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[10:14] <demian> netrunner, tcr, ringo
[10:14] <demian> bye. got to bed.
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[12:39] <SerWou> hello the Chan
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[16:20] <SerWou> i'm trying to install a software, and during the compilation, i see "configure: error: Could not find the pilot-link header files", how can i fix that, i made before a "./script/Emerge-Pkg pilot-link" and this error appear with "./script/Emerge-Pkg jpilot"  How can i fix "header" problems ?
[16:22] <mnemoc> SerWou: use the sonar :)
[16:22] <SerWou> ;)
[16:23] <mnemoc> http://scavenger.homeip.net/ROCK/sonar/search.pl
[16:23] <mnemoc> =)
[16:24] <SerWou> what i have to search ?
[16:25] <mnemoc> the file your configure is missing
[16:26] <mnemoc> take a look into config.loy
[16:26] <mnemoc> log
[16:28] <SerWou> someone told me header are not updated between my 2 compilations, or lib PATH is not defined
[16:33] <SerWou> that's my error
[16:33] <SerWou> checking for pilot-link header files... no
[16:33] <SerWou> configure: error: Could not find the pilot-link header files
[16:33] <SerWou> --- BUILD ERROR ---
[16:33] <SerWou> pilot-link is installed
[16:34] <mnemoc> it might be looking for the headers in a different place
[16:34] <mnemoc> --with-pilot=/usr/include ?
[16:37] <SerWou> let's me test, thanks
[16:37] <mnemoc> take a look into src.jpilot.blahblah/jlipt/config.log to see exactly what it is looking for and where
[16:40] <SerWou> ok, thanks
[17:36] <daja77> this damn imagemagick package
[17:36] <mnemoc> hi daja77 
[17:37] <daja77> hi mnemoc 
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[17:56] <totoyaya> hello everybody. i am really impressed by your distro comparing with gentoo, slackware etc. 
[17:57] <totoyaya> just hava a question abour the package manager and building a package from source into the gem format
[17:58] <totoyaya> what is the right procedure when you unpacked the source for building the gem package with the mine commmand. Not very clear for me after the minimalistic --help command
[18:00] <totoyaya> hello .... is there anybody inn please ????
[18:01] <mnemoc> yes
[18:01] <totoyaya> thanks 
[18:01] <mnemoc> .gem files are created during Build-Target
[18:02] <mnemoc> they are only needed if you will distribute your distribution
[18:02] <mnemoc> and, in that case, you build your target with build-Target :)
[18:03] <totoyaya> ok for the installation but when you untar the source of emacs for example and you rebuild it from the build directory how do you use the mine command?
[18:03] <totoyaya> in order to get a binary gem package
[18:04] <mnemoc> mine command is used to remove, update or install a package already built
[18:05] <totoyaya> ok for that.
[18:06] <totoyaya>  mine -C var-adm-dir package-tar-bz2 package-name gem-file
[18:06] <totoyaya>     mine -T var-adm-dir root-dir package-name package-tar-bz2
[18:06] <totoyaya> this is not clear for me ..
[18:07] <mnemoc> var-adm-dir the place where meta info is
[18:08] <totoyaya> yes i have seen this one
[18:08] <mnemoc> package-tar-bz2 is a tar.bz2 which already has every file you want in yout .gem
[18:08] <mnemoc> package-name, name of the package. emacs
[18:08] <mnemoc> gem-file, output file name
[18:09] <totoyaya> last one could be emacs.gem?
[18:09] <mnemoc> yes
[18:09] <totoyaya> is that ok?
[18:09] <totoyaya> ok
[18:09] <mnemoc> it's up to you
[18:09] <mnemoc> your distribution, your rules :)
[18:09] <totoyaya>  package-tar-bz2  is that the emacs tar-bs2 file ?
[18:10] <mnemoc> _binary_
[18:10] <mnemoc> not source
[18:11] <totoyaya> the binary files where are they when i compiled the emacs tree from the source withe the ./configure make and install command?
[18:14] <mnemoc> when you build it with Build-Pkg a file list (flist) is created
[18:14] <mnemoc> that flist is used to tar the whole installation of it
[18:16] <mnemoc> you can do this flist using find too
[18:18] <totoyaya> where is this Build-Pkg  command???
[18:19] <totoyaya> apropos does not find it.
[18:20] <tcr_> in the directory `scripts' within the rock source tarball.
[18:20] <SerWou> it's not a command, it's a script
[18:20] <SerWou> /usr/src/rock-src-2.0.1/scripts
[18:21] <totoyaya> ok ; this means that you you need again this scripts for buidlding a binary. Got it. *
[18:22] <totoyaya> btw super the bash scripts....
[18:22] <mnemoc> :)
[18:23] <totoyaya> that is the reason why i like your distro for the installation which keeps it simple and straight forward just like slackware. 
[18:24] <totoyaya> Seems to be lighter than gentoo and easier. There is obviously  a similarity with the LFS distro but is faster for the installation. 
[18:25] <totoyaya> :))))
[18:25] <totoyaya> Anyway thanks a lot for the explanation. 
[18:34] <tcr_> The problem is that shellscript
[18:34] <tcr_> arg
[18:34] <totoyaya> i am listening ...
[18:34] <tcr_> The problem is that shellscripts tend to get more and more problematic as the software enhances.
[18:36] <totoyaya> ok but when i read the merge scripts from Gentoo they are really complicated for me bacause i am  not a programmer at all.
[18:42] <tcr_> Not to say that it's bad, but out of curousity: Why do you think you need to look into those?
[18:44] <totoyaya> Just want to understand how things are working out the box. I am just fed up with distros that are just overloaded with software that sometimes hangs up. This procedure helped me already tin the past to debug software for myself. 
[18:45] <totoyaya> I am just looking for a clean distro i can handle and manage if i need. 
[18:45] <totoyaya> The source distros are an answer for me in that direction. 
[18:47] <totoyaya> My main OS is now Freebsd but sometimes i am coming back to Linux for compatibility reasons even if the Linux /compat  directory is giving me satisfaction. 
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[19:12] <totoyaya> hi guys. It worked .... thanks a lot.
[19:13] <mnemoc> =)
[19:13] <mnemoc> you are welcome
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[22:34] <treo> gn8
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[22:40] <demian> hi
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[22:41] <owl> hi demian 
[23:07] <praenti> hi
[23:07] <praenti> does anybody know hyperwave?
[23:08] <praenti> i need something simliar which has to be under a open-source license
[23:09] <praenti> especially the document management function
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