[01:28] webgeekgurl (~tavonia@ip24-252-197-154.mc.at.cox.net) joined #rocklinux.
[01:29] <webgeekgurl> greetings
[01:29] <webgeekgurl> can someone here assist me with the ppc livecd distro
[01:29] <webgeekgurl> [desperatelt seeking assistance]
[01:30] <mnemoc> webgeekgurl: fake is your man 
[01:30] <webgeekgurl> ?
[01:31] <webgeekgurl> scuse'
[01:31] <webgeekgurl> aaahh
[01:31] <webgeekgurl> user fake
[01:31] <webgeekgurl> is he on
[01:31] <mnemoc> yes
[01:32] <webgeekgurl> he mustve stepped away
[01:32] <demian> hehe
[01:32] <webgeekgurl> whats the joke?
[01:33] <mnemoc> tell us your problem
[01:33] <webgeekgurl> i have it going well on my g4 ibook
[01:33] <mnemoc> i can try to help
[01:33] <webgeekgurl> but theres no config in the network folder
[01:33] <webgeekgurl> and it wont let me write one
[01:34] <webgeekgurl> so i cant configure my network interface
[01:34] <webgeekgurl> its shoing under info as
[01:34] <mnemoc> oh
[01:34] <webgeekgurl> which i guess is default
[01:34] <webgeekgurl> its the first distro out of 20 thats actually working for me
[01:35] <webgeekgurl> but no networking :(
[01:35] <webgeekgurl> {{ I'm on the edge }}
[01:35] <webgeekgurl> LOL
[01:36] <mnemoc> i don't know how fake is doing network config, i thought livecd working with a tempfs layer full of symlinks
[01:37] <webgeekgurl> im a noob - i'm familiar with symlinks 
[01:37] <webgeekgurl> it must have to be working with the ramdisk
[01:37] <webgeekgurl> i just can find where in the heck
[01:37] <webgeekgurl> to config the network
[01:38] <webgeekgurl> the cd has such strong permissions
[01:38] <webgeekgurl> ive loggen in as root
[01:38] <mnemoc> etc/network/config is the place on rock
[01:38] <webgeekgurl> logged in
[01:38] <webgeekgurl> yes
[01:38] <webgeekgurl> it doesnt exist
[01:39] <mnemoc> uhm
[01:39] <webgeekgurl> and since its a live cd i didnt know where to put the one i made
[01:39] <webgeekgurl> when you go in to start the network service it says no config
[01:39] <webgeekgurl> files
[01:40] <webgeekgurl> under kde
[01:40] <mnemoc> daja77: have you used livecd?
[01:43] <webgeekgurl> has anyone used it? 
[01:44] <mnemoc> webgeekgurl: the problem is most developers are sleeping
[01:45] <webgeekgurl> aaahh
[01:45] <webgeekgurl> mmmk
[01:45] <webgeekgurl> :)
[01:45] <mnemoc> webgeekgurl: they are from germany, and it's late there
[01:45] <webgeekgurl> ahhhh
[01:45] <webgeekgurl> IC
[01:46] <webgeekgurl> i wonder if anyone else has brought it up in a log
[01:46] <webgeekgurl> archive
[01:47] <mnemoc> irc logs are online
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[01:48] <mnemoc> http://www.rocklinux.net/irclog/
[01:49] <webgeekgurl> youve been helpful
[01:50] <mnemoc> helpful? useless :\
[01:50] <webgeekgurl> LOL
[01:50] <webgeekgurl> is there a way of accessing the config beofre boot
[01:50] <webgeekgurl> i wonder
[01:51] <webgeekgurl> looking at the logs no one seems to have my prob
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[08:08] <blindcoder> moin
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[10:59] <fake> webgeekgurl: still here?
[10:59] <blindcoder> moin fake 
[10:59] <fake> moin!
[10:59] <netrunner> hi blindy/fake
[10:59] <blindcoder> moin netti
[11:03] <blindcoder> two, maybe three topics for newsflash. not quite much :/
[11:03] <SerWou> hello the Chan
[11:04] <blindcoder> moin SerWou 
[11:04] <SerWou> hello blindcoder ;)
[11:05] <fake> blindcoder: which ones?
[11:06] <blindcoder> fake: 2.0.3, 21c3 reg and a bit about the crystal tests
[11:06] <fake> crystal media player selection ?
[11:06] <blindcoder> is not yet decided, is it{
[11:06] <blindcoder> ?
[11:07] <fake> no, it's ongoing, but does that matter?
[11:07] <blindcoder> not really :)
[11:07] <blindcoder> guess I can also sneak in the x86_64 bits
[11:07] Action: blindcoder happy again ^^
[11:07] <fake> we have mplayer, xine, kaffeine, kmplayer and vlc to choose from
[11:07] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EBFFD.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[11:08] Action: fake headache
[11:09] <blindcoder> I keep telling you, banging your head on the wall only causes trouble :)
[11:10] <netrunner> fake: kmplayer implies mplayer.
