's just they sometimes don't close correctly
[20:26] <fake> at the top of the window
[20:27] <netrunner> ok. but then they let water in?
[20:27] Action: netrunner always had problems with water in cars :/
[20:27] <fake> i always check that before i leave it standing somewhere
[20:27] <netrunner> :)
[20:27] <netrunner> I'll try to.
[20:42] <netrunner> *g* uf
[21:22] <netrunner> fake: do you know if I can connect any cd changer to the standard radio?
[21:22] <fake> netrunner: i have on with cd changer in it since i got it
[21:23] <fake> netrunner: so, i don't know the 'standard radio' ;)
[21:23] <netrunner> fake: is the changer in the back? maybe I also have one ...
[21:23] <fake> netrunner: yes
[21:23] <netrunner> because my radio is the 342 with changer input...
[21:23] <netrunner> fake: give me a hint, left, right ...
[21:23] <fake> in the 'kofferraum'
[21:24] <netrunner> yes, I know. but it's quite some space there ...
[21:24] <fake> i think mine's a sony
[21:24] <fake> you couldn't overlook it
[21:32] <netrunner> hm, I'll take a look tomorrow. maybe at least the cables are there.
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[22:04] <earnie> anyone alive to help ?
[22:04] <daja77> we live for that ...
[22:05] <earnie> bit of a newie, using rock emerge xmms, complains about gtk ?
[22:07] <owl> moin
[22:07] <daja77> perhaps you don't have it
[22:08] <daja77> <- off
[22:08] <earnie> I have /opt/gnome24/lib/gtk-2.0
[22:08] <mnemoc> xmms needs gtk+14, you need to emerge that libraries too
[22:09] <mnemoc> try xine or mplayer :)
[22:09] <earnie> I got xine working
[22:10] <owl> hm. cdplayer like "anlage" or just "cdplayer"?
[22:10] <earnie> INFO: Found cached mirror URL in download/Mirror:
[22:11] <earnie> INFO: ftp://ftp.nluug.nl/pub/os/Linux/distr/ROCK/rocklinux/ROCK-2.0
[22:11] <earnie> INFO: To force a new mirror auto-detection, remove download/Mirror.
[22:11] <earnie> Processing pattern download/*/gtk+14/* ...
[22:11] <earnie> == 11/27/04 21:09:26 =[9]=> Package gtk+14 does not exist.
[22:11] <daja77> gtk+12
[22:11] <owl> O_o 
[22:11] <earnie> yup :-)
[22:12] <mnemoc> even older :)
[22:16] <earnie> nice one thx for help, xmms now working :-)
[22:18] <owl> there is no automatic dependency resolving in  rock?
[22:20] <fake> owl: the build scripts just don't think they're smarter than the user
[22:21] <fake> owl: you can resolve dependencies with ./misc/archive/showdeps.sh
[22:21] <fake> showdeps.sh -uses bash
[22:21] <fake> shows the packages that bash depends on
[22:21] <owl> O_o well. i
[22:21] <fake> showdeps.sh -usedby bash
[22:21] <owl> m a bit - shocked
[22:21] <fake> shows the packages that depend on bash
[22:21] <owl> (gnarf. i'm hating this keyboard)
[22:21] <fake> the information is availible since about 3 years or so
[22:22] <fake> it's just a *very* small shell script that shows the information in scripts/dep_db.txt
[22:23] <owl> hmmm. dunno. i would prefer a automatic dep res., even in binaries etc.
[22:24] <fake> owl: go implement it for your target ;)
[22:25] <owl> e.g. like in slackware with swaret... there are just a few deps on packages, there is an optoion to download all needed packages on which the wanted packages are based etc. 
[22:25] <owl> nah. :p
[22:25] <mnemoc> owl: how is slackware's guy?
[22:26] <owl> mnemoc: huh?
[22:26] <mnemoc> wasn't he dieing?
[22:26] <earnie> Pat has been unwell
[22:26] <owl> i dunno. O_o
[22:27] <earnie> can you use rocket to query and list all packages avaialble ?
[22:29] <mnemoc> earnie: rock need someone (you) to maintain the sub-distro if you want to provide binary updating for it
[22:32] <earnie> mnemoc, I'm only into my 2nd day using ROCK :-)
[22:33] <mnemoc> ROCK is a distribution build kit, not a distribution :)   we provide you the tools you need to create and maintain your own distribution :)
[22:34] <earnie> okay point taken :-)
[22:34] Action: fake finally packaged kdebluetooth
[22:39] Action: netrunner hugging fake for this
[22:39] <fake> wuaaah
[22:41] <daja77> hehe
[22:51] tcr (~tcr@p548799F8.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[22:55] <tcr> moin all.
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[23:15] <demian> hi
[23:19] <owl> hi demian 
[00:00] --- Sun Nov 28 2004