[11:11] <blindcoder> netrunner: yes, but if we choose only mplayer, we have gmplayer
[11:11] <fake> netrunner: but it adds dvd menu support, doesn't it?
[11:11] <fake> kaffeine implies xine-lib at least
[11:12] <netrunner> fake: not tried. maybe kaffeine would be a good choice, as we ship kde.
[11:13] <fake> i want to take a look at kmplayer first before i have an opinion ;)
[11:30] <webgeekgurl> hello
[11:30] <webgeekgurl> fake r uthere?
[11:30] <fake> hi webgeekgurl 
[11:30] <SerWou> hello webgeekgurl
[11:30] <webgeekgurl> hi
[11:31] <webgeekgurl> all
[11:31] <fake> webgeekgurl: i've queried you a few minutes ago
[11:31] <webgeekgurl> yeah 
[11:31] <webgeekgurl> i fell out
[11:31] <webgeekgurl> LOL
[11:31] <webgeekgurl> your iso has been the only distro to work on my ibook
[11:32] <webgeekgurl> but i cant get the network up
[11:32] <webgeekgurl> because there i no config in the network folder
[11:32] <fake> webgeekgurl: you'll need to use ifconfig / route / dhclient manually
[11:33] <webgeekgurl> i tired the ifconfig and it didnt work for me
[11:33] <webgeekgurl> how do i 
[11:33] <webgeekgurl> {{im new to unix}}
[11:33] <fake> webgeekgurl: is your nework card detected?
[11:34] <webgeekgurl> yes
[11:34] <webgeekgurl> i saw it in the bottup
[11:34] <webgeekgurl> bootup
[11:34] <fake> webgeekgurl: try /sbin/ifconfig -a and look for eth*
[11:34] <webgeekgurl> mac address and all
[11:34] <webgeekgurl> ok
[11:40] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[11:40] <webgeekgurl> i see my ethernet
[11:40] <webgeekgurl> it has an address of
[11:41] <webgeekgurl> default
[11:43] <SerWou> you can try "ifconfig eth0 netmask up"
[11:43] <SerWou> i'm sure it's good
[11:44] <SerWou> and have to be modified by what you need
[11:44] <webgeekgurl> ok so i can give it
[11:44] <webgeekgurl> its ip
[11:45] <SerWou> "ifconfig eth0 your.ip netmask your.netmask up"
[11:45] <fake> arg
[11:45] <fake> my friends router is a piece of shit
[11:45] <blindcoder> depends on who you call a friend :D
[11:46] <fake> webgeekgurl: is the address of the 'lo' interface
[11:46] <webgeekgurl> says command not found
[11:46] <webgeekgurl> i keep getting that alot
[11:46] <webgeekgurl> on basic commands
[11:46] <fake> webgeekgurl: are you running the command as root?
[11:47] <webgeekgurl> nope -- i guess thats why
[11:47] <webgeekgurl> {{sorry}}
[11:47] <webgeekgurl> {{slaps head}}
[11:47] <webgeekgurl> heheh
[11:47] <fake> ;-)
[11:47] <fake> a graphical network setup will be in the livecd soon
[11:47] <webgeekgurl> beautful
[11:48] <webgeekgurl> i have so many to share with
[11:48] <webgeekgurl> my hard disk did
[11:48] <webgeekgurl> died
[11:48] <webgeekgurl> until i get to the apple store
[11:48] <webgeekgurl> this'll have to do
[11:49] <webgeekgurl> this doesnt support airport extreme eh?
[11:49] <SerWou> who use mac here ?
[11:49] <fake> webgeekgurl: there is no linux driver for the airport extreme because of patent issues
[11:49] <webgeekgurl> i do
[11:49] <SerWou> haaaaaa
[11:49] <SerWou> haaaa
[11:49] <webgeekgurl> so i read
[11:49] <webgeekgurl> i cant understand why the airport driver
[11:49] <webgeekgurl> wont work with it
[11:50] <webgeekgurl> sux
[11:50] <fake> webgeekgurl: writing the driver would not be hard - with documentation. they don't hand the docs out. 
[11:50] <fake> the airport extreme is the reason why i'd never buy an iBook
[11:50] <webgeekgurl> is it possible to make my usb 2.0 my boot drive
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> with ROCK on it
[11:51] <fake> webgeekgurl: i doubt openfirmware will let you do that
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> can i access the drive
[11:51] <fake> webgeekgurl: but you can access it from the livecd and save stuff there...
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> from within the livecd
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> and drivers for it
[11:51] <fake> sure, you should ;)
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> i guess thats lesson 2
[11:51] <webgeekgurl> LOL
[11:52] <fake> webgeekgurl: indeed ;)
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> HOW
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> :)
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> im sooo sorry i dropped unix 3 times in school
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> my instructor made it sooo boring
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> but now im back
[11:52] <webgeekgurl> LOL
[11:53] <webgeekgurl> {{imagine that i dropped linux and took Cisco -- whats the damn difference you ask}}}
[11:54] <fake> webgeekgurl: is the network working?
[11:55] <webgeekgurl> no
[11:55] <fake> webgeekgurl: let's finish that task first ;)
[11:57] <fake> webgeekgurl: do you want to use dhcp?
[11:57] <webgeekgurl> yes
[11:57] <fake> webgeekgurl: that's even easier than using ifconfig
[11:57] <fake> webgeekgurl: just run (as root) dhclient eth0
[11:59] <webgeekgurl> its not talking to my router
[11:59] <fake> webgeekgurl: is the network cable plugged in? ;-)
[12:00] <webgeekgurl> :)
[12:00] <webgeekgurl> yes
[12:00] <fake> webgeekgurl: the go for the ifconfig thing and set an ip manually
[12:00] <fake> webgeekgurl: then try to ping the router...
[12:00] <webgeekgurl> im gonna swap cables
[12:01] <fake> clifford!!!!
[12:01] <webgeekgurl> it got an address from my router
[12:01] <fake> webgeekgurl: nice...
[12:01] <clifford> fake: yes??
[12:01] <fake> i'll kill you!
[12:01] <fake> painfully!
[12:01] <clifford> why? what's up>
[12:02] <fake> wget http://www.rocklinux.net/people/maintain.sh && chmod +x ./maintain.sh && ./maintain.sh down fake
[12:02] <clifford> ** not guillty **
[12:02] <fake> in my /home/fake
[12:02] <fake> no my /home/fake looks like
[12:02] <fake> bootx  dietlibc  download  kdebluetooth  linux24  maintain.sh  mkvid  music  mythtv  quik  squashfs
[12:03] <fake> and even the .kde, .gnupg... directories were deleted...
[12:03] <clifford> ok - I see why this is bad.
[12:03] <fake> well, to be exact it's nos's home *g*
[12:03] <clifford>   ~$ mkdir my-rock-dir
[12:03] <clifford>   ~$ cd my-rock-dir
[12:03] <clifford>   ~/my-rock-dir$ wget http://www.rocklinux.org/people/maintain.sh
[12:03] <clifford>   ~/my-rock-dir$ chmod +x maintain.sh
[12:04] <fake> jaaaa
[12:04] <clifford> .. from the README.
[12:04] <fake> it could at least warn before deleting my home... *grmbl*
[12:04] <fake> sm recreate also deletes the whole download-dir without warning...
[12:04] <th> fake: just use your yesterday's backup.
[12:04] <th> ;-)
[12:04] <th> moin folks
[12:04] <fake> th: >_<
[12:04] <clifford> ok - but how should it know that it is your home?
[12:04] <fake> moin th
[12:04] <clifford> moin th!
[12:05] <webgeekgurl> uhh - fake -- I have an ip --still no internet
[12:05] <fake> clifford: if [ `ls -la` ] ; then read -p 'all files in the current directory will be removed - are you sure?' yesno
[12:06] <fake> webgeekgurl: ping
[12:06] <webgeekgurl> works
[12:06] <fake> webgeekgurl: ping www.f4k3.net ?
[12:07] <clifford> fake: but they aren't removed - they are synced to the state of your peoples directory.
[12:07] <fake> clifford: ha - ha ...
[12:07] <clifford> -> not the same thing...
[12:07] <webgeekgurl> unknown host
[12:07] <clifford> anything important lost?
[12:07] <fake> clifford: it's nos's hme on nos's machine
[12:08] <fake> webgeekgurl:  configure your router to hand out correct nameserver information...
[12:08] <fake> webgeekgurl: or edit /etc/resolv.conf and add the nameserver you use there
[12:08] <fake> An error occurred while loading https://webmail.f4k3.net/src/read_body.php?passed_id=658&mailbox=INBOX.rock-linux.devel&sort=0&startMessage=1&show_more=0:
[12:08] <clifford> fake: so was anything in there which was important to him?
[12:08] <fake> Could not start process Can't talk to klauncher
[12:09] <fake> brb
[12:09] <clifford> fake: send me a patch to maintain.sh - I'll apply it.
[12:11] <fake> clifford: i'll do that for sure
[12:11] <fake> clifford: i'll have nos get back to YOU if something important is missing... *g*
[12:13] <fake> yes, it's my own fault, i know...
[12:13] <fake> it's just to early for this
[12:15] <clifford> This cycle has five phases: denial, rage, blame, sadness and acceptance.
[12:16] <clifford> welcome to phase 4.  ;-)
[12:16] <th> harr harr ;>
[12:18] <fake> i'm afraid nos will go through that, too
[12:18] Action: clifford -> pizza.
[12:20] <webgeekgurl> onwe quick
[12:20] <webgeekgurl> quick
[12:20] Last message repeated 1 time(s).
[12:20] <webgeekgurl> question
[12:21] <fake> go ahead
[12:25] Action: blindcoder back
[12:26] tschmidt_ (~tschmidt@pD95F88BE.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[12:42] <[anders2]> www.sco.com <- quick, before they fix it
[12:44] <fake> [anders2]: what did you do? ;-)
[12:44] nzg (~tschmidt@p508EBFFD.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[12:44] <[anders2]> fake: mesen did nada, I read about it on another # and went to take a look :)
[12:46] <blindcoder> MUAHAHA
[12:46] Action: [anders2] printed the page, to save for posterity
[12:46] <blindcoder> [anders2]: sweet :D
[12:46] <fake> <- saved it
[12:47] <fake> funny *g*
[12:47] <blindcoder> *saving*
[12:47] <praenti> lol
[12:48] <fake> praenti: what is the USB module needed for the iBook ?
[12:50] nzg (~tschmidt@pD95F88BE.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[12:51] <blindcoder> fixed already :(
[12:51] <praenti> shit.
[12:52] <praenti> fake: you mean the general module for using the usb ports?
[12:52] <owl> moin
[12:52] <fake> praenti: do you need to load any special odules / etc on the livecd?
[12:52] <blindcoder> moin owl 
[12:52] <owl> hi blindy
[12:53] <praenti> fake: don't know. perhaps i should try the livecd on my iBook.
[12:53] <fake> praenti: that would be great - especially usbstoirage devices
[12:53] <praenti> in my current kernel config i use the standard ehci for usb 2.0 and ohci i think for the version 1
[12:54] <praenti> fake: i will try that. do you have time on thursday? they i would come over
[12:55] <fake> praenti: i should have time, yes. i have a new, shiny crystal ppc build for you, too ;)
[12:55] <praenti> fake: ok. and i select packages at the moment for crystal emulated stable build...
[12:56] <fake> praenti: great!
[12:56] <praenti> fake: so i hope we will have till end of next week a stable ppc build on the net
[12:57] Action: fake needs to leave
[12:57] <fake> see you later
[12:59] <blindcoder> bye
[13:03] <praenti> bye
[13:03] <praenti> i will also go now. bye
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[13:47] nzg (~tschmidt@pD95F88BE.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[13:58] esden (~esdentem@apeiron-group.de) joined #rocklinux.
[13:58] <esden> hi ho everyone
[14:00] <owl> hi esden
[14:03] <esden> hi owl 
[14:03] <esden> you alone here?
[14:03] Action: netrunner sneaks to esden from behind and makes a loud *CLAP*
[14:04] <esden> *WAAAAAAHHHH"
[14:04] <netrunner> :)
[14:04] <esden> netrunner: jesus ... do not scare me like that!
[14:04] <netrunner> esden: don't call me jesus, my father always did that ... :)
[14:04] <esden> netrunner: do you know if rocklinux has been registred at CCC already?
[14:04] <esden> I mean the project and the people?
[14:04] <esden> netrunner: erm ... humm ... yes ... ok
[14:05] <netrunner> esden: iirc yes. there was sth at the rlml
[14:05] <esden> o_O
[14:05] <esden> I did not see anything about that 
[14:05] <netrunner> esden: need a ride?
[14:05] <esden> nono
[14:05] <esden> I already have a flight
[14:05] <esden> booked and payed
[14:06] <esden> the funny thing is that all my flights that I need put together are cheeper then one ride with train from warsaw to berlin
[14:06] <netrunner> Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 14:59:16 +0100 I have done the registration of ROCK Linux a few minutes ago.
[14:06] <esden> really funny ;)
[14:06] <esden> netrunner: veeery well!
[14:06] <netrunner> (from praenti)
[14:06] treo (~xfman@Daef3.d.pppool.de) joined #rocklinux.
[14:07] <esden> I only hope that I will have enough place for my laptop and soldier iron ;)
[14:07] <treo> sali
[14:07] <esden> hi treo 
[14:07] <blindcoder> hi esden 
[14:07] <esden> huhu blindcoder 
[14:07] <netrunner> esden: I could bring my soldering station.
[14:07] <esden> blindcoder: I booked my flight to berlin for 17th
[14:08] <esden> netrunner: I have one already thanks ;)
[14:08] <esden> but ...
[14:08] <esden> erm
[14:08] <blindcoder> esden: great :)
[14:08] <owl> someone knows a good educ-software? for creating tests and mixing questions etc? (like keduca, but better...)
[14:08] <blindcoder> when and where will you arrive?
[14:08] <esden> it would be easier probably if you take it with you instead of me with the plane
[14:08] <esden> ;)
[14:08] <esden> netrunner: we have to talk about that ;)
[14:09] <esden> blindcoder: I have an ill idea that I hope get done till I leave for holydays ;)
[14:09] <esden> very very very ill ;)
[14:09] <esden> humm ... perhups not that ill but nonetheless it is ill ;)
[14:09] <blindcoder> esden: you mean sick :)
[14:09] <esden> yes sick ... but ill too ;)
[14:10] <blindcoder> I doubt that it's lying in bed with the cold :)
[14:10] <esden> illyilly illy blubb
[14:10] <esden> blindcoder: it is not fare from me lying in bed
[14:10] <blindcoder> hehe
[14:10] <blindcoder> tell me on the 17th :)
[14:10] <esden> I got a cold ...
[14:10] <esden> last night
[14:11] Action: blindcoder sets esden on fire
[14:11] <blindcoder> that should get rid of coldness :
[14:11] <blindcoder> )
[14:11] <esden> blindcoder: thanks very kind of you ;)
[14:11] <blindcoder> i know
[14:11] <blindcoder> I'm too kind for this world
[14:11] <esden> blindcoder: erm ... ok ... when you say it D...
[14:12] <esden> uhu ... my backspace is not working ... funny ;)
[14:13] <esden> humm ...
[14:13] <netrunner> 
[14:14] <esden> blindcoder: have you prepared something funny for 21C3?
[14:14] <netrunner> esden: he'll wear a red nose.
[14:14] <esden> netrunner: what is that?
[14:14] <blindcoder> esden: no, not this year
[14:14] <esden> blindcoder: :(
[14:14] <blindcoder> my blinkenLEDs is still b0rken (some loose cables)
[14:15] <esden> netrunner: that will be me ;)
[14:15] <blindcoder> I'm busy setting up a nethack game server :)
[14:15] <esden> blindcoder: I have a soldier iron so you can fix it ;)
[14:15] <esden> blindcoder: rofl
[14:15] <esden> I will have something for you where you can port nethack on ;)
[14:16] <esden> it is also network capable ... ;)
[14:16] <esden> very small ... and sick ... as I already said ;)
[14:16] <blindcoder> ehm
[14:17] <blindcoder> no, I won't port nethack to MtxOrb displays :P
[14:17] <esden> blindcoder: mtxorb is lame
[14:17] <esden> and expensive for what it can do ;)
[14:18] <blindcoder> I'm really afraid now
[14:18] <esden> MUAHAHA
[14:20] <esden> do not be afraid ... that will be only a bit of smd fun ;)
[14:23] <blindcoder> ouch
[14:23] <blindcoder> you didn't build your own handheld, did you?
[14:24] <esden> *G*
[14:25] <esden> blinkenboy is its nickname for now ... till I find a better name ;)
[14:25] <blindcoder> d'oh
[14:25] <esden> WHAT?
[14:25] <blindcoder> that should have been a joke!
[14:25] <esden> why?
[14:26] <blindcoder> forget it :)
[14:26] <daja77> moin
[14:27] <esden> blindcoder: no please ... 
[14:27] <esden> hi daja77!
[14:27] <daja77> hi esden!
[14:27] <esden> blindcoder: that is cool ... don't you think?
[14:29] <blindcoder> I'll tell you when I see it
[14:31] <esden> ok ... :(
[14:31] <esden> if you see it ... it is still not clear if it will get reality on time
[14:32] <esden> ok ... I go smoking one ... and then writing an exam
[14:32] <esden> cu guys
[14:32] <blindcoder> bye
[14:32] <blindcoder> and good luck
[14:32] <esden> thanks
[14:33] esden (~esdentem@apeiron-group.de) left irc: "leaving"
[14:52] <netrunner> kewl sourceforge
[14:52] <mnemoc> ?
[14:52] <netrunner> I mean http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/
[14:53] <mnemoc> :D
[14:53] <netrunner> hi mnemoc :)
[14:53] <mnemoc> hi netrunner 
[15:02] nullslack (~nullslack@ left irc: "Leaving"
[15:08] <owl> hi mnemoc 
[15:10] <mnemoc> hi owl 
[15:10] <owl> how are you?
[15:11] <mnemoc> overflowed :)
[15:11] <mnemoc> and you?
[15:13] <owl> stressed
[15:14] <mnemoc> cool 
[15:17] [anders2] (~snafu@82-68-84-60.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) left irc: "Mesen orrrf..."
[15:18] <owl> nope. 
[15:18] <owl> but i'm going off now... cya
[15:35] [anders2] (~snafu@82-68-84-60.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk) joined #rocklinux.
[15:38] <mnemoc> owl: that cool was ironic
[16:01] Nick change: BoS_ -> BoS
[16:11] madtux (~mike@ joined #rocklinux.
[16:11] <madtux> hello
[16:13] <mnemoc> mike1!
[16:13] <madtux> !!
[16:58] nullslack (~nullslack@ joined #rocklinux.
[17:31] Nick change: BoS -> BoS^afk
[17:31] Nick change: BoS^afk -> BoS|afk
[18:31] cap (~cap@p213.54.115.211.tisdip.tiscali.de) joined #rocklinux.
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[19:01] tcr (~tcr@p54879B02.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
[19:01] tcr_ (~tcr@p54879B02.dip.t-dialin.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[19:58] <fake> re
[19:58] <madtux> hi fake.
[19:59] <SerWou> can i paste a big error message ?
[19:59] <fake> was gaeht?
[19:59] <fake> *douh*
[19:59] <blindcoder> SerWou: no, send them to the -user mailinglist
[20:00] <SerWou> how ? where ?
[20:01] <fake> how: mail client, where: rock-user@rocklinux.org
[20:01] <blindcoder> fake: you took the letters from my keyboard :)
[20:02] <SerWou> i bet you can solve my GTk error easily
[20:03] <fake> blindcoder: and i intend to keep them! muahaha.
[20:03] <madtux> *g*
[20:03] Action: blindcoder plugs in his usb-keyboard
[20:03] <blindcoder> bah, just keep them, I have lots more :D
[20:04] <SerWou> can you answer to my PM
[20:05] <blindcoder> I just see a hy
[20:41] BoS|afk_ (~BoS@dialin-212-144-071-231.arcor-ip.net) joined #rocklinux.
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[20:55] <owl> re
[20:57] <madtux> owlita!
[20:58] <owl> hi madtux !
[20:58] <owl> hwo areyou?
[20:59] <owl> aaaaarrgh. i
[20:59] <owl> m hating this keyboard :(
[21:00] <madtux> great and u ?
[21:03] <blindcoder> re owly
[21:04] <owl> i'm injured, stressed and in trouble with my ""special friends"" from asus... -> war is beginnin... will have an date with the lawyer on wednesday (if it is not delayed again)... might i will have a process and so... with other words: i'm _really_ angry. 
[21:04] <owl> hi blindy. 
[21:04] <_Ragnar_> ooh
[21:06] <owl> well, i'm learning for my final exams, too (have them in about 5 month)... and so on. insomnia is as bad as it was before, and i'm remembering more and more details about the past, which is not easy to handle sometimes... :/ well... dammit O_o
[21:07] <tcr> Get off the drugs.
[21:08] <fake> drugs?
[21:08] <owl> tcr: nope. but i know what i will do. adjusting my ignore-list again. 
[21:09] <_Ragnar_> *lol*
[21:10] <tcr> Don't know, but getting off from there would be healthier, probably anyway. Don't know how much impact I cause on your health. 
[21:11] <tcr> There rumors that I brought people to commit suicide because of my humor, dunno though --- never heard from the persons again.
[21:11] <tcr> s,there,them,
[21:11] <_Ragnar_> *hrhr8
[21:12] <blindcoder> hehehe
[21:57] tcr (~tcr@p54879B02.dip.t-dialin.net) left irc: Remote closed the connection
[22:13] cap (~cap@p213.54.115.211.tisdip.tiscali.de) left irc: Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)
[22:13] <treo> gn8
[22:14] treo (~xfman@Daef3.d.pppool.de) left irc: "cya@all"
[22:43] esden (~esdentem@apeiron-group.de) joined #rocklinux.
[22:43] <esden> hi ho everyone
[22:44] <madtux> ESDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:44] <esden> hi mike!
[22:44] <esden> *kuddle* ;)
[22:44] <esden> how are you?
[22:45] <esden> hehe ... madtux died abrubtly ;)
[22:45] <esden> *rofl*
[22:46] <esden> madtux: ?
[22:47] <madtux> esden: no
[22:47] <madtux> just busy but i haven't seen you in centuries
[22:47] <madtux> so i was happy to see you :)
[22:47] <esden> hehe ... 
[22:48] <esden> I am pretty busy currently too ... that is why I am nearly never here 
[22:48] <esden> but I thought I take a look ... 
[22:48] <daja77> he is only here for drinks ...
[22:48] <esden> daja77: psssst!
[22:48] <esden> daja77: be polite!
[22:48] <daja77> I am!
[22:49] <esden> erm ... 
[22:49] <daja77> i said for drinks, not to get drunk :D
[22:49] <esden> if that makes a difference ...
[22:49] <daja77> well dunno, for other people it does ...
[22:49] <esden> ohh ... ok
[22:50] <daja77> anyway, will you be at fake's for new year?
[22:50] <esden> dunno ... 
[22:50] <esden> I have not decided yet
[22:50] <esden> and you?
[22:50] <daja77> haven't decided but looks good so far
[22:51] <esden> I do not want to make a fix answer so I do not close doors for opportunitys ;)
[22:51] <esden> who knows what will happen in that one month
[22:52] <daja77> just bring the cicks with you ...
[22:52] <esden> why should I? I do not want to share them with you! :D
[22:53] <esden> but one thing is sure ... if I would go for new year to madtux I would get some chicks ;)
[22:53] <esden> he has some prepared for me for sure ;)
[22:54] <daja77> why not sharing, you don't need more than three at once! 
[22:54] <esden> daja77: are you sure? 
[22:54] <daja77> yes, especially when you are drunk
[22:55] <esden> I have to get a balance to the time I am working ... so I have to create a chick beawulf cluster to do it in one night
[22:56] <daja77> hrhr esden doin it in parallel *rofl*
[22:56] <esden> sure sure ;)
[22:57] Action: daja77 likes to split and distribute esden for the jobs
[22:57] <esden> it needs some preparation though ... but yoga is helpfull ;)
[22:58] <daja77> yoghurt ... with strawberries
[22:58] <esden> I get you some for ccc so you can prepare yourself too ;)
[22:59] <esden> madtux seems to be really busy ...
[22:59] <esden> just like me when I am at work ... poor guy
[22:59] <esden> I feel with him
[22:59] <madtux> esden: i'm busier than i look
[22:59] <daja77> you want to do yoga with me? O_o
[22:59] <madtux> but i always have time for my friends
[23:00] <daja77> hey madtux 
[23:00] <madtux> hello daja77 
[23:00] <esden> daja77: yes .. but if you prefere kamasutra ...
[23:00] <madtux> daja77: what are those dirty propositions u are making to esden?
[23:00] <daja77> with you? *shudder*
[23:00] <esden> I open for new experiances ;)
[23:00] <madtux> omg... 
[23:00] <esden> madtux: we were talking about chicks
[23:01] <daja77> madtux: esden is from the dark side ...
[23:01] <esden> madtux: and about taking multiple at once ... and I said that you need yoga excersises to prepare for that
[23:01] <madtux> daja77: he is not FROM the dark side.. he _IS_ the dark side on its pure escense
[23:01] <esden> madtux: thanks ... be careful that I do not come over and take all your chicks away ;)
[23:02] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) left irc: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
[23:02] <esden> hehe madtux lost his voice ;)
[23:02] <madtux> esden: i got _ONE_ check
[23:02] <madtux> chick*
[23:02] <esden> ROFL
[23:02] praenti (~praenti@mail.obster.org) joined #rocklinux.
[23:02] <madtux> esden: i'm married..
[23:03] <daja77> huh? since when?
[23:03] <esden> madtux: finally?
[23:03] <madtux> daja77: this weekend
[23:03] <esden> woooow ... congrats!!!!!!!!
[23:03] <madtux> :)
[23:03] <madtux> esden: danke
[23:03] <daja77> grats too, damn you never said a word
[23:04] <madtux> i'm a quite guy :)
[23:04] <esden> first real rocker under the hood ... 
[23:04] <esden> so it finally started
[23:04] <madtux> you are next
[23:04] <madtux> :)
[23:04] <madtux> and actually mnemoc was first
[23:05] <esden> madtux: do not make bad jokes ... first I have to find the right one ... and in todays world it is pretty difficult ... if not inpossible
[23:05] <esden> ohh right
[23:05] <daja77> and jsaw ...
[23:05] <madtux> and daja77 
[23:05] <esden> jsaw too?
[23:05] <daja77> think so
[23:05] <esden> humm ...
[23:06] <jsaw> yep, (re)
[23:06] <daja77> *gg*
[23:06] <esden> no daja77 is still a free man! ;)
[23:06] <esden> hi ho jsaw 
[23:06] <daja77> yeah esden marry me
[23:06] <madtux> ph34r
[23:06] <daja77> ;)
[23:06] <jsaw> hi esden
[23:06] <jsaw> hi daja77 
[23:06] <esden> daja77: you do not want to make kamasutra with me ... so forget it!
[23:06] <netcrow> hi esden!
[23:06] <esden> hi netti!!!
[23:07] <esden> *kuddle*
[23:07] <esden> ;)
[23:07] <netcrow> hehe *wachel*
[23:07] <daja77> hah guess i know why you don't find one :p 
[23:07] <esden> daja77: deja vu
[23:07] <netcrow> esden, how`s life?
[23:07] <esden> netcrow: ohh pretty nice ... beside the fact that I got a cold
[23:07] <daja77> hm?
[23:08] <esden> but I had an exam today that went pretty well ... now I have one lecture less ... that is a good reason to get drunk and buy chicks ... so all in all my life is pretty fine
[23:08] Action: daja77 registered for the final exam todayx
[23:09] <esden> daja77: oh oh ... getting nervous already?
[23:09] <daja77> yeah
[23:10] <esden> daja77: you will make it ... for sure
[23:10] <daja77> have to do that in january, and then starting with diploma
[23:10] <netcrow> esden, you are in Ingolstadt on 24.12?
[23:10] <esden> netcrow: nope ... I am in poland at that time why?
[23:12] <netcrow> every year, esden is in poland, the family tradition
[23:12] <esden> daja77: so what should I say besides "good luck"
[23:12] <esden> netcrow: yes ... it is ...
[23:13] <daja77> good luck is a good start ;)
[23:13] <esden> netcrow: but this year I am on ccc ;)
[23:13] Action: daja77 will go for a .net/mono talk tomorrow 
[23:13] <esden> netcrow: you?
[23:13] <esden> daja77: *no comment*
[23:13] <jsaw> daja77: got a place for thesis already?
[23:14] <netcrow> i am not sure that will be there
[23:14] <netcrow> oO(my english is so bad)
[23:14] <esden> netcrow: mine too .. so do not worry ;)
[23:14] <madtux> nety your wnglish is ok
[23:14] <daja77> jsaw: a place?
[23:15] <esden> netcrow: what is at 24.12?
[23:15] <jsaw> yead, were are you going to do your thesis? (institute,uni,company,...?)
[23:15] <daja77> ah yes, university
[23:15] <esden> daja77: do you have a topic already?
[23:15] <daja77> sort of
[23:16] <daja77> no precise topic, but i guess, i will continuer the work i did on studienarbeit
[23:16] <esden> daja77: the realtime stuff?
[23:17] <daja77> no that was what i did for fraunhofer
[23:17] <esden> daja77: what was your studienarbeit then?
[23:17] <daja77> the automatically enhancements of c programs with additional statemenst whgich give statistical data about the programm
[23:18] <daja77> which is a part of a frsamework to benchmark parallel programs and cluster
[23:18] <daja77> s
[23:18] Action: esden has to register a domain for his new project .. but does not really know which name he should register ... *sigh*
[23:18] <esden> daja77: sounds nice
[23:19] <daja77> it is quite a lot of theoretical stuff :)
[23:19] <daja77> but still interesting
[23:19] <esden> daja77: that is the fun side ... and what is the negative side of the topic?
[23:19] <daja77> the use of suif
[23:22] Action: SerWou is making a test
[23:23] <esden> daja77: I can imagine
[23:23] <daja77> *gg*
[23:23] <esden> humm ... toilet calling ... brb
[23:23] <daja77> that crap only compiles only with gcc-2.95, that says all i think
[23:24] <daja77> -only
[23:25] <esden> daja77: superb
[23:25] <daja77> *nod*
[23:26] <daja77> .oO (have a debain at uni, which is of the same age ...) 
[23:27] <netcrow> esden: esden-porn.net?
[23:27] <netcrow> ;-)=
[23:30] <madtux> 0_o
[23:30] <esden> netcrow: erm ... no!
[23:32] <mnemoc> was that your thesis?
[23:34] <fake> esden: huebi was married.
[23:35] <esden> fake: ok ... huebi ... but i do not consider him as rocker anymore ... he is no more in the project ... or have I missed something?
[23:35] <esden> and hi sbtw ;)
[23:35] <fake> no, he isnt ;)
[23:36] <fake> oh, hi ;)
[23:36] <esden> fake: how are the things?
[23:37] <esden> fake: thanks for your invitation sbtw ... I can not tell you for sure if I will be there now ...
[23:37] <esden> I hope it does not matter
[23:37] <owl> moin esden 
[23:37] <esden> hi owl
[23:39] <netcrow> hi fake
[23:40] <esden> fake faded away once more ... hope he will fade back to tell something funny ;)
[23:41] <esden> or say something at least ;)
[23:42] <fake> hum?
[23:42] <fake> ;)
[23:43] <esden> nice ... fake faded back to write 6 letters ... thanks oh mighty fake ;)
[23:43] <fake> :P
[23:44] Action: fake .oO( well, what should i say? )
[23:45] <esden> dunno ... for example what you are doing at the moment ... 
[23:46] Action: fake doing ... things.. aehm...
[23:47] <fake> asterisk, some refbuild fixing, chatting, watching tv...
[23:47] <esden> ahh I understand ... you are doing ... things ... that is very interesting ... tell me more about it ;)
[23:47] <netcrow> i am going to sleep now..
[23:47] <netcrow> bye!
[23:47] <fake> sleep well!
[23:47] <esden> have fun with it netcrow 
[23:47] <esden> cu 
[23:48] <esden> well ... I should go to bed too
[23:49] <esden> have to get up for work tomorrow ... 
[23:49] <esden> bugfixing waiting for my ... and blinkenboy too ;)
[23:49] <fake> then have some nice dreams of blinkengirl! *g*
[23:50] <esden> fake: thanks ;)
[23:50] <esden> humm ... blinkengirl ... that is a nice name ... perhups I will name it that way ... 
[23:50] <esden> but it needs some more brainstorming anyway
[23:51] Action: esden -> bed
[23:51] esden (~esdentem@apeiron-group.de) left irc: "leaving"
[00:00] --- Tue Nov 30 2